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Gods in Training
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods in Training
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Chapter 19 Artemisia
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
8 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!ABCdFQc6rw0ZnboGFU84posted on PENANA

            “I say we kill him!” Eric shouted. After Blade punched Zach, we had been ordered into an emergency council. We were supposed to be deciding whether or not to attack Blade. But this had just turned into a shouting match.copyright protection15PENANABY57Rkbd7y

            “Of course you want to kill him.” Albany said. “You’re the god of war.”copyright protection15PENANAdI9QVPG7V8

            “Has diplomacy been completely ruled out?” Adele asked. “Can’t we still make peace?”copyright protection15PENANADW717vINqQ

            “We can make peace with his corpse.” Eric said smiling.copyright protection15PENANAS2PY9GilTp

            “Eric is right!” Zack shouted. “I cannot stand for his insult.”copyright protection15PENANAT773X3SDbO

            “Yeah.” Kara said.copyright protection15PENANALPLTRSpAGP

            “Hey bro, did you think we’d be going to war one day in?” I asked Paul.copyright protection15PENANAqyRgw1WOmQ

            “Nope. But I also didn’t think you’d be a goddess.” He pointed out.copyright protection15PENANAegXmkUqcyB

            “I can smite you now.” I retorted, not even sure if she was insulting me.copyright protection15PENANA1krMdiFCSl

            “Me too.” Paul said making a fist.copyright protection15PENANAsjUkzrlwfI

            “Ok. So stalemate.” I muttered, quite confused as to where this conversation had gone. “That’s cool.”copyright protection15PENANAmuZkQjfgwN

            “It is isn’t it?” he asked.copyright protection15PENANASx8jklB0Yu

            “Live and let live!” Adele said. “I don’t think we should be so hard on him.”copyright protection15PENANAlqNgKnH6UX

            “He spit in my face, and then hit me.” Zack whispered vehemently. “He will die.”copyright protection15PENANAPhrOBh7QyE

            “Ok, that settles it then.” Albany said dripping with sarcasm. “Let’s just all obey Zeus. Whatever he says, is what we must do.”copyright protection15PENANAEqcMKw8mw6

            “Good.” Zack said. “Things would get done a lot faster that way.”copyright protection15PENANAQSwE8h2QoW

            “And done more poorly.” Albany countered. “There is a council so things like this don’t happen! We can’t just kill whoever we want.”copyright protection15PENANANddf1Px9G5

            “I want to kill you right now, but I’m not.” Eric muttered.copyright protection15PENANANlwZ7hwgD2

            “Shut your face.” Albany said turning to him.copyright protection15PENANAmuVT94bbUz

            “What Blade did was wrong, but he shouldn’t die for it.” Adele pointed out. “He’s still young, and very inexperienced at being a god. He will learn how things work soon enough.”copyright protection15PENANA8INmXObvYS

            “The way you said that made it sound like we actually know what we’re doing.” Herman pointed out. “But in all truth, he’s been a god longer than us, even if only a day or two.”copyright protection15PENANAAMd7LlohB2

            “That may be, but we’re the Olympians!” Zach said.copyright protection15PENANAkYwfRFk2Rf

            “New Olympians.” Sid corrected. “Don’t forget the ‘New’ part.”copyright protection15PENANACZXqmVexqd

            “NEW Olympians.” Zack repeated. “Anyways, we have more power that this lord of the dead…”copyright protection15PENANAq1ZD8LYx2A

            “Exactly, which means we should take more responsibility with our powers.” Albany interrupted.copyright protection15PENANAzny6DpMXsD

            This back-and-forth argument raged on, with no signs of ever slowing down. I slouched down in my throne. Personally I don’t think this should be such a big deal. I mean what Blade did was wrong, but he shouldn’t die for it. Zack was totally overreacting to this whole ordeal. In fact he was the one making all this into an ordeal.copyright protection15PENANAc5DavZ6Kxw

            “We’re getting nowhere!” Deon shouted. “This is pointless. Why don’t we just vote on this, and then drop it?” he suggested.copyright protection15PENANAXXyXAHIzfL

            Zack thought about it. Then he said. “Alright. Who thinks that we should punish Blade for this?”19Please respect copyright.PENANAczInCJJmHu
            Zack and Eric’s hands shout up at once. They were joined by Kara, Herman and Sid. “Five.” Zack said.copyright protection15PENANAaO9IVM8HKA

            “Alright, now who thinks we should let this go?” Albany asked sticking her hand in the air. Adele and Deon raised their hands, as well as Paul. I followed suit after thinking it over briefly. “Five as well.” Albany counted.copyright protection15PENANAkXGY8cXeWu

