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Gods in Training
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods in Training
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Chapter 16 Deon
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
8 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!UKeZOaF2mqRuQltAQ15Kposted on PENANA

            Whoa, so I was a Greek god. Considering that last week I was sleeping in the park, this was a MAJOR step up in life. Of course, for anybody becoming a god would be a step up in life. Unless your life freaking rocks, then maybe not…but its whatever.copyright protection19PENANAAecKE4mF1c

            I was the last left in the throne room after Zack lead the others into the party. I was in the throne room of the gods. I wanted to look around a little bit.copyright protection19PENANAGWWVVL6ANt

            I had always pictured Olympus as some magical, golden, and colorful mountain. And for the most part it was, except the throne room. For unfathomable reasons, the old Olympians had left their thrones woefully bland for what they were. I mean the statues were cool and rather impressive. I really enjoyed staring (and drooling) at Aphrodite’s statue, and the other lady’s weren’t bad looking either. But I wasn’t here to gape at statues.copyright protection19PENANA1EXRZrrQsx

            I was sitting in my throne, which was surprisingly comfortable for a stone chair, just gazing around at my new office. Just twelve thrones with the matching statue supporting the roof. And of course the fire pit in the middle of the room.copyright protection19PENANAA3LNNqR95T

            “Why is that there?” I asked myself. It seemed like a stupid idea to have a burning flame in the middle of the floor. Do you think anyone has ever fallen in?copyright protection19PENANAlMPiIL3PmR

            “The Home Hearth is like a thirteenth throne.” I turned around and saw Hestia standing behind me. “That is its purpose.” She said walking over and poking at the fire with a golden fire poker.copyright protection19PENANAinvgfvIHma

            “A thirteenth throne?” I said confused. “Why, there were only twelve Olympians. There shouldn’t be a thirteenth throne.”copyright protection19PENANAeXe0K1qCbv

            Hestia shook her head. “There are more than thirteen thrones on Olympus.” She informed me. “And the thirteenth throne is for the thirteenth Olympian.”copyright protection19PENANAvxilP17TQt

            “That’s wrong, there weren’t thirteen.” I corrected her. Then I doubted myself, I mean Hestia should know shouldn’t she? She’s lived here longer than dirt.copyright protection19PENANAK9Rgp6M7O8

            “Technically there were twelve ruling Olympians.” Hestia said straightening up from the fire. “But there were thirteen Olympians.”copyright protection19PENANAi25x2QyssK

            I thought about it. “Hades.” I muttered.copyright protection19PENANAYYhhk7is18

            “No, he doesn’t count.” Hestia said.copyright protection19PENANAVLhN2HUOPI

            “Who then?” I demanded.copyright protection19PENANAX8L3FNTegm

            “Me.”copyright protection19PENANAYfkgwFoO7p

            “You?”copyright protection19PENANAX3aeQcVL1L

            “That’s what I said.” Hestia shrugged. “I was one of the original twelve, but I was replaced.”copyright protection19PENANAuYTf1y3VMj

            “You were replaced?” I asked. I was kind of worried that I might get replaced. “Does that happen often?”copyright protection19PENANAhKyC14hpTo

            “It’s only ever happened a lot.” Hestia said. “Deon, you’re a replacement. Think about it.”copyright protection19PENANAOQsZ4jc04d

            “Oh, but if there’s a new Hestia, why are you here?” I asked.copyright protection19PENANALycEOecR9Z

            Hestia pursed her lips. “I wasn’t replaced in that manner. Rather I was replaced on the Olympian council. Actually it was more like I stepped down.”copyright protection19PENANAbqKJ2LOkaH

            “Who’d you step down for?” I asked.copyright protection19PENANAJZxbYCuaDz

            “Ironically, for Dionysus.” Hestia said. “You see, Dionysus was the only Olympian to be born a mortal. His was what was known as a demigod, one godly parent and one human parent. He was the first of many. But since he was the first, he was given…special treatment. You see, Zeus was his father. And in those days, no son of Zeus would have to go through life as a mortal. So Zeus made Dionysus an Olympian. Typical Zeus back then. He did whatever he wanted, and then suffered through Hera’s scolding, but still did whatever he wanted to in the end anyways.”copyright protection19PENANAoo7A3WOgNY

            “He sounds like a bad leader.” I said. Thunder shook the sky.copyright protection19PENANAfYoZIrLwLV

            “Have respect Deon! Back when Zeus ruled, you would have died for saying that! Hopefully your Zack will be different.” Hestia said glancing at the sky. “Anyways, no offense to you, but Dionysus messed up the whole workings of the council. There weren’t supposed to be thirteen Olympians, but Zeus insisted that Dionysus be one of us. We agreed that Dionysus could join our ranks, but we refused to allow there to be thirteen gods.”copyright protection19PENANAeuUMFTo941

            “I don’t get it.” I said.copyright protection19PENANAIsqQ3uNSKB

            “Well, that was how we dealt with Zeus back then, we’d make him go through hoops to get what he wanted. That way, some of the more…whimsical…of his desires were never enacted. But he was adamant about Dionysus. Things got ugly quick. Basically Zeus said that he’d have Ares kill one of us if he had too, just to make room for his son.”copyright protection19PENANAQ0Ae0iFLPr

