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Short Story
A Meeting With Ominn
Writer lovepenguins1984
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A Meeting With Ominn
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May 17, 2018
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!FKhcJb67wKo3RDuBJhSHposted on PENANA

"Are you sure it's this way?" Sade accusingly asked. "This looks like the same area from twenty minutes ago." He glared at Aegis, who looked taken aback at such a question. copyright protection5PENANAU9cO3g3UQk

"Of course it is! You take a right, then another right, then..." Aegis' face went from angry to confused as his gaze came to a log. "Oh... oh dear." copyright protection5PENANALw52IPdPWK

"What?" copyright protection5PENANAzkOrYi2HAV

"That is the same log from earlier. See the scratches on it? I noticed that earlier. Yeah... we're definitely lost."copyright protection5PENANApv5Bj8Sn3J

"This is what I get for listening to you! What's the point of escaping if we don't even know where the hell we're going?!"copyright protection5PENANAHOfNRYC5Ny

"Excuse me?! If it wasn't for my egg bomb, we wouldn't even be free! We'd be rotting in a cell or dead by now!" copyright protection5PENANAPnTDOSWRzx

"Still, I trusted that you..."copyright protection5PENANANZ2SAm1sJ5

A sudden shriek startled Sade, and he jumped back. Aegis laughed, as he recognized the shrieking was from a bird. None of them could see the bird, but they could tell it was close. copyright protection5PENANAcqTreLpQQd

"Jumpy much? What's wrong? Never heard a crow before?" Aegis chuckled on.copyright protection5PENANApFBjjqbfhL

"Of course I have! I just wasn't expecting it!" copyright protection5PENANAM4KPXlbZOU

The crow called again.. and they skimmed the trees. With the flutter of wings  a huge crow landed on a branch close to them, almost as if it knew they were looking for it.copyright protection5PENANA40lXrzJRpz

"Hello there, lovely? Got some bad news to deliver?" copyright protection5PENANA5PfH8y7kOp

"Crows meaning bad news? That's all silly superstition."copyright protection5PENANA5AuQprbAq0

"Suit yourself. Besides, a little superstition never hurt anyone."copyright protection5PENANAvu0QsspbkP

The bird flew two trees ahead, looked back at them, and cawed again.copyright protection5PENANALpE06Nze7n

"Curious fellow," Aegis stroked his chin as he spoke. Without thinking, Aegis walked until he reached the crow. The crow stared back intently with its beady eyes, and Sade did notice there was an unusual intelligence within them. It cried out once more, then moved even further ahead. Aegis looked back to Sade, and they  exchanged a puzzled but intrigued feeling.copyright protection5PENANADdY73ozfZ0

For the next five minutes, the crow led them through a series of paths. Aegis nonchalantly followed as Sade marked down each turn. By now the daylight was fading, and the sun glazed the sky with the soothing color of twilight. As beautiful as the sunset was, it also gave Sade more unease.copyright protection5PENANAguvgkYJJa3

"Aegis, I know we're lost but should we really be...?"copyright protection5PENANAzVtdWA1vO8

"Sade, look!"copyright protection5PENANASsmQzqf9Fe

Around the next bend, the path opened to a clearing in the trees. They first noticed a seemingly abandoned cabin, accompanied by a stone well and a neat stack of logs  No smoke emitted from the chimney,  and at this notice Sade and Aegis smiled and applauded their new guide. The crow flew to a lone, barren tree in the middle of the clearing.copyright protection5PENANA9WIEc2DVMN

Aegis furrowed his brow, as the crow went completely still for the first time. A soft glow soon began to emit from the crow's left eye, and it shrieked  so loud they both had to cover their ears. The crowing was not only loud, but somehow felt strange, as if some kind of magic was at play. This theory was soon answered.copyright protection5PENANAYlIszE2AaQ

After the awful shriek, the glow in the bird's eye faded. The ambiance of the forest felt strange and soon both Aegis and Sade realized what the change was.copyright protection5PENANAJ3i5USv91b

It was silent. Completely, deathly, silent.copyright protection5PENANAnb75Qk7tgU

All of the normal forestry sounds had died out almost instantly, and the two exchanged a worried glance. Had someone set them using a crow?copyright protection5PENANAgfgZHPEJqO

Then, a low murmuring started. It sounded far off, and they couldn't quite place what it was exactly.copyright protection5PENANAAaRTfLLLUN

