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Gods in Training
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods in Training
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Chapter 48 Artemisia
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
11 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!K0BZRG64Xqfvyv6kmGRdposted on PENANA

            “Kronos is here?” I said looking around. It was still pitch black, but the monuments were all still illuminated. “I feel like it would be hard to hide here.” We were standing in the middle of the National Mall in Washington D.C.copyright protection4PENANAHWQyGmULwS

            “Silence.” Gaia ordered me. She adjusted Herman on her shoulder then led me onwards. “Kronos is king of all. He isn’t hiding here, he’s ruling from here.”copyright protection4PENANAohS0gKGnPE

            “Where?” I asked.copyright protection4PENANAN4alAgFXXx

            “There.” Gaia pointed straight ahead. “He has made that is throne room, for now.”copyright protection4PENANAbFt1ean8VU

            I gazed at the building. “Isn’t that the Lincoln Memorial?”copyright protection4PENANA0kcTlsE2Qt

            “It is Kronos’ throne now. Whatever it was is irrelevant.” Gaia said. “Keep walking. Kronos is waiting.”copyright protection4PENANAGDyRZ88F65

            “The Lord of Time literally has all the time in the world, I think we can be a little late.” I said frowning. I was unhappy with this whole situation. I had no idea where the others went, or why they didn’t take me too. Albany wasn’t a heavy girl, but nonetheless my back was starting to ache from holding her up. And worst of all, I would have to lie to the most powerful being on the planet.copyright protection4PENANAchLGiZQG8L

            We climbed the steps and passed the pillar. We were alone in the grand chamber with Lincoln’s huge statue towering over us. There were a few lights and the shadows they cast made this whole deal that must stranger.copyright protection4PENANAB86N2rgGt6

            Gaia dropped, actually threw Herman to the ground and then knelt at the base of the Lincoln’s stone replica. I tried to be gentler with laying Albany down but… “Oh crap!” I muttered quietly after Albany’s head slipped and cracked on the marble floor. “So sorry.” I muttered. I hurried over and joined Gaia on the ground.copyright protection4PENANA9aKI1JR9pX

            “GAIA!” a voice rang through the hall. I looked up and saw that Lincoln was getting out of his chair.copyright protection4PENANAfBe0ix08e8

            “I must be really tired.” I muttered as the statue glared down at me.copyright protection4PENANAUQh0DjrT0V

            “Lord Kronos.” Gaia said. She stood up, I tried to follow, but she kicked me in the ribs. “I have brought these humans to you. They know where the gods are.”copyright protection4PENANA0a5KS7uJhT

            I clutched my ribs and watched as Lincoln turned into a man. “How would they know that?” he asked quietly.copyright protection4PENANAGwvVxNtxVI

“They were staying with them.” Gaia informed him. “I missed the gods, but this one,” she picked me up, “told me where the gods are.”copyright protection4PENANAFPyXQbgi5g

            “You missed the gods?” Kronos asked.copyright protection4PENANAe6rjQjrl3I

            “But I know where they are.” Gaia said. “Lord Kronos. There was more than one. I underestimated them, and that is how they escaped. I won’t go alone next time. I will bring you their heads.”copyright protection4PENANAeJfJFMw9ks

            “Please don’t.” Kronos said. “I would be annoyed to have humans finding severed heads in this building.”copyright protection4PENANAR0ipX8BerH

            “Yes Lord Kronos.” Gaia said bowing slightly.copyright protection4PENANAvFNWZEfrZi

            “So, you told my assistant where to find the gods?” Kronos asked turning to me.copyright protection4PENANA9d2oXIbuRv

            “Uh, yeah.” I said. I needed to make this convincing. If they figured out I was lying they’d kill me. But as soon as Gaia went to Canada and realized I was lying, I’d just die then. But Canada was a big place and hopefully Gaia would take her time. “They are in Canada.”copyright protection4PENANAWIwe8tnJHP

            “Where in Canada?” Kronos asked.copyright protection4PENANAqcue8uSoVS

            I was lost. I didn’t really want to give an exact location as that would reveal my fib quicker. “I don’t know what it’s called.”copyright protection4PENANAH56Ju3sFyj

