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Extraordinary Season
Writer Frances
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Extraordinary Season
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John, England 1912
Jun 10, 2018
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!bLkbTlEzVgAYZi0FbPy1posted on PENANA

John’s father had missed him while he was at school. It was obvious from his letters and frequent visits. Unlike the distantly cool fathers of his mates at Wellington, Rudyard Kipling felt more like a pal to his son than a domineering father. However, Rudyard’s expectations for him were just as apparent, only repeatedly encouraged instead of pressured.copyright protection30PENANAZBoPrcg8F5

“Daddo.”copyright protection30PENANA7RQr2KMHjI

Father peered up from the book, firelight reflecting off his own spectacles, and studied his son in the weak light. He had been reading aloud one of his Just So stories to his only son, a ritual Rudyard had maintained since John's childhood.copyright protection30PENANAXUGXdGDpwb

“Yes? Is something the matter, old man?”copyright protection30PENANAqvNPlf1BnH

John rolled the St. Christopher medal between his palms, leaning forward in the chair with his elbows on his knees. He had been wondering for sometime whether he should talk about Maria. While at school, he forgot about her in the busyness of his days. But being back home at Bateman’s, he couldn’t escape her memory.copyright protection30PENANAHuyyWBjIiD

He’d mentioned it to Bird but his older sister had shrugged and said the girl had probably returned with her family to America. When he pressed that he wasn’t sure if that’s where she really went, perhaps there was a more extraordinary explanation to Maria, Bird had rolled her eyes. Ever practical in her opinion, just like their mother, Bird had written off Maria as a one-time playmate who had merely moved on. copyright protection30PENANAqgy7dLOQak

“Do you think that unusual things can happen in reality?” It was the best way he could broach the subject without betraying Maria’s confidence. “Perhaps meeting someone from somewhere else. From another world. Or time.”copyright protection30PENANA2BQPrc4sNs

Father closed the book in his lap with a gentle smile. “Are you asking me if there are such things as ghosts? I thought you proved that false at St. Aubyns when your classmate had you hunting for a spirit in the dormitory one night?”copyright protection30PENANA9vXI4TjnCC

John cracked a smile at the memory from when he was eleven years old and shook his head. No, Maria wasn’t a ghost. Her presence had been too electric, nothing like a sad, little wisp of a spirit.copyright protection30PENANA13Sza6lYXw

“No, not exactly. Flesh and blood but not from here.”copyright protection30PENANAjZ7aPymT1a

Father hummed in his throat and ran a finger over his thick black mustache. “Travelers from another place or time. Like in the H.G. Wells book? The one I suggested you read but it only collected dust on your shelf?”copyright protection30PENANAmbGjTKdd8P

John winced. “Yes. That’s closer to it.”copyright protection30PENANAQ9SII3P32M

“I’m not quite sure. I like to think there’s more to this space we occupy. With the way science is progressing in this century, I shouldn’t see why such leaps couldn’t occur. You should read that novel for yourself, The Time Machine. It’ll spark your imagination. A man from our time goes to the future.”copyright protection30PENANAzlLHwAgTuh

“How far into the future?”copyright protection30PENANA4QsKamunAD

“Oh many, many years. He observes the changes that occur with the passing of each century.” Father grinned. “I enjoy this kind of talk. That school is doing you good, son. What do you suppose society will look like in one hundred years?”copyright protection30PENANAcqM58v8Yza

John shrugged. “Maybe better motor cars.”copyright protection30PENANAK8wwQ377WB

“Of course. Progress is the hallmark of our species. What else?”copyright protection30PENANAp0sSLDeg0O

“Well, I suppose one should merely reflect on history and pick out the things that remain constant.”copyright protection30PENANATdfFjnarmJ

“As in?”copyright protection30PENANAC6S8CJbJQ8

“Families. War. Love,” John chuckled awkwardly and sat up, running his fingers through his dark, thick hair. “But do you suppose scientists could learn to travel not just in the physical world but through the years?”copyright protection30PENANAlf8O8Urmas

Father reached across the distance and playfully swatted his son on the leg with his book. “That is exactly why you must read that novel. Why don’t you give it a try this holiday?”copyright protection30PENANAb3GqIZOTra

Now John wished he’d never brought up the subject. He was much like his father in some ways; humorous and well liked among friends. But not when it came to academic studies and reading. John hated books. He’d much rather play a sport. But he also desperately wanted to please his doting father which was proving more difficult with every passing year.copyright protection30PENANAD3hvbUfnE6

John sat back in the creaking chair. “Very well.”copyright protection30PENANAvZmENuzfQJ

Father smirked from across the way and cracked open the leather-bound copy once more. “Now. Where were we?”copyright protection30PENANAH2MntvnhpO

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