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A Maiden's Strange Voyage
Writer EndlessMidnightMoon
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A Maiden's Strange Voyage
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第6章:Adapting Isn't Easy
Jun 14, 2018
10 Mins Read
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She stepped into her mother’s room; a place that had been her own. In a sense, it was her office as well and where she went when she wanted time alone. Chaoyun spent few instances here, except as a child where her own room was a luxury they could not afford. Apart from the bed, most of the place was set aside to other things. Accounts, often compiled into books, carefully written after it had been calculated. Paper was precious, and it had been used to finalize their finances.copyright protection20PENANATAfyhml5EB

At least to keep track of what was happening here, and to see whether there was anything odd amongst it all. With an abacus on her table, as always. Her mother took a seat, there was none for her as expected. She got used to standing as it was.copyright protection20PENANAIlV4jWAniL

She looked at her mother, perhaps she will know the reason why she chose this out of everything else. It made little sense that she still chose to keep her around at the end of the day, because of how she had to do with this. Zhao’en was entirely difficult, and neither was she supposed to handle someone like her.copyright protection20PENANA0q1UfHFF6G

“I know this is hard, Yun’er but I can’t entrust this to anyone but you.” Only that detestable woman if she was training an apprentice, but Chaoyun didn’t want to wish it upon her worst enemy either. That was a fate which she will not have wished upon anyone for that matter. She never could find anyone pleasing enough to train and that was mostly on her.copyright protection20PENANA10ggyyCTDh

Chaoyun never had much of interest behind there, and it was not helped by her attitude towards her. Dismissing, filled with insults. It chased plenty of poor desperate girls away, which had been a sign that few could tolerate. Even those who had few choices and were living day to day.copyright protection20PENANAumCqqVm1iF

She was the next best thing her mother had. Remembering that many of them left her, except for her and the woman. Mostly because she was her mother, while that woman had been anything but easy to work with. Her mother only tolerated her because of how she had a hand in creating some of their signature dishes.copyright protection20PENANAMj5OdlwT0C

Although with years and age, both intended to find someone. She had far less luck because not all had been willing to deal with what she did.copyright protection20PENANAz1CQiboV42

“All right.”copyright protection20PENANAczoPZOKmP3

“I’ll add on a little more to the allowance I’m giving you.” That was appreciated, that her mother did see that she was doing far more now. Xiao Yan had been by her mother, and she knew the difficulty that came with him. He was a young child, not suitable to be grilled harshly. Her mother was lucky she had dealt with Chaoyun first, because she easily learned.copyright protection20PENANA1Cn6rBsXus

“How do you think I should handle Zhao’en?” She asked the elder woman, because she was still far less experienced at this. Most of the time she had been on her own, and doing what she did best most of the time.copyright protection20PENANAz3ucUMniIs

“Do the same I did for both of you.” Which was a good idea, since Chaoyun still remembered it deeply. The various things that etched in her mind, difficult for her to ever forget at the end of the day. She knew what she had to do, although on a less forceful degree. Chaoyun was a child, and a mouth to feed. She never doubted her mother will not let her starve, but she needed as much help as she could get.copyright protection20PENANAkU1IJ0xumn

Because despite her age she was wholly unused to the idea, and neither was she used to having to fend for herself. There were limits, not because of her age but because of her background. Spending her life not needing to do an ounce of manual labour, or even stand or walk for an extended period of time.copyright protection20PENANAyo0VvrxXo1

That was an adjustment even she doubted will come easy. Not to mention a life of privilege will have made her even less likely to have adapted. Neither being hit by hard times, nor has she ever knew what it was like to spend everyday wondering whether there will be enough to go around.copyright protection20PENANApY5UaZGyhp

“Alright.” She nearly forgot what she wanted to ask her mother. The one question that she didn’t answer. Her mother looked at her. Knowing just how far her daughter’s question was, and more than ready for it.copyright protection20PENANA0Ck1l42Syp

“She was taken in because her father felt he needed to be taught a lesson in reality, and that she had strayed far too much from the path of all women.” Her mother closed her eyes. “It was mostly her stepmother who chose to agree to this.”copyright protection20PENANAg7Ng3jIAg6

