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Gods in Training
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods in Training
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Chapter 50 Kara
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
8 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!qpKn7UNbyaD3eYQ2gmGBposted on PENANA

            “Hmm, no wonder Blade tried to take over.” Sid said looking around. “This place sucks.” We were standing at the door to Hades’ palace in the Underworld. Hestia had done some of her magic hocus pocus and puff we were in Hell.copyright protection15PENANACkGGcmOdfZ

            “I don’t like it down here.” Adele said glancing at the hordes of skeletons and ghosts behind us.copyright protection15PENANACFom2wgPHP

            “I don’t think people are supposed to like it here.” I said. “But I wouldn’t know. Let’s just focus so we can get out of here.” I knocked on the big stone doors. To my surprise they swung open. “Hello?” I said taking a few steps into the palace.copyright protection15PENANA0kSejJgA5X

            “To what do I owe this honor?” Thanatos appeared before me. He bowed stiffly.copyright protection15PENANAbHhRotecGt

            “We are here for Hades.” Hestia informed him. “We need to talk to him.”copyright protection15PENANAcj8BFb8W0P

            “The lord isn’t here.” Persephone walked out of the darkness to stand next to Thanatos. “We do not know where he is.”copyright protection15PENANAL1aEftnw4s

            “Could you find out?” Deon asked.copyright protection15PENANAtfaL7yflLW

            Thanatos sighed and motioned for us to come in. He led us to a small room with coarse stone benches. “Persephone, why don’t you get our guests some refreshments?”copyright protection15PENANAOYfXzU8HR9

            “I’ll have water please.” Sid said. “All those fires and burning pits outside made me thirsty.”copyright protection15PENANAxCaHhqaEXf

            “Anyone else?” Persephone asked. We all ordered water before returning to our eyes to Thanatos.copyright protection15PENANA7ruhcCQrXB

            “I could find Lord Hades, if I wanted to. However I don’t want to.” He said.copyright protection15PENANAnMzCK9xSQo

            “Come on we need your help.” Deon pleaded. “We have to stop Blade…again.”copyright protection15PENANA2n1c5iDgXA

            “Are you sure you want to fight other gods while Titans rule?” Thanatos asked. “I am not sure that Hades is your enemy anymore.”copyright protection15PENANAv410ldCcFA

            “Either way, finding him is the next step.” Adele said getting up from her bench and standing right in front of Thanatos. “We need to find him. Then we can ally with him, or kill him. Whichever seems more practical at that time. And only you can help us.”copyright protection15PENANAO3nnG7xdZo

            “You’re right, I am the only one that can help, but not in the way you think.” Thanatos said staring Adele down. “Kronos rules everything now, you know that. Yet he allowed myself and Persephone to remain here in the Underworld. I think he has some bad memories of his time here. Anyways, this place is free from his rule. Please, stay here with us. You’ll be safe. It may not be paradise, but you’ll be alive.”copyright protection15PENANAC2MEeRXR7U

            “Do we come here when we die?” I asked.copyright protection15PENANAsCZtClHfxn

            “Yes, that’s what the Underworld is for.” Sid said sarcastically.copyright protection15PENANAPlqcJ6kgkk

            “Then why don’t we take you up on your offer when were dead and cold.” I said. “Thanatos, we are the only hope. We have to end Kronos’ rule.”copyright protection15PENANAEXmqBAizsp

            “Very well.” He said. “You may stay for as long as you like. Zeus know you be living here permanently soon enough anyway.” He made his way to the door. “I’ll go and see about Hades. I will try to find him for you.” With that he left us alone.copyright protection15PENANAuU2toFO6Um

            “What was his problem?” Deon asked. “I bet that guy has never smiled.”copyright protection15PENANAtKHTXqZhHk

            “It’s probably hard to find a reason to smile with death involved with everything you do.” Adele said taking his hand. Seeing them together reminded me of my early, and quite stupid, dreams of dating Zack. I can’t believe I had been so obsessed with someone that terrible. I had nearly died when I realized that Zeus and Hera were married in the old days. Well thank you for opening my eyes brain. I would say that Zack changed when he became a god, but I guess that might not be accurate. Zack was probably just as stuck up a jerk as a human. But at least he was consistent. I grabbed a hold of my hair and held it in front of my face. I can’t believe I dyed my hair purple. I didn’t really like purple. I just thought it would make Zack look twice at me. for the first time I actually regretted liking Zack. Not even because of what he was like on New Olympus. I regretted liking him, because it made me change who I was. I freaking dyed my hair purple to get his attention. I shouldn’t have to do something that radically for a boy’s attention. I let go of my uniquely colored locks and gazed at Adele and Deon once more. I could tell they were happy together. And neither one had to change themselves for the other. And that’s all I wanted. As the goddess of the home and marriage, I just wanted a good guy and a nice relationship. After we ripped Kronos limb from limb of course.copyright protection15PENANABmhXNTy5s0

            “I’m going to the bathroom.” I announced.copyright protection15PENANAvWVxqjdfq8

            “Eww, gross.” Sid said. “I don’t want to know that.”copyright protection15PENANABTSiMPJM6r

            I made a face at him and left anyway. The hallways were all stone with weird carvings on them. And I had no idea where a bathroom was. But I didn’t really need a bathroom, just a mirror. There were two skeletons patrolling the hallway. They didn’t say anything, just stared at me without any eyes. Creepy.copyright protection15PENANA6INoFBhdGJ

            “Can I barrow this?” I asked of one of the guards. He didn’t answer, but also didn’t try to stop me when I took his sword. “And that.” I took the shiny shield from the second guard. “Thank you, I