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    I have joint this platform just to share prophetic events yet to take place in our current future and I also like writing books and reading as well. Interested in documentaries, history and Biblical Prophetic Events. Anyway, history and documentaries can help in future upcoming prophesies. I also am part of meteorology and like forecasting weather and also know some Astronomy and use these as tools for knowing Prophesies and guide people to what iscoming in the end times. Nonetheless, also interested in Politics as well since this also helps in knowing more about the End Times. Please do check my Books in your free time. 100℅ Guaranteed they will help you. Shalom.

    Related Websites:
    www.stopthecrime.net [Get all Government declassified documents in this website and know their main plan. Before proceeding here, read the Book Worldwide Economic Collapse from my Books area and also my Book regarding the Tribulation].

    http://www.hermetics.org/pdf/bookenoch.pdf [This Book shows how Astronomy is connected to Scripture, it is part of Scripture but wasn't put into the Bible because they [New World Government or Illuminati] knew it had all information regarding the End Times so they removed it from Bible claiming its not part of it but it is] So go ahead and read it.

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    https://www.facebook.com/alameen.karimmerali.94 [Remember not to contact me from here for ridiculous stuff only to know the Truth about the Gospel and if you don't want to know the truth better you don't even click this link].

    Jesus said, "I have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance." Thus, I say, "I have come in your sight and I have been sent by him to bring you [All of you] to repentance."

    The word Repent means turn away from your old life into a new life; into a new creation through Christ [Anointed] Jesus [Jehovah Saves].


    You must, Deny Yourself, Take up your cross daily and follow him.
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The Antichrist, End of the Age and coming Tribulations.
G Completed

I am writing this book so that whosoever reads and listens may understand the upcoming future events for whatever is yet to occur. Thus, I write this book not in my own account but in accordance with the Word of God in our Bible to tell you what is yet to occur in our coming times [The End of the Age] and the Millennia Reign. In this Book you will discover;

1. Ottoman Invasion and Jerusalem Conquest in 1948 and its Prophetic Significance from Scripture.

2. The Book of Daniel the Prophet fortelling the Messiahs first coming.

3. The Antichrist and who the Antichrist is?

4. Upcoming Events and beginning of Tribulation and how the Tribulations will take place.