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Gods in Training
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods in Training
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Chapter 3 Albany
TJ Nyx
Jun 10, 2018
8 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!C1QkcI91QEUwnE77naL3posted on PENANA

         “Go Team!” I shouted with the other cheerleaders. It was Friday night and I was standing on the sideline of the football field shaking as the cool autumn breeze embraced my bare legs.copyright protection7PENANAv4KX1RkqqV

            “I hate miniskirts.” One of the girls muttered, her teeth shaking.copyright protection7PENANA83XZo9Hxby

            “Let’s go Vikings!” I shouted waving my pompoms. “Yeah.” My cheering was in vain. Our Vikings were getting blown out by those dreadful Knights.copyright protection7PENANAc55zJcG7mr

            “They better not play like this next week.” Someone said.copyright protection7PENANAaSwVPxMaYc

            “Yeah I would like a win on Homecoming.” Another chirped.copyright protection7PENANA57g37EdPbp

            “Speaking of Homecoming, who are you guys going with?” yet another asked.copyright protection7PENANAnnusXeEDl1

            “Go Team!” I shouted. I wasn’t going to Homecoming. It’s not like I didn’t have a date, because I could have believe me. My long red hair and hazel eyes never stopped impressing the boys. But they’re also the problem. It’s just that all the guys that asked me, asked me because they thought I was hot or because I was a cheerleader. Not one asked me for me. And I know because the guys that asked me only talk to me so they can get a closer look. None of them ever actually got to know me. I know, wow, pretty deep stuff from a cheerleader.copyright protection7PENANA4wTArJ8eT7

            “V-I-K-I-N-G-S!!!” the cheer went up and I joined in. “Vikings go!” I was just sick of guys not liking me for me. Never once had a guy called me beautiful. I’ve heard hot and sexy a lot, but I don’t count those. People who you think of as hot or sexy are general people you just want to sleep with, and I didn’t want to be that kind of person. When you call someone beautiful, you are talking about their appearance AND their personality. At least that’s what the word means to me.copyright protection7PENANAqZfH3mlgbx

            “Hey, Albany, are you going to Homecoming?”copyright protection7PENANAGzVb1SpGvL

            “No.” I answered. Here come the questions.copyright protection7PENANAIAiCbJljYf

            “What! Why not girl?”copyright protection7PENANArpeH6h3ryf

            “I didn’t get asked by the right guy.” I said smiling. I hated conversations like these.copyright protection7PENANAYfOTqQLPxh

            “More like she didn’t find the rich guy.” Someone muttered.copyright protection7PENANABfRTS2DdmB

            That’s how they comprehend it. I thought. In their world, no one in their right mind would miss Homecoming. So they make me out to be some snobbish rich girl with high standards so I fit in their fantasy.copyright protection7PENANAtO0Hv6Zzyy

            “No, he doesn’t have to be rich. My family’s rich enough.” I said once again smiling. In high school I was the envy of many people. I was the rich hot girl with the huge mansion and butler. But I hated it all. My parents had been absent most of my life. What with the safaris and mountain climbing, all of which I was deemed too young for. So I was stuck at home with Baxter the butler.copyright protection7PENANAOwNDqdub31

            “If you don’t want all that money, I’ll take it.” someone offered.copyright protection7PENANAsEgky8mbmJ

            I smiled. “If I could give any of it away, you girls would be who I’d give it to.” I said. That would make their lives.copyright protection7PENANANQxNy2UxCs

            “Aww.” My statement earned me about seven hugs.copyright protection7PENANA6qZU4p7yBb

            “Girls, the game’s almost over. Just hang in there.” Our couch told us.copyright protection7PENANAz3QQooZLAm

            “Yeah boss.”copyright protection7PENANAunc2bK46iH

            We spent the rest of the game occasionally saying ‘Go!’ and ‘Vikings’ then we were free. I followed my team into the locker room and changed back into my other clothes. After several minutes of shallow chit chat and gossip I managed to escape. You may have noticed that I am not the most enthusiastic cheerleader there is. Well my distant parents decreed that I had to be on at least one team. Cheerleader is the only ‘sport’ where I can blow off the practices and still preform halfway decent at a game, I’m the only person that’s glad the cheers haven’t changed in thirty years.copyright protection7PENANAyo8yicXqLy

