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Gokusen Sisters
Writer Marnie Davage
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Gokusen Sisters
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Returning Home
Marnie Davage
Apr 15, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!2Itwm9ngE88MjSxTOLYTposted on PENANA

She cowered in the corner of the room and covered her ears. Her breathing was erratic and sweat coated her forehead. And the banging of a fist against her apartment door continued. copyright protection6PENANA9sOWOxBlJK10Please respect copyright.PENANAGk6guvmahx

10Please respect copyright.PENANA9QCc04Kl9r
copyright protection6PENANAGLsaiPkF5Z10Please respect copyright.PENANADe6jOiBIVx

A gruff male's voice yelled, "Asari, I know you're in there! Nobody has seen you leave this place in days, so why not come out and pay what you owe me?!"copyright protection6PENANAOeL76i0U3Z10Please respect copyright.PENANAaCSgTmMfw4

10Please respect copyright.PENANANFUpSUuCfD
copyright protection6PENANAOdrCagaLCT10Please respect copyright.PENANA4TRbdGtPpo

She squeezed her eyes shut and attempted to block out the noise, but it was no good. If she had the money for rent she would've paid it by now, but she had been fired from work a couple of weeks ago. And her money had dwindled into nothing. She was poor, useless and exhausted. More than anything she wanted to curl up in a warm bed and sleep until it was all over. copyright protection6PENANAviFYtXONDU10Please respect copyright.PENANAmz1eQUBDa7

10Please respect copyright.PENANAHXNBnGwRjM
copyright protection6PENANAMr8xzfQA9U10Please respect copyright.PENANAvnFnyS31Hs

But that was impossible; her bed was nothing more than a mattress on the floor and she couldn't sleep for the life of her. Too many thoughts buzzed round her head, like pesky flies that just wouldn't quit. copyright protection6PENANAzX81AiiK3U10Please respect copyright.PENANAq42sjSmUvx

10Please respect copyright.PENANA2cuQOSwkJP
copyright protection6PENANADzdiyGgntT10Please respect copyright.PENANA6fdLCLEGMl

Half an hour had passed and the landlord had not given up. He incessantly banged her door, not caring if the neighbours heard and Asari was sure that they were all basking in her humiliation, enjoying every moment of her misfortune. copyright protection6PENANAhflqNUFDuO10Please respect copyright.PENANA9dqbFJ32Ez

10Please respect copyright.PENANAzGL4xAW3UG
copyright protection6PENANAy4MG6mYo7210Please respect copyright.PENANAT0V6MySqeF

It's not like she hadn't tried to get acquainted  with them, but they all looked down on her and all because of her appearance. Because she wasn't 'normal' in their eyes. She was seen as a bad kid and in truth, her reputation didn't precede her. copyright protection6PENANAiKCv2bciyF10Please respect copyright.PENANAMnScyxWCAA

10Please respect copyright.PENANAb9hXeOxbRs
copyright protection6PENANAcQVxgIrVmW10Please respect copyright.PENANARLsNSflKFA

She had done whatever it took to survive: whether that be fighting or other things. copyright protection6PENANAKU0xB6Uzv110Please respect copyright.PENANAprXiEwQA9q

10Please respect copyright.PENANAakAriOfQZ7
copyright protection6PENANACNLejOpv7Y10Please respect copyright.PENANAiRTLEL00wG

And she had been fine with how they saw her, she was. copyright protection6PENANAbjO6Q5Oi0a10Please respect copyright.PENANAAW8yeM55me

10Please respect copyright.PENANAvxz5ZRUeIU
copyright protection6PENANAfL5giGncgS10Please respect copyright.PENANAm0MgMq1Nry

She was used to the disappointment clouding the eyes of those who looked at her - including her parents. copyright protection6PENANAeTGZ7ZOxvV10Please respect copyright.PENANAt2uBAJoGOL

10Please respect copyright.PENANAUjitpilkw3
copyright protection6PENANAwGekM5qBoq10Please respect copyright.PENANAeT419RrbET

Asari didn't want to think of them, because of them abandoning her when she was young. copyright protection6PENANALDbRTuygHP10Please respect copyright.PENANAJ7WeJxX7dL

10Please respect copyright.PENANAS75bBvtWP0
copyright protection6PENANA8VIPVQOJnj10Please respect copyright.PENANA04U453WxfA

