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Gods in Training
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods in Training
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Chapter 24 Artemisia
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!YQRXPJlJxdLpckvK61FOposted on PENANA

            “Compromise?” Sid asked.copyright protection15PENANANYkcn9V4FS

            “Yeah, compromise, it means a settlement of differences by mutual concessions.” Kara explained. “And we need to make one.”copyright protection15PENANARDJJBzsWi0

            “I knew what it means.” Sid muttered. “I was just expressing that I didn’t think we needed one.”copyright protection15PENANAa4pnoU7vWM

            “Sid, you’re an idiot.” I told him. “We definitely need a compromise. This Blade problem has divided Olympus.”          copyright protection15PENANAjKLEW9ORdt

            “Actually, we’re on New Olympus.” Herman offered helpfully. “Old Olympus has nothing to do with this. Well that’s not true. Gaia was telling me that the buildings and layout of New Olympus are almost identical…”copyright protection15PENANAK57tPI2hFl

            “Cool.” Eric interrupted. “Now shut up.”copyright protection15PENANAiPpHdOCkjy

            “You shut up.” Albany said. “Why don’t you go and play with your sword again.” Sid smiled and giggled quietly. “Not that sword!” Albany said blushing.copyright protection15PENANA7DiTif266g

            “Enough!” Deon shouted standing up. He cleared his throat. “Guys, PG.” He motioned towards Demi. “There are young ears present.” Demi seemingly wasn’t paying attention. She was too busy juggling a tomato, peach, and potato. She could only juggle fruit and veggies. I guess that had something to do with her being the goddess of farmers. Anyway, you should have she her juggle fifteen coconuts.copyright protection15PENANAARmHkbqnt5

            “Focus on the compromise.” Kara said also standing up. “We need to settle our differences. We must have a plan set in place in case Blade attacks.”copyright protection15PENANAJLV8t8X5tg

            “If Blade attacks.” Adele insisted on thinking that he wouldn’t.copyright protection15PENANAEAUXtccwjj

            “No if.” Zack said. “Because we won’t give him a chance. I say we attack that prick right now!”copyright protection15PENANANTa9Bvl1SO

            “Yeah!” Eric shouted. “To battle!”copyright protection15PENANA6BA2K3aH9D

            “No, we need to be certain that this issue is really as serious as you all are making it out to be.” Hector said quietly. Everyone stopped what they were doing to stare at Hector. He never talked in councils like this, unless he was forced to. So when Hector willingly spoke, you knew that something was up.copyright protection15PENANAYOeSLH5Yeo

            “What do you mean?” Paul asked. “How do we know how serious things are?”copyright protection15PENANAh1isbTXwUQ

            Hector shrugged. “We take a trip to Hell. See what things are like down there.”copyright protection15PENANAl0sV2dYdU8

            “Hell no.” about five people shouted at once.copyright protection15PENANARTW5MINRG1

            “Why would we willingly go to Hell?” I asked.copyright protection15PENANAfY3xqfroMl

            “Heck!” Deon corrected pointing to Demi.copyright protection15PENANAf7lH2oU1CP

            Hector didn’t have an answer for that. “Guys, I don’t think any of us should go to…heck.” Adele said glancing at Demi.copyright protection15PENANAatJ6yvOlmv

            “Yeah!” Demi shouted as she balanced the peach on her nose.copyright protection15PENANAnCtraUGBjs

            “Uh, ok. Anyways Blade wouldn’t take it kindly if we just showed up in his…home.” Adele continued. “He wouldn’t just tell us that he’s going to attack us, I mean why would he?”copyright protection15PENANAWyAifCHaEj

            “She’s right.” Deon said. “It would be a pointless and stupid waste of time. Not to mention we’d be in…down there.” He said censoring himself.copyright protection15PENANA0ONJVleKHB

            “Yes, but we still need to be sure of how Blade is reacting to all this.” Paul said. “I mean we need to take a trip down under and see for ourselves.”copyright protection15PENANAf4dJvoEcZX

            “No, we could have someone else do it.” Herman said.copyright protection15PENANAEWvffLRWWw

            “I know we’re gods, but we can’t just send innocent people to Hell.” Albany said. “No matter how much we hate them.”copyright protection15PENANAgXl3GgoV06

            “Not like that at all.” Herman said. “We just need a minor god to go down there and see what’s up. He can even pretend to want to join Blade, IF Blade is against us.” He said looking at Adele. “IF.”copyright protection15PENANAxgbL0H9ET9

            “Thank you.” She said.copyright protection15PENANACy57NkTFhQ

            “Yeah, someone who we know is loyal to us. But not so loyal that Blade will question them being there.” I said thinking. “Nyx.” I suggested.copyright protection15PENANAbxNxBuN0qO

            “No, Nyx is so not going down there.” Albany said. “Her and Thanatos together, not good at all.”copyright protection15PENANA6X5hJ5YSKS

            “Why.” I asked.copyright protection15PENANA2mr8uetnUK

            “Because Nyx and Thanatos used to date!” Albany said. “That would be very awkward for the two of them.”copyright protection15PENANAe6i1DTwqTW