"What did you do, strange bird?" Aegis inquired, but the crow only mocked him with its dark, empty gaze.copyright protection5PENANAXiZ5nQpvkF

The murmuring noise got closer, and they could soon distinguish the sound by its pitch. It was birds...cawing, shrieking birds. And judging by the intense, rumbling quality of the sound, there very well may be hundreds of them.copyright protection5PENANApBUGABwflX

Occasionally, their crow friend would caw as if guiding its brethren to him..copyright protection5PENANA3W7VPnHB8C

"Shut up!" Sade finally shouted. He brandished a large stick and approached the lifeless tree the bird sat upon.  The bird paid him no heed and continued its call.9Please respect copyright.PENANANepACMMwmE
copyright protection5PENANAp6UobifANz

"I said, shut up!" Scared and frustrated, Sade rared his arm back to throw his stick at the bird when Aegis grabbed his arm.copyright protection5PENANAgdaaTLMp08

"Stop."9Please respect copyright.PENANAKn4GLOQclI
copyright protection5PENANAm44u0TRHu0

"Why? He's leading..."9Please respect copyright.PENANAm4EdtVEsIi
copyright protection5PENANAkU6eihwyRk

"They're already here."copyright protection5PENANA77xiir35R4

Sade nervously turned and was astonished to see the largest mass of crows he'd ever seen in his life. It was a tidal wave of black feathers and beaks that blotted out the sky, and was coming straight for them. They could only watch in awe as the birds closed the distance and began their descent.copyright protection5PENANAde8hI8aAQF

"Take cover!" Aegis shouted. Sade dropped his weapon and they raced toward the treeline, but they weren't fast enough as the murder of crows were nearly upon them. Just as they were about to be pelted by the mass of birds, they dropped to the ground and covered their heads. A cacophony of fluttering wings and cawing and shrieks resounded above them. Yet, not a single crow touched a hair on them.copyright protection5PENANAAazGpSYWqQ

After a moment of disbelief, they raised their heads to see an astonishing sight. The huge murder of crows were spinning in circles about the dead tree that their feathered friend calmly rested on. The mass spun and swirled, faster and faster until it was a black tornado of wings. copyright protection5PENANAgyYOQgfUl7

Just at the two adventurers thought they couldn't take another minute of the noise, the mass of birds began to rapidly dissipate, and the cawing stopped. Standing in front of the dead tree now was only a figure shrouded in black. They slowly stood up and approached, holding their hands up.  They knew they were dealing with someone very experienced in the arcane arts.copyright protection5PENANAYyl7Q4f0E5

As they neared, they began to see the features of the mysterious man more clearly. He was very tall and lean, wearing multiple layers of robes and tunics. A tattered scarf and hood  adorned his head, only revealing one of his eyes and tufts of unkempt raven-black hair. The clothing all looked torn and ragged in a way that resembled crow feathers.copyright protection5PENANAGegfVF8UBy

"Who-who are you?" Aegis asked in wonder. As they both were quite afraid of this man, they were also captivated by him. copyright protection5PENANAKS7IHYYWTk

"It is not who I am, but what I am."copyright protection5PENANA4RTpZJueK8

"And what are you?"copyright protection5PENANAkrnBGjgPdS

"I am exactly what I need to be.  But if you wish to know my name, it is Ominn. And you are Aegis and Sade." The black-garbed man spoke soft and rhythmic, as if talking itself was a melody of a song. It was soothing but altogether off-putting given his attire.copyright protection5PENANAoXLvFstEpm

"How did you know that?"copyright protection5PENANAZteSTdCnsn

"I know many things."copyright protection5PENANAwNOTovcFkq

"Are you here to harm us? What is your purpose?"copyright protection5PENANAyInkd3MHIc

"Ahh,  now you are asking good questions. It is these questions I will try and answer for you. But know that not all answers are meant to be known. For some answers one should find for themself."copyright protection5PENANA4HFjAzxcXZ

"Um...okay. That didn't really answer my question, though."copyright protection5PENANAAtNoncTARd

"Precisely the nature of my answer. Come rest inside, for you have had a long journey. I can speak to you further there." He bowed and motioned toward the cabin at the words.copyright protection5PENANA0qWoKarwR9

Aegis looked to Sade, who looked clueless as to whether to trust this man or not. After thinking it over, Aegis decided what he would do...copyright protection5PENANAJWRogrYNEV

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