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The Girl across the street
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Writer Brooklynn Loveless
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The Girl across the street
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Brooklynn Loveless
Jun 13, 2018
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!KcvZHGmk3Z1Mz4uNmQYSposted on PENANA Dream

                 I was getting ready for this stupid date with fuckin rudeness. I was so mad at Cookie I swear she’s my bitch and everything but she can’t hold water in a cup to save her life. Okayyy yeah I shot Zo but shit wasn’t always Golden when it came to Zo and I. He has done his dirt to me, he cheated on me for years. He lied to me and hurt me but I looked past it. When he cheated one time he had the audacity to bring the bitch to my house so yeah I shot him and that bitch. Burnt his close and car up. I gave that man everything and he couldn’t even appreciate me for being loyal so I shot him. If your man brings a bitch home and is fucking her in your bed what would you do? You would shoot him, shit he’s lucky I didn’t sent him and that bitch on fire.copyright protection3PENANAb6qjZmcUBY

                  I looked at myself in the mirror and I looked good. I had on a red flowing dress, with no back, it showed off my dragon tattoo. I had on some open toed strappy heels and my hair was pulled into a high pony tail. I walked downstairs nd went over to Zo’s urn and blew out the candles. copyright protection3PENANA2laxlReHch

“I know your probably looking down at me shaking your head. I swear I miss you Zo. I wish you were still here with me man. I feel like I lost my best friend.” I said as I heard a knock on the door. I looked my self over and went to the door.copyright protection3PENANAHd4hiy4Eo3

”Zo please watch over me and make sure I come home save please.” I prayed and opened the door. I saw Ghost and boy he was looking fine, man he was gonna get me in trouble Zo was gonna come down from heaven and smack me upside my head.copyright protection3PENANAwz9XT8k52V

”Damn mama you looke beautiful.” He said causing me to blush.copyright protection3PENANA34heCC6Qki

”I was trying to look less pregnant, but it didn’t work.” I laughed. copyright protection3PENANA82vcjOKos9

“Fuck that baby girl you look fine as fuck. Come on before we are late.” He said taking my hand and helping me in his truck. copyright protection3PENANArZJBWCJgHL

            We drove for a while and ended up at sky zone. We walked in and they rented it out. I felt super over dressed and pissed because I couldn’t jump around I was due any day now. I saw Spazz and Cookie jumping around and they waved at us.copyright protection3PENANAcLQtZt66kr

”I know you can’t jump so come with me.” He said taking my hand. He lead me to a room where there was a movie playing. He had pop corn and candy out. It was actually really cute.copyright protection3PENANAostUENIpbb

”I wanna get to know you. So come on.” He said taking my hand and we sat down.copyright protection3PENANAyDahe6TXnB

”So what you wanna know.” I said sitting down.copyright protection3PENANAJAmA4m3btn

”Why you shoot your husband?” He asked. I shook my head I did not wanna talk about this shit. I went to get up but he pulled me into his lap.copyright protection3PENANACRQ5MuSuU4

”Nah you not going no where talk. “ he snapped.copyright protection3PENANAFsIQJWXDUk

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