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BRYZ Supplementary Reading
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Writer The Yobanashi Girouette
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BRYZ Supplementary Reading
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The Yobanashi Girouette
Apr 17, 2018
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!2CLwInToVjfdUUvz21mNposted on PENANA

41Please respect copyright.PENANAxsWvQgqB1B
copyright protection37PENANA8mOFXLycCm

Aberrant: A rare monster variant that doubles its combat potential, as well as increasing its AI, base equipment, and experience points worth.  Aberrant mobs are the most common, with the chance of an Aberrant occurring lessening among commons, and further lessening the more powerful the monster already is.  In theory, Aberrant bosses could exist, although the chances of one naturally occurring are astronomically low.41Please respect copyright.PENANAxqqy4FRSky
copyright protection37PENANA2EZObIb466

Class: A designation given to players when they start in BRYZ which defines what skills they learn when they level up.  Each class is divided into two subclasses, which will be assigned to a player based on which skill path they choose when they first invest a skill point after leveling up.  The level cap in BRYZ is 50.  An example class could be the Wizard class, the two subclasses of which are the Authoritarian Wizard and the Scholarly Wizard.copyright protection37PENANAomjihPRjRe

Monster: A broad-sweeping definition for any hostile NPC in the BRYZ world.  They are capable of equipping items and leveling up the same as players, and have a wide range of pre-set AI regarding how they react to different situations.  They can be divided into the following categories;copyright protection37PENANA6ZBVEzGdLi

Mobs, which are equal to ¼ of a common monster.  They often appear in large groups, especially surrounding a stronger monster, utilizing group tactics to make up for their lack of power.copyright protection37PENANAAOWAC8iNdo

Commons, which are roughly equal to a player.  These make up the bread an butter of fights in BRYZ, and all other monsters are categorized in reference to them.  Although they are considered “equal” to a player, it would be more accurate to say that they pose a fair challenge to a single player, but are almost guaranteed to be defeated in a fair fight, as NPCs are always weaker than the player when it comes to video games. copyright protection37PENANAUBKeT13LlV

Elites, which are equal to 2 common monsters.  They usually end up mixed in with other groups of commons, and are not at all rare to see.  Combined with mob and common monsters, they make up the three standard monster types to see in an adventure, consisting of roughly 95% of all the monsters in BRYZ.  Having slightly higher AI specs, they would be the closest thing to an equal match for a single player, and adventures that underestimate them often end up dead.copyright protection37PENANA0sUBnza3NW

Chieftains, which are equal to 5 common monsters.  Scattered throughout BRYZ, they present the main challenge players will face, requiring a medium-sized party in order to properly fight them.  Often ending up as the subject of extermination missions, they also are usually given the status of mid-bosses in dungeons.  The items they drop are usually key in manufacturing rare and powerful equipment.copyright protection37PENANAmnKiXnrfaE

Bosses, which are equal to 10 common monsters.  Only a few of these legendary foes exist in BRYZ, the majority of which reside at the end dungeons.  However, there are a few that exist out in the open worlds, often laying dormant, only waking up when challenged or disturbed, or sometimes for a short period at regular intervals to hunt before returning to their lair.  As all bosses are unique, defeating one is usually considered an act of legends, and they all guard some specific legendary relic which makes them even more of a target to guilds that seek a challenge.copyright protection37PENANAE5fpj9qmUM

Periapt: Defined as “solidified magic”, these magical artifacts can be divided into different types based on their abilities:copyright protection37PENANAiUecwBMGEz

Transient: Holds some form of ability, either a monster’s skill, player skill, or completely unique ability.  After being activated, Transient Periapts disintegrate and cannot be used again.  An example of this could be Fireball Rubies, red stones which turn into the titular Fireball skill when thrown.copyright protection37PENANAD0XnjVKKbV

Latent: Unable to be used as is, Latent Periapts only grant their effects when installed in equipment, effectively creating enchanted or magic items.  An example of this could be Incendiary Periapts, which allow whatever weapon they are installed into to burst into flame, or launch flaming projectiles.copyright protection37PENANApP0EejNFGH

Skill: An ability a player can learn by investing a “skill point” into their class’s “tech tree”.  Reaching a set amount of “experience points” levels up players, in general gaining them 1 new skill point, starting at the base of “level 0” with no skills learned.  Skills consist of a pre-designated attack routine that is automatically executed by the player upon activation.  An example of this could be the Magic Missile skill, which upon activation launches busts of pure magical force in the direction the player points.41Please respect copyright.PENANAzMxcrJlIHa
copyright protection37PENANArYCFb8gYPV

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