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Boy Toy
Writer Osage
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Boy Toy
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Chapter Sixteen - East Atlanta love Letter
Sep 14, 2018
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!XY4ReFNKe4gai7r6afTRposted on PENANA

 "Curiosity been at a all-time high in the tree tops9Please respect copyright.PENANAUY1Ax9HHeA
I remix your life like cut cocaine and it's all rewrap9Please respect copyright.PENANAniCYIweP4p
Ain't been wanting much lately, no, 'cause you're my detox9Please respect copyright.PENANAvEMYUX2qlq
Repeat, run it back, one more time, till we hit the sweet spot9Please respect copyright.PENANAAgoCQVLxCZ
Better if we might love like we always knew each other (yeah)9Please respect copyright.PENANA80hKY0hdQl
You'll be searching far and wide but you wouldn't want another9Please respect copyright.PENANACmZolUlnlH
Doesn't make him happy9Please respect copyright.PENANANVXbxN7jlJ
If so that's what I'm on9Please respect copyright.PENANAitKAeIBvWr
I'll be at it till your troubles are gone9Please respect copyright.PENANAQyOQX9Kjw5
This a East Atlanta Love Letter9Please respect copyright.PENANA0k0XwyLDR6
Who gon' love better? Nobody"
copyright protection5PENANAX2bwFku2d1

East Atlanta Love Letter - 6LACK (feat. Future)copyright protection5PENANAyaZD2djQYx

Dahlia Reicopyright protection5PENANAUeIcm9jwpc

He started testing the shower's temperature before he got in he looked over his shoulder at me, "You getting in?" copyright protection5PENANAonfAUVUoY7

He had a devious smirk plastered on his face I looked down at my wet cloth between my legs and quickly got up and got in the shower with him. The water was hot against my skin soothing the aches across my body. copyright protection5PENANApwip9kCsaA

I looked around his luxurious shower he had a place where you could sit and admire the beautiful wet marble and the the see through shower doors. The many spouts of water coming out the many different shower heads .copyright protection5PENANA05PIhcSAIi

"This is a fancy ass shower." I grabbed a feminine looking soap bottle and raised my brow at him. He smirked shaking his head still lathering his body up in soap.copyright protection5PENANAN7G2HAXCZV

"I have others' that come here as well, Dahlia." copyright protection5PENANAJps2OCnr4y

He chuckled and moved under the shower heads and let the water rinse him clean. I watched his hair get soaked and watched the drops of water cling to his body. I didn't know how I felt about that, he has others'  that come here. Was I just an other to him? Someone to write in his books? Do I even have a right to be jealous? copyright protection5PENANA25DROV4HwM

"How could you be frowning after what we just did?"copyright protection5PENANA0jUHmBhkdh

He came closer to me putting his hands on my sudsy shoulders turning me to face him. He pointed my face up towards him by my chin.copyright protection5PENANAgXGIZvknXp

"Do you need to feel more oxytocin?" He chuckled stroking my cheek with his other hand. I didn't smile, I stared down at the corner of the shower watching water collect. I felt his hand move my chin again to make me face him so my eyes met his gaze.copyright protection5PENANAVZvzRjuV10

"What's wrong?" He sounded concerned his eyes were looking deeply into mine for a hint or clue as to why I was like this. copyright protection5PENANAI1kCJGd01q

"Is that what I am? Am I one of the others' now?" My voice sounded abrasive I didn't mean for it to come off that way. Was that all he wanted from me. . . my virginitycopyright protection5PENANAihoZ0oulLr

"What? Where are you pulling these assumptions from?" His brows furrowed down at me and his lips pressed together in a firm line. I looked up at him with the water droplets hitting my face.copyright protection5PENANAKHrggizLdB

"What is this? Did you just want to fuck me one time?"copyright protection5PENANAMVD6xmNLnO

I saw many emotions cross over his face in a matter of seconds but then they vanished and his face was blank. copyright protection5PENANAcF6AF6Y9rK

"No that's not all I wanted."copyright protection5PENANABcr2sIl2uz

"Are you sure? You seem like the type of man to have many women fuck you whenever you want." I rubbed the back of my soapy neck biting the side of my lip feeling some sort of overwhelming amount of sadness.copyright protection5PENANADguhn2DbO1

"I am but I told you I don't fuck  just anyone anymore. I have my . . .select few."copyright protection5PENANA00H6AmdzvF

I scrunched my face up not liking what the fuck I just heard. Immediately feeling jealous as fuck that he sleeps with other women. copyright protection5PENANAj7RLakuvmY

"Are you jealous?" copyright protection5PENANA50ezhCCVNq

His voice was teasingly curious, I glared up at him not giving him an answer. What if I say yes and he calls this off? What if I say yes and this is the last I see of him and he vanishes? copyright protection5PENANAXNrEU208Bw

"I just need to get the fuck outta here man."copyright protection5PENANANVDEHOZbkl

I quickly scrubbed the remianing soap I had on off and got out the shower, grabbing a folded towel sitting on the sink counter top wrapping it aorund my body walking out into his bedroom. copyright protection5PENANA9pmoZE0BAO

"Hey!"copyright protection5PENANA2xCtbxvbF7

He called out after me his voice was distant I made my way out of his bedroom and tried to find my way back to the spiral stairs I needed to get the hell out of here. Maybe it's regret I feel? Maybe it's shame? Maybe we shouldn't have did what we did. copyright protection5PENANAHs3l7K96Vu