            “Then she is useless.” Kronos muttered. “Kill her.”copyright protection4PENANAbu2HJab7US

            Gaia stepped in front of me. She closed her eyes and before I could react a hole opened underneath me. The pit was just taller than me. “Wait a minute.” I shouted. I didn’t want to die. I was desperate to escape this. But my cries went unheeded. Gaia waved her hand and the hole closed above my head. “NO!” I shouted punching marble. In the complete darkness I beat my hands bloodily. I was scared. And then I felt the walls pinch in.copyright protection4PENANAWl5rAeWsCR

Albanycopyright protection4PENANAljWr3rvv63

            I woke when I heard a door slam. But looking around I realized that there were no doors near me. “What was that?” I muttered feeling a bump on my head.copyright protection4PENANAPiyR0h2bpX

            “Ah, another one is awake.” A man purred. I was in the Lincoln Memorial, but the statue was missing.copyright protection4PENANA4li9NSnJl0

            I was pulled to my feet by Gaia. Who was clearly no longer my friend. “Who are you?” I shouted.copyright protection4PENANABGjx8nZDS5

            “This is Lord Kronos.” Gaia told me told me off the ground. “Do you know where in Canada the gods are hiding?”copyright protection4PENANAHHofzpxCAW

            “Canada?” I asked confused. “Who’s in Canada?”copyright protection4PENANAzFiSP5LdP6

            “She knows nothing.” Kronos muttered. “That or you hit her too hard so that she forgot.” He waved his hands. “Kill her too. Might as well finish the third one off too. They know nothing. You’ll just have to search all of Canada.”copyright protection4PENANAdqNxYWUXAN

            “Kill me?” I stammered. Gaia let me go. But instead of hitting the floor I feel into a hole that hadn’t been there before. Herman was rolled in after me. Gaia sneered down at me. She smiled menacingly.copyright protection4PENANA3hurx4R5Gs

            “Die now little god follower.” She laughed. Over her head I could see the statue of Lincoln back on the marble throne.copyright protection4PENANA1f7k7WqSaf

            “Gaia we were friends.” I shouted. “I’m Albany! Do you remember me? We went to see the Oracle together! You were the person that brought me to Olympus. Please remember me!”copyright protection4PENANAZnFNUDJPAk

            Gaia’s smile faltered. “No.” she muttered. “I am the Earth! I have no need to visit the Oracle.”copyright protection4PENANACEB769bXeS

            I knew that was a lie. When Gaia and I had visited the Oracle, Gaia had told me that she had been there before. “No. I know you have been to the Oracle. In this time you may not have gone with me, but I know that you have been.”copyright protection4PENANApg7xAfu08E

            Something changed in Gaia’s eye. “How…how do you know about that?” She was frowning and blinking a lot.copyright protection4PENANAg71VVWzELa

            “You told me Gaia!” I shouted.copyright protection4PENANAYoOAvUKHRY

            Gaia closed her eyes and shook her head. I could tell she was trying to remember but she wasn’t having success.copyright protection4PENANAzhfHOPWiQ5

            I knew I had to help her remember. I knew I was the only one who could. I was the only one that really knew Gaia from Olympus “You called Pan, Pots and Pan. We saved them from being arrested remember. You helped Eric break out of jail. I kept forgetting that you weren’t a god and you would correct me. But after seeing you among the gods, I think I was right in calling you a god. You are one of us Gaia!”copyright protection4PENANAX6cY28VBNH

            Gaia froze. She opened her eyes and said. “Gaia the earth goddess.”  She smiled. “I like the ring of that Albany.”copyright protection4PENANALM5AmBu7jm

            “You remember!” I shouted. I was elated.copyright protection4PENANA5TElAtbxL1

            “GAIA!” I saw that the statue was moving. It was changing back into Kronos. “Why aren’t those humans dead?”copyright protection4PENANACI8PHbXCMK