            “Excuse me, are you Albany?” someone asked me once I was in the parking lot. I looked around and saw a woman standing behind me. She looked around twenty and was wearing an ‘Earth is Awesome’ t-shirt with faded blue jeans. But the weirdest part was her long blonde hair. It had three long streaks of neon green in it.copyright protection7PENANACkCsb0RaLs

            “I’m Albany.” I said wondering what this woman was doing here, and how she knew me.copyright protection7PENANAwgQJi1tn8M

            “Hi, can I talk to you for a minute?” she asked.copyright protection7PENANA4HacftocU9

            “Yeah sure.” I said.copyright protection7PENANALxunZFoRQ9

            “I’m going to be straight with you, cause I hate it when people beat around the bush.” The woman said. “Do you want all this to change?”copyright protection7PENANAjmq96Ibz5k

            “All this?” I asked confused.copyright protection7PENANAm91wlg0KtV

            “Your life?” she stated. “Would you be opposed to having a new life?”copyright protection7PENANAUesoCs30kU

             I thought about it. “What kind of knew life?”copyright protection7PENANAaDhANniZXo

            The woman smiled. “The kind where your family is actually in your life.”copyright protection7PENANAjjxlQTBRD5

            I definitely wanted that. “What’s the catch?”copyright protection7PENANAMxjfWWH0W2

            “Would you rate your interest level at committed?” the woman asked.copyright protection7PENANAU7FbHty0tw

            “You’re beating around the bush.” I pointed out.copyright protection7PENANAoNPW8FPKwt

            “I like you.” The woman said. “You got a nice personality.”copyright protection7PENANAPj19zX5hX1

            “What’s the catch?” I asked again.copyright protection7PENANAjS9Z3QsCRW

            “Immortality, the power of a goddess, and a family that you actually see.” The woman replied.copyright protection7PENANA8gJXdRD3Ca

            “Immortality? What do you mean goddess?” I asked confused. This was one strange lady.copyright protection7PENANAwruyA3vFkt

            “Immortality.” The woman purred. “Every girls dream. To be young forever.”copyright protection7PENANAHDlQCoH51z

            “In the end, it's not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away.” I recited. I had a poster in my room that said that quote. It had always been my favorite.copyright protection7PENANA19PK72CK5e

            “I really like you.” The woman smiled. “You’re a cheerleader?”copyright protection7PENANAVCGpagsGWN

            “Not by choice.” I retorted. “You mentioned a goddess?”copyright protection7PENANA9Ervv4Ud9V

            The woman took a deep breath. “Are you familiar with Greek Mythology?”copyright protection7PENANAMb4CWbEyWK

            “Yes, I’m not stupid.” I said.copyright protection7PENANANRnthxKJeH

            “You should not be a cheerleader.” The woman said. “Anyway you know all about the Olympian gods?”copyright protection7PENANAxnmYTR3N4c

            “The twelve central gods and goddesses of Greek Mythology.” I recited. “Next question.”copyright protection7PENANAIQoNskZ7TW

            “How would you like to be one?” the woman asked.copyright protection7PENANASHNfa4NVO1

            “What did you say your name was?” I asked.copyright protection7PENANADmpZkiQn6U

            “Gaia.” She smiled.copyright protection7PENANAAPLZCejCmd

            I looked at her shirt again. ‘Earth is Awesome’. “Gaia…the earth goddess?” I asked.copyright protection7PENANAyeUmt5rh0f

            Gaia waved her finger. “Wrong. Titaness of the earth.”copyright protection7PENANAiEBIDW1tk7

            “Titaness?” I asked.copyright protection7PENANAoVWaUzoebK

            “Female titan.” Gaia explained.copyright protection7PENANArJZl6trxKs

            “I know what it means.” I muttered. “I thought the Titans weren’t friends with the gods.  If you’re a Titan, why are you here talking about gods.”copyright protection7PENANAN36oLJlMcG

            “You’re right, the Titans didn’t like the gods.” Gaia said. “But being Mother Earth, I have a maternal instinct to protect my planet. And the gods are the best way for me to do that. So for our intents and purposes, I may as well be a goddess.”copyright protection7PENANAUBCQLwpaKA

            “You’re going to make me a god?” I asked. Was she really Gaia, THE Gaia?copyright protection7PENANAVckUyrnZY8

            “Not me personally, but I can take you to someone who can.” Gaia said. “And by the way, girls become goddesses. Just so you know.”copyright protection7PENANArLcxaXgvKt

