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Gods in Training
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods in Training
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Chapter 27 Kara
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!C4noQeNpj47OaAeW0HjBposted on PENANA

            My compromise hadn’t really worked the way I had pictured. I had no idea that we’d be sending several goddesses down to Hell when I said I wanted a compromise. I mean really! How did we come up with sending the rainbow and snow goddesses down there! Isn’t there like a god of invisibility and spying we could have sent instead?copyright protection16PENANAvOH38U144G

            “It’s a beautiful night.” I turned around and saw that Nyx was standing behind me. It was kind of hard to see her in the darkness. “I just love it when the sun goes down, don’t you?”copyright protection16PENANABGKZ5BdT0x

            “I like dusk more. When the sun is setting, the pinks, purples, and oranges come out across the sky. To me that’s one of the most beautiful things to see.” I told her. “No offense to nighttime or anything though.”copyright protection16PENANAY8m9JA5Jio

The goddess of night laughed. “The dark is not for everyone I guess.” She walked to my side gazed into my eyes. “What’s wrong?”copyright protection16PENANAlOd2RmXTq2

“Nothing.” I instantly lied. I was having second thoughts about this compromise that I had pioneered, but I didn’t think that I should doubt my own plan out loud.copyright protection16PENANAz2Jk1OVfIW

            “Are you positive?” Nyx asked. Something in her eyes made me think that she knew what was bothering me. But just because she knew didn’t mean that I had to talk about it with her.copyright protection16PENANANG49PNJUx2

            “Yeah, I’m fine.” I reassured her. “Just a little overwhelmed by being a goddess I guess. Still adjusting you know?”copyright protection16PENANAjSQxVITTBk

            “Hmm.” Nyx muttered. “Trust me, it gets easier. After your first couple of centuries it all becomes just one big routine.”copyright protection16PENANAVbnEvotrEc

            “Are you saying that I should get used to the threat of Hades attacking?” I asked a little nervously.copyright protection16PENANAnrSsAIgkDN

            “Well,” Nyx said rubbing her cheek, “this one is new to me. But other gods have revolted before. Granted there’s never been a major one against Olympus.”copyright protection16PENANAmWGduBWnvy

            “Oh, well that’s good news.” I muttered sarcastically. “As long as there’s never been a major one before.”copyright protection16PENANAIqJ55fuzG8

            “Don’t even fret.” Nyx said waving away my comment like it was smoke. “Olympus has been in much greater danger before. Look! Everything’s still here.” Nyx pointed around. “Blade is a problem, but you shouldn’t be beating yourself up about him. Hades being at odds with Olympus is hardly new.”copyright protection16PENANAL4AEwbmMvZ

            “I’m not worried about Blade.” I told her.copyright protection16PENANAASVg6qS3Nn

            “Yeah, and I’m a butterfly.” Nyx scoffed. “Kara, you wouldn’t be doing your job if you weren’t even a little bit concerned with Blade.” Nyx put her hand on my shoulder. “As Hera, you are supposed to be the little angel sitting on Zeus’ shoulder and whispering in his ear.”copyright protection16PENANABwOkBUz5ug

            “Zack doesn’t listen to me. In fact most of the time he acts like I’m not even there.” I complained.copyright protection16PENANAegkPUR0gDw

            “It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t listen to you. As long as you keep telling him.” Nyx said. “It’s not in Zeus’ nature to listen to others. He is king, and a king does what he wants. But being king doesn’t make you a god.”copyright protection16PENANAfepbvwBnzp

            “I know, you guys made us gods.” I told her.copyright protection16PENANALaVAvxv5DZ

            “No, we picked you to become gods.” Nyx corrected me. “We did not make you gods. There is a difference.”copyright protection16PENANAlRfGH9xHqb

            “I don’t see the difference.” I told her. “Those things sound the same to me.”copyright protection16PENANAeGpERUatiK

            “Well they’re not.” Nyx said stubbornly. “We picked all of you, even Blade, for what we saw in you. And we saw that you would be a just and loyal advisor to Zeus. Advise him. Tell him of your worries.”copyright protection16PENANAT4UOEqm9vZ

            “But I’m not worried about Blade.” I told her once again.copyright protection16PENANA9RQpxyz4fZ

