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I Am Here Now
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I Am Here Now
Submission Closed
A - A - A
The Return
Butterfly Mu
Apr 16, 2018
6 Mins Read
1,281 Words
No Plagiarism!bE4Ni8rRFaTJXBgxDfVmposted on PENANA

Before you read! *Optional* If you want, please listen to this song while reading! copyright protection33PENANACFLzey6XNy

These months without you, my love37Please respect copyright.PENANAmgQfe8gYzp
Have felt like years of being alone37Please respect copyright.PENANA7iY2Hr2Z5n
How I miss the presence of your warmth37Please respect copyright.PENANARffadnahNs
And the things that can't be seen through the telephone
copyright protection33PENANABYcFLvOcmt

"I've been doing well," she breathes steadily into the receiver, careful to not wake the children.37Please respect copyright.PENANAq9IhpXpGVZ
"That's good!" Her husband replies, his voice sending a sad smile across her face. "How are they?"37Please respect copyright.PENANA63h55Yw8XC
She sighs, unable to shake the wavering in her voice. "They both miss you with all . . . Their . . . Hearts." She begins to cry softly.37Please respect copyright.PENANAwPRM059amW
"Why are you crying?" He asks gently. How she wished she could just feel him again, see his face again.37Please respect copyright.PENANACM6k3whtdd
"I don't know how much longer I can do this . . . " She answers honestly. "I just miss you so much."37Please respect copyright.PENANAsjgJolIUuF
He pauses for a moment, the dull tone of feedback accompanying her silent tears. "Don't worry, beautiful,"--his voice grows soft--"I'll be home before you know it." He promises.37Please respect copyright.PENANAx0voNvtWFQ
"Okay." She smiles again. "I'll see you before you know it!"37Please respect copyright.PENANATiDZCHwUaJ
After saying goodbye for the thousandth time, she once again goes to sleep on a bed that feels too large.copyright protection33PENANAngdkStSvJN

I miss the way you looked into the sky37Please respect copyright.PENANA7C2omrK4le
Before they were filled with ash and gray37Please respect copyright.PENANAKSffh2KLYq
And I miss how we would dance through the night37Please respect copyright.PENANACSIfSlWof7
Casting all our cares away
copyright protection33PENANARltDUHc1EZ

She runs to work after walking her two young children to school. Today she gave her children her breakfast. As soon as she clocks in she slips on her rubber gloves and mask, then begins to build war tanks and airplanes. The sparks burn small holes on her clothing, but she continues, knowing that they'll help her husband fight.37Please respect copyright.PENANA8nJaL6BvbX
Lunch is a cheese sandwich on the end pieces of bread.37Please respect copyright.PENANAKWQZb81WU0
She goes back to welding.37Please respect copyright.PENANAmwT5LLqI9G
And leaves to walk her children home.37Please respect copyright.PENANAPi4zsPF4lR
She gives them watery, tasteless vegetable soup for dinner. And prays that she'll be able to live a life again in which she can feed her children until they can't eat another bite.copyright protection33PENANAAgXNVJiJWF

Yellow slips of paper37Please respect copyright.PENANA26NT5Z17VV
Are what terrify me the most37Please respect copyright.PENANA8is1odMOWW
And I sometimes have sleepless nights wondering37Please respect copyright.PENANAuLezkHo0MK
Are my wife and children going to receive one of those?
copyright protection33PENANAdjVrDNVviE

It's late, but she tunes the radio until the voice speaking through it clears a bit. She can barely make out what it says, and she closes her eyes to try and sort through the static.37Please respect copyright.PENANAROQEHWDJ3z
Another defeat is revealed. She sits on the couch through the entire night, worrying about the safety of her husband even more. And as the sun rises, she goes to wake her children to start her day again.37Please respect copyright.PENANAFbS7cglZ4i
At work two weeks later a messenger arrives carrying a handful of telegrams, delivering them somberly to several women. Four women received two.37Please respect copyright.PENANAVz3a8oRxoD
A very young, small woman with a growing stomach falls on her knees as she reads her telegram. And her sobs echo throughout the warehouse. No one can comfort the young woman. The messenger leaves without giving her one, yet she doesn't want to get her hopes up.copyright protection33PENANAjaZMOUu0W9

I was able to scavenge a slip of paper,37Please respect copyright.PENANAifs9Ua5yU9
A stamp and a stub of pencil37Please respect copyright.PENANA7zk0Hxg3xl
All that's left is to write a single letter37Please respect copyright.PENANAltVpD4NvCb
Just to make sure that my family isn't living in tensile
copyright protection33PENANA0wpYjlHC5D