She had bounced from place to place, until she had had enough and when she was old enough she had got a job and saved up enough to get her own place. copyright protection6PENANAFU0UfMZFno10Please respect copyright.PENANArYIndrUaz7

10Please respect copyright.PENANAWrf2DQx6Mn
copyright protection6PENANA592h1VMzcu10Please respect copyright.PENANA7Mr1Rx5N5k

Suddenly, her inner musings were interrupted by the door crashing open, practically ripping off the hinges and three burly men stormed in. copyright protection6PENANAolp6alXZ5k10Please respect copyright.PENANAowj6UwyOH7

10Please respect copyright.PENANAWEzbGc1djN
copyright protection6PENANAiKfiEu5E9t10Please respect copyright.PENANAAqA2rsAxfF

They reeked of cigerettes and cheep aftershave. Their heads were shaved and one of them had a scar running down his cheek. A menacing aura seeped off their bodies and surrounded the girl still quivering in the corner. copyright protection6PENANA2fC4xD0kdc10Please respect copyright.PENANAREcbK6HiUp

10Please respect copyright.PENANAqR3Z2Jb3Xu
copyright protection6PENANAOCyeJIzGIE10Please respect copyright.PENANARxVrAmTaT9

"Bitch, where's my money?!" The landlord, the most evilest of them all, shouted and when she didn't answer he signalled to one of the scary men. The guy crept foreword and pulled her up by the hair. copyright protection6PENANA10ogj3KpHU10Please respect copyright.PENANAPLO1Wy8ER3

10Please respect copyright.PENANA4iU7hWRs0O
copyright protection6PENANASK9uOH8O1m10Please respect copyright.PENANAXRlSjVfd69

They dragged her out off the apartment and beat her, until she couldn't stand properly without coughing up blood.copyright protection6PENANA1QYA4HjDn110Please respect copyright.PENANAmVVaXRJ6wB

10Please respect copyright.PENANA9AT3Ib0zE1
copyright protection6PENANAip2HFmKqLs10Please respect copyright.PENANAnCSIucEKpK

The landlord spat near where she lay and flung her belongings on top of her. copyright protection6PENANAkDcu80bhPd10Please respect copyright.PENANAUMGPXEHHKe

10Please respect copyright.PENANAjTOdXwoY62
copyright protection6PENANADR3Cs7jLLH10Please respect copyright.PENANA0tFTc95QUu

"I don't want people like you living here! They all said you were bad from the start. From now on I don't want to see you around here!" copyright protection6PENANAM46OLMawcW10Please respect copyright.PENANABPhiEeWmVG

10Please respect copyright.PENANAAfAosyVQx1
copyright protection6PENANAZwAb0Jcc1210Please respect copyright.PENANATxvyqHIwyD

Then he stormed off with the goonies trailing behind him. copyright protection6PENANAqETthmBB7n10Please respect copyright.PENANA0asis6wpss

10Please respect copyright.PENANA63HGs9fo0N
copyright protection6PENANAiTrpIdbTKo10Please respect copyright.PENANAqUlVsLCbhb

For a while she laid there and waited till she was able to move a little. It still hurt, but she couldn't stay there forever; the wind was picking up and she was freezing. copyright protection6PENANAQJUqVV978a10Please respect copyright.PENANAOilgAOn7dQ

10Please respect copyright.PENANAAjTi0lsgKs
copyright protection6PENANA9yP317pDIw10Please respect copyright.PENANA3amo5PaI0s

Pulling on her jacket, she took out her phone from her pocket and thanked the heavens that it wasn't broken. She dialled the one person she thought she would never speak to again.copyright protection6PENANA01qsq9GC3q10Please respect copyright.PENANATPKf5l4tth

10Please respect copyright.PENANAj3BdlByNRj
copyright protection6PENANA0TaVj5QtcY10Please respect copyright.PENANAgVtDkysuht

Her grandfather. copyright protection6PENANAEmxupzBPcj10Please respect copyright.PENANAWbiHqo2uRw

10Please respect copyright.PENANAMaznnVYWJQ
copyright protection6PENANAmdkNFLWlo010Please respect copyright.PENANAf0MID6h6Ay

"Hello, it's me." After a brief pause she continued, "I want to come home." copyright protection6PENANAMoTXkc2aGf10Please respect copyright.PENANAAwJSeahhF8

10Please respect copyright.PENANANrinPGjOD3
copyright protection6PENANA9kBHP1gqRs10Please respect copyright.PENANAES3qBHwTO7

