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Gods in Training
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods in Training
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Chapter 32 Kara
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!EsYtXfBZvcVQ8IEUPUC2posted on PENANA

         I was in shock. One moment I had been worrying about my friends that were fighting a battle, and then Blade was coming after me with a flaming sword. But none of that could have prepared me for watching the skin burn off another human being, and knowing that I was the one that had pushed him into the flames.copyright protection16PENANA6kLnCzLDIv

            I mean sure, Blade was our enemy. He brought an army here and waged war against us. But personally, I don’t think that condemns him to die the way he did. As if burning in a fireplace wasn’t torture enough, what Zack did to him was just plain wrong. He electrocuted Blade! And he didn’t stop. Zack stood there with his staff in Blade’s mouth, just pumping lightning into him until Artie and Hector returned from the battle to pull him off fifteen minutes later. I hope for Blade’s sake that he died quickly. No one stood have to endure Zack’s tortures, even rebels against the gods deserved mercy.copyright protection16PENANAymYxQWNrVi

            I used to get starry eyed whenever Zack walked past me in the hallway at school. But I didn’t know him then, to me he was just that unattainable guy of my dreams. Then when I learned that we were the married couple Hera and Zeus I almost died. My dreams were coming true. I was in heaven, just sitting in the throne next to Zack. But then I got to know him. The clouds under my angel drifted away, allowing him to fall down…down where he really belonged. I had learned that Zack should have been sent to live in Hell. I can’t say I knew Blade, but I can say he would have made a better Zeus than Zack.copyright protection16PENANADQ8MyNGoIi

            “Was there ever any doubt!” Zack exclaimed to the gathered gods and goddesses surrounding the throne room. “This is what traitors get! A nice little shock…to get them back in line.” He looked around and seemed surprised that no one was cheering. He frowned.copyright protection16PENANAqODcbfMXTu

            “Lord Zeus, we are all tired from today’s victory. Please let us all go and rest. We will rejoice in Blade’s death tomorrow, when we have our energy back.” Nyx shouted through the silence.copyright protection16PENANAsrRrYHnL8j

            “Very well, I suppose that makes the most sense. Tell the world! There will be a feast tomorrow. A feast to celebrate MY victory!” Zack exclaimed. The crowd managed a feeble cheer at that news, but it wasn’t heartfelt. Zack strutted out of the throne room after that. With his departure, many others decided to leave as well.copyright protection16PENANA4M9dyI1f6J

            “Please, let me take his body to the Underworld.” I looked up and saw that Blade’s right hand man, Thanatos was speaking to me. He was kneeling with his hands bound near the girl that had come here with Blade.copyright protection16PENANAyxybKJrwGk

            As queen of the gods, I was technically in command whenever Zack was absent, but I had yet to be in such a situation. So I had no idea of how to handle this. “Not yet, maybe soon. There are some things we need to take care of first.” I told him. I hoped that would satisfy him for now.copyright protection16PENANA19MTALBYwK

            “Is he really dead?” Albany asked. “I mean, can the god of death really die?”copyright protection16PENANAhBwrP49Rkg

            “That’s his body, it seems pretty dead to me.” Artie muttered gazing curiously at Blade. “Unless he’s faking.”copyright protection16PENANAASO84ySw5z

            “Trust me, he’s dead.” Nyx muttered.copyright protection16PENANAQ7ID0joBiV

            “How do you know?” I asked her.copyright protection16PENANAlzxS1mXadh

            “Thanatos can sense it.” she answered quietly. “That is why he is so upset.”copyright protection16PENANArO9fXdOQJU

            “Move!” Herman and Eric appeared. Shepherding in the other captured gods. “We got most of them.” Herman informed me. “Aeolus flew off when he realized how outnumbered he was and the two titans, Prometheus and Menoetius, run off when we figured out it was Hekate disguised as Blade down in the field.”copyright protection16PENANApA18e2sCEK

            “I can probably go and catch them now.” Eric offered. “I can’t promise I’d bring them back alive though. Bloody cowards!”copyright protection16PENANAy0j5SksPvG

            “No. They won’t cause any more trouble.” Nyx assured everyone. “Blade was the leader. Without him, this little rebellion is over.”copyright protection16PENANA6Xvgdsu2ie

            “It doesn’t seem like it’s over.” Albany muttered. “Right now,” she pointed at Blade’s body, “it seems more real than ever.”copyright protection16PENANAWIPYQ30iGF

            “We can’t just let him rot up here.” Paul said standing beside Albany. “What do we do with him?”copyright protection16PENANA2eFmkxHNmd

            “Please, let me take his body to the Underworld.” Thanatos begged once again. “Please.”copyright protection16PENANAttbZJoreqK

            I knew Zack wouldn’t appreciate me getting rid of Blade’s body just yet. “Why don’t we move him somewhere safe? At least until Zack sees fit to bury him.” I offered.copyright protection16PENANAsnshljlmC1

            “Sounds like a good plan.” Herman said. “Come on Eric, let’s put this somewhere safe.” Eric grabbed Blade’s feet, and Herman gripped his shoulder. Together the two boys carried the fallen god away.copyright protection16PENANA1FgH2BeKoB

            “Artie and Paul. Can you take these prisoners to Chiron? He’ll know what to do with them.” I ordered next.copyright protection16PENANAXS59RPxj3Y

