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Gods in Training
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods in Training
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Chapter 46 Albany
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
10 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!JRG5zFwSnZQ2xYjQfUFcposted on PENANA

            I was conflicted. Gaia had been my friend when I was a goddess. But now that I hear that she has been killing gods…I felt betrayed. Like a sister helped a bully beat me up all of a sudden. I had gone to Greece with Gaia! I thought we were friends, but now I know I was wrong.copyright protection17PENANAMvexnaOAdK

            “We will spend the night here.” Nyx was telling the group. “Then in the morning we will head out to try and find Lady Hera. She is our queen now after all.”copyright protection17PENANAPWCw2cby4y

            I thought of Kara. With her purple hair I had always thought of her as the kind of girl that I had hated back during my days in high school. The kind of girls that lived for gossip and boys. The girls that would cry and claw for prom queen. The kind of girls whose lives after high school was a mediocre existence filled with memories of the good old years. But then I got to know her. I watched as she took the reins in Zack’s shadow. I saw that she was strong. She helped to control Zack and keep our boat afloat. I wouldn’t have picked any other to lead us. But I was still worried.copyright protection17PENANAxVA5TTW9OB

            “Kara?” Paul asked. “You know where she is?”copyright protection17PENANAmA7A8uKW5Y

            “No.” Nyx said like it was a dumb question.copyright protection17PENANAHUVkrYwCwB

            “How will you find her then?” Paul continued. “She could be anywhere.”copyright protection17PENANAa4xL9rF6At

            “We found you didn’t we?” Nyx said. “We can find her.”copyright protection17PENANAHW4Oxcji9p

            “Kara will be with the other children of Kronos.” Pan said. “Poseidon, Demeter, and Hestia. And knowing Hestia they will probably start looking for you all.”copyright protection17PENANAgRkcbLaInG

            “Life is complicated.” Eric complained. “Why us? I was doing just fine living a normal life.”copyright protection17PENANAjyLQjViY1S

            “No you weren’t.” I told him. “You were in jail.”copyright protection17PENANAsIPwxnIQFS

            “The world wasn’t in danger was it?” Eric retorted. “Besides, I was on my way out when you and Gaia showed up anyway.”copyright protection17PENANAfWJz8VkjDI

            “This is the best thing that ever happened to me.” Hector muttered. “Not this, but Olympus. I was a no name mechanic going nowhere. They I became a god.” He looked at all of us. “We were given a gift. Only now we found out that we have to pay for it. There’s no point in complaining now when life gets hard.” He looked at Eric. “You weren’t complaining on Olympus. But now that we have to put in a few hours and do some work, you whine. Pitiful.”copyright protection17PENANA0WgLNAG6zH

            My mouth dropped. Hector was as neutral a person as the Dalai lama, yet here he was calling out Eric, the tatted up freak with anger problems.copyright protection17PENANAY1qOxXcgNR

            Hector stood up. “You’re a quitter. You quit on school, you quit on society, hell man you even quit on yourself. You quit caring. Making you a god was the biggest mistake in history.” I was shocked. Hector had barely ever spoken before.copyright protection17PENANA83NRCWNXfq

            “Listen you punk.” Eric stood up.copyright protection17PENANAGfnX1bxHh7

            “Sit down!” Hector shouted. “I wasn’t done. Have you ever seen a heart monitor. The beeping line that moves up and down? Those hills and valleys are symbolic on the monitor. No ups and downs mean that you aren’t living. Enjoy the good times and suffer through the bad. You had your fun on Olympus. Now help us get back to the way things were.”copyright protection17PENANAog8O5GLhWz

No one talked. We were too busy being inspired. I couldn’t believe it. Hector to the rescue. I was fast learning that my previous judgments about these people where all wrong.copyright protection17PENANA85CVXfSKd7

Eric was the first to speak. “Whatever man.” He stood up and looked at us all. “I’ll finish this with you guys.” With that he walked out of the room.copyright protection17PENANAaTnyQoJo50

“We should all go to bed.” Pan said standing up as well. “We have things and stuff to do in the morning. Off to bed.”copyright protection17PENANAvugEjlk5Ch

“Come into my house and boss me around?” I said jokingly to him. But I obeyed with the others just the same. While the others were scrambling to find a couch or spare bed, I made my way up to my room and closed the door. I sat down on my bed thinking about what Hector had said. He was right. I had to finish this. We left this mess and now we had to clean it up. I was ready to take on the world.copyright protection17PENANAFLmhHkxz4K

