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Gods in Training
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods in Training
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Chapter 25 Albany
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
11 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!iuIfFxDYdbITCEJhYhYuposted on PENANA

            I had decided to help Adele find these two goddesses that we were sending to Hell. I thought it would have been more interesting than sitting in the throne room waiting. So the two of us headed out into the immortal city to pick up hot goddesses.copyright protection15PENANAN6J2CNXI0Y

            “So, where do Iris and Khione live?” I asked.copyright protection15PENANAcitVy8sb7F

            “I don’t even know if their on New Olympus.” Adele admitted. “I didn’t think I would have to go and find them. If I had known that, I would have picked people that I knew where to find them.”copyright protection15PENANAmQzZvigtAe

            “Great.” I said. “Well we can walk around pointlessly or ask somebody?”copyright protection15PENANAYnlHqXunGu

            Adele thought it over. “Hey you!”copyright protection15PENANAmTNQOlYgx6

            “Lady Athena, Lady Aphrodite.” The god bowed. I saw that this dude had two heads, but like merged into one. “I am Janus.”copyright protection15PENANAWTWvTrO9Vp

            Adele pretended not to notice this man’s very…unique…face. “Hello Janus. Can you help us find someone? Two someones to be exact.”copyright protection15PENANAoTMKBdH5An

            “That depends on your choices.” Janus said.copyright protection15PENANAAXhoN5KMlh

            “I choose you.” Adele said.copyright protection15PENANAShaPN4hCdc

            Janus smiled. “Very good choice.”copyright protection15PENANA1C6OmH14MC

            “Thank you.” Adele said gratefully. Janus remained silent after that.copyright protection15PENANAsnzJLnOv9a

            “Are you going to help us or not?” I asked.copyright protection15PENANAM2sXSf19Sf

            “That depends on your choices.” Janus smiled as he repeated himself.copyright protection15PENANAmTSsIe9JjW

            “I already made a choice.” Adele said.copyright protection15PENANAlLjVu5ijBs

            “I say we choose to walk away, this dude is weird.” I muttered.copyright protection15PENANAtnvVlobny3

            “You made a choice, but not the choice that will allow you to find your goddesses.” Janus explained.copyright protection15PENANADUXvnFKxo3

            “What choice will help me find the goddesses?” Adele asked.copyright protection15PENANAtKONFjTYCu

            “You should choose to turn around and run that way.” Janus said. “And you should choose to do that…now.”copyright protection15PENANAq5SW0ekcCS

            “What?” I asked confused, without hesitating Adele grabbed my hand and pulled me with her as she ran in the direction that Janus had pointed. I didn’t see how this was going to help us find Iris or Khione, and then it hit me. A woman had walked out of a doorway just as we were running past it and the three of us all fell to the ground together in one big tangle of goddess.copyright protection15PENANAffNdLaSvHh

“Ladies, may I introduce Iris the goddess of the rainbow.” Janus said helping the three of us to our feet.copyright protection15PENANAyb2nYHGSFj

After examining the cut on my elbow, I turned my eyes to Iris. For the goddess of the rainbow Iris was, not as colorful as I imagined. Iris was a tan woman with darkly rimmed coal black eyes. Her hair was the color of Nyx’s skin as was the dress she wore.copyright protection15PENANAm6of2ptnB5

“Aww, Lady Athena. Lady Aphrodite.” Iris said bowing. “Forgive me for running into you.”copyright protection15PENANAfRl256dYBU

“No, it’s not your fault.” Adele said brushing herself off. “We just made a bad choice.” She glanced at Janus.copyright protection15PENANAfa5hy4ZeXF

“Black looks good on you and all, but shouldn’t you be more…rainbowy?” I asked looking her up and down.copyright protection15PENANAyjLWzOm2cY

“Shouldn’t you be more worried that your little cut will ruin your looks?” Iris countered.copyright protection15PENANA8rQtuVzHTb

“No, I’m Albany not Aphrodite. I’m not that shallow.” I said a little defensively.copyright protection15PENANAC9lIrTNq8K

“Well I’m Iris, not a teletubby. You should know that being a goddess of something doesn’t make you that thing. You’re Aphrodite, yet not Aphrodite. I’m rainbows, yet not rainbows.”copyright protection15PENANA6H4SDDG0FT

“Oh, I can respect that.” I said. I was starting to like this rainbow goddess, she was more like me than I had expected.copyright protection15PENANAYNlPhPKQxD

“Iris, excuse me. We might have a job for you if you’re interested.” Adele said. “It’s kind of dangerous, but it needs to be done.”copyright protection15PENANA1aNnSehFFq