            “Forgive me,” Gaia said, she winked at me and stood up, “but fuck you!” She clapped her hands and Kronos disappeared from my view. I figured that he dropped into a hole like me. There was a mighty roar. Gaia grunted and the roar was muffled, but still there. She knelt at the hole once again. “Get Herman.”copyright protection4PENANAkywp9T1D0l

            I bent over to pick him up, but I realized that he was cold, really cold. “Herman?” I muttered. I put my face by his mouth and realized that he wasn’t breathing. “No.” I checked his pulse and couldn’t feel a thing. “Gaia I think he’s dead!” I shouted. I was stunned. I had never really known Herman, but I was still touched deeply by his death.copyright protection4PENANA06eFsO8DmU

            “I’m so sorry.” Gaia muttered. She grabbed me and pulled me out of the hole. She closed her eyes and Herman was buried in the earth.copyright protection4PENANAFYCNNkZLXL

            Herman would never leave that hole, the same could not be said of Kronos. He erupted from the earth with a vengeance. “Gaia!”copyright protection4PENANAvhk2HtWJ7W

            “Albany run!” Gaia pushed me towards the exit. “Find the gods. GO!” I stumbled underneath the pillars, tears clouding my eyes. As soon as I was down the steps, the Lincoln Memorial collapsed in on itself. I could still hear Kronos shouting under the rumble. I ran, not looking where I was going. Herman was dead, Gaia was fighting Kronos, who knows what else I missed while I was knocked out.copyright protection4PENANA483iNv7V8t

            “Love goddess.” I turned and saw the weirdest ear ever.copyright protection4PENANAPOssCgNB1K

            “Janus?” I was shocked. I hadn’t expected to see anyone I knew. I looked over my shoulder for Kronos. “Can you help me? Kronos is back there and he is fighting Gaia we need to help her!”copyright protection4PENANAmx1HAJbwsi

            “Gaia made her choice, now you must make your choice.”copyright protection4PENANAtwrxPe2Xab

            I forgot how much I hated talking to Janus. “I choose for us to go help Gaia.”copyright protection4PENANAr0ZTsBagdc

            “You presume to make choices for me?” Janus said smiling with one mouth and frowning with the other.copyright protection4PENANA0zJ2hkMsQe

            “You should know that your choices are your own.” I told him. “I only choose to ask for your help.”copyright protection4PENANALkLcRBrTyB

            “Choices are not your own!” Janus scolded me. I was shocked. I had never heard him raise his voice. “Choices a god makes affect the entire world. Humans have the luxury of being selfish. You have a greater responsibility.”copyright protection4PENANA5ZC5T5H3lU

            “I’m not a goddess anymore!” I told him. “Zeus is dead! Without him Aphrodite never existed.”copyright protection4PENANAfluZoLjaea

            “But Albany did!” Janus said. “My job is to advise us all in the choices we make. I was with Gaia when she choice to spare you. I was with you when you choose to call out to Gaia before you were captured. I have been with everyone that has ever made a tough decision. I have weighed the options on a million different choices! You need to choose to listen to me right now. It is very important for you to find the other gods.”copyright protection4PENANApZuaclLDfk

            “But Gaia needs my help!” I said. “I can’t just leave her.”copyright protection4PENANAfkjRqcW7gh

            “Gaia made her choice!” Janus said. “Now it’s your turn.”copyright protection4PENANA1vDwv1iOcw

            I took a deep breath. I knew that Gaia was tough. I had seen what she could do. What I didn’t know was what Kronos could do. But there had to be a reason Gaia wasn’t in charge. “I choose to warn my friends. I need to find them.”copyright protection4PENANAYBwsLJNxm2

            “I can help you.” Janus said.copyright protection4PENANASCnbuNoqVE

            “Do you know where they are?” I demand.copyright protection4PENANAIXaltFnLuA

            “They did not choose to tell me.” he said. “But have no fear. Our choices can lead us to them, if only we make the right ones.”copyright protection4PENANAitbPVXyJvV

            “What are the right choices?” I asked.copyright protection4PENANAMnxay1YXsT

            “Your shoe is untied.” Janus said. “It would be wise to choose to tie it now while you have the time.”copyright protection4PENANACaRNwktU6X

