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Gods in Training
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods in Training
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Chapter 21 Deon
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!QEA1OzftcnjLEITXe9gjposted on PENANA

         Seeing as there was the looming threat of Blade, I decided that I should learn how to defend myself. I’m not talking karate or tai-kwon-do. I want a weapon.copyright protection16PENANAANdSFZK80L

            Artie had tried to teach me how to use a bow, but I was so dreadful at it that it was safer for my friends if I quit. I quit the bow, but not the idea of be able to fight with a weapon. So that next morning after our secret little meeting I made my way back to the practice field.copyright protection16PENANAmRqXSfx7JJ

            I wasn’t the only New Olympian training there either. Artie and Paul were off by themselves talking and launching numerous arrows. Eric was swinging a very large Morningstar at Sid, who was in turn trying to fork Eric with a trident.copyright protection16PENANAu2u9Lo6Zxn

            I approached the weapons rack and began trying the various tools of death. The spear was too long and clumsy, the sword was too heavy, and the battle-axe didn’t fit my personality. What kind of weapons did a wine god fight with?copyright protection16PENANAi8aw0QvLYw

            “Lord Dionysus.” I turned around to see a centaur looming over me.copyright protection16PENANAxlnYifdPnW

            “Who are you?” I asked.copyright protection16PENANAzSZ31Kr8KZ

            “I am Chiron.” The centaur said in his deep voice. Chiron wore no clothes and despite the large grey bread that covered his face, he had the abs of a male model.copyright protection16PENANAv38Gz9w5Vu

            “Hey, I’m Deon.” I said.copyright protection16PENANABsPYr8eFXB

            “I know.” Chiron muttered eyeing me. “Why are you here?”copyright protection16PENANACxuBAwl2E6

            “I want to learn how to use a weapon.” I told the centaur.copyright protection16PENANA299bPJklOf

            “Seriously?” Chiron asked. I could tell in his voice that he was surprised.copyright protection16PENANAPpIFnaNCPL

            “Yeah, why is that so hard to understand?” I said a little defensive.copyright protection16PENANAeriI3TepWS

            “Well because all the old Dionysus ever did was drink and sleep.” Chiron said. “I never recall him ever doing anything active, unless you count popping the cork on a vintage chardonnay.”copyright protection16PENANAvY2E9Rnudb

            “Really? Cause his statue makes it look like he worked out a lot.” I said.copyright protection16PENANAK2BtIZDvBt

            “Of course it does! Do you think he would have commissioned a statue that portrayed him as pudgy and out of shape?” Chiron asked.copyright protection16PENANAgQUzyXsNno

            “I guess not.” I admitted. “But I’m the New Dionysus, and I will have the body to match that statue.”copyright protection16PENANAGSnIxxzU2M

            “Very well. Pick your weapon.” Chiron pointed towards the weapons rack.copyright protection16PENANA6MPIfyHT3j

            “Well you see, that’s where I thought you could come in.” I said twiddling my thumbs. “I have no idea what kind of weapon I should use. What do you see me using?”copyright protection16PENANAmk9hUIfmvC

            “Right now? Nothing.” Chiron said. “But if I use my imagination…pick up the sword.” He ordered. I did so causing Chiron to shake his head. “Try the bow.” I grabbed one of the longbows and pretended to draw an arrow with it. “No…hmm, tricky…go with the scythe.” It took me a while to remember what a scythe was, and in that time Adele appeared.copyright protection16PENANALbu9U2GtXI

            “Hey Deon.” She said smiling as she grabbed a spear and shield. “Learning to use a weapon too? I don’t remember reading any myths about Dionysus fighting.”copyright protection16PENANAg3v6MLEtEI

            “That’s cause this will be the first time.” I told her.copyright protection16PENANAM13WiXExj9

            “Oh, well in that case you should definitely stay away from Eric for a while.” She suggested as she herself trotted over towards the tattooed terror.copyright protection16PENANAa5lFefHVJE

            “Never mind, I don’t think you’re a scythe man.” Chiron said once I finally found the curved blade. “How about the…wait.” Chiron said.copyright protection16PENANAE0I97uVLYA

            “What?” I asked.copyright protection16PENANAuKBxGUulsO

            “Try the whip.” Chiron said. “That one right there.”copyright protection16PENANAuCUQh86Y3Q

            “Ok.” I muttered. I reached for the weapon and grabbed it. Holding the handle I swung it around a little bit, smiling at the resounding SMACK the whip made when it struck.copyright protection16PENANADIQlRYQNKO

            “I think we found your weapon.” Chiron said.copyright protection16PENANAneyYMfShBk

            “Cool.” I muttered admiring the whip. “But I have no idea how to use this thing in battle.”copyright protection16PENANA65W0We92dc

            “Swing it at the enemy.” Chiron said.copyright protection16PENANATQVKcNI2As

            “Really? Could it be that simple?” I asked sarcastically.copyright protection16PENANAQXGpVtFOKg

            Chiron frowned at me, but before he could respond Zack appeared behind him. “Chiron, we need to start my training now.”copyright protection16PENANA8Qm5QjjZlx