“Dangerous?” Iris said stroking her chin. “Good. I need to start doing dangerous things.”copyright protection15PENANApL7tDL6kMM

Adele was just as surprised as me by that sentence. “Why?” she asked.copyright protection15PENANAdLAzARokIW

“Because when people hear goddess of rainbows they assume I’m some cartoon character that frolics around kissing bunnies. I need to build up a better reputation.” Iris explained.copyright protection15PENANAYK6L8Y0pEG

I looked at Adele. “I think you’re just what we need.” I said smiling. Eric would get a kick out of this rainbow goddess.copyright protection15PENANAQ3rYx5KDqw

“Wait, I still what to know what this job is.” Iris said.copyright protection15PENANApEh0dRRCcz

“That’s the thing.” Adele said. “Well, we need a spy to go to Hell for us.” Iris didn’t say anything, she just looked at us.copyright protection15PENANAyakFWsEXSi

Janus whistled. “What a CHOICE.” He muttered. “That’s a tough decision.”copyright protection15PENANADIm5HTarxB

“I’ll do it.” Iris said. “That will definitely make people respect the rainbow.” She said.copyright protection15PENANAXXffXs7O5j

“You’re crazy.” Janus said. He turned to me and Adele. “I believe there is a second goddess.”copyright protection15PENANAoDuIjqaYo2

“Yes, Khione.” Adele said.copyright protection15PENANAg1LD6swhU4

“You’re going to send Khione to Hell?” Iris asked. “She’s the snow goddess, she won’t help you.”copyright protection15PENANASS187YAeMF

“A few minutes ago I would have said the same thing about the rainbow goddess.” I muttered.copyright protection15PENANAybj2UDs5BQ

“Touché love goddess.” Iris whispered. “Touché.”copyright protection15PENANA7SSTwZm3gg

“What choice will let me find Khione?” Adele asked the god of choices.copyright protection15PENANA7998hg6SvT

“Many choices will do just that.” Janus said. “That all depends on what you choose to do.”copyright protection15PENANAy35S5Zwy47

“Maybe we should send him to Hell.” I suggested. “He can annoy the death right out of Hades.”copyright protection15PENANApc0h6wgszx

“That is a choice I will not be making.” Janus said. “I make it a personal priority to not go to Hell. That’s just me though.” He added looking at Iris with his left face. “We all make different choices.”copyright protection15PENANAJGHSOY9VRF

“Janus, you need to make a choice right now.” Adele said smiling. “Take me to Khione, or Albany and I will choose to send you to Hell.”copyright protection15PENANAOqITiOTOnX

“Nice.” I muttered giving her a high five.copyright protection15PENANAWM9W4ftlI3

Janus sighed. “Very well. Go put on some warm clothes. Khione likes the cold, and penguins.”copyright protection15PENANATrJAkyzttq

“Am I coming too?” Iris asked.copyright protection15PENANA8iQRc9G5Y3

“That depends on your choices.” I said mocking Janus. “What do you choose?”copyright protection15PENANA3UQdRUslgb

“I’ll go get my coat.” Iris said walking back into her house. Being Olympian goddess and all, me and Adele just snapped our fingers and had thick winter coats appear on us. Be amazed mortals.copyright protection15PENANAo9D7JXGjra

Once we were all better dressed for visiting the snow goddess, Janus said. “Alright, Iris, I need you to make a rainbow from here to Antarctica.”copyright protection15PENANAJzsArFK7LI

“Make a rainbow?” I asked confused “How will that help?”copyright protection15PENANAbOC11uWuPc

“I always pictured the snow goddess being on the North Pole. Seeing as her father is the north wind and all.” Adele said quietly.copyright protection15PENANAFdmil6g1pH

“Yes, well Khione used to be up there. Then she discovered the penguin.” Janus explained. “And she made a choice.”copyright protection15PENANAc9hFKIkuQ5

“She really likes penguins that much?” Adele asked.copyright protection15PENANAc1UP2VkYq9

“You can hug a penguin.” Janus said. “But not a polar bear. It was an easy choice for Khione.”copyright protection15PENANAb6nxpJDFL3

“I still don’t get the rainbow making.” I insisted. “What’s up with that?”copyright protection15PENANAmXcDCWmXrc

            “You ever heard of a rainbow bridge?” Iris asked.copyright protection15PENANA3DdXtgTNfj

            “No.”copyright protection15PENANAXrplYO4CuP

            “Here’s an example.” Iris said pointed. Suddenly there was a rainbow in front of me. There rainbow gently arced up into the sky until it disappeared behind some clouds. “Come on.” Iris said walking up the rainbow.copyright protection15PENANAGQMTupPRmh