            “He’d do that?” I asked.copyright protection19PENANAG3VBPBvdLz

            “Ares? Oh, yeah! He lived for killing. He was the reason Hades had to hire Thanatos. Ares sent too many souls to the Underworld. There was always warm blood on his blade.” Hestia said.copyright protection19PENANAfu1Gl5a8XV

            “No, I meant Zeus.” I said, hoping that Eric wouldn’t be like Ares (with little optimism).copyright protection19PENANAJNVj1VCHGr

            “That was how Zeus combated our hoops.” Hestia said. “He sent Ares after us. So after watching Ares and Apollo wreck half of Greece, I decided that it wasn’t worth it anymore. I stepped down to make room for Dionysus.”copyright protection19PENANA9nu4ZjGuxr

            “Why just willingly gave up being one of the main goddesses of Olympus?” I asked incredulously. I couldn’t believe anyone could do that. “You just gave it all up?”copyright protection19PENANA3NW5uhaEq7

            “It was in my nature.” Hestia said once again tending to her fire. “I’m the goddess of the hearth and the home. It was killing me inside to see my home turning into a warzone. So I ended the violence. I allowed Dionysus to take my seat and resolved the conflict in doing so.”copyright protection19PENANAA9UwtWr5E8

            “And after that the fire became the thirteenth throne?” I asked.copyright protection19PENANAxNw1Svly0T

            “I retained the title, Honorary Olympian. I was the impartial observer of the Olympian council. My place was with my family, and so the Home Hearth was made. I was tasked with keeping the flame warm and bright. This allowed me to advise young Dionysus and retain my position as one of the chief goddesses.”copyright protection19PENANA03HW9bejQE

            “I don’t get it.” I said.copyright protection19PENANArqOlWiiooW

            Hestia sighed. “What I’m trying to say is that you are now one of the twelve most powerful beings alive. Not all twelve of you are going to want the same thing ever. Compromise is the name of the game. Sometimes, it is better to…take one for the team. Like giving up your power and influence. It won’t be easy, but it must be done. I guess what I’m asking of you is, are you willing to make the hard sacrifices to protect your home?”copyright protection19PENANAwVJ3XByiay

            “What?” I asked surprised. I had thought that this was just story time. I had no idea that I’d be promising to give up my power for people that I barely knew.copyright protection19PENANAcaCT7L5m5V

            “Will you make the hard decisions for the good of the many?” Hestia restated the question.copyright protection19PENANA0wlPSi7aGv

            “Do I have to?” I asked. I was skeptical of just giving up my powers.copyright protection19PENANA6dqPgnrPGC

            “Hmm, I picked you because I thought you would be like me.” Hestia studied me quietly for a minute. “Perhaps once you learn what being a god is actually like…yes…we will have this conversation then.” With that Hestia disappeared behind the statue of Dionysus…I guess it’s a statue of me now.copyright protection19PENANAoTN1NUMSgS

            I sat brooding her words. ‘Perhaps once you learn what being a god is actually like…’ she had said. That did not bode confidence in me. All this talk of gods retiring and giving up powers, it made me wonder if being a god was going to be worth it at all.copyright protection19PENANANho96greq8

            “You shocked too?” I looked up and saw that Adele had returned to the throne room. I watched as she claimed the throne of Athena.copyright protection19PENANAJxmanDyOsf

            “Yeah, kind of.” I said still thinking of Hestia’s words. “It just…a lot to digest.”copyright protection19PENANAqR8dSV8FNp

            “I know.” She said studying the ceiling. “I can’t believe I’m sitting here! Athena’s throne, I mean mine throne!” I looked at her and realized that she was wearing a long white dress in the style of the Ancient Greeks.copyright protection19PENANAxBHVKOcc2D

            “You kind of look like Athena, with that dress.” I said not really thinking how it probably sounded.copyright protection19PENANAkLaGVxjtmM

            Adele blushed. “Thanks. I just think that we should look the part if we’re going to be gods.” She was embarrassed. I had meant it as a compliment, but she was blushing like a strawberry.copyright protection19PENANAINER1wM9cA

            “Yeah, your right.” I said nodding. Maybe Adele could pull off a dress, but I was getting nowhere near a toga. “Did you think you’d be Athena?” I asked. I had often thought about which of the Olympians I’d become, and I wondered if the others had as well.copyright protection19PENANAzJbhFW5R87

            Adele smiled. “Absolutely yes, she has always been my favorite goddess. I’ve loved the Greek myths since I was a little girl, and I especially enjoyed the ones with Athena in them. I don’t know, something about her has always had some sort of…I don’t know how to describe it.” she admitted. “But I went as her for Halloween three years in a row.”copyright protection19PENANAvsSF9Odtiz

            “I can see why they wanted you to be a goddess.” I said. “I barely knew anything about the Greek gods before Hestia came.”copyright protection19PENANAg1mUSnrFxE

            “Well Hestia obviously saw something in you. Otherwise she wouldn’t have brought you here.” Adele said smiling. “Don’t worry Deon. I can help you learn about the Greek myths.”copyright protection19PENANAg7nro3ntVw

            I faked a smile and thanked her. She was right, I thought, Hestia did bring me here for a reason. Hestia brought me here because she thought I would be like her. She wanted me to make the hard choices like she did. I was here to be the safety switch. Prepared to give up myself for New Olympus, that’s what I was here for. But I wasn’t sure that I would be willing to do that.copyright protection19PENANABqZt58iiCB

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