Another year has passed, followed by another letter sent. Another reminder that he's still alive, still waiting until the day he returns to them. She returns it to the worn envelope in which it came from, atop a stack of past letters. Then, she waves her children goodbye as they walk to school, leaving for work in the other direction soon afterwards.copyright protection33PENANAhjXcKAZF6i

Our enemy has been defeated37Please respect copyright.PENANA9UrB4mM9UG
They wave their white flag37Please respect copyright.PENANAj2fE2Xbj1I
And after a night of celebration37Please respect copyright.PENANAEmczMPEzkg
They tell us to pack our bags37Please respect copyright.PENANALuad6ezSou
We're going home
copyright protection33PENANAkptkcifHjb

It seems like all of America cheers as listeners tune in to the broadcast. The surrendering of Germany means that America's warriors are finally returning. Her small family begins to dance around the living room, already dreaming of the day they get to see their father, her husband, in the same room once again.copyright protection33PENANAQjIfh2BZEG

The plane begins to land37Please respect copyright.PENANAyHwOlzMxSN
I'm finally going home37Please respect copyright.PENANAgxas6WiKwD
And I can't wait to see37Please respect copyright.PENANA1h7budq45P
How much my children have grown
copyright protection33PENANACVZz8Ka7qg

She daintily applies a layer of powder on her and her daughter's face. And for her son she smooths down his wind-blown hair. For six years they've grown without a father. Her daughter is now sixteen; her son is fourteen.37Please respect copyright.PENANAyEx5tTEfrw
For six years she's prayed for her husband's safety, prayed for him to return to her and their children. She's worked countless hours for the first time in her life, had years of sleepless nights, received 104 letters, and still knew that he would one day return.37Please respect copyright.PENANA2H3caa9sVF
In the dark of the night the three leave. Many houses along the way are abuzz after the return of fathers, brothers, and sons. She feels a silent tension and excitement buzzing in the air, yet she can't help but feel nervous and nauseous.37Please respect copyright.PENANA6XXd8srzwx
They pass one soldier. Two. Seven. None of them are the one they're looking for. She sees a crowd gathering near an area, and she leads her family in that direction. "Over here," she tells them quietly.37Please respect copyright.PENANAp5bXaEQOTh
As they walk a large plane comes into view beyond the crowd. They begin to witness families being reunited as men step off the plane. She looks around for her husband.copyright protection33PENANAqLGT5TbkAu

I can always notice her face first37Please respect copyright.PENANAlWZp9aAiDw
Even from miles away37Please respect copyright.PENANAYJtVXCnocU
Whether it's the darkest night37Please respect copyright.PENANAVBZ7y9MpYF
Or the brightest day
copyright protection33PENANAwqOfG6ih5X

Her son gasps and runs ahead. Soon after, his sister follows. She pokes her head above the crowd, looking for her children. And then it seems like time stops and the world pauses as she sees him. He's embracing his children, seemingly squeezing them as hard as he could. She walks through the crowd and that's when their eyes meet. His children release them and they look towards their mother. Tears well in her eyes as she looks at the face that she's missed every single day for the last six years. The two walk towards each other and unconsciously, she wraps her arms tightly around him, as if she'd lost control of her body. Maybe it was the shock that accompanied his return.37Please respect copyright.PENANAHjCGILQi4t
"You have no idea how much I've missed all of you." He whispers into her ear.37Please respect copyright.PENANAO2diYaUmy6
"I love you so much," she replies, the sound of his voice bringing her back from her astonishment.37Please respect copyright.PENANAguIgBgpnGn
"And I'll never stop loving you." He replies, smoothing down her hair in order to kiss her forehead. "I've missed six years of my family's lives, but I'm here now. I'm back. And I'm here to stay."37Please respect copyright.PENANA3nHG4prVIw
They pull back, and after looking into each other's eyes for the first time in six years, they kiss warmly and she pulls him against her tighter.37Please respect copyright.PENANApxzCPxMJTl
"We have so much to tell you," she leans against him as their family walks home to celebrate his return.copyright protection33PENANAYHSYh1Jr89

I know I crossed the 700-word approximation by a lot, and I know that you may or may not have finished reading before the song ended. I just really liked the story and where it was going. I'm sorry I played the pronoun game the whole time, but I just thought that it would be better to be vague in order to show off how the war could affect any family, not just singling out one. Thank you for reading and making it through!copyright protection33PENANAIzUos0iElS

copyright protection33PENANA9RjX7Z3ph9

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