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Gods in Training
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods in Training
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Chapter 45 Blade
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!hAg0eKUY5Z32bgwUGPlIposted on PENANA

            My stunt with Eric and the jail seemed to work out. Like I had predicted it actually helped us. Artie and Paul found their way to us the very next day. They had seen us on the local news and remembered everything. Granted at first they were trying to rescue the others from my ‘mind control’. But once we convinced them that I was a changed man now. Things worked out ok. Hector knew who we were when we showed up to get him, and he even said that the only reason he hadn’t come looking for us was because he was scheduled to work. Things were looking up for us.copyright protection15PENANAHOOBVG7ecc

            “See I told you it was a good idea.” I was telling Albany. “You were worried for nothing.” Our group was spending the night at her freaking huge mansion. We were planning on looking for the others in the morning.copyright protection15PENANAatMru1co0h

            “This isn’t over.” She informed me. “Bad things could still happen. I think that Kronos could be on his way right now.”copyright protection15PENANAo3kzkRu0HP

            I saw no substance to support her worries. “Well then thank Zeus that your windows lock.” I laughed. “Come on Albany. Do you really think Kronos watches the news?”copyright protection15PENANAJoDx0ye7Nq

            She frowned. “I guess not. But I still think that was too risky.” We were walking together towards the dining room. While she had convinced the other gods to not kill me, Albany still thought it best to keep me as far away from them as possible. “After you sir.” She said opening the door and bowing.copyright protection15PENANAkXU7po8BN8

            “Why thank you.” I smiled walking in. “Hello everyone.” I wasn’t normally a cheery person. But I had decided to put on my happy face for the others. Maybe that would earn their trust.copyright protection15PENANATbbeKw6fxN

            “Hey.” Eric was the only to respond. Once he decided I wasn’t an enemy, he realized it was pretty cool that I had come back from the dead. “What’s up Death?”copyright protection15PENANA4gbHOcg2k3

            I sat down at the table and grabbed a roll. “Just chilling killing.” I said with a smile on my face.copyright protection15PENANAtE1nLqMT2z

            Eric laughed rather loudly. “He’s the god of death, and he said he was chilling KILLING!”copyright protection15PENANA1WKdbvJhKg

            “Yeah.” Paul muttered. “But he’s not Hades anymore. None of us are gods anymore.”copyright protection15PENANA4OxgwlsMoM

            “Paul!” Artie pushed him. “We’re alive. The gods aren’t. This is one of those times that being human is better than being a god.” Paul frowned, but didn’t say anything. He wasn’t the only one that seemed really upset to be human again.copyright protection15PENANAQSqRgci25k

            “Who are we looking for next?” Albany asked sitting across from me. “Who do we go after next?”copyright protection15PENANAB7hmksS4JC

            “Well Artie and I picked up Sid with Pan the first time, so we can go there next.” Paul suggested. I could probably figure out how to get there. He was probably swimming or something when the news showed you guys.”copyright protection15PENANAlOrS5YexLC

            “Yeah, that or he just didn’t know where to find you.” Artie added.copyright protection15PENANAkBuLsKXKN3

            “Sounds good. We will find Sid in the morning.” Albany stated. “Now, I know that I’m the only one that really cares, but what are we going to do about Kronos?”copyright protection15PENANA5oamLvODAy

            “We all care.” I told her. “We just are waiting to get more of us before we do anything.” Albany was insistent on making a plan to fight Kronos. I however was dreading that moment. I had met the Titan. I had been held frozen in time while he bragged about what he would do. I was afraid of him.copyright protection15PENANAgVnIOsG20r

            “But we still will need to have some sort of plan for when we do fight him.” Albany persisted. “We need to fix this. The gods should be in charge.”copyright protection15PENANAEk296vU4fH

            “The gods are dead.” Paul reminded her. “Remember? That’s why we’re not on Olympus right now.”copyright protection15PENANA7k6iHROwup

            “Paul!” Artie scolded him again.copyright protection15PENANA5Kkss8V9aV

            “We will find a way.” Albany said confidently.copyright protection15PENANAAPgDZn8Tro

            “Miss Albany?” Baxter the butler entered the room.copyright protection15PENANAAzJGRqyGW2

            “Yes, Baxter?” Albany turned to him.copyright protection15PENANA51NqugzppK

            “Someone at the door for you.” He said.copyright protection15PENANAl0zBEzYMsq

            “Who is it?” Albany asked standing up.copyright protection15PENANAa3ZTKRkixh

            “There are three people, and none gave me a name.” Baxter replied.copyright protection15PENANAlDj84NpDdO

