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Boy Toy
Writer Osage
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Boy Toy
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Chapter Nine - Needed Me
May 16, 2018
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!MBdMh0nUtmmuABx8UrADposted on PENANA

"Tryna fix your inner issues with a bad bitch9Please respect copyright.PENANAnOdzjxtNmy
Didn't they tell you that I was a savage9Please respect copyright.PENANAtUMnHGuPRd
Fuck your white horse and a carriage9Please respect copyright.PENANAGgrYznOAH5
Bet you never could imagine9Please respect copyright.PENANAu5TIEdf80B
Never told you you could have it  
copyright protection5PENANAmlPfkBYCq3

You needed me"copyright protection5PENANA8cElYWmmQP

Needed Me - Rihannacopyright protection5PENANAJckjOSrJj2

Dahlia Reicopyright protection5PENANAnGncVINUke

I wasn't in the fucking mood to hear or see this dude. His presence just knowing he's sitting this close to me right now is pissing me off. copyright protection5PENANAXtqBOpyaMp

But why? Why am I mad? Do I even have a right to be? He was just doing what normal, single guys do. So why am I so upset? Why am I so jealous? Because he was my friend and I was praying he'd stay silently committed to me? My friend that checked me out, that wanted to be more, the guy I was leading on? Why was it not okay for him to sleep with someone else? Did we have a unannounced rule for him to not see other women?copyright protection5PENANA0vCkOqcg9w

Was it okay for me to check out other guys, and flirt but not for him? Was it fair that I was jealous over something that wasn't mine in the first place? What sense did this fucking make? Was I subconsciously scared that if he got into a relationship all the cute things between us would stop? Did I not want change to happen? Would I miss him noticing every detail about me, the calling in dinner at work, the lunches. Would I miss all of that? copyright protection5PENANAjwcHJ7px1K

This is too much fucking thinking. copyright protection5PENANALZdbA1B9cn

"I needed to see you. ."copyright protection5PENANAycTawIAJYK

He whispered I could already tell he was nervous. I smelled his guilt, his regretcopyright protection5PENANAgihsZ0AoxC

"Can you just look at me?"copyright protection5PENANA9jBmvco6lA

I closed my eyes and slowly sat up in bed leaning against my headboard.copyright protection5PENANAuUMn4j5F34

"What?"copyright protection5PENANAqjmHMlImKg

He came closer to me putting his hand on my knee, lightly squeezing.copyright protection5PENANAZTzAg4NEa9

"I don't know what happened much from last night. I just know my drink was spiked. I was looking up the side effects this morning and opiates came up. I'm still a little messed up, that's the only thing I came up with. She knew what she did to me."copyright protection5PENANAeE3128l7Op

He looked so pale and sick my face softened. What happened last night? Where did he go? Who took care of him? All of these questions I wasn't ready to have the answer too kept circling around my mind.copyright protection5PENANAbfJyWvUFSE

"You know me, I would never just randomly do something like that."copyright protection5PENANAVRyusOzgtK

Do I though? Do I really know him? I sat there in silence, I didn't have anything to say to him. He didn't need to explain himself to me, I'm just being a selfish bitch. There's no reason for me to be giving him a cold shoulder. I took a deep breath, staring at him.copyright protection5PENANApHotJrC5yr

"Please say something."copyright protection5PENANAvKGeiDJciC

"It's okay. I have no right to be mad, the reason I was so flustered was because I seen Sky there last night with other ho's all around him."copyright protection5PENANARdtpIWehcH

I grabbed a ponytail from my nightstand and threw my hair up in a messy bun. Riv's eyes narrowed, a hint of anger was in his eyes. But why? He took a deep breath and his eyes widen staring at me.copyright protection5PENANA1Bpq59RHfq

"What the fuck is that?!"copyright protection5PENANA8KaOZtsJFK

"What?"copyright protection5PENANAlxXOXGKbXX

"On your neck."copyright protection5PENANATZyipErhlH

I bit my lip while the memory flooded back in front of everything else. I blushed staring down at my sheets, remembering how hot and steamy our kiss was in the elevator. The slap, his grip around my neck, his hand knotted in my hair. Dear god that was the hottest kiss I've had. copyright protection5PENANAHurRjrkLa0

"Who did it?"copyright protection5PENANAvvytkv95G7

I sighed shaking my head.copyright protection5PENANA2A6ASwfkOA

"Why does it matter?"copyright protection5PENANA1v5tnpUIa4

He was about to say something but then he shut his mouth. He sighed looking into my eyes. copyright protection5PENANAJGAh9UMjZt

"Dahlia. . ."copyright protection5PENANAq13xCW4RhS

He started crawling on the bed making his way to me, I flattened my legs and he hovered over me. His eye's were hazy, filled with lust.copyright protection5PENANAsioxMLWHu7

Who is this? Since when does Riv do these things?copyright protection5PENANAMdNmuXghhg

His lips lightly grazed over mine, he was breathing heavy lightly nipping at my lip.copyright protection5PENANALHhOfTLjL2

"Can I . . ."copyright protection5PENANAcdlAL8lIPP

His voice hushed, while his lips trailed down my jaw to my neck. I closed my eyes enjoying this side of Riv.copyright protection5PENANAQC3DYxBfPS

"Can you what?"copyright protection5PENANAwAANpQHaat

"Can I please you?"copyright protection5PENANAcmHyWsGibw

He pleaded while his hot tongue ran down my neck causing me to shiver. He started to back away and unbuttoned my shorts, sliding them off, along with my panties. It's been a long time since I've had my time like this. Was he really who I wanted to get that from? copyright protection5PENANA818bF7Jhny