I sighed in relief finding the stairs and I heard the doorbell ring. I gasped and darted into the half bath and had the door ajar peeking out seeing Kai walk down the stairs with a towel wrapped around his waist. I heard him open the door and heard him sigh.copyright protection5PENANAs5TOtStuu3

"What?" Kai snapped in aggravation, "I told you to stay away from here do you ever listen?"copyright protection5PENANAjxBW0MtwY9

"No. What the fuck are you doing in a towel? Have one of your little whore's over?"copyright protection5PENANAEFBH1JsbQn

A very  familiar voice that I haven't heard in a very  long time my eyes widened and my mouth fell open. I had to get out of this half bath and have to see for myself.copyright protection5PENANAFity7XrAsW

"What do you need?" Kai's patience was running short, he sounded so cold and harsh. copyright protection5PENANAELtfIu2b10

I opened the half bath door and slowly crawled over to the rails while peeking down and I couldn't believe my fucking eyes. copyright protection5PENANAkFFWnHFPSv

It can't be.copyright protection5PENANAdxOG6VEyw6

"Just get to the point Sky." copyright protection5PENANAubSYrAstLu

Sky. copyright protection5PENANAt6993xQJmI

My sky.copyright protection5PENANAfAg3hmZVUw

My heart started beating rapidly waves of excitement and anxiety hit me at once. I wonder what the hell he was doing here. copyright protection5PENANA1pHTn9tQCf

"Is that all you do? Waste the remaining of your money on whores? Side pieces? Gold diggers? C'mon there's better things to do with your money, no offense." copyright protection5PENANAk5luep158o

I watched Kai glare at him as Sky smirked, they both balanced each other. Their attitudes were the complete opposite of one another. copyright protection5PENANANnY3qfqqbk

"What I do with my money is none of your business." copyright protection5PENANAWcJE67NzXp

"Right. Have any whore's for me?" Sky jokingly said rubbing his jawline, he looked around past Kai still having that sexy smirk on his face. His eyes wandered and made their way up the spiral stairs and his eyes almost came out of their socket when he caught a glimpse of me. copyright protection5PENANAPhvbMKANPI

"What the . . ."copyright protection5PENANAcC5bGwr6WC

shit. shit. shit.copyright protection5PENANArTPbxVjlvg

My hand slapped over my mouth and gasped sharply. I stumbled up and started running down the hall. I heard someone running up the stairs hunting me down. I cut corners and fumbled my way into a closet slamming the door.copyright protection5PENANALkygwk067P

Maybe he didn't see me . . .copyright protection5PENANAPksVv9sWgo

I heard the door handle twist and then I heard a gentle knock.copyright protection5PENANAyIinUQjdbO

"Please open the door. . ." He pleaded his voice was filled with dread. I heard another set of footsteps behind the door.copyright protection5PENANAtW91dFmdLt

"Leave her alone, Sky." Kai ordered. copyright protection5PENANA3BOwwjGYfW

"I can't. . ."copyright protection5PENANAnOFFczwvMH

I felt so much guilt my stomach was in knots it was flipping and twirling making me feel uneasy. I turned the door handle clenching onto my towel wrapped around me and the door opened slowly.copyright protection5PENANAjgEsiR7E5T

Any color in Sky's face has vanished, his face was scrunched up in pain and he slowly started shaking his head in disbelief. copyright protection5PENANA89uWF1gm0v

"No . . .no th-this is not fucking happening." He shook his head turning to the opposite wall beating his fist in the wall.copyright protection5PENANAjnkY3wxz1k

"That will come out of your paycheck." Kai snarled with his arms crossed composing himself.copyright protection5PENANAhkBVNTMUyS

"Why?!?!" Sky stopped beating the wall in and rested his head against it along with his hands. His voice was hoarse.copyright protection5PENANAOH1jDGlT3l

"Why Dahlia?"copyright protection5PENANApmJJkNfSnh

"You two know each other?" Kai's confusion made everything worse, I swallowed hard staring at him with tears swelling in my eyes blurring my vision. I heard him take a deep breath and turn my way he tried looking at me kneeling in the closet in nothing but a towel hanging off my body. He looked up towards the ceiling and bit his lips holding back tears.copyright protection5PENANAdEBOzpImjg

His eyes met mine his were blood red with silent tears streaming down his face. copyright protection5PENANAe8XfrBWMvZ

"Did you do this to get back at me?" He cleared his throat and crossed his arms, I tried answering him but no words would come out. I covered my mouth and started sobbing into my hand. copyright protection5PENANA8VlREGEUz1

"Did you fucking do this to get back at me, Dahlia!?" His voice echoed down the halls Kai remained silent knowing he shouldn't step in where he's not needed, so he just observed.copyright protection5PENANAcMGOBgdjDw

I shook my head still crying profusely trying to get myself together. copyright protection5PENANAARFy76a4TF

"My fucking dad, Dahlia. . .really?" he whispered crouching down at the entrance of the closet to me I looked up at him with blurry vision. He sighed wiping under his eyes pulling me into his arms where I shouldn't fucking be.copyright protection5PENANA41BqTf6yaG

AN: Boom :3copyright protection5PENANAzmsga3won9

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