            “No problem.” Paul said stepping forward. “Come on Artie.”copyright protection16PENANA3vlwNHQ84s

            “Move it folks.” The twins began to lead the gods and goddesses loyal to Blade out of the room.copyright protection16PENANAa57qMa11Uq

            “It’s over.” Hector muttered from his throne. “We just lived through a war.”copyright protection16PENANACSiI19xzsA

            “Never forget this one.” Nyx said reflecting. “We don’t often kill our own.”copyright protection16PENANAxw6T3TBT2F

            “Our own?” Sid exclaimed. “Blade wasn’t one of us!”copyright protection16PENANAmcKuDxEFzz

            “Yes he was.” Nyx countered. “He is a member of the Greek pantheon as much as any of you. He may not have sat a throne on Olympus, but he was one of you.”copyright protection16PENANA5crnUtxr2Z

            “You’re defending him?” I asked. My tone wasn’t hostile, I didn’t hate Nyx for this opinion I was just shocked that she was voicing these things in the throne room. I mean after all, wasn’t Zeus the All-Knowing?copyright protection16PENANA1Aw8uA15u4

            “I’m not saying he was right doing what he did, but I am saying he had a very legitimate reason to be upset.” Nyx explained. “Now don’t even start with the whole it was Zack who hated him not me. I don’t want to hear it. You gods are all the same. More ignorant than a sleeping baby!”copyright protection16PENANAKQhvlU20zB

            “YOU gods?” Sid repeated confused. “Don’t you mean US gods?”copyright protection16PENANAzFN12Iuz9x

            “No! I am not a god, nor am I a goddess. I am technically just the personification of the night, not a god at all.” Nyx informed us. “And proud of it.”copyright protection16PENANAzb76jBGlGa

            “This isn’t helping.” I shouted. “Nyx, it might be best if you took a walk. Maybe get some air.” I was desperate to keep everyone calm. That last thing we needed right now was another rouge and rebellious god, or personification of whatever!copyright protection16PENANApr1GWmBYmb

            “What was that about?” Hector asked after Nyx stormed from the throne room. “She was pretty angry about all this.”copyright protection16PENANAAWQoXT6stg

            I took a deep breath. “I know. She didn’t like the fact that gods are killing gods. I mean they brought us here to replace the old Olympians hoping that we humans would be able to avoid things like this. We were their hope for change, but nothing has really changed at all.”copyright protection16PENANAZ2r79KJP5q

            “Not yet.” Sid muttered.copyright protection16PENANAZvR1bNnMMK

            “What?” I asked having not heard him. “What did you say?”copyright protection16PENANAYnHOMEHS7a

            Sid cleared his throat. “I said that nothing has changed yet.”copyright protection16PENANA87dAemkXcq

            “What do you mean by yet?” Hector asked. “You’re staying things will change?”copyright protection16PENANAncVfd63BTP

            “They have to. That’s just what people do, they change.” Sid explained. “Heck, my favorite band changes every month. I change my clothes every day and I change what I eat regularly. Not just the small things either. Oh no, I’ve changed a bunch of major things in my lifetime. Everybody has, well every human has. Think about all the things you do differently every day. You talk about different things, talk to different people, learn different things, do different things. Humans change bottom line. Not overnight, not in an hour, but over time.”copyright protection16PENANAlSd2GZHoRO

            “Wow, Sid.” I said dumbstruck. “That was pretty intelligent.”copyright protection16PENANAy0VMAa8V8l

            “You like that?” Sid asked smiling. “How about this fact? Seven years from now, I’ll be an entirely new person…cellularly speaking.”copyright protection16PENANAlwxgLKnOlh

            “Holy crap man!” Hector exclaimed. “Yesterday I would’ve bet good money that you couldn’t have pronounced cellularly! And now here you are actually using it in a sentence…correctly I might add!”copyright protection16PENANAEH9RKQQreI

            “Yeah I know. I’m kind of smart, but all of you assumed otherwise when you first met me, I saw no reason to correct you.” Sid said.copyright protection16PENANAgMIczjnIev

            “Huh. Well I’m sorry I judged you.” I told him.copyright protection16PENANA3z1AQMleBH

            “You’re not the only one to judge me, and I’m not the only one being judged.” Sid told me.copyright protection16PENANAwfoF68vXAK

            “You’re right.” I said. “I think everyone else assumed that we’d be their savior. That we would instantly fix the world.” I looked at my two friends standing with me. “Well they were right to assume that we are their saviors, but they were wrong about us fixing the problem so fast.”copyright protection16PENANAFRxn36GqOV

            “Yeah, we’ll need at least a couple days.” Hector said jokingly.copyright protection16PENANAVRvXsmKOAl

            “Seriously though.” I said. “I say we take Blade as a lesson and learning opportunity. We stop this from ever happening again. We fix Olympus. And everyone on it!”copyright protection16PENANAv6AUMH3iED

            “Fix? As in neuter?” Sid asked horrified.copyright protection16PENANA2jvzHyFoZt

            “Eww! God no!” I shouted.copyright protection16PENANAjVlPSNbCBL

            Hector laughed. “Sometimes being smart is a disadvantage.”copyright protection16PENANAY7Sz1Eg4WV

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