            “Five plus five equals ten not eleven.” Sid muttered. “One person didn’t vote.”copyright protection15PENANALUrjS21ACg

            “There are twelve of us. Two people didn’t vote you moron!” Paul said. “Honestly I’m surprised you added to ten correctly.”copyright protection15PENANAlM5uv0hDH2

            “Who didn’t vote?” Zack demanded. Hector raised his hand. “Is that you voting or saying that you didn’t vote?”copyright protection15PENANAe2ZU077Xm4

            “Oh, this is me voting that I didn’t vote.” Hector said. “And I think Demi didn’t vote as well.”copyright protection15PENANAs7YUrRXtrA

            Zack looked around. “Speaking of the little girl, where is she?”copyright protection15PENANAJNmOiRPAvx

            “Hestia took her to see Pegasus.” Deon said. “Demi just loves ponies.”copyright protection15PENANACJzCEAKLy6

            “I told you there were eleven!” Sid shouted. “Math power!”copyright protection15PENANAP1eOVGFT97

            “Pegasus isn’t a pony.” I pointed out. “And Sid you’re still a dolt.”copyright protection15PENANAtTUQHdHxOd

            “Dolt?” He said sounding confused. “Dolt?”copyright protection15PENANA4qWE2AfMlN

            “Why isn’t Demi here?” Zack demanded. “She can pet ponies later! We need her to vote on this important issue.”copyright protection15PENANATaO7ZKOEDX

            “Dude, she’s like eight.” Paul said. “I doubt that she’d even know what she was voting on.”copyright protection15PENANAL6QGWyUE5I

            “Yeah, and besides, with Demi there might be a tie. At least this way we get a guaranteed answer.” Herman said.copyright protection15PENANASa9OObo3YK

            “Herman’s right.” Adele said. “Hector, go ahead and vote.”copyright protection15PENANARSVG0UqOy4

            Hector looked very uncomfortable with us all looking at him. He fidgeted in his chair and glanced around at each of us. “Umm…ok. I vote for not killing him.”copyright protection15PENANAMkbC08bUNh

            “No!” Eric shouted. “Why?”copyright protection15PENANACFrLtgXSjW

            “Good choice Hector.” Albany muttered nodding her approval.copyright protection15PENANACbPyRPsiE1

            “Can we go now?” Deon said getting up. “I need to walk around a bit, my leg is asleep.”copyright protection15PENANAmqlx3lFegt

            Zack pouted. “I guess I can no longer hold you here, but know…when Blade betrays us again, I will not accept your apologies. Nor will I ask your opinion when we swarm down upon him.”copyright protection15PENANAvT8WFBcDuw

            “Cool.” Paul said. “Come on goddess. I want to see which of us can shoot better now.” I knew he was talking to me, so I stood up and followed him. The others vacated the room as well, each going their separate ways.copyright protection15PENANAA6HpFzf7RT

            “That was pretty heated.” I said walking alongside my brother.copyright protection15PENANA8djtLmPrA5

            “Yeah, I know. Hopefully we’ll have some more cheery things to discuss in the future.” Paul said. “Zack might not be the best leader for us.” As soon as he said that, lightning forked above up in the sky.copyright protection15PENANAU6Z22EEfh8

            “I think he heard you.” I muttered looking over my shoulder.copyright protection15PENANAMRftgU3w2U

            “If he did, you better vote to not kill me.” Paul said laughing.copyright protection15PENANApa8IEU5tmG

            “Twins!” worried that Zack was indeed going to kill my sister, I started freaking out. But then I saw that it was Pan who had shouted at me. I was still getting used to seeing the REAL Pan. Up here on New Olympus, Pan didn’t bother disguising himself like he did on earth. He strutted towards on his hooves, with those hairy legs clopping on the marble floor the whole way.copyright protection15PENANAzgMyjPcY5u

            “Hey Pan.” Paul said. “Have you ever gored anyone with those?” he pointed to his eight-inch-long horns.copyright protection15PENANA7RlmlCho8j

            “Only annoying children.” He muttered. “Rumor has it that Lord Zeus means to declare war on Lord Hades.”copyright protection15PENANAjyurh8mmCI

            “He does, but we voted against it so it won’t happen.” I told him.copyright protection15PENANA3cZQKiFXhL

            “Trust me kid, just because you vote that way, doesn’t mean that’s what Zeus will do.” Pan muttered. “Besides I hear Blade may take the fight to us.”copyright protection15PENANAroCNLYq2mz