Ten minutes later a black car pulled up next to her, then her grandfather stepped out and didn't ask any questions about her bloody appearance. He simply helped her into the car and then they returned to their home. copyright protection6PENANAKdF41lQYHe10Please respect copyright.PENANAsoEbhSmy91

10Please respect copyright.PENANAGWtZkiGD7j
copyright protection6PENANAYuDRrX4t8K10Please respect copyright.PENANAGLcJcOrJHf

{{Later}}copyright protection6PENANAIi5kZUmfld10Please respect copyright.PENANAR9EvlVoItx

10Please respect copyright.PENANAKaudaOwQsD
copyright protection6PENANAI5roasJ1qr10Please respect copyright.PENANAa8pmSCbjmT

One of the live-in guys, handed her a cup of steaming tea and she bestowed him a thankful smile. copyright protection6PENANAfoVSfmQkPZ10Please respect copyright.PENANAzd3dJp877C

10Please respect copyright.PENANAERN94XXBOp
copyright protection6PENANA4yhaTh5fwq10Please respect copyright.PENANAfZyFmqhxKE

"Are you going to tell me what happened?" Her grandfather asked her in a soft voice. copyright protection6PENANAtewUCHmmIN10Please respect copyright.PENANAqjRtwASFH0

10Please respect copyright.PENANAimR5vW3tyS
copyright protection6PENANANXbIQr5HLV10Please respect copyright.PENANATNRrsdSKLC

Asari sighed and watched the dregs of tea as they swam in the warm liquid, then she told him everything. She noted the sympathetic looks she was getting from the guys situated around the room; the looks on their faces didn't really match their appearances. If she wasn't feeling so down she would've laughed at the contrast they all presented. copyright protection6PENANAGQuX0ne6DL10Please respect copyright.PENANAobVgFsRy8z

10Please respect copyright.PENANAyqWqwrmAVU
copyright protection6PENANAx6030DKnZs10Please respect copyright.PENANAsOIkgbx8Vi

Then a woman barged into the room and brandished a finger at Asari, who was sipping lightly on her tea. copyright protection6PENANAaNqlwhNBYy10Please respect copyright.PENANALkuGBa9sJi

10Please respect copyright.PENANA2iIYIfq5Pl
copyright protection6PENANAwEo0CpoRv110Please respect copyright.PENANA0iaIDrTazP

"Who is she?" copyright protection6PENANAC27D68gQvg10Please respect copyright.PENANAtl9Y2K9bdS

10Please respect copyright.PENANAtfacdSsDYi
copyright protection6PENANAjF4K1A1OcZ10Please respect copyright.PENANAZYBaHeBApb

Grandfather looked between Asari and Kumiko. copyright protection6PENANAmIDLJgb77H10Please respect copyright.PENANAqSwARyl0Ky

10Please respect copyright.PENANASeO3r2WTGU
copyright protection6PENANA9KKhnQpEHV10Please respect copyright.PENANAcFTNQA1rbq

"I think you should sit down, there is something I have to tell you." copyright protection6PENANAV1BZLCAMrM10Please respect copyright.PENANADBj9baIwbt

10Please respect copyright.PENANA54HT79V42C
copyright protection6PENANALOvpzeGLmN10Please respect copyright.PENANAYfhS28s3zD

Kumiko looked as though she wanted to say more, but she complied to her grandfather's wishes. copyright protection6PENANAswycNW2dAK10Please respect copyright.PENANAtceMmpX5W9

10Please respect copyright.PENANAy1dgVlpRps
copyright protection6PENANA8wLJvwm6iN10Please respect copyright.PENANAtoHLgKTINt

She sat down next to the unfamiliar girl and listened to what he had to say. copyright protection6PENANAS4BnubCaWZ10Please respect copyright.PENANAlgGA33018W

10Please respect copyright.PENANAaHYnYUJoL8
copyright protection6PENANAXowwBjsEx310Please respect copyright.PENANARfxz0NjUw6

"This is Asari... your sister."copyright protection6PENANAoFz9p5GLbY10Please respect copyright.PENANAnSn3sq6trf

10Please respect copyright.PENANAqBWoZUiIj4
copyright protection6PENANAy43asxl4Hh10Please respect copyright.PENANARajoJkc2eJ

"What?!"copyright protection6PENANA4FGAbhUDVr

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