            “Nyx and Thanatos dated!” Herman shouted.copyright protection15PENANAfZUkhDqgwa

            “Focus! Guys come on, let’s compromise.” Kara said trying to rein them in.copyright protection15PENANA9ywAG0O9oI

            “Of course they dated!” Albany said. “Night and death, kind of related. Who do you think taught Thanatos his little shadow teleport trick?”copyright protection15PENANATCPcEs5bTY

            “How do you know all this?” Deon asked.copyright protection15PENANA78Y2tgFTwb

            Albany looked at him strangely. “Goddess of love. I know everything regarding everyone’s love life.” She laughed. “Everything.” Right then everyone was blushing.copyright protection15PENANA3FJAgqB4zZ

            “Moving on.” Kara said quickly. It might have been my imagination, but Kara might have glanced nervously between Zack and Albany. “So not Nyx, who then?”copyright protection15PENANANtCCFh5LsY

            “Gaia?” Eric offered.copyright protection15PENANAKA6JCAZitw

            “No, nobody would believe that’d she would betray us.” Albany said.copyright protection15PENANAtxcd8sDJwd

            “I think we can agree that it can’t be Nyx, Gaia, Pan, or Hestia.” I said. “They brought us here, they wouldn’t betray us. We need someone that isn’t well known.”copyright protection15PENANAJkHlXnD286

            “Adele, you’re into the old Greek Myths.” Eric said. I was surprised to see that he seemed to be supporting this idea. “Any recommendations?” I was also surprised he used a word with that many syllables.copyright protection15PENANA0TG7CjHCBb

            “Well, let me think.” Adele said brushing her hair out of her face. “Someone not well known? Iris.” She suggested. “The rainbow goddess, Iris should be loyal to Olympus, yet not so openly loyal that Blade would question her wanting to join him.”copyright protection15PENANA85JkjRMXAj

            “The rainbow goddess?” I asked skeptically.copyright protection15PENANAakESFBfjEo

            “If I were Blade my question wouldn’t be whose side Iris was one, but rather why the rainbow goddess wanted to join a war.” Herman said. “I mean really, the rainbow goddess?”copyright protection15PENANApFh6NUpuw1

            “Iris would be a good choice.” Deon said supportively. “I say we see what Iris thinks about this.”copyright protection15PENANAGE6pYphLmS

            “Any other suggestions?” Paul asked. “I mean Iris isn’t out of the running yet, but I’d like a backup.”copyright protection15PENANA4xcIpSkEbZ

            “A backup?” Adele said thinking.copyright protection15PENANA3BFkHse7XK

            “Perhaps the butterfly goddess?” Eric suggested cruelly.copyright protection15PENANA8Dpe3oEl90

            “Shut up guys.” Deon said. “If you’re not going to come up with your own suggestions, then you can’t criticize Adele’s.”copyright protection15PENANAddyqWYihDu

            “Yeah you guys.” Kara interjected. “We’re trying to reach a compromise here.”copyright protection15PENANAhG5W0NofUm

            “I got one!” Adele said. “How about Khione?”copyright protection15PENANA03Zph3NWoW

            “Never heard of them.” Zack said.copyright protection15PENANAXCav27tkp6

            “Better not be the butterfly goddess.” Eric muttered.copyright protection15PENANAPHMVDNI23D

            “Khione is the goddess of snow.” Adele explained. “She’s not really mentioned a lot in the Myths which could prove helpful to us. The less Blade knows about her, the more likely he is to believe her story.copyright protection15PENANAo3GotYrhUQ

            “So, you want to send the goddess of snow to the fiery depths of Hell?” Herman asked. “Won’t that melt her?”copyright protection15PENANAeRtpmvwQQW

            “Snow goddess and rainbow goddess. Great picks.” Eric muttered.copyright protection15PENANAXFDKAhxjjB

            “Hey!” Kara said. “None of that. These are the only suggestions we have, so get over it. You don’t like it, then you come up with something better. Got it?”copyright protection15PENANAWIEC68Bypv

            “I say we vote on it.” Deon said. “Who thinks we should send these girls to Hell!”copyright protection15PENANApDmS2JnzAe

            “Whoa, not how this is going down.” Albany said. “We should ask Khione and Iris and they can say yes or no.”copyright protection15PENANAwxT9huqPNK

            “Yes, they will need to volunteer for this task.” Paul agreed.copyright protection15PENANAqKs5nydY7D

            “It’s not volunteering if we ask them.” I pointed out.copyright protection15PENANAtwhQojAMTa

            “Whatever, they’ll have the choice to say no.” Paul snapped back at me.copyright protection15PENANA0pHUzYoZOc

            “Ok fine. We can see if these girls want to go and spy on Blade for us.” Zack permitted. “Adele, go find them and bring them here.”copyright protection15PENANAJeWcjjLxhS

            “Yes sir.” Adele said running off.”copyright protection15PENANAbLpsBOMbAF

            “Rainbows and snowflakes. They better say no, those goddess wouldn’t stand a chance in Hell.” Eric said cracking his knuckles.copyright protection15PENANAmB53vE2UEQ

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