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The Girl across the street
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Writer Brooklynn Loveless
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The Girl across the street
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Brooklynn Loveless
Jun 13, 2018
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!AgyObCZUuS7JdkgmYLIwposted on PENANA Ghost

                It has been a whole months and Dream was still turning me down for a date. She  kept talking about I was young and whatever. I was twenty-two and she was thirty so what. Her turning me down just made me want her even more. I wasn’t use to people turning me down. I was the king in this city, I had to fight woman to get off me. copyright protection5PENANABOERXLteWr

                   “You got no chance with her.” My right hand Spazz said. copyright protection5PENANAcwIKkTnkOR

“How the fuck would you know?” I asked.copyright protection5PENANAdVArfRNeDw

”You know who that is bruh?” He asked.copyright protection5PENANAKeko6iazw6

”My Dream come true.” I laughed.copyright protection5PENANA1JDJuYDRjr

”Nah that girl is a Moretti. Her brothers run New York, shit we bought from them before. They like super over protective of her, shit her husband barely got her across the threshold.” Spazz laughed.copyright protection5PENANAJwmkYCbLQO

”Shit don’t no man put fear in my blood. I want Dream and she gonna be mine watch.” I said looking at her laughing with some girl on the porch.copyright protection5PENANAhA3CZaUaJr

”well come on I’m gonna shoot my shot with her friend.” He laughed getting up. We walked across the street and up on the porch. copyright protection5PENANAhKaUuFS7xc

“Y’all rude as fuck.” Her friend snapped.copyright protection5PENANAzgJWAHyMso

”My bad mama I’m Spazz and this my friend Ghost.” He said kissing her hand. I went and sat next to Dream. She was looking beautiful as fuck. She had on simple black leggings and a white tank top. I placed my hand on her stomach. I never really been around pregnant people before but I just wanted to touch her stomach. She smacked my hand away.copyright protection5PENANABKZEmZOh9y

”Little boy I do not know where your hands have been.” She snapped.copyright protection5PENANAIqjSkNydV5

”Don’t call me a little boy because I’m a grown ass man.” I snapped. Her and her friend looked at each other and laughed. copyright protection5PENANApul9qWQZIi

“No for real what y’all want.” Dream said.copyright protection5PENANAnj3nYqmNHv

”Double date. No bullshit just four friends out to eat or whatever.” Spazz said.copyright protection5PENANAlpWFihtQvo

”Fine.” Her friend said.copyright protection5PENANAVVTh4jeUiW

”Cookie, what are you doing.” She snapped.copyright protection5PENANAdGgg3fGq2n

”Girl bye, these fine ass men wanna take us out on a date. Come on bestie what could a free meal hurt you can’t stay cooped up in the house for the rest of your life boo.” Cookie said.copyright protection5PENANAWoNS459xVE

”Fine. Your lucky your friend looks scratchy or I say go by herself but if I gotta use diamond I will.” She said looking me in my eyes.copyright protection5PENANAVRzP8D9nxs

” Who the fuck is diamond.” Before I could finish my sentence short pulled out a diamond encrusted .9mm. Not gonna lie that bitch was sexy. copyright protection5PENANAkK8A1cQHCT

“I don’t miss neither.” She said dead ass.copyright protection5PENANA5ziTrmYAUU

”She sure don’t remember when you shot Zo.” She laughed and Dream gave her a look that wiped that smile right off  Cookie’s face.copyright protection5PENANAfQLOFUsOh0

”Yo you shot your husband?” I asked shocked.copyright protection5PENANAgBKpcMB3ue

”Yes I did I don’t take no shit so try me if you want to Ghost. I can make that happen and not just be a name, pick me up at seven and I don’t eat Chinese food and I’m allergic to seafood.” She said going in the house. Shorty just bosses up on me and it had me turned on that shit was sexy as fuck to me.copyright protection5PENANAWANftfBrPw

”Boy you have no idea what you got yourself into. You won’t last.” Cookie said pinching my cheek laughing. copyright protection5PENANAl4m7T11lQj

“Fuck you mean by that?” I snapped, I felt like that shit was a challenge, I might be young but I wanted Dream. My Granny was gonna love her. copyright protection5PENANAl6U6v7T7an

“Your use to a bitch who will do what ever to be in your presence, Dream will have you begging for her presence. She’s been my best friend since third grade I seen it. She’s a Moretti and they are all bullheaded. I’m surprised she never killed Zo.” She laughed.copyright protection5PENANAm7X9mqoYSe

”Trust me I’m gonna make Dream mine. I bet you that one.” I said and walked away. I was gonna give Dream a date she would die for. She’s gonna feel like she’s dreaming with what I got up my sleeve.copyright protection5PENANAuejQldSnyI

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