            “What do you mean?” Paul asked. “Blades going to attack?”copyright protection15PENANAmG7R7oZuLC

            “I didn’t say that.” Pan said. “I merely said that MAY happen. There is a difference.”copyright protection15PENANAcOObEzukwL

            “The world MAY end tomorrow. Sid MAY actually be brain dead.” Paul said. “May is too vague.”copyright protection15PENANA5Y9IMVGcY3

            Pan pursed his lips. “A friend of mine just told me that Lady Persephone is going around, trying to round up allies.”copyright protection15PENANALkJTbRibl4

            “Allies for what?” I asked.copyright protection15PENANANxSCIxbdSI

            “What are allies usually for?” Pan asked rather angrily. “All I’m saying is, this is how every conflict in our history has started. With the gathering of allies.”copyright protection15PENANAYYG8Gs3nF1

            “You think Persephone is recruiting gods to fight with Blade?” I asked understanding what allies are for.copyright protection15PENANAqrmaky1DJm

            “Well, Persephone has historically never done anything to help Hades. However, this is a new Hades, and objectively speaking he is not as ugly or as revolting or as frightening as the previous Hades, so maybe she’s working for him now.” Pan said. “I mean for all I know Persephone is gathering a book club. But fair warning you will find that Blade is not the only one who wishes to spit in Zeus’ face.”copyright protection15PENANAHxUAaD7lQ0

            “This is bad.” Paul muttered looking at me. “If Persephone is gathering allies for Blade, and he is preparing to attack then we need to tell the others. This might change some votes.”copyright protection15PENANA3OYKXFc02S

            “Hold up!” I said. “Do you want to go to war? Why are we going to tell them these…rumors…no offense Pan, and risk Olympus style world war?”copyright protection15PENANA2tjoDDXEgH

            “Are you suggesting we just hide the truth?” Paul said his eyebrows raised. “Do you want us to just wait around until he attacks?”copyright protection15PENANA1XfVypyGLp

            “If he attacks.” Pan muttered.copyright protection15PENANAGOdFzakMbm

            “We can’t hide the truth if we don’t know it.” I said urgently. “You would go in with unproven rumors and expect people to calmly discuss it? After what we just sat through? Gods Paul! Eric and Zack wanted to kill Blade just for spitting on him, can you imagine what they would do if we told them that he was raising an army?”copyright protection15PENANAEdQXCtBA8R

            “Welcome to Olympian politics.” Pan said. “May I interject a hint?”copyright protection15PENANAh9Pw5nVE3G

            “Go for it Goat God.” Paul said.copyright protection15PENANA3Kvgp4rJQD

            Pan frowned at him before speaking. “Things usually worked out smoothest and for the best, when Zeus wasn’t involved.”copyright protection15PENANA6vRWsuq34y

            “What are you saying?” I asked.copyright protection15PENANAVlIKRN8Mrc

 “I would gather the gods who voted not to go to war and tell them what I told you.” Pan explained. “Warn them, but make sure they know this is still rumor. Be ready, but be quiet about it. I would keep this away from Lord Zeus, his fuse is already short. Any hint of a spark could make him explode.”copyright protection15PENANAtvWYLm3d5U

            “Pan, is there any way you could prove these rumors?” Paul asked.copyright protection15PENANARcpI9RczVg

            He thought about it. “It would be hard, and I can’t make any promises of success.”copyright protection15PENANA8QBRBtFJg7

            “Well I think it wouldn’t hurt if you maybe visited these minor gods too.” Paul said quietly. “Maybe just ask around, see if any of them have seen Persephone or if they know anything.”copyright protection15PENANAWJCTIofMCl

            “You could also get us some allies, you know just in case.” I added. “Couldn’t hurt.”copyright protection15PENANAGtx5bHXohS

            Pan nodded like he liked the idea. “Maybe just remind them of their oaths to Olympus. See if they are still loyal. Yeah I can do that.” He bowed to us and then scampered off, his goat legs whisking him away surprisingly fast.copyright protection15PENANAEpJghkJW4Z

            “Do you think it’s true?” Paul asked me.copyright protection15PENANA40JGUr59eH

            “I don’t know.” I admitted.copyright protection15PENANAvUa20mJYK0

            “Could we really be going to war?” Paul was studying my face, looking for a hint of my thoughts. We may be gods now, but Paul was still my brother. And it was my job to be there for him when things got rough, no matter how much I hated him all the other times. In bad times we stuck together.copyright protection15PENANARpqAFIVoFZ

            “What better way to prove who’s the better archer than a real life war?”copyright protection15PENANAoJ07qUzv4O

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