I was so excited and pumped up that I couldn’t sleep. I tossed and turned for nearly an hour before I gave up hope of a good night sleep. I sat up and sighed. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep. I decided to go and get a glass of milk to try and ease me to sleep. I changed into some clothes and tiptoed down the stairs and into the kitchen.copyright protection17PENANAGfE4NvswTy

I slid the door open and blinking in its light pulled the milk carton out. I retrieved a glass and set it on the counter. As I was filling up the glass, I caught a glimpse of movement outside the window. I looked up but couldn’t see anything.copyright protection17PENANAxp3O3m9nsM

“Just a squirrel.” I told myself. There was a wood nearby and the little critters were everywhere. I placed the milk back in its place and stood looking out the window as I sipped the cool milk. It was dark outside, but I made out a shape moving outside. It wasn’t a squirrel. It looked like a…person.copyright protection17PENANAF7x1pemWNq

Whoever it was, I could tell that they were walking up the driveway towards the house. I took one last drink of the milk before setting it down and walking to the door. Thinking Pan had gone out to stretch his goat legs I opened the door and stepped out onto the porch.copyright protection17PENANAGuGlzuQ11J

“What are you doing out here?” I called to the shadow. The shadow stopped moving. I got worried then. I knew that Pan would have answered me. This person wasn’t Pan.copyright protection17PENANAAy8Dmb0wzs

“Who are you?” I asked them. Again no answer, although they resumed approaching the house. It occurred to me that I should return to the house, rapidly. I ran back inside and grasped the handle. I looked outside. The person was nearing the porch. I turned on the porch light to try and see who it was. When the darkness disappeared, a familiar face appeared.copyright protection17PENANAjezQgY5CUT

“Gaia?” I was shocked. I let go of the door and walked back outside. “Why are you here so late?” Then I remembered our talk from before. Gaia was sided with the Titans now. She was responsible for attacking gods for centuries. And I just happened to have a few gods in my house. Suddenly I knew why she was here. “No…”copyright protection17PENANA3BoKXXeNZf

“Child!” Gaia roared with an air of arrogance that I had never heard from her. “Take me to the gods. I know they are here.”copyright protection17PENANAwzNFdaRdGr

“Gaia, we’re your friends.” I told her. I hoped that she would remember me like Eric and the others had when they saw us. It didn’t work.copyright protection17PENANAF0GfQWeWz8

“I do not have time for you mortal!” She said stopping right in front of me. Gaia still had her green streaks in her hair, but instead of her normal clothes, she was wearing armor like a Roman Gladiator would have worn.copyright protection17PENANAQDKenHcCvb

“Gaia you know me.” I told her. “Remember I’m…” Gaia wrapped her hand around my throat and lifted me into the air. I couldn’t breathe.copyright protection17PENANAR2LFHYPzcw

“I will ask one more time.” Gaia said, her face inches away from mine. “Where are the gods?”copyright protection17PENANA0RwG7nDlkd

I couldn’t breathe let alone talk. I could only couch and sputter while she held me aloft. “Ga….Gaia.” I struggled to get out.copyright protection17PENANAuaQfoeXBQs

“Your kind is stupid.” Gaia muttered. She frowned and flicked her wrist, sending me flying into the yard. I hit the ground hard and cried out. I landed on my shoulder, and I could tell I broke something. I grabbed it with my other hand which sent waves of pain through my body. And then the grass rose up and bound my feet in a tight wrap. “Stay.” Gaia shouted to me. She turned back to the house and shouted. “GODS!” with that battle cry she ran into the house. I don’t remember anything after that, I blacked out from my shoulder.copyright protection17PENANAMIuyncwdLI

Bladecopyright protection17PENANAKMAhtHE62Z

“GODS!” I was woken by a shout piercing the night. I sat up and looked around. I had one of the two guest room, and I was alone in the room. I got out of bed and went to the window. I couldn’t see anything, I turned around to walk to the door. But a shadow burst through the door.copyright protection17PENANAkx9bMypJ9g

“Hades!” It shouted. The person got closer and I realized it was Nyx.copyright protection17PENANAbWZFumS1AD

“What’s going on?” I asked her. “What was that noise?” Pan ran into my room and closed the door. He locked it and then took Nyx’s hand. “What are you doing?” I asked.copyright protection17PENANAKkqkBT2g05

“Time to go.” She shouted. Nyx grabbed my hand. “Close your mouth.” The shadows wrapped around us and we were gone.copyright protection17PENANAfkCpwoXV87

“What happened?” I asked when the shadows were gone.copyright protection17PENANAcj3bZyyRz8

