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Gods in Training
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods in Training
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Chapter 39 Blade
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!rONAr3um9JU0pFWq0G1Eposted on PENANA

            We were back into the hospital room where I had woken up. Kronos was now unconscious in his new body. The skeleton workers returned the bed to where it had been originally, and then they left.copyright protection17PENANAHj3ZXDYswm

            I just kind of stood there, not knowing when Kronos would wake up. I figured that I should be there when he did, so I waited.copyright protection17PENANA3YaQyCU2Y4

            As I stood over the Titan of time, a chill ran up my spine. From my limited knowledge of Greek mythology, I had at least heard Kronos’ name before today but I couldn’t tell you much about him. I seem to remember him not being a nice guy, but hey! I assaulted the home of the gods. I probably fit in with Kronos now.copyright protection17PENANAMT4bz0BAHD

            I still couldn’t shake the feeling that something bad was building up in the shadows. I just didn’t like that notion at all. Having been to Hell, I knew what bad things felt like. And this feeling I was having was setting records even by my standards. Something about Kronos put me on edge. Looking down at his face made my hands shake uncontrollable.copyright protection17PENANAepWhoTVnmr

            “What is going on?” I asked myself. I raised my hand in front of my face and watching as it quivered like a leaf.copyright protection17PENANAJppTgXva0u

            “Hades!” Kronos had woken up. His eyes glared at me.copyright protection17PENANAeMojXXjzy1

            “Hello Kronos.” I said, not really knowing what to say. What are you supposed to say to an ancient Titan? “Are you feeling ok?”copyright protection17PENANAcMq94P3Zdp

            Kronos ignored my question. “I am free.” He whispered to himself. Kronos laughed, the noise filled the room and echoed in my head. That laugh filled me with fear, immense fear. “I AM FREE!” Kronos’ eyes locked onto me. “I can never repay this.copyright protection17PENANArWOQQ5OmfO

            “Uh, it’s cool?” I told him not really sure of myself. This whole situation was a first for me. Obviously.copyright protection17PENANAQuBfNzd79L

            “Well that’s good.” Kronos said getting up from his bed. “Now I can kill you knowing that I owe you nothing.copyright protection17PENANA9lyzuDpyDC

            Whoa! Total 180 degree turn. “What are you talking about?” I started to back away. The fear came back, and my bad feeling sensor was shouting ‘I told you so!’ in my head. “Kill me? I thou-thought you were going to help me ki-kill the Olym-Olympians?” I began to lose control of my voice as Kronos advanced closer to me.copyright protection17PENANAX4yLUpQIL6

            He laughed again and I shivered in terror. “Help you? You mean do all the work for you? I know that Hades planned to betray me when the fighting was done. How could you think to hid that from me?copyright protection17PENANAxCA9RoJ5vS

            “Ha-Hades planned that! Not me, I didn’t kn-know about any of this until to-today!” I couldn’t keep my voice steady.copyright protection17PENANAREepeI2DhF

            “Oh, my mistake.” Kronos practically purred with excitement. “I thought that Hades was a god, not some quivering girl! Could you please take me to the REAL Hades? To think, you replaced a son of mine!copyright protection17PENANAfeJOZEeQnZ

            Did he just call me a girl? Ah hell no! The fear melted away. I was Hades, Lord of Death. I had died once already and came back! Why was I scared to die once more? The first time wasn’t THAT bad. Then he laughed again, and I almost ruined my shorts.copyright protection17PENANAXUBy4tWNzs

            “The gods have become sheep!” Kronos pointed at me. “Hades would have never left if he knew that you would be his replacement!copyright protection17PENANAFq7TPlCSZT

            I took a deep breath. I would not be cowed! Screw the plan, I could tell that Kronos was a BAD dude. I needed to kill him.copyright protection17PENANAyf8i37WhYj

            “What makes you so much better than the gods?” I shouted at him. Looking over my shoulder, I could see a syringe. One small needle wasn’t much if I would be going up against the Titan of Time, but it was better than my fists.copyright protection17PENANAhWeTujnq6W

            “Well it’s all a matter of opinion. I think I’m better, therefore I am.” Kronos told me.copyright protection17PENANASMnZGdlj5k

