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Gods in Training
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods in Training
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Chapter 49 Blade
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!NUdkgAAJhoPc00zdXWKFposted on PENANA

            The shadows moved away and I saw we were in a forest. I looked around and saw Paul, Hector, and Eric in pajamas and looking just as confused as me.copyright protection4PENANARySfyfYehN

            “Pan!” Nyx shouted. “Find Lycaon! His wolves will protect us.” She ordered. Pan ran off into the bushes leaving us behind.copyright protection4PENANAv4HJpXjZHA

            “Where’s Artie?” Paul demanded of Nyx. “Why isn’t she here?”copyright protection4PENANAnwNoxmCvjm

            “What is going on?” Eric demanded.copyright protection4PENANAabV3quipIA

            “Gaia came to the house.” Nyx explained. “She came for us gods. Myself, Pan, and Blade. We had to get out, otherwise she would have killed us on the spot.”copyright protection4PENANAcdEUW3Sg3A

            “But what about Artie?” Paul demanded. “Where is she?”copyright protection4PENANARr7EPE1r9l

            Nyx shook her head. “We couldn’t get everyone out. I’m sorry.” Everyone was quiet. I noticed that we were missing Herman and Albany as well. I was shocked. Last night we had all been joking around. None of us concerned or worried that we were all that opposed the king of the Titans. Because it wasn’t real for us yet. I was the only one that had met Kronos, but even I had not really felt as if the world was in danger. Now however, with our friends gone, their fates unknown…Now I truly, for the first time, felt guilty. I finally realized what I had done.copyright protection4PENANAOkwJnXdGmV

            “But they were humans now.” Eric said looking around. “Gaia wouldn’t just chop their heads off on sight would she?”copyright protection4PENANAgz9Vu6Zmm2

            “Being human does not mean you are exempt from the wrath of the Titans. It just means that for the most part, you are below their concerns. In most cases Gaia would never have looked twice at a mortal, but when she found those mortals sleeping in the same house as three gods…”copyright protection4PENANAXdt4SjJTLT

            The rest was left unsaid. We all knew what Nyx was getting at. We were to assume that anyone left behind was now living with my family in the Underworld. For most of the time I had known the New Olympians, I had been trying to kill them myself, but now that some of them were dead, I felt my insides tearing apart. I couldn’t imagine how people that knew them were feeling.copyright protection4PENANAezdLjBJwh5

            “No.” Paul sank to his knees. He buried his face in the ground. He was silent, but we all saw the heaving of his shoulders that let us now he was crying. When Pan returned he knelt next to him and brought Paul into a tight embrace. My old friend Lycaon appeared with Pan. He spoke quietly with Nyx before disappearing back into the woods once more.copyright protection4PENANAsyFBt9Hsw3

            “They’re gone.” Hector muttered quietly. “I can’t believe it.”copyright protection4PENANAuthYx9hh32

            “I can.” Eric said menacingly. He picked up a branch and looked it over. “All part of your plan wasn’t it? I knew we shouldn’t have trusted you.” He took his eyes off of the branch and locked them menacingly onto me. “You led Gaia right to us.” With that he spun the branch around and brought it crashing down on my head. I crumpled to the ground in agony. I clutched at my head and closed my eyes. I heard shouting, but I couldn’t make out the words. But when the water cleared from my eyes I saw Eric kicking and screaming with Hector sitting on top of him.copyright protection4PENANAahCn3VZMrg

            “Are you ok?” Nyx asked helping me up. I rubbed my head and saw that I wasn’t bleeding.copyright protection4PENANASUOxviHcKd

            “I’m fine.” I picked up Eric’s branch and threw it into the woods. “I’m not a traitor, not this time.”copyright protection4PENANAgfHyeeIwwL

            Eric spat at me. “Screw you!”copyright protection4PENANAzG2b4663Sy

            “LISTEN TO ME!” I screamed. Eric stopped moving. Paul, with a tear streaked face, looked up. Lycaon poked his head out from around a tree. Everyone was watching me.copyright protection4PENANAjKs8iYrZbb

            “I am not the picture perfect god. Honestly I never deserved to be a god.” The words came to me without effort. I simply spoke what came to mind, there was no thinking involved. “Thanatos showed up and changed my life. He gave me what no one else would…a chance.” I snorted. “I should’ve have thanked him endlessly. I should have worshipped him. Instead I got greedy. All that filled my mind was that I was a god. And I thought a god should be above others, not below them. I wanted to be on Olympus, I wanted people to worship me, I wanted people to love me. When Zack wouldn’t give me what a god deserved. I decided to take it. I fought against Olympus and lost. You would think that I had made the biggest mistake of my life. I mean, what’s worse than declaring war on the gods?” I looked around at each and every one of them. “You would be wrong for thinking that. I caused this.  I unleashed Kronos. I’m the reason Zeus and so many others are dead. And now I’m the reason Gaia had taken our friends. I have messed up so much in my life, I should just stop trying. Honestly things would be better if I gave up and quit. But I can’t. Despite everything I’ve done and all the evil I’ve caused. I can’t find it within myself to give up. I am unable to live with the thought of pushing my problems onto another. After all I’ve done, I still feel the need to do more. Call me a traitor, hate me, and curse me. I don’t care. But let me fix this. Give me a chance to prove to you, that I did deserve to live on Olympus. Let me show you that Thanatos made a good choice when he brought me to you. For the sake of the gods let me help you.”copyright protection4PENANAdsrU0F9IbF

            I ended my speech to the sound of crickets chirping in the forest. No noise passed the lips of my friends. There was no applause and no response. They stared at me in silence.copyright protection4PENANAtKlwWpC3tv

            Hector lifted himself off of Eric. “I’m pretty good at building things, and I’ve always wanted to build a throne. Just give me a reason, a good reason, and I’ll build Hades the best throne on Olympus.”copyright protection4PENANACMf4Vy3mye

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