            “Something is bothering you.” Nyx muttered. “So tell him about that. Go and talk to him Kara. What happened to the young girl that was all doe eyed for Zack? On the way here you almost fainted whenever he talked to you. And now you are trying to get out of a chance to talk to hm. Go to him, and advise him.” Nyx said before she melted into shadows and disappeared.copyright protection16PENANAfuFF8xzi1R

            Part of me couldn’t help but think that Nyx was right. I was supposed to help Zack rule. The old Hera was queen. I’m just a girl with a crush on the king. No, I used to have a crush on the king. Zack was the hottest guy in the world…until you got to know him. Sitting in the council room with him, and watching as he ‘ruled’ was kind of frightening. He wasn’t the sweet and chivalrous knight that I had pictured him as. I was learning that the old saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ had more importance to my life than I had thought.copyright protection16PENANA2UWXJAo5KT

            “Hey!” I turned around and saw that Herman was walking towards me. “Message for you milady.” He bowed jokingly.copyright protection16PENANA4ULVjjtSnJ

            “What is it?” I asked.copyright protection16PENANASDdxil5SE6

            “You are needed in the throne room.” Herman told me. “Iris and Khione are back.”copyright protection16PENANAKH1GEKg2Q1

            “Already?” I was shocked. It seemed as if they had just left. “Did something go wrong?”copyright protection16PENANAWVVIRf1k7p

            “The goddesses themselves are fine, but something must have happen in the Underworld to cause them to return so soon. Maybe Blade knew what they were trying to do.”copyright protection16PENANA4Z2hxlDCdh

            “Let’s go fine out.” I said. Taking off for the throne room. Herman and I were the last Olympians there, but thankfully the goddesses had not started telling their story.copyright protection16PENANAJXYKDDvUGm

            “Now we’re all here,” Zack said, “can you start telling us what happened now?”copyright protection16PENANAWDhSl87nte

            “Yes.” Iris said. “We went to the Underworld like you wanted. But when we got there no one was there.”copyright protection16PENANAMxeOPLason

            “What do you mean no one was there?” Artie asked. “Blade was gone?”copyright protection16PENANAK8lJTZnoU4

            “Not just Hades, everyone. Persephone, Thanatos, even the dead!” Iris said. “Hell was empty.”copyright protection16PENANAKQH2I3aQqD

            “Even my penguin was gone!” Khione shouted.copyright protection16PENANA5cbj105btu

            “Are we sure that animals even go to Hell?” Sid asked.copyright protection16PENANAyeCUYvTmUN

            “Sid! Focus!” Paul shouted. “Hell is empty, where did they all go?”copyright protection16PENANAqFD7HmbSdB

            “Blade is bringing them here!” Zack shouted. “I knew it!”copyright protection16PENANAviOHCQII1c

            “Now hold up!” Adele stepped in. “Are you sure it wasn’t a trick or illusion?” She asked the goddesses.”copyright protection16PENANAcAqPuplnLf

            “We walked right into the palace and took a tour of the grounds.” Iris nodded. “No dead spirits stopped us.”copyright protection16PENANAbbUPjCbvup

            “What if they were all invisible?” Sid asked. “Huh, what about that?”copyright protection16PENANA70HVHjLp2N

            “We will gag you.” Artie warned.copyright protection16PENANABen24Sspfd

            “Yeah, I doubt that all the dead would just turn invisible.” Deon added.copyright protection16PENANAFrpzgJbreF

            “Well then where did they go?” Eric asked. Out of nowhere Bellerophon flew into the room on the back of Pegasus.copyright protection16PENANARlGyhnS3NU

            “Hey!” Hector shouted as Pegasus clipped him with his wings.copyright protection16PENANAQp9esd6UDm

            “Excuse my interruption, but we have a problem.” He said bowing before Zack.copyright protection16PENANA7iNxS3g3vv

            “What is it?” Zack asked.copyright protection16PENANAJmRpU8NNbA

            “Lord Zeus, the traitor Hades has amassed an army and is encircling the base of the mountain. It looks like he brought the entire contents of Hell with him.” Bellerophon muttered.copyright protection16PENANAI20Rgs5mmI

            “So that’s where Hell went.” Herman said.copyright protection16PENANAIu1v2TziX4

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