            “That’s weird.” Albany hurried from the room with Baxter following behind her.copyright protection15PENANAnyPXatw8fZ

            “Did you order a pizza again?” I asked Eric.copyright protection15PENANAyq3ykOpE7X

            “NO!” He said defensively. “That was one time, before I knew that food would be prepared for us. Let it go.”copyright protection15PENANAWsAfBE20ig

            “Why would three people deliver a pizza?” Paul said turning to me. “That wouldn’t make sense.”copyright protection15PENANAOFOEDY7a7n

            “Have you seen him eat?” I retorted pointing at Eric, who currently had his mouth stuffed with potato chips. “They would need three people to just to carry that pizza.”copyright protection15PENANA9GOde81EN8

            “I may not be the war god anymore, but I can still stab you.” Eric said showing me a rather wimpy looking butter knife.copyright protection15PENANABJBcZcR1c9

            “Put the plastic knife down.” Artie muttered. “No one cares.”copyright protection15PENANAh1O6Fs5NCc

            “I ain’t afraid to stab a woman.” He muttered threatening to her. Paul and Artie stood up and picked up their bows, which were leaning against the wall.copyright protection15PENANAaLTYZ870MV

            “You aren’t nearly as tough as Ares was.” Artie warned him.copyright protection15PENANA9nFKzEWqG9

            “But both of us are still just as accurate with these.” Paul finished his sisters thought as they both simultaneously drew their bows. The arrowheads were unwaveringly pointed at each of Eric’s eyes. I knew what it felt like to stare down those shafts. The twins had greeted me in much the same way when they first arrived.copyright protection15PENANAzYao5QQaDs

            Eric dropped the knife. The twins fired their arrows into the wall, making sure he felt their breeze as they blew by him. “I swear, if there weren’t two of you...” He muttered quietly.copyright protection15PENANAnOegNdpVeb

            “You’d what?” Artie asked him. “Huh? What would you do?”copyright protection15PENANAQnyw78b3zS

            Eric picked up his knife again and with his other hand grabbed a napkin. It wasn’t the best weapon choice. But it was the napkin or me. “You wanna find out?” Erics jumped on top of the table, spilling Hector’s soup.copyright protection15PENANAd9QnxWeo6R

            “It was getting cold anyways.” Hector sighed sitting back.copyright protection15PENANARuF5Ltjaox

            “Sit down.” Artie ordered, but she and her brother’s bows stayed trained on Eric’s head.copyright protection15PENANAlfUUL13X5C

            “I don’t take orders from a goddess.” Eric sneered at her.copyright protection15PENANAPiLGGjCUIJ

            “I’ll make you a goddess!” Artie shouted. Her aim dropped from Eric’s eye down to the junction of his legs.copyright protection15PENANAMzesEZVY9j

            Paul turned to his sister. “I know he’s a jerk, but come on sis. That’s just uncalled for.”copyright protection15PENANAvvypqkrtix

            “You want to be next?” She asked angrily. “Cause I can make that happen!”copyright protection15PENANA67QROwbrrT

            Eric would rather lose his dignity than his manhood and he wisely stepped down from the table. The twins were on the ends of their ropes ever since they got here. Partly because they didn’t fully trust me, and partly because Eric was constantly picking fights with them.copyright protection15PENANAbdspG7oB5y

            “Look what the cat dragged in!” Albany returned ushering in our guests. It was Herman, Nyx, and Pan.copyright protection15PENANAVB4t1uOsY6

            “Pan!” The twins put down their bows and hugged the satyr.copyright protection15PENANAZ4ePW3m7uO

            “Hey Herman.” Hector said.copyright protection15PENANA1F2t5IBtjH

            “Lord Hades.” Nyx bowed before me. The room got real quiet. Everyone was looking at me.copyright protection15PENANA2fi7JjCxMA

            “No, I’m just Blade now. None of us are gods anymore.” I told her.copyright protection15PENANAEMESCBVYIq

            “None of them are gods anymore.” Nyx corrected me. “You, son of Kronos, are still Hades.” Now the room was really silent.copyright protection15PENANANJ6PdbxPFR

            “But Hades died in Atlantis. He died with all of the children of Kronos.” I said. I knew it was true, I had read it on the internet.copyright protection15PENANAwH6PPP9rnV

