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Gods in Training
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods in Training
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Chapter 34 Artemisia
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!NPwHaoKoKZHGmeXOkSPwposted on PENANA

            Well, Blade was dead. I was still grasping that. Since the battle, things had been moving a little too fast for me to truly understand it all. I mean, Blade was dead! It seems like just yesterday that he was spitting on Zack. I don’t know the world is crazy I guess.copyright protection18PENANAdn3zrRZ5V5

            “Please, let me bury his body.” I turned to see Thanatos on his knees begging again. He had been pleading with us to let him go and bury Blade’s body. I was for letting him do it, but Kara had told us to wait for Zack’s say so before we did anything regarding the lord of the underworld.copyright protection18PENANAfJVMq5abtV

            “You know I can’t let you leave.” I told him. “All of you are to remain here until Lord Zeus sees fit to deal with you.” I told him and the other prisoners. Thankfully Thanatos was the only one that talked to me. I wouldn’t be able to stand the dozen of them all at once. But the others were sitting obediently in their cells. They all looked like they were on death row…knowing Zack, maybe they were. All were wearing glazed faces with non-seeing eyes. I could tell that these people were checked out.copyright protection18PENANAabBxqzlKra

            “Just let me bury his body.” Thanatos begged once again.copyright protection18PENANAhFxlfZce58

            “Look, I’m sorry.” I said kneeling before his cell. “I can’t let you out. I just can’t.” I straightened up and returned to the desk where Paula was sitting. “How do you feel about all this?” I asked her. “I mean Blade being dead.”copyright protection18PENANAklSf7ilitP

            Paul looked at me without answering for a while. Then he replied. “He’s gone. And the only thing that matters to me is that nobody on our side died.”copyright protection18PENANAdE0PbqoxbQ

            “You aren’t even a little conflicted about that whole deal?” I had trouble believing Paul’s answer.copyright protection18PENANAHswfNLf00k

            “This whole deal is over. Blade is dead! We should let these guys go home and then we can finally get to enjoy the peace and quiet of being a god.” Paul told me. “I regret that Blade had to die I guess. But I’m not going to miss him. I never once spoke to him. I never knew him. I only ever even saw him like three times!”copyright protection18PENANA9kF1zNjV5N

            “That makes sense, but he was so young.” I pushed on. “That’s not right for someone to die so young.”copyright protection18PENANAKjsK8Dbxbn

            “Who are you to say?” Paul asked. “Remember that documentary we watched with Mom during summer break? The one with the turtles?”copyright protection18PENANAoSPU8DFnDG

            “Yeah I remember.” I told him. It had been a traumatic experience.copyright protection18PENANAIN0oOAb8vh

            “That whole beach was full of turtles. Little, baby, fresh out of the egg turtles.” Paul continued. “Do you remember what happened next?”copyright protection18PENANAVfAo0J1cgd

            I did indeed. “There were birds that came in and ate the turtles.” I told her, horrible thing to watch.copyright protection18PENANAzF6pze2fCG

            Paul nodded solemnly. “Those turtles had five minutes of life tops. That’s dying young. But in the end, that makes the other turtles stronger. Only the ones able to reach the water safely were able to live. Survival of the fittest, man. Blade died, we didn’t. Blade didn’t fit into our world. That steered him towards death. Far be it from me or you to say that was unjust. Blade got out of life what he put in.” Paul informed me. “He had a bad outlook on life, because bad things happened to him, and that caused more bad things to happen. Blade thought that since he suffered through life on earth, that he was entitled to something special up here as a god. He was a fool.”copyright protection18PENANAVltWJhxVp2

            “What do you mean?” I asked my brother.copyright protection18PENANAcliNJjwLwN

            “Blade didn’t get what he wanted, so he tried to take it by force.” Paul said as he stood up from the desk. “Going against the Olympians, even us New Olympians is suicide. He had to know that. Olympus has ruled this long for a reason, this system works. And one angry man with a couple followers won’t change that.”copyright protection18PENANAY5s4u2jxhW

            “That’s all true, but it’s still a tragedy.” I muttered shaking my head.copyright protection18PENANAddhHa1YHWo

            “They call it a Greek tragedy for a reason.” Thanatos whispered from his cell. “Even as a god…bad luck and misfortune will hound us just as much as those normal people blissfully living their lives on earth. As death I know this, I’ve taken my share of immortal souls to Hell.” Thanatos snorted. “Blade is just one more body on the pile.” He paused for nearly a minute before continuing. “I just wish I could take that last walk with him. Apologize to him.”copyright protection18PENANAK9K3WumsgS

            “Apologize?” Paul said. “You made him a god! He should owe you his life five times over. He should be fanning you and feeding you grapes.”copyright protection18PENANAfeYIjtKD02

            “Maybe if I had made him do that, he would still be alive.” Thanatos muttered.copyright protection18PENANAzegRVqSU8O

            “Maybe is the worst word in the world. Only ‘maybe’ can control a person’s feelings. Maybe if I had been more understanding…or maybe if I had said no to Pan, then none of this would have happened.” I nearly shouted. “Bullshit.”copyright protection18PENANAjSY4VUyinO

            “Where’d this come from?” Paul asked raising his eyebrows.copyright protection18PENANAbD39lmD60D

            “Maybe doesn’t matter.” I insisted. “There’s no Greek god of time travel, and no goddess of fixing past mistakes, so why bother. Saying maybe is a waste of time. Acknowledge your mistake and make damn sure to not make the same mistake twice. But don’t let them keep you living in the past. Move on. I’m sorry he’s dead, but even the lord of death must die.”copyright protection18PENANA8zSpqOPjJX

            Thanatos merely studied me under his fedora. He didn’t respond, and I’m not sure if I would have if I were him either. Sometimes, it’s better to say nothing at all.copyright protection18PENANA82Q67L1F4o

            “Sis, I think you have achieved god level wisdom.” Paul muttered awestruck after nearly five minutes of silence.copyright protection18PENANAtf1xpnU2uU

            I couldn’t help it. I laughed out laugh. “I’m Artemis, the best goddess remember?”copyright protection18PENANAGCty2UmRe6

            “Oh, you’re not at best goddess level yet.” Paul smiled slyly. “Not yet.”copyright protection18PENANAPm8GsfrtVw

            “Well, you’re a god. Are you god level wisdom or goddess level?” I asked playfully.copyright protection18PENANASpLUWaiQcM

            “I’m off the charts level wisdom. The highest you can go.” Paul said leaning back in his seat. “I’m the best there is.”copyright protection18PENANAKSperr9Nin

            “Oh really?” I asked. “And how is it that you are higher than god or goddess?” I said raising an eyebrow.copyright protection18PENANAT8K2OcigGe

            “Same reason Pan and the others wanted to get humans to replace the Old Olympians.” Paul explained. “I wouldn’t expect someone who only thinks like a god to understand. You see, those humans, they’re pretty smart. They learn from their mistakes, and they adapt. You have ever seen a god learn from a mistake?”copyright protection18PENANAMyDxtAILqU

            “I’ve never seen a god that would admit they made a mistake.” I jested.copyright protection18PENANAxbNWqenA2G

            “And that is ultimately what makes them lower level wisdom.” Paul said satisfactorily. “Bing. Bang. Boom.”copyright protection18PENANAXWOIZDUhUB

            “That’s some mortal wisdom if I ever heard it.” I said smiling. One little conversation with my twin and all my worries were forgotten. I don’t know if Paul meant to do it, but he helped me forget.copyright protection18PENANAwGa9eDJWoa

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