            “No!” I shouted. “Seriously! We need to find the others.”copyright protection4PENANAuoqGemDM68

            “Gods child!” Janus said. “You asked for the choice and then you chose to ignore my answer. Two steps forward one step back.”copyright protection4PENANAHSvf34g12J

            I was so confused right now. “We don’t have time for this! Fine! I choose to waste time and tie my shoe!” I knelt down and rapidly tied my shoelace. I put my hand on the sidewalk in preparation to stand up again, but I had put my fingers in chalk. I dusted my hand off on my pants and saw that I had ruined a child’s drawing of a rainbow.copyright protection4PENANAVFUMsr7Vld

            “Our choices affect the world.” Janus said.copyright protection4PENANATQCkwQGaDM

            “Iris.” I muttered gazing at the rainbow. “Iris! She can travel on rainbows and we can go to wherever the gods are in like seven steps!”copyright protection4PENANAikFOAJTRLW

            “I wonder how you thought of that!” Janus chose to say sarcastically.copyright protection4PENANAAGBut4VA0h

            “Shut up!” I shouted. “I mean shut up with the sass. I still need your help.” I stood up and looked back down at the rainbow. “What choice do I have to make to get Iris here?”copyright protection4PENANAOT7rdEiUOV

            “Just a small choice.” Janus said.copyright protection4PENANAH7gnWQ6QHR

            “Are you going to choose to tell me?” I asked. Janus was real tiresome to talk to. “Or not.”copyright protection4PENANANiyoM1tIBt

            Janus held his tongues. So I took manners into my own hands.copyright protection4PENANAZqm7RAMauB

            “So Iris can take us to the gods.” I said talking to myself. “But how do I find Iris?”copyright protection4PENANA6cJmzFdGwV

            “Iris is very proud. She won’t stand insults.” Janus reminded me. “If that helps any.”copyright protection4PENANAxjd5I07bIJ

            I looked at him. “This would be a whole lot faster if you would choose for me.”copyright protection4PENANAEI91Q1BDc6

            “Miss Albany, certainly you understand that myself of all people am an adamant believer in free will.” Janus told me. “I would never make a choice for another. Only advise them.”copyright protection4PENANAeiiXFRDSxa

            “Fine!” I said really getting annoyed. “So Iris doesn’t stand insults. Ok. Rainbows suck!” I shouted.copyright protection4PENANAO5u1bc2ioK

            That very instant a rainbow appeared in from of me. And who else but Iris was sliding down it. She land, jumped to her feet, and got right in my face. “What did you say?”copyright protection4PENANA23tb4kdGYp

            “We need your help.” I told her quickly. “Janus and I need you to take us to the remaining Olympians.”copyright protection4PENANAMcI4anWOgu

            “Hello Iris.” Janus said smiling double.copyright protection4PENANAY4zs6KF833

            “Why should I help you?” Iris said, obviously still fuming over my rather lame insult.copyright protection4PENANAT56mhbHvRF

            “If you do, I promise to get a rainbow tattoo.” I said hoping that would appease her.copyright protection4PENANAVDSDI31ERh

            Iris’ eyes lit up. “No kidding? You’d do that?”copyright protection4PENANA8QlIjrtZAw

            Janus whistled. “I wouldn’t have made that choice. Tattoos never go away.”copyright protection4PENANA3tCaPUlxqc

            “Neither does any other choice we make as you so kindly keep reminding me.” I retorted.copyright protection4PENANAdlQ5Zy80d0

            “Fair enough.” Janus muttered. “At least choose a clean tattoo parlor. Some of those places can be rather dirty.copyright protection4PENANAhmRD4a5x9F

            “Right this way.” Iris said grabbing my hand and pulling me onto the rainbow. “We can discuss the color arrangement on your tattoo.” I was hard to believe that just a few minutes ago I was in a hole about to be executed and now I was talking about rainbow patterns. What a turn around.copyright protection4PENANA4c8HmYBIw1

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