            “The gods did not die with Atlantis. They escaped the sinking city. Kronos believed that he had killed them, but he did not.” Pan explained. “We were there kid. We know.”copyright protection15PENANA11IGTkhPj0

            “What?” Artie asked. “He’s still a god.”copyright protection15PENANAg6KmVYxtNd

            “All the children of Kronos are still gods.” Nyx said. “Except of course Zeus. He actually died.”copyright protection15PENANAkkVraKgjbD

            “Are you still gods?” Hector asked the two adults.copyright protection15PENANAfdFXUzicoB

            “Yes. We don’t owe our godly ascension to Zeus, so we remained when he died.” Nyx explained. “We are still gods, and there are a few others.”copyright protection15PENANAcFIX1DWz7J

            “So are Kara and Sid and the other children of Kronos still gods?” Albany asked. “Because this totally changes how we should plan for Kronos.”copyright protection15PENANAMr4ISes9yE

            “We don’t have a plan for Kronos.” Artie reminded her.copyright protection15PENANANORsLL14Xq

            “What others are there?” I asked.copyright protection15PENANAGa5o8724G9

            “Not many.” Pan admitted. “The gods are still at war with the Titans. Whenever they find one of us…” He slid his finger across his neck.copyright protection15PENANANtBSbu7DEF

            “Many were killed long ago. Even more stopped being gods, they gave up.” Nyx went on to explain. “We have not tasted happiness or hope for a long time.”copyright protection15PENANAirt9TfVVjT

            “What about the Olympians. The old Hades and Poseidon? Did they not try to stop Kronos?” Albany asked.copyright protection15PENANAlZ3robyqff

            “I remember that after Atlantis, all of the gods with any sense didn’t show their faces for a few centuries.” Pan said. “Sure there were some attempts to fix this, but none of them worked…obviously.”copyright protection15PENANAA3IbWUG3yk

            “The problem with fighting Kronos is that no one has seen him since Atlantis.” Nyx said. “He doesn’t do anything. We can’t kill him if we don’t know where he is.”copyright protection15PENANAJQLcZFrVBL

            “How does he kill gods if no one sees him?” Paula asked.copyright protection15PENANAOWLSo93WAj

            “The other Titans do it for him.” Pan says. “But mainly it’s Gaia.”copyright protection15PENANAcanUmkP2nn

            Albany’s mouth dropped wide open. “Gaia is on our side! She was mine friend, she wouldn’t kill gods. She was a god…she was a Titan.” Albany seemed to be having a battle in her mind. “I remember that she was originally a Titan but she changed sides.”copyright protection15PENANAm6d8jdOL9p

            “Gaia chose the Titans in favor of the leaderless and floundering gods this time. And she made all the difference.” Nyx said bitterly. “The earth has ears and eyes everywhere. Sooner or later, if she’s looking for you, Gaia will find you…and when she does. Hell hath no fury like Mother Earth.”copyright protection15PENANAwXliPKsTH2

            “So she could find us here?” Eric asked sounding not as tough as when he was staring down the twins earlier. I knew that he had witnessed a sample of Gaia’s power before. And looking at Albany confirmed it.copyright protection15PENANAdTdBOAVDDj

            “Is this house on the Earth?” Pan asked. “Because if it is, then she can find you.”copyright protection15PENANA00qe8JsWvB

            “This changes everything.” Albany muttered. “How do we fight the Earth?”copyright protection15PENANAl2yHkorMi8

            “Global warming.” Herman suggested. “Everyone says that it kills our planet. If we all go and buy SUV’s, maybe we can weaken her by driving around.” Sadly that was the best idea we had, and it was a joke.copyright protection15PENANAPv236QD2tg

            “Do you think Selene would let us live on the moon with her? She is the moon goddess right?” Hector asked.copyright protection15PENANAlugMIpwbl1

            “Selene and Helios abandoned Earth a long time ago.” Nyx said. “They aren’t coming back. And they aren’t alone.”copyright protection15PENANAMH3lonJQa2

            “We could burn down a forest?” Herman suggested again.copyright protection15PENANAZZx12ERGGl

            “How can you tell jokes at a time like this?” Artie shouted at him. Get enough Olympians together and shouting will follow shortly.copyright protection15PENANAX2PePyDlJZ

            “Because I’m not as deathly scared when I make fun of all this.” Herman admitted.copyright protection15PENANAmvGpR5NBWX

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