He stuck his index finger in his mouth, wetting it up; I watched him carefully suck on his finger.copyright protection5PENANA9T9KHyAoJL

"How long has it been since you came, Dahlia?"copyright protection5PENANASW7zu41and

My eyes widen while his finger went down my slit, my heart rate started to speed up with anticipation. His finger found my opening and he started toying with me, I've never seen this side of Riv before. He was so shy and dorky, but now? He's lathered in confidence and was bold as fuck. I was aching for him to push his finger inside me.copyright protection5PENANAHvfPHUXqbk

"Please don't play with me."copyright protection5PENANAZld86VHHkq

"Then answer me."copyright protection5PENANAscmALQEN11

Since when did he get demanding?copyright protection5PENANA0IxfyeavFm

"It's been a long time Riv."copyright protection5PENANAPFH3NOYvvj

My voice was shaky my hips moved into his finger trying to take his finger in whole. He smirked at me and shook his head.copyright protection5PENANAVYvhyg8d3a

"Do you want to cum?" copyright protection5PENANAf4TMkr1uXG

What kind of question is that? copyright protection5PENANAQMlyQ9nPFS

"Seriously?"copyright protection5PENANA8ARESpU1DY

I rolled my eyes half smiling at him. He's really trying to tease me right now. It's really happening. Then I remembered how satisfied he looked while that bitch rode him last night. How she was bouncing up and down give him a nice fuck. How his hands, how his fingers gripped her ass and hips. Smashing her down on top of him, intensifying what she was already doing. This same finger that's about to enter me was in someone else. . .god knows what he done with her before I got there.copyright protection5PENANAbS35EnxGSu

I think the fuck not.copyright protection5PENANAnIhJh7SEXy

"Is that the same finger you had in that bitch last night?"copyright protection5PENANAx68oK1OF2r

I shoved him off of me and got up sliding my panties back on. He almost got his way, if he wants to play this game then I'll play it. He stayed silent he wasn't going to come in my home and not answer my questions.copyright protection5PENANAEejHkY5REX

"Is it?"copyright protection5PENANAl2FCLXJEBH

"Dahlia. . ."copyright protection5PENANAc8Nkwxmkdp

"What all did you two do? Before I got there."copyright protection5PENANAMRE5yY4DPJ

His jaw locked up and his face was blank. copyright protection5PENANAAaLgMwdwaP

"I'm waiting." copyright protection5PENANAemX1Huz4PM

Silence. That's all he can give me.copyright protection5PENANAtBE7Hc5MQV

"Leave."copyright protection5PENANAvr5gISNWpY

He looked dumbfounded.copyright protection5PENANALEkJF2df72

"Why?"copyright protection5PENANA2AEGIlTN7K

"Looks like you thought wrong. If you really think coming here the day after you fucked someone, that you can just finger me and have the satisfaction of making me cum all over your fingers. You're dead ass wrong, man. Nice try though."copyright protection5PENANAJDcOUUHHR7

His face was flushed and he ran his hand through his hair messing it up. copyright protection5PENANAFCL0lr3zHa

 I walked out of my room feeling like I had complete control of whatever relationship we have. It's all intertwined in my fingers. Knowing I had so much power over him and how he would drop anything to save our friendship, made me feel so damn good.copyright protection5PENANABJLgptCjhK

-----copyright protection5PENANA30nfPhaxZ1

*Monday*copyright protection5PENANAEFEqG0RJzy

I dreaded going back to work, I haven't spoke to Riv since he came here trying to seduce me. I know things will be tense, and awkward between us and I didn't have energy to fucking deal with it. I got an email last night that we were having an important meeting early this morning. Ugh, I wasn't in the mood for a meeting, I hate meetings. copyright protection5PENANAUbiFrI841q

I drove to work in the rain, when isn't it raining? I feel like when the day starts off with rain, that's a sign this day is only gonna go downhill from there. I sighed closing my umbrella up before walking into building. I headed to the room to sit and wait, about twenty minutes after I got there, Riv arrived. Of course he sat ridiculously close to me in his chair, more and more people started showing up. We had a couple minutes left and our boss came in.copyright protection5PENANAO5qclftwMt

"Alright folks, good morning! I'm glad everyone could make it, I have some bittersweet news for today. I'm moving to a different building."copyright protection5PENANAyr9cRPdJzM

Nobody said anything. copyright protection5PENANAitYA9qiiuj

"Yeah, save the tears please. Anyways, my son will be taking over this office building and I told him I left him well mannered employees. So I expect him to not have to deal with anything less."copyright protection5PENANAIip9uKoYgb

The meeting room door opened and I almost diedThis couldn't be happening, this is not really happening. copyright protection5PENANAsOCB1uqed0

"This guy looks like a handful."copyright protection5PENANA1vuZ5DpoWT

Riv whispered in my ear, he had his arm around my shoulder leaning closer to me. I was appalled, out of all the fucking people who could've been our boss's son it had to be himcopyright protection5PENANAIFc7OGRcF8

Oh my fucking god. copyright protection5PENANAo7W1JYvacJ

He made his way up to his father and stood proudly. copyright protection5PENANAadeEckiCIe

"This is my son, Roman Lauder."copyright protection5PENANAvrTHyHopU3

I swallowed hard staring at him he smiled at everyone, casually nodding while his eyes scanned through the room and finally met mine. He looked stunned for a moment but it wasn't long until he had that same cheeky smirk on his face. copyright protection5PENANAyibvjUtP4G

Fuck.copyright protection5PENANAyeTNT67bIQ

AN: Two chapters for my bbies  ;D copyright protection5PENANApeiiVQ0kgU

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