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Boy Toy

**18+ Mature Adult story** Bells. The bells were ringing, alarming everyone that this is my day, my time to shine. This is our day to become one, I'll take him last name and officially be his. We'll have our first dance together, gazing in one another's eyes, imagining the wedding night. Today is the day. . .

Have you ever wished to chose what color of Carnations you want in your bouquet? Forcing your best friends to wear an ugly dress that doesn't compliment them by any means; but makes you happy? Maybe even arguing with your fiance while taste testing different varieties of cake, because you can't seem to agree on just one? Doesn't all of that sound perfect?

No? Didn't think so.

Well, you'll be going through the trials and tribulations of a young woman, Dahlia. Who is in a loving, passionate relationship. For the past year in a half she's been waiting for Sky to propose. Fantasizing the ideas of him surprising her in at work, or maybe when she gets home from work. Possibly take her to where they first met and pop the big question. All of that died rather quickly when she caught her boyfriend with his unidentified mistress. After that everything around her comes crumbling down, the breakup, depression, shamefully going back to her friends when she's neglected them for the whole two years she's been in a relationship. You'll read her journey of breaking through her cocoon and channeling the sexual creature she really is. Heartache, jealous, lies, scandals, secrets, drugs, and sex~ **read at your own risk** If you don't like heavily detailed sex scenes, then this probably isn't for you. I don't want to ruin your cute innocence booboo. :* You've been warned. From here on out, may your panties stay soaked and the sex scenes shall stay hot! *cringes* don't judge~