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The Spring Girl
Co-Writer MiracleMuse8*
Beta Reader Ria N. Chetty
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The Spring Girl
Chapter 1
Apr 14, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!jTgAPM3c2zhnJ0ehLxnDposted on PENANA

On March 16th, 2016, 15-year-old Leah Jonson was sitting at her desk gazing out the window. It was a boring day, and window staring was the most interesting thing she could do. After a while, a robin flew by, something green in its mouth. A caterpillar, probably.38Please respect copyright.PENANAXMAenq1qD3
The robin tapped on the window glass with its beak, and Leah could see that the green thing was a ring. That was kind of weird. Why would a robin have a ring in its beak? Also, out of all the windows in the world to tap on, why did the robin have to choose hers?38Please respect copyright.PENANA0UrJVG1Heo
            The tapping grew louder, and Leah wondered why it was doing that. It was probably to get her attention. Maybe it wanted her to open the window. “Might as well do it,” she said. “It’s certainly going to make the day more interesting.”38Please respect copyright.PENANAkqIYSlR9Sk
As soon as the window was open, the robin flew inside and perched on the back of her chair. It opened its mouth, and the ring fell onto the floor. Leah picked it up and put it on her fourth finger on her right hand. 38Please respect copyright.PENANARP7s3uS4Vw
            A warm feeling tingled through her body when she did that. The ring fit perfectly around her finger, snug but not too tight. She felt as happy as she felt anyone could be, and as if there was a fire burning inside her soul, warming her from within.38Please respect copyright.PENANA8VrAFmgG3u
            “Wait a second!” Startled, Leah looked around her room for the source of the voice. There was no one in it except her and the robin, and she was certain she hadn’t said anything. That must mean it was none other than the robin doing the talking.38Please respect copyright.PENANA5oVOnN9eX1
            “You can talk?”38Please respect copyright.PENANAzORHhVba07
            “Of course I can. I’m Hortus, the Bird of Spring, and I’ve come here to make you the next Spring girl.”38Please respect copyright.PENANAG927JIu0py
            “What’s the Spring girl?”38Please respect copyright.PENANAvuXqjkdtza
            “The Spring girl is in charge of the season of spring. The previous Spring girl, Proserpine-san, had just died, and we need a new one. You are perfect for the role.”38Please respect copyright.PENANAu9ZmQhi2si
            “Why am I so perfect?”38Please respect copyright.PENANA98scgcULcj
            “You are born on the same day as her, and you are very connected with plants.”38Please respect copyright.PENANAkHOi87CmAc
            The last part was true. Leah did have a large garden on her apartment’s balcony. It was filled with flowers of all shapes and sizes, such as daisies, jasmines, and chrysanthemums.38Please respect copyright.PENANAx5lwscOKeg
            “The ring you just put on gives you the power to control plants and the wind. To do that, you have to raise your hand and shout, ‘Powers of Spring, come to me!’”38Please respect copyright.PENANA3npvzFHurU
            “That’s all you have to do?”38Please respect copyright.PENANANMBB4KJH6j
            “Yes, that’s all. Try it.”38Please respect copyright.PENANATDpfaRrYBG
            “Powers of Spring, come to me!” Leah shouted, raising her hand high above her head.38Please respect copyright.PENANAfE3EaDkS7L
            Immediately, Leah was surrounded by a swirling gust of wind, and her feet lifted off the ground. Soft music began to play. Her light brown hair got longer, turned minty green, and was pulled into two large ponytails with pink ribbons them, one on each side of her head. Her pink t-shirt and shorts slowly morphed into a sleeveless green knee-length gown with light pink frills. A pink ribbon necklace with a green leaf-shaped pendant appeared onto her neck in a burst of pink light. Ribbons wrapped around her feet, turning her socks into pink high heels. Her green eyes turned pink, and on her lips, pink lipstick shimmered into existence. What seemed like vines grew around her wrists and turned into green bracelets with pink daisies on top. The bracelets extended to form pink fingerless gloves, and every fingernail now had nail polish on it, alternating pink and green. Large wings with green feathers grew from her back. A green sword with a pink hilt materialized in her hand, and then she was done.38Please respect copyright.PENANAMUxowC8gje
            “That’s perfect!” Hortus exclaimed from his perch on the chair. “Now, do you have any plants at home?”38Please respect copyright.PENANAzcSZs2QU1s
            “Yes, I do. I have a whole garden of them.”38Please respect copyright.PENANAAg7DVhhf9o
            “Where’s the garden?”38Please respect copyright.PENANA1WjzkQbt6u
            “It’s on the balcony.”38Please respect copyright.PENANAIGHAF9Dv3E
            “Go there at once.”38Please respect copyright.PENANAYDV5hQny6x
            Leah raced to the balcony as fast as she could with Hortus flying after her. By the time she got there, she was out of breath from the excitement.38Please respect copyright.PENANAX7tgGO6Shc
            “Now you need to hold your hand out to a plant---like that aloe over there---and say, “Bloom and grow with the Spring!”38Please respect copyright.PENANAmZS3Aydd4h
            “Bloom and grow with the Spring!” Leah shouted, her right hand held out to the aloe.38Please respect copyright.PENANAS2VO8cEvLK
            Immediately, the aloe started to grow until it reached the size of the balcony. Its elongated tendrils dangled over the railing and onto the sidewalk below. Leah heard people on the streets scream, and wondered how to make the plant stop growing.38Please respect copyright.PENANA2JSwZzk6rC
            As if he had read her mind, Hortus suddenly said, “To make the plant stop growing, you have to point at it and say, ‘I shall use my Spring powers to cease your growth!’ It’s simple.”38Please respect copyright.PENANAjOCcScK6qP
            “I shall use my Spring powers to cease your growth!”38Please respect copyright.PENANAnjRi7ZvMvg
            The aloe shrank back to its original size in just a matter of seconds.38Please respect copyright.PENANAxyZp4ZZp6q
            “Now that you know how to control plants, how about commanding the wind?” Hortus asked.38Please respect copyright.PENANA1qfED8Qoeh
            “That sounds so cool! What do I have to do?”38Please respect copyright.PENANAdBA5TI5ouA
            “Make a V shape with your middle and index fingers, raise them above your head, and say, ‘Wind, I shall control you and you shall come at my call!’”38Please respect copyright.PENANAF18FrdFqDM
            “That’s all I have to do?”38Please respect copyright.PENANARFc7jQfaet
            “Yes, that’s all. It’s very simple.”38Please respect copyright.PENANArr42xYKCmf
            “Wind, I shall control you and you shall come at my call!”38Please respect copyright.PENANAc1hlHIym9c
            Immediately, a gust of wind blew around her fingers and kept swirling down her arm. It stopped swirling when it reached her elbow.38Please respect copyright.PENANA81Rk8aanlp
            “Wow, that it amazing!”38Please respect copyright.PENANARMRVPoTA0g
            “It really is. Now that you know the basics of your powers, you are ready to go to the Seasonal Castle.”copyright protection34PENANAcjErCShwtH

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