It was not surprising for this to have happened too, and if she had not taken it up then she will have went somewhere far worse. “I was not their first choice, but he wanted to approach me first because she offended me.”copyright protection20PENANABG5GAgGhOX

The spectacle last night had been well known, and she didn’t spend any time on the gossip around town. One of the few things that seemed to have irked her even further, since they often spent it on frivolous matters. Such as people having their own personal way of doing things, as well as her own mother being the focus of many of them.copyright protection20PENANAGPA0QV4TOD

Without a doubt, it had to shift to her as well. But she just ignored them mostly, apart from the subtle jealousy and the almost mocking way they praised her. As though she will have amounted to nothing as compared to what she has done so far.copyright protection20PENANAj5K7mOq4pG

In hopes of being a real lesson, not just a way to destroy Zhao’en even further. All knew her mother for her fairness, regardless of whether she was wronged by them or owed them. And she did know that secretly speaking, it was just something different.copyright protection20PENANAb1mgIWwoek

“I see.”copyright protection20PENANAmU9WU0SZUG

“But don’t go easy on her.” She still will, because she just doesn’t know how far she can go in this. “I’m still running a business.”copyright protection20PENANACeLnl7cLcB

She chuckled, knowing that it was the case. She went out, to find the girl dressed for the job. The girl dressed in the simple dress and trousers. Unsure why Chaoyun could pick and choose.copyright protection20PENANAsnCODkLaIZ

“That’s because I have been doing this since I was old enough to run.” Her mother had not been beyond that either, because of their situation. It was not just tight, they were barely hanging onto survival then.copyright protection20PENANAv4UF1PGTOA

“But that’s just too young.”copyright protection20PENANAzqOlOat0VF

“How old were your servants when they were with you?”copyright protection20PENANABo3ddHyYRh

She kept her silence. Probably since she started from a young age.copyright protection20PENANAYmlT2nIIgw

“She was struggling then, if I wasn’t useful I will have been sold to a brothel.”copyright protection20PENANAiQX7bLhFLd

“What’s that?”copyright protection20PENANAlnBpBP69OX

Well, she did hear that any girl born above them were kept from this. The reality of being a wife was that they could only look the other way when her husband played, which was the norm. Expected even, because womanly virtues kept them so separate that they didn’t share many interests.copyright protection20PENANAqMkMGm9o4p

Brothels were filled with girls full of talents, and sometimes lucky enough to catch the eye of an imperial prince. Rare as it was, although this dynasty has seen an Empress from that background being successful. Should she tell her, maybe not. Perhaps she will be able to tell what was going on there.copyright protection20PENANAUnfRvrCN7o

“But why do I have to be dressed like this.”copyright protection20PENANA1sLDRmsYwg

“It’s easier, because you’ll won’t get a chance to sit.” Which was the truth, if that was the pace she was walking at. “I’ll teach more what makes me famous if you learn to be Xiao Yan.”copyright protection20PENANAWW3hIJDS7I

And another slightly younger girl, with her hair tied into pigtails and also rushing around. Struggling but keeping up fine, only that when she was about to fall she used her hands, pushed them on the floor before returning. She must have been kicked out of a performing troupe, either for a lack of talents.copyright protection20PENANAh26xTCZwq6

The girl was gaping at it.copyright protection20PENANAUrzG4r2xpy

“Don’t follow that, I also can’t do it.” Although she was certain that Xiao Yan will attempt to try. She prayed that he didn’t injure anything, or it will be a tough life for her.copyright protection20PENANANmvRDeAg6I

“Well, if you can fall the way you did.”copyright protection20PENANAZoK6WEIVa9

Chaoyun was tempted in skipping over the explanations and decide to just give her work. But she decided not to. Because knowing that her mother will kill her for trying, and she didn’t think Zhao’en could even wash her own clothes.copyright protection20PENANA25ABLF3Oct

“I’ll show you what you’ll be doing.” She showed her a smile, something that she has seen her mother done once before. When XiaoYan first came here, afraid and worried that the job was different from his thoughts, If anything, just one moment was enough to banish that from mind completely.copyright protection20PENANAn0PSSs7sJd