            “This doesn’t make sense.” I said. My brain was reviewing everything I knew about Greek Mythology. “The gods didn’t just make someone a god… goddess. Only people like Hercules were given that honor. So I guess my question is, why makes me worthy of being a god…goddess?”copyright protection7PENANAcE5OvRlU15

            Gaia poked my forehead. “Your personality. Now are you committed?”copyright protection7PENANAvXiQRQhfPf

            “I’d have to be crazy to say no, wouldn’t I?” I muttered. “Sure, I’ll be a god…goddess.”copyright protection7PENANAog0AOby4Hj

            “Nice.” Gaia said. “Umm, you wouldn’t mind giving me a ride would you.”copyright protection7PENANAyTYDHtv2ow

            I laughed. “Sure, but I would’ve thought Mother Earth wouldn’t like cars.”copyright protection7PENANA8TurKlh1B7

            “It’s a necessary evil.” Gaia muttered.copyright protection7PENANAhZniAbt8ga

            “Ok, the cars just this way.” I said leading the Titaness to my ride. “You said I’d get to be an Olympian.”copyright protection7PENANArP4ptMTYOh

            “I did.”copyright protection7PENANAvXbZpVkGXW

            “What happened?”copyright protection7PENANANfWbxwn1FE

            “What do you mean?” Gaia asked looking at me.copyright protection7PENANAc7tgwW2qVR

            “Something must have happened if you need to recruit humans to rule the gods. I want to know what it was?” I said.copyright protection7PENANAHqPTpeOKUM

            “You’re pretty bright.” She said. “The old Olympians retired.”copyright protection7PENANAHI1DTzahAP

            “They can do that?” I asked.copyright protection7PENANAVMWo2tl5Tg

            “They were the twelve most powerful beings in the universe, how could we stop them?” Gaia said. “They claimed that they had grown tired of the constant cycles that their lives went through, so they retired.”copyright protection7PENANAWBHLu6ZjQU

            “What, they got old?” I said trying to comprehend.copyright protection7PENANA5xD7bwGmOh

            “Basically.” Gaia nodded.copyright protection7PENANAbJ3886Ctbw

            “But you’re way older than the gods. Why haven’t you retired?” I asked.copyright protection7PENANAK78rTDyTWp

            “Do I look old to you?” Gaia said angrily.copyright protection7PENANAO2Xr98YQuM

            “No.”copyright protection7PENANA7GvbPDhs7t

            “What you fail to realize, is that the Earth is still young. I’m millions and millions of years old, and I still look like I’m twenty-two! I’m not done yet!” Gaia said passionately.copyright protection7PENANAZSB7juKSoH

            “Ok.”copyright protection7PENANAhcJeDTnBKS

            “Besides, as a god, you don’t have to retire.” Gaia explained. “There are some gods that are just as old as the Olympians were, and they’re still going strong.”copyright protection7PENANAnRyT3owkRD

            “So what god…goddess will I be?” I asked.copyright protection7PENANANQvoYPTJHh

            “I don’t know.” Gaia said. “Do I look like The Oracle?”copyright protection7PENANArZubd75BIP

            “I wouldn’t know. I’ve never met The Oracle.” I said.copyright protection7PENANAt6H2ZKrw5i

            “Maybe someday you will.” Gaia said.copyright protection7PENANAaS9Gh8vbSd

            “There’s my ride.” I pointed out Baxter’s car. At the sight of me he pulled out and slowly wheeled over.copyright protection7PENANAtjcXuq4A1N

            “Good evening Miss Albany.” He said rolling down the window. “I’m sorry to hear the Vikings lost.”copyright protection7PENANApuU6xTRYqW

            “You know I don’t care, Baxter.” I said getting in the car. “Do you mind if I bring my friend along?”copyright protection7PENANAgAPqg7yMiq

            “Certainly.” Baxter said. “Where will I be taking you ladies?”copyright protection7PENANAZMKcJfDOPE

            “I’ll be getting out with my friend, Baxter, so you’ll be driving home alone.” I told him.copyright protection7PENANACe9wlHqdFQ

            “Very good Miss Albany.” Baxter said. “And when will I be picking you back up?”copyright protection7PENANA9VrZmH6Utp

            I looked at Gaia. “Never.” I said smiling.copyright protection7PENANAltb5FVkiK9

            “Very good Miss Albany.”copyright protection7PENANAXmo7TKOjXt

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