            “No way.” I muttered. Since becoming Aphrodite, I had seen some things, but this was the most mindboggling. I followed the others as we ascended the rainbow. “So glad I chose to come with you Adele.”copyright protection15PENANA3pUhmoygbO

            “Yeah.” Adele muttered. She glanced over the edge of our colorful bridge and edged back to the middle. “I don’t like that it’s see-through.” She muttered.copyright protection15PENANAz9fZueNyRi

“Are we going to walk all the way to Antarctica?” I asked. That would be one long rainbow.copyright protection15PENANAox8bqDAgvW

“Technically.” Iris muttered. “But it won’t feel like we are.”copyright protection15PENANAxzmsRIQpY2

“How so?” I asked. Her answer better not be that time flies when you’re having fun.copyright protection15PENANAdybtxFHley

“Rainbow miles are different than normal miles.” Iris explained. “One rainbow mile is like five times around the Earth. See, look down. We started walking seconds ago and we’re already over Brazil. Welcome to Rio de Janeiro.” Iris spread her arms and smiled warmly.copyright protection15PENANADC6MNxqoNV

“What?” I looked down and sure enough, we were above Rio. I just see that huge statue of Jesus, the Cristo Redentor standing guard over the city. “Cool.” I muttered. I turned around and walked a few steps back. “Adele, look! I’m over Cuba.” In just five steps I had gone from Brazil to the Caribbean.copyright protection15PENANAkluHNmqELp

“I don’t want to look.” Adele whispered. “If I look, then I’ll realize how high we are.”copyright protection15PENANAGZXSsvyaQM

“This is awesome.” I shouted to Iris. “Why are rainbow miles so big?”copyright protection15PENANAJtpPgdmGBa

“I don’t make the rules kid.” Iris muttered. “But it makes it super easy to move around. How do you think Hermes delivers all his messages so fast?”copyright protection15PENANACWv6Djt3Xe

“Herman doesn’t deliver any messages. That guy just sits around and checks me out.” I complained.copyright protection15PENANAsDeqwHV4RL

“Hey guys?” Adele asked. “Can we just walk the rest of the way to the South Pole already? I’m sure it’s like only seven steps, but I need ground under my feet.”copyright protection15PENANARAfgpvuMc6

“Sure, right this way Lady Athena.” Iris muttered. “It’s three steps by the way.” We walked the rest of the way and soon found ourselves in a winter not wonderland.copyright protection15PENANAWO3sVHLoLI

Antarctica was super cold. I mean, I stepped off that rainbow and my lungs instantly felt frozen from the icy air. It was hard just to see. The world was so bright and white, with nothing else in it. Then, from behind a huge snow drift, a herd of penguins waddled into my vision.copyright protection15PENANADemRESyAXq

There are certain animals that you just can’t help but saying “Aww.” when you see them. Cute little waddling penguins are one such animal.copyright protection15PENANAmO0B5q7zck

“Aww! Look at them.” Adele squealed, her fear evaporating now that we were back on land.copyright protection15PENANAG98JB4rntc

“You guys ever seen March of the Penguins?” Janus asked.copyright protection15PENANA56qsY5kxFh

“No, why?” I asked.copyright protection15PENANAX16XDboLLB

“Good choice.” He said. “Watching a seal kill penguins…it changes a man.” Janus whispered. He closed his four eyes and shivered, but not from the cold.copyright protection15PENANA5rKebmjDJM

“I see penguins and snow, but no snow goddess.” Iris said petting a nearby penguin.copyright protection15PENANAPPSghRmCo2

“Did you ask for a snow goddess?” with a loud pop a girl appeared in the snow. I’m assuming she was Khione because, well…the girl was wearing a long, thick, white cloak with a black snowflake drawn on it. Her long white hair was flapping in the icy wind and her eyes shone white like freshly fallen snow.copyright protection15PENANAUl30jHbHsX

“Are you Khione?” I asked. The girl looked pretty young, but that didn’t mean anything. Gaia was millions of billions of years ago, but she only looked twenty. Khione could have a similar situation going. Looking like a teenager, but being super old.copyright protection15PENANAiyp3NAq6e9

“Yep!” She shouted. “Don’t you just love penguins?” she asked as she belly-slid down a snow drift along with her penguin companions.copyright protection15PENANAT3YMkgDHS1

“You want to send this one to Hell?” Iris whispered to me.copyright protection15PENANAJMnNNGuZnX

