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Gods in Training
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods in Training
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Chapter 14 Artemisia
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!WxPrPsYO5pnAvADHm5Zzposted on PENANA

            I’ve never been more scared in my life. There I was standing on New Olympus, blindfolded, when I get poked in the eye and hear this really creepy whisper say “Artemis”copyright protection22PENANA9cbvBOPd8W

            It took a few seconds for me to put together what had just happened. But when I realized it, my first thought was: What did I know about Artemis.copyright protection22PENANAt5uiwkKu8P

            I heard Hestia’s voice speak. “Lady Artemis, goddess of the hunt and maidens, I welcome you back.”copyright protection22PENANATwqp646s96

            “Thanks.” I muttered not really knowing if I was supposed to answer or not. I couldn’t help but be excited. I couldn’t believe it, this was actually happening.copyright protection22PENANA2iidOU2D7a

            Someone took my hands, and using them to pull me, brought me to a chair, which they then gently helped me to sit in. The moment I touched the chair a sudden rush erupted throughout my body. My hands and feet actually began to shake, they were vibrating and I couldn’t stop them. I felt as if I had drunk five energy drinks and ten power bars. I felt invincible. I felt strong. I felt like a god…or goddess I mean.copyright protection22PENANAAAf4TMoEgx

            “You may remove the blindfold.” Hestia said. I wasted no time in ripping off the blindfold. Thankfully I didn’t melt. Looking around I saw that I was in a room completely surrounded by strange people and creatures. They were all gazing intently at me and my eleven still blindfolded comrades.copyright protection22PENANAua3Uz9YGC8

            I studied the chair I was sitting in and saw that it was built into a statue of a goddess whom I assumed was the old Artemis. There was a symbol on the back of my chair, after studying it for a while I smiled. The symbol was a bow. Like bow and arrow bow. Artemis was an archery goddess. Maybe I’d make a good goddess…this would take some getting used to.copyright protection22PENANAMFr5Tf0VT7

            “Apollo.” The creepy whisper spoke again. I looked up and saw that three robed figures were standing in front of my brother, with the middle one touching him between the eyes.copyright protection22PENANA6tImyB8Xgp

            “Lord Apollo, god truth and prophecy, healing, plague, music, poetry, and light, I welcome you back.” Hestia said. Man! Paul was god of more things than me, wait. Maybe they messed up? You know mixed up the twins! I’d have to ask about it later.copyright protection22PENANAuKAyF9IDQl

            The three cloaked figures led Paul to a chair with a laurel inscribed on it. They helped him to sit down before moving on.copyright protection22PENANAMD0dJUsJPl

            “You may remove your blindfold.” Hestia said.copyright protection22PENANAQWPzinbqkr

            Paul gently removed his own blindfold and carefully inspected the room. When his eyes found me he smiled and mouth. “You’re a goddess.”copyright protection22PENANAPPbpnQz6uq

            “I know.” I mouthed back. “You’re a god.” He nodded excitedly and turned to watch the next New Olympian being crowned.copyright protection22PENANArg3suMmWwb

            “Aphrodite.” The three figures said touching the face of the redhead who always looking perfect.copyright protection22PENANAim77Wqv7QQ

            “Lady Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty,” course, “I welcome you back.” Hestia said once again. Albany was led to a chair with a dove craved in the back. She had her blindfold off before Hestia could say a word. I smiled to myself, glad that I wasn’t the goddess of love.copyright protection22PENANAyGFK63AG95

            “Ares.” This time the newly named god was Eric, that angry kid with the tattoos everywhere.copyright protection22PENANA7Ama2QXoNu

            “Lord Ares, god of war, I welcome you back.” Hestia said her line, was she going to say that for everyone? It was already getting annoying and we were only a third of the way through. Eric was lead to his chair, which had a burning spear on it.copyright protection22PENANAA5QIdM9JU0

            “Hephaestus.” Hector, the shy guy whom I had never heard talk was next pick.copyright protection22PENANAzsGecNiNur

            “Lord Hephaestus, god of fire and craftsmen, I welcome you back.” Hector’s chair had a hammer on it and he tentatively removed his blindfold.copyright protection22PENANATB2fM46KtT

            “Hermes.” This was another guy I didn’t know. I mean I had only met most of these people today.  Wait his name was Herman, I think. Or was he Hector? Too many H names.copyright protection22PENANAe4Z5NdSWWM

            “Lord Hermes, god of travelers, thieves, and messenger of the gods, I welcome you back.” Hestia said dutifully. Herman took his chair which was marked with a caduceus, the winged pole with the two snakes wrapped around it, but kept his blindfold on.copyright protection22PENANAXwfDKrr3eW

            “Demeter.” That little girl named Demi was the next to go.copyright protection22PENANAu7xwnkBt55

            “Lady Demeter, goddess of the harvest, I welcome you back.” The little girl sat on the chair with a scythe on it. When she was sitting her feet didn’t touch the ground.copyright protection22PENANAnjanpXBhUy

            “Dionysus.” Deon the freckle boy was the newest addition to Olympus.copyright protection22PENANA4R4jvPKXSZ

            “Lord Dionysus, god of grapes, wine, theatre, and happiness, I welcome you back.” Go figure that the god of wine and grapes had a throne with grapes craved on it. I thought that was redundant, god of wine AND grapes? That’s like the god of butter and popcorn.copyright protection22PENANATn7rUvMvZR

            “Athena.” Adele become Athena and took the owl chair.copyright protection22PENANABnbLKAJmRD

            “Lady Athena, goddess of wisdom, war, and strategy, I welcome you back.”copyright protection22PENANAVWvZf1PZYH

            “Hera.” That girl who followed Zack around like a puppy dog jumped when her eye got poked. She was rubbing it through the blindfold as she was seated in a chair marked with a peacock.copyright protection22PENANAZS57kZC6uB

            “Lady Hera, goddess of women and marriage and Queen of the gods, I welcome you back.” Hestia said actually bowing this time. I was slightly jealous that people didn’t bow to me, but then again I wasn’t Queen of the gods.copyright protection22PENANAY6Y9RJJA6B

            I had been counting off the gods in my head as they were taken. We had Zeus and Poseidon left. And the two choices were Sid and that Zack kid. Personally if Sid was king of the gods, I’d retire, so I crossed my fingers and closed my eyes, hoping that Zeus would have an IQ above that of a gerbil.copyright protection22PENANAe1xK0MLQMK

            “Poseidon.” I opened my eyes and saw to my delight that Sid was not to become Zeus. I saw Pan let off an actually sigh of relief.copyright protection22PENANAxMDCTXBv46

            “Lord Poseidon, god of the ocean, earthquakes, and horses, I welcome you back.”copyright protection22PENANA63c5c4OVEU

            “Cool.” Sid said sitting in the throne that was marked by a trident.copyright protection22PENANAxTV4DWQpMD

            And that left us with Zack as… “Zeus.” The two figures not touching Zack sank to their knees and bowed. The surrounding crowd followed their lead. Soon everyone was kneeling expect for Hestia the eleven of us who were seated, and Zack and the cloaked figure touching him.copyright protection22PENANAakpNXiLzOQ

            “Lord Zeus,” Hestia also sank to her knees, “god of thunder and the sky. King of Olympus and all else. I welcome you back.” Zack was lead to a slightly larger throne with the symbol of a lightning bolt. When he sat down a thunderclap as loud as sonic boom shook the sky. Electricity arced off of Zack’s arms and danced across the ceiling.copyright protection22PENANAGVTS06XO1B

            “Not fair.” I muttered watching the sparks fizzle out.copyright protection22PENANAJzvED9Buyn

             Hestia and everyone else got back to their feet. “I call for a celebration!” Gaia shouted. “It’s not every day that we get new gods in training!” a cheer went up from the crowd and people filed out of the building. Leaving the twelve New Olympians, Hestia, and that weird kid…Pocketknife I think he called himself, the new Hades.copyright protection22PENANA7IIxwFQheE

            We waited in silence until the voices and the sounds of celebration dimmed. Then Hestia spoke. “Come, gather around my hearth.” I got up and approached her, along with the rest.copyright protection22PENANA8Uz1Nz7Ko9

            “We’re gods now!” Herman muttered disbelievingly. “This is going to so awesome.”copyright protection22PENANAm7ISMm1nQz

            “You are a family.” Hestia said. “Just as the Old Olympians were. Trust me, sometimes you may want to kill one another, but don’t. The thirteen of you are important to the balance of the world. You will face challenges beyond those of mere man, some even beyond the power of a god. But you will endure, if you stand strong and united.”copyright protection22PENANAKYitwO8m6n

            “This is going to be awesome.” Paul muttered. “Do I get like, some godly weapons now?”copyright protection22PENANA0ehAf59nQy

            Hestia frowned. “Yes, but fighting should not be the first policy ever.”copyright protection22PENANAxcFf5rC6Ot

            “Fighting is how things get done lady.” Eric said cracking his knuckles. “You can keep your peace crap.”copyright protection22PENANAGzrY2YNbkT

            “Thankfully that is not for you to say.” Hestia said, she looked at Zack. “You are the King of Olympus. The gods are yours to command. But I would like to give you advice.”copyright protection22PENANAyl7QVnV5KM

            Zack nodded not saying a word. I felt kind of bad for him. Yesterday he was a teenager, now he was Zeus. King of Olympus. Talk about a change of path. A few days ago his only responsibility was turning his math homework in on time. Now everything, literally everything, was his responsibility.copyright protection22PENANADhZix4K9ay

            “There are eleven other Olympians. Each of them god or goddess of a different thing, do not be afraid to ask for their help.”copyright protection22PENANADQ84Ob3Cmn

            “Thank you.” Zack said. “I’ll remember that.”copyright protection22PENANAvUICLE0HJL

            “Good.” Hestia said. “Come Hades, we don’t belong here.” Hades scowled angrily at Hestia, but he followed her nonetheless.copyright protection22PENANAtm2sFAwpKH

            “So…” Albany said. “We’re gods now.”copyright protection22PENANAYnx6smhvYD

            “Yeah.” I muttered. “What do we do now?”copyright protection22PENANATuyB6jg70Z

            We all looked to Zack. He gazed back at us without talking then he said. “Let’s go have a party.”copyright protection22PENANASumVW1vtrg

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