“Gaia happened.” Pan said. “She found us.”copyright protection17PENANAvjtWE5PGlQ

I thought about what they had said about Gaia killing gods over the centuries, and then of my friends that were probably still sleeping at the house. “The others?”copyright protection17PENANALBbo1HNZDV

“Gaia doesn’t kill mortals. Remember they are no longer gods. They should be safe.” Pan said. “We on the other hand, we had to leave.”copyright protection17PENANA6Qea2eJA5i

“Where’s my sister?” I turned and saw Paul, Hector, and Eric running towards us.copyright protection17PENANAJBCdxginXE

“We got a few out before you.” Nyx said. “But we couldn’t get them all.”copyright protection17PENANAeJgp7h7UgL

“We ran out of time.” Pan said hugging Paul. “It wasn’t enough time to get Artie and the others.”copyright protection17PENANAQnB5xDjgep

Artiecopyright protection17PENANAzY1bbystVp

“Hey wake up.” I said shaking Herman. “I think something is wrong.”copyright protection17PENANA8a8oAgFHbV

“What?” he asked.copyright protection17PENANAt1i46QIq7X

“I heard something, but I can’t find the others.” I explained. “I don’t like this.”copyright protection17PENANAPGVQS6pkAl

“Wait a minute…” Herman said. He was looking over my shoulder. I turned and saw Gaia standing there. She was wearing armor and looked pissed. “She’s a Titan!”copyright protection17PENANAKIvS659LNk

“Oh FU…” I started to say. But Gaia grasped Herman and me by the neck and lifted us up into the air.copyright protection17PENANAHgl0lsQ4SY

“Where are the gods?” She demanded. “Where are they?”copyright protection17PENANA1IFWzx2ZSD

I couldn’t say anything, and Herman was having just as much trouble. “Can’t.” he managed to croak out. Gaia dropped us.copyright protection17PENANAkDlQvrVEdI

“Where?” she repeated.copyright protection17PENANAZUZkUkNLoF

“They should be in the house.” Herman told her quickly. They should be in the others rooms.”copyright protection17PENANAJqoomYWpXP

“Lies!” Gaia slapped him. There was a pop and Herman dropped instantly hitting the floor and was out cold. “They are not in this house!” she turned to me. “Where are they?”copyright protection17PENANA2iso8YP3D3

“I don’t…” She raised her hand to slap me. “Wait they went to Canada.” I was so desperate to avoid being knocked out like Herman that I spit out the first place I thought of, which was apparently Canada.copyright protection17PENANAMCYMXS7KEw

Gaia lowered her hand. “Why would they go to Canada? Hockey season is over?”copyright protection17PENANAqoWONiNJIK

I knew I had to come up with a real believable reason for this lie. “They are recruiting other gods to fight Kronos!” little bit of the truth wouldn’t hurt right? “They heard rumors that Khione the snow goddess was hiding in Canada.” I realized later that it was possibility that Gaia had already ‘visited’ Khione.”copyright protection17PENANAyL219bZZeC

“Hmm.” Gaia muttered thinking. “The snow goddess would be able to avoid my touch beyond the snow line where nothing grows.” She lifted Herman over her shoulder. “Come with me human. Lord Kronos would like to hear of this recruitment of the gods.”copyright protection17PENANA21e0NbTVWy

“Do I have too?” I asked. I really would rather not go anywhere with Gaia after what I had just seen.copyright protection17PENANArmWnbJGYto

“Willingly or not.” Gaia said. “You are going to Kronos. Shall I carry your body too?” she offered.copyright protection17PENANAJ1aM2jX2ic

It took me a second to decide. “Don’t kill me.” I muttered. I followed meekly behind as Gaia lead me out of the house. Thanks to the sunrise, I saw Albany’s body lying motionless with cords wrapped around her neck in the lawn. Gaia waved her hand over the former love goddess and the grass returned to normal.copyright protection17PENANAEleTl25fX1

“Carry her.” She ordered me.copyright protection17PENANANooKLztsyW

I bent over and wrapped my arms around Albany. She whimpered when I touched her shoulder. I saw that it was bruised and a nasty shade of purple. “I think her shoulder is broken.” I said.copyright protection17PENANARhY141l14D

“I said carry her, not tell me her problems.” Gaia snapped.copyright protection17PENANAdIYsCkuHAr

Careful not to touch the damaged shoulder I managed to lift up Albany. This was bad. Albany was hurt, Herman might be dead, and I was following the god hunter to meet the king of all evil. At least it wasn’t raining.copyright protection17PENANAJnP78BHB4f

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