“Yeah penguins are the world’s cutest animals.” Adele agreed.copyright protection15PENANAWGwlJjW9qa

“It is your choice to believe that, I do not share it.” Janus muttered. “Kittens are the cutest thing alive.”copyright protection15PENANAjjeh5zyJgq

“You know, after you turned out to be the rainbow goddess version of Rambo, I had hope that Khione would be just as…willing to earn a new reputation.” I admitted to Iris. “I have now lost my hope.”copyright protection15PENANAKZd7M0Og0b

Iris nodded. “You can’t send her to Hell. It’d be a crime against nature.”copyright protection15PENANAeWRKhB4eKu

“You guys want to make snow angels?” Khione asked brushing the snow off of her. “It’ll be super fun.”copyright protection15PENANAo3ODlUcTDs

“I’m good.” I muttered. Gaia was older than she appeared. Khione was younger than she appeared. I swear this girl was younger than Demi.copyright protection15PENANAkorxweykvy

“Khione we need to ask you something.” Adele said taking the younger girl’s hands. “I need to know if you’re willing to do something very dangerous for me.”copyright protection15PENANAwJvouNZy1J

“She’s a little girl.” I whispered to Adele, as if she couldn’t see for herself. “She can’t go to Hell.”copyright protection15PENANA3qNS38Nf2q

“You haven’t met very many little girls.” Janus muttered. “Little girls often make the worse choices. I swear.”copyright protection15PENANAImP9UmnsHS

“What is it?” Khione asked. “What do you want me to do?”copyright protection15PENANA1dCwB6jBFk

“Will you go with Iris here to spy on a friend of mine?” Adele said in her best friendly voice. “You don’t have to if you don’t want to.”copyright protection15PENANAkJK7BOgo3i

“Iris?” Khione muttered staring up at the rainbow goddess. “I remember you! Rainbows!”copyright protection15PENANAPLEFVy1j1I

“Yeah, that’s why I want to do this job for you.” Iris muttered. “That’s how everyone knows me. Rainbow!” she said with fake enthusiasm. “You wanna go play with rainbows and penguins in Hell kid?”copyright protection15PENANAc2WOyyVR9A

“Sure.” Khione muttered. “I’ll do it.”copyright protection15PENANAcujXBVLSjP

“Wait!” I shouted. “I’m not sure that I want her to do this.”copyright protection15PENANAa9BPOwoPQp

Adele straightened up and let go of Khione’s hands. “She didn’t even make me beg. Some goddess of wisdom I am, I totally expected that I’d have to beg.”copyright protection15PENANAy2svR13MSd

“Khione, why do you choose this?” Janus asked.copyright protection15PENANAn5HH2jCObW

“Well you see, one of my favorite penguins died recently. It was very sad, I cried for days. The whole herd’s just not the same without him. So I think that I will go down to H-E-double hockey sticks and bring my friend back. Maybe I can do that thing for you while I’m down there.”copyright protection15PENANADm6ecULAKC

I’ll admit it. I face palmed. “So we got one goddess that wants to prove that rainbows are tough and another that wants to rescue her penguin?”copyright protection15PENANA0jEsOwtSjm

“At least they volunteered.” Adele said they she leaned in close and whispered just so I could hear. “I feel bad saying this, but it’s not like we’ll miss them much if Blade does attack. They don’t seem to be that powerful of warriors.”copyright protection15PENANA5HsMou61ii

“That’s true. But by extension don’t we want a strong warrior, that way they come back alive?” I pointed out. “I mean they’ll need to defend themselves.”copyright protection15PENANAXWE3aQYWrI

“Look at them. I mean I can see Iris starting a fight, but who would attack Khione. She’s a little girl.” Adele said.copyright protection15PENANAyr1dUQJoI3

“Who would spit in the face of all powerful Lord Zeus?” I said making a point. “There’s no telling what Blade will or won’t do.”copyright protection15PENANALNKdA9IHa1

Adele pursed her lips. “Maybe you’re right. Should we send Janus instead? He can give Blade a lecture on the weight of our choices.”copyright protection15PENANAZ8XEc8ua4W

I thought it over. “Was that a joke?”copyright protection15PENANATDnVQiLAGu

“You coming or what?” Iris shouted. “It’s cold and we have a whole hemisphere to walk across.”copyright protection15PENANAEsioFTyoAI

“Rainbow!” Khione shouted as she penguin slid over the rainbow.copyright protection15PENANApzRnd3vIeA

“Ah, the choices we make.” Janus muttered as he too walked across the rainbow.copyright protection15PENANAF7d334lPF2

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