            “That makes no sense.” I said, still back tracking towards the syringe.copyright protection17PENANAdEzlWDtSVr

            Kronos laughed again. “Why do I need to be better than them?” Kronos asked. “Multiple times throughout history, a terrible system has replaced a working one. Not because it was better, just because they were able to too. I will be able to take control from the gods, so I will.copyright protection17PENANAcdnr6RKtiR

            “You can’t, trust me they’re too powerful.” I warned him. “And they have numbers on you.” I was nearly to the needle now.copyright protection17PENANAqbDNbk1wD7

            “Too powerful for you maybe, but not for me. Besides, I’ve had time to think out a perfect strategy. Plenty of time.copyright protection17PENANARQLrcH4FA0

            One quick jab to the heart. I told myself. Just one quick jab, and I could fix this terrible mistake. Two more steps come on act scared. Make him think that’s why your backing up. One more step. I took a deep breath, and took the step. GO! I lunged for the needle. I hastily grabbed it and swung my hand around. I swung it in one big arc towards Kronos’ chest. The needle never made it.copyright protection17PENANA6MduejmYNF

            “It was a good attempt Hades. At least now you will die a man.” Kronos plucked the needle form my motionless hands. My body was frozen, I could not move anything. I couldn’t blink, I couldn’t open my mouth, and my eyes were fixed in one place.copyright protection17PENANAPeQt21O3yr

            Kronos took a few steps back. “Titan of Time.” He explained. “I can freeze time. And that is what I have done.” He held the needle up to my eyes. “Out of pure luck, you grabbed cyanide. That could have really hurt me, but I’m too good.” He chuckled and then threw the syringe against the wall.copyright protection17PENANAapiVQuDV9d

            “Do you want to know what I will do to you Hades?” I little part of me died. I didn’t want to hear the torturous things he would do to me before I died. “I’m not going to kill you.” WHAT? “No, trust me it would be fun, but I think letting the gods have you would be better, well at least the ones that survive.” He leaned in and was inches from my face. “Can you imagine what they will do to you when they find out you let me out? Just think, they will hold you responsible for everything I do!” He laughed. “They will outcast you, if they don’t kill you first. They will brand you a traitor. They will make sure you never meet happiness again. They will tie you to a rock and poke you with thousands of tiny…little…needles.” Each of these last three words came with a punch in my gut. “For eternity…well not eternity just until I kill them. I swear I still won’t kill you then. I will hang you so you choke, only to let you down before you die. I will keep that up until your gagging bores me. Then I will see how you like drowning, again not until you die. This will continue until you beg for death.copyright protection17PENANAVg09Let8dh

            I couldn’t help it. I was scared, scared for my life and scared of the man standing before me. Everything inside me begged to run away with all my might, but Kronos held me in place. I couldn’t escape. I was forced to stay and listen.copyright protection17PENANAN3vExxFlBe

            “Hades, when you wish for it to end, it will end. I will let you die then.” Kronos moved away from my face. “Now how much are you looking forward to your future.copyright protection17PENANANLD5HuAkpK

            I wanted with all my heart to hit him, but I couldn’t.copyright protection17PENANAyl1zvNNYV1

            “Compared to your future, the other gods will receive a mercy. Most of them will never even live. You see I realized something. Today, the gods are numerous and powerful. But nearly every god gained their godly status because of Zeus. If I could remove Zeus from history, that would eliminate a majority of the gods for me without any added work. But, alas…how would one go back in TIME and kill the king of the gods.” The full ramifications of my actions hit me right then. “Oh wait! I can go back in time! But I’m stuck in this prison that blocks my strength and powers. And then again, that problem is solved. Hades, you made all this possible when you made your deal with me.” Kronos laughed again and ruffled my hair. “I’ll be sure to toast to you at my victory feast.copyright protection17PENANAfJ4LnBj3XU

            He took several steps away from me. “Don’t worry, I’ll leave a few Olympians alive to make sure you are hated sufficiently. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go kill Zeus.” With that he disappeared into the past.copyright protection17PENANAhKGVQoqrJP

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