Entering the kitchen, she took several plates worth of orders. Before balancing them all too well, and passing the lightest order to Zhao’en as a beginning. While she looked at how skillful Chaoyun was at this. Able to glide over and pass this to each of the tables, without ever tripping even once.copyright protection20PENANAbICVPyzyuK

“Were you playing a trick when you were soaked in wine?”copyright protection20PENANAHwPi8AXcpa

“No, that was an accident. I wasn’t looking clearly.” She was honest there, because of a series of unfortunate events lead to it being so. She will have never done that, because of how hard her mother went on her. It had surprised her as well.copyright protection20PENANAFMbuF3WMwF

And it earned her a lecture, and if it was a more common occurrence or trick it will not have been met the same way.copyright protection20PENANA0HoCCebcMG

“It’s not that fun either. Now, get back to work.” Zhao’en bit her lip and began to look forward since this was her first. She leaned back, because she didn’t have much of a choice in this either. She had to let her try first, otherwise she was still untested.copyright protection20PENANAWudLMlmJxM

She could easily see that her hand was wobbling, she on some level was still struggling to gain a hold over it. That was unavoidable, and she didn’t doubt that there will be some level of scalding here. Because of how she was still wholly unused to this.copyright protection20PENANAUdy5Hd8D0E

“So, you’re training now?” Qingshuang walked to her, dressed in the same outfit as before. While having adjusted. “Isn’t she the girl from before?”copyright protection20PENANAj0lHCYVOaI

“Yes.” She sighed.copyright protection20PENANAu6cHSY3fHB

The man simply took a light chuckle. Thinking that it had been nothing important. But Chaoyun could see that she is going to have a tough time as it was.copyright protection20PENANA1BOAHvOP9O

“Training anyone who once enjoyed being waited on hand and foot isn’t easy.” She deadpanned, since it was obvious that it wasn’t.copyright protection20PENANAusOParO6gY

“Is it too normal?”copyright protection20PENANAOK50sYYvdG

“Yes, it is.”copyright protection20PENANA7fiVPZrDPA

Qingshuang stepped away, doing what he came here to do. Simply entertain. When he was about to play, he saw that all their eyes had not been on him in the least. Putting it aside, before storming to her. Guess he didn’t like when he was not in the spotlight.copyright protection20PENANAsj3h9dIXjZ

“Where is your mother?” Qingshuang came angrily to her.copyright protection20PENANAV8K18c07He

“Why?” All she saw had been both Xiao Yan and the girl doing acrobatics.copyright protection20PENANANOt6Kj5bXV

“They just stole the show.” He whined.copyright protection20PENANAMpeQGn3pkn

“Maybe play something funny, to accompany them. You can survive for a while being the second fiddle.” She turned back, noticing that they did almost just break a bowl while doing it. But she wasn’t tempted to have them stop, they were nonetheless entertaining.copyright protection20PENANAogv8iEliL3

She hoped they didn’t jump from chair to chair, that will have been both a sight and she doubted it will end well. She was almost struggling when it came to another of the dishes while Xiao Yan stopped because he handled the soup, making it hard for him to try.copyright protection20PENANAwzRZFCiLOf

“Be careful.” She handed them the dish.copyright protection20PENANAGAFVqmiuLD

“Thank you.” The girl gave her a smile. Realising that she has never met her before. “I’m Qiao’er.”copyright protection20PENANASaTojb2EtO

“Chaoyun.” She answered back. The girl was fun, and boisterous. She will be a blast, while wondering where did she even come from. Or what convinced her mother to hire her, as she will have been a last option usually.copyright protection20PENANAHZnzZ3biOZ

“That isn’t fair.” The man behaved like a child who lost a game, and she found it funny.copyright protection20PENANAyvAdq1zIwl

“Life rarely is.” She continued to chuckle while Qingshuang glared at her. Still not happy that she did not side with him.copyright protection20PENANAlpvfNOqQtU

“You might want to turn right.” The girl told her. She found it strange, and decided to take a look.copyright protection20PENANAEaT2KS5VaU

Only to find Zhao’en being reprimanded while the customer was wet with soup. She could only stare.copyright protection20PENANAVIpwWQyvz5

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