            “Yes Lord Zeus.” Chiron muttered. “Have you picked your weapon?”copyright protection16PENANAcfo7ZAUHDu

            Zack glanced at the weapon rack and picked up a broom. He snapped off the head of the broom leaving just a metal pole.copyright protection16PENANA9urQTnjzb4

            “Ah, a staff fighter.” Chiron said appreciatively.copyright protection16PENANAQjUcpLvJKR

            “Not just a staff fighter.” Zack muttered. His hands tightened around the pole and arcs of electricity began sparking out of both ends of the pole. “I am the lightning god after all.”copyright protection16PENANAgX6F46gZNT

            Chiron laughed. “I like your way of thinking my lord.”copyright protection16PENANAuXoWNij7Ru

            And just like that I was left to teach myself how to fight. Chiron was admiring the fireworks show coming out of Zack’s pole (not what it sounds like), the twins had disappeared a while ago, and Adele was busy fighting Eric while Sid was lying on the ground unconscious, or asleep. You never knew with him.copyright protection16PENANAbHO6UeRqXB

            I started to just swing the whip in a circle around my head. But it made me feel like an idiotic cowboy so I stopped. By the time Hector showed up I had just resigned myself to watching as Adele would poke at Eric with her spear, safely out of range of his Morningstar.copyright protection16PENANAiezpTEv9Di

            “Oh hey.” I said seeing that Hector was next to me. “Could you teach me how to use a whip?”copyright protection16PENANA38fr43KnbB

            “Swing it at the enemy.” He said.copyright protection16PENANASmjHteWkFT

            “Yeah, Chiron told me that much.” I said.copyright protection16PENANAWX8vm19RbN

            “I can’t really teach you, but I could let you swing it at me.” he offered.copyright protection16PENANA9fVpHZtrnE

            “Umm, I don’t want to hurt you or anything.” I said a little confused as to why someone would volunteer themselves to be whipped.copyright protection16PENANA3g1nXuBTOg

            “I need practice dodging things.” He said.copyright protection16PENANANLeVgAXqr9

            “Well in that case, sure why not.” I told him. Before I started swinging, Hector produced a large war hammer from his bag. “Dang, that thing’s huge!” I exclaimed. His hammer was basically a boulder with a handle.copyright protection16PENANAdBo8168uxv

            “I made it myself.” Hector said spinning in around. “I think I’m going to call it Vulcan.”copyright protection16PENANA8BL9YJEADt

            I glanced down at my whip. “Should I name my whip?”copyright protection16PENANARre5mvFkV7

            “Only if you want to.” Hector said heaving Vulcan up onto his shoulder.copyright protection16PENANAt8JShLYpfw

            “I can do that later.” I said. “Right now, I just need to make sure I can actually use it.” With that I started whipping Hector. I guess I wasn’t really whipping him, seeing as he dodged most of the swings. And those that he didn’t dodge he just used his hammer to take the hit for him.copyright protection16PENANAVo7Hy5qcG4

            “You’re too predictable.” Hector said as he ducked beneath one of my swings. “I can tell what you’re going to do before you do it. Try and mix it up a little, make this hard for me!”copyright protection16PENANAFxvTDSoick

            So I did, I started to pull the whip back and strike out again once Hector made his move. Now I was the one that knew what the other was doing. Hector was soon able to figure out what I was doing and then he just started dodging me again. So I had to think of a new strategy. I started to swing towards his feet. Since he was holding that heavy hammer, he couldn’t jump very well. So he had to use his hammer to parry my swipes. Then, rapidly I raised the whip up above his hammer. Hector couldn’t move the heavy beast in time and my whip slapped him in the lower jaw.copyright protection16PENANAqFtaxKVwaa

            “Oh, my bad.” I said once I saw that he was bleeding pretty profusely.copyright protection16PENANA25z9M7fdkW

            “You switched it up on me.” He said grinning as blood ruined his shirt. “Very nice.”copyright protection16PENANAhZtNT6FipR

            “Yeah, I figured that you wouldn’t be able to get that hammer up in time.” I told him.copyright protection16PENANADQx605RVB1

            “You were right.” Hector said feeling his cut. “Ouch, whips hurt.”copyright protection16PENANA6E7GOUN378

            “Sorry about that.” I apologized I went over and gazed at the damage. “Ouch.”copyright protection16PENANA0p8tc1ASk0

            “Don’t worry about it.” Hector said. “This was a good test for me and Vulcan.”copyright protection16PENANAJYQg4RmVMX

            “Well I think you passed.” I told him.copyright protection16PENANAXTC4zqZnt6

            “Nope. There are some things that could use some work, never stop improving.” Hector said. “I’m going to get this cleaned up.” He started walking away, leaving me to my lonesome once again.copyright protection16PENANAvtwDXJFyB0

            Zack was still shooting lightning, but other than that I was the only one still on the field so I decided to call it a day. I was proud of myself, I didn’t quit and I was able to hit Hector with my whip. That’s not much, but I hear it’s more than the other Dionysus had ever done.copyright protection16PENANAzlYpC2hYY4

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