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Gods in Training
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods in Training
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Chapter 15 Albany
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!0phXiCfdaPRED4w8nyUjposted on PENANA

            The realization that I was actually a goddess took a while to set in. I mean I had known what was going to happen for a while now, but I guess I never really wondered what it’d be like. I mean, I’m one of the Olympian gods now! Yesterday I was just a rich cheerleader that hated that those two words could be used to describe me.copyright protection18PENANAA4agkaQvuc

            I wandered around New Olympus randomly. Smiling at whoever spoke to me and occasionally shaking hands with random minor gods and goddess. But mostly I was just admiring everything that there was to be seen.copyright protection18PENANAruCIsUlI8v

            After Hestia had given us her speech, the others had decided to go and celebrate our becoming gods. Personally I had headed back to where we had landed. I had wanted to see if that was THE Hercules, like the actual guy that had done all those things in the myths. But he was gone when I arrived, probably off flirting with some minor goddess right now. Being goddess of love would I be able to sense something like that? It could get to be very awkward, always knowing who likes who.copyright protection18PENANAx0aa4Gjsfe

            Overhead I heard a horse whiny, looking up I saw that Bellerophon was flying circles high above me aboard Pegasus. I watched him for a while as he did loops and spins to the cheering of a distant crowd. When he dipped below my line of sight I decided it was time to continue my walk.copyright protection18PENANAMPiW5D6W8B

            Everything was so magical here. I had seen a tree that was growing upside down in one of the gardens. I even saw one of its leaves fall up! And that wasn’t even the strangest thing that I had seen this evening.copyright protection18PENANA8A6LjyFEhO

            “Why aren’t you joining the party?”copyright protection18PENANAaOOkZT1ilh

            I turned around and saw a blindfolded woman carrying a sword. “Who are you?”copyright protection18PENANAw77P4csa9B

            “I am Themis.” The woman replied. “You are the new Aphrodite?”copyright protection18PENANALhbR2vqI9I

            “Yes, that’s me.” I said as the woman fitted her finger up under her blindfold and scratched her nose. “Why do you wear that blindfold?”copyright protection18PENANAxjwmEwfFPB

            “This? I wear this blindfold to keep me impartial. As the goddess of love, you should know that what you see can interfere with what you think.” Themis said smiling. “Now if you’d be so kind as to answer my question.”copyright protection18PENANAWmJ3bNgEYp

            “Oh, well I’m not much of a partier I guess. I like a quiet life.” I said.copyright protection18PENANAfKHrBKW2s6

            “Gaia is right, you shouldn’t be a cheerleader.” Themis said. “You’re not at all the type.”copyright protection18PENANAK0qhm4OBJD

            “She’s lying.” Another woman stepped in front of me challengingly. “Why would you lie child?” This woman wore a simple dress and had a plain face.copyright protection18PENANAdGZWKaK1PI

            “Aletheia, what do you mean?” Themis asked.copyright protection18PENANAr5s8w4St6l

            “She lied, what else could that mean?” the woman named Aletheia said.copyright protection18PENANAARm08I4WkO

            Themis turned to me. “Lady Aphrodite, pardon me, but is she telling the truth?”copyright protection18PENANAAxvzufKegz

            “I’m the goddess of truth!” Aletheia shouted. “Of course I’m telling the truth.”copyright protection18PENANAWHEoQbsJFz

            I had two thoughts here. One, it felt weird being called Lady Aphrodite. Two, how did they know I had lied. Oh…goddess of truth, right.copyright protection18PENANA5fqrfz9kwt

            I did indeed lie. I wasn’t at the party for the same reasons that I hated being a cheerleader. Every guy there was watching me, and not in the good way. Now that I was the goddess of love I’d probably have to deal with their stares a lot more now. That was why I wasn’t at the party. I got fed up with all those gods telling me how it was obvious to them that I’d become Aphrodite. I just wished a guy would get to know me before he decides he likes me. Then I would know he actually liked me, and not just what he saw. Themis was right about the blindfold. What people saw did affect how they thought, and I had proven that truth many times over in my life. Sometimes, I think the world would be better off if everyone was blindfolded.copyright protection18PENANA961EFvUqJa

            “Fine, I was sick of the boys staring at me.” I admitted. “I didn’t want to be there while they all drooled over me. I just wanted to get away from them.”copyright protection18PENANAZFSE4JQwsv

            Themis’ mouth dropped wide open and Aletheia laughed. “Are you sure you’re Aphrodite?” she asked.copyright protection18PENANA6yLwZ168lC

            “You got sick of boys staring at you?” Themis said. “Did I just hear Aphrodite say that?  You’re the goddess of love, shouldn’t you enjoy that?”copyright protection18PENANACuID9o93OS

            “I know what I am!” I shouted. “And that’s not love. That’s just men being men. Love is blind. Lust is visual and one way. Love is a two way street, it has to be reciprocated. And I don’t feel the same way towards them!”copyright protection18PENANAeOy7sCQi9j

            Aletheia stopped laughing. “You’re as passionate as Aphrodite was, I’ll give you that.”copyright protection18PENANAOfRzMQBSZW

            “These Olympians sure will be different.” Themis said shaking her head. “What’s next, an Ares that is a pacifist?”copyright protection18PENANAuCrdgBCpEq

I thought of Eric cuddling a fluffy bunny, but the image couldn’t form. “I think the new Ares will be much like the old.” I said as I had no trouble envisioning Eric killing countless bunnies. “Yeah, no way he’s a pacifist.”copyright protection18PENANAiSeQZHtP0D

“Shame, Olympus could do with some more change.” Aletheia said frowning. “Don’t let this place change you. You are Aphrodite AND Albany. It is up to you what you choose to be first. Remember that.”copyright protection18PENANA9OT0oFQZyQ

“Forgive me Lady Aphrodite, but I must take my leave now.”copyright protection18PENANAW3sogIZS7D

            “Yes, I must go as well.” Aletheia said. “It was interesting talking to you, and that’s the truth”copyright protection18PENANAjpvygvfKlf

            “You too.” I muttered. I watched them leave, two goddesses that had upset me so. When they turned down an alley and out of sight I moved back to where the chariots had landed. I sat down on the stone railing and looked up to the stars. They were beautiful tonight. They were so bright and seemed much bigger somehow. As if the home of the gods was closer to them. But I knew we weren’t. Being a god did not make you closer to the heavens, it just gave you fewer reasons to look up.copyright protection18PENANAnu4gutWlsu

            I thought about what the goddesses had said. ‘You are Aphrodite and Albany.’ What did that mean? I was Aphrodite now, I couldn’t just pick to be Albany and be a human again…could I?copyright protection18PENANAbpxDNOmMGt

            I thought it over. No, I don’t think that’s what they meant. I decided. People had been telling me since I got here that I looked like the most obvious choice for Aphrodite. They said that I was a rival in beauty to the first Aphrodite and that she would be proud to have me take up her mantle. So looks wise I was Aphrodite. But people always seemed surprised when they talked to me. Many jokingly questioned if I was actually the love goddess. So my personality seemed to be opposite of how Aphrodite had been. I think that’s what they meant when they said I am both Aphrodite and Albany. It means I can’t lose who I was, but I have new parts of myself to learn about and grow into.copyright protection18PENANAq0TWyarNUM

            Or maybe I really can switch back into human mode, who knows? I looked up and found the big dipper. All I knew is, I was a goddess, but I felt the same.copyright protection18PENANA3hh8yLBu73

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