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BRYZ Supplementary Reading
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Writer The Yobanashi Girouette
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BRYZ Supplementary Reading
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The Cast So Far
The Yobanashi Girouette
Apr 17, 2018
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!5dy35A5e4XFjEwwKzYDrposted on PENANA

(Please note that if you are just starting out or only midway through the story, this may contain spoilers.  As a method of preventing this, I will note the chapters they first appear in.  If you aren’t at that chapter yet, you may not want to read about them.)copyright protection40PENANALYBjPxVdTJ

Sebastien Anchikoski (Chapter 1):  A fairly normal 17-year old teenager with a love of anime and video games, he is the protagonist of the story.  He doesn’t socialize much, but has a small handful of friends, about half of which he met over the internet.  He applied for a part time job at a local hardware store, and is due to start a little after the story begins.  Has three older brothers in addition to his younger sister.copyright protection40PENANAAZW922K8gO

Lucja Anchikoski (Chapter 1):  The protagonist’s 14-year old sister, she is an antisocial girl with a love of mystery stories.  She has a dark view of humanity and society, and often grounds her flighty brother’s dreams and wild schemes in reality.  Has really only one or two people she considers friends, but is quite loyal to them.44Please respect copyright.PENANA7wfdAX9cAj
copyright protection40PENANA5W8KsEu2C7

44Please respect copyright.PENANAIX4dgZKCDp
Nicole McNeil (Chapter 4): A cold-seeming girl that rarely displays emotions.  Due to a variety of family problems, she is currently working part time to save up for college.  She is exceptionally skilled with knives, and has a rather large collection at home.  Similar to her friend Lucja Anchikoski, she doesn’t call many people friends, and is generally distrustful of people she doesn’t know personally.copyright protection40PENANAtn64HWBDav

Tenshi (Chapter 5): A quiet girl that talks in the same unemotional, flat voice at all times.  Appears to be an albino, and by her name and clothes it is assumed she is Japanese.  She seems to be skilled at analyzing and adapting to any kind of situation.  Is assumed to have leveled up significantly before meeting the protagonist.copyright protection40PENANAmKujUxlEFC

Charles George Wood (Chapter 7): A cheerful, good-natured 19-year old with a tendency to flirt with any and every girl he meets.  In spite of this character flaw, he seems to still possess a deep-rooted sense of honour, especially when it comes to defending those around him.  He seems to have adapted well to BRYZ, having already advanced several levels by the time he met the protagonist.copyright protection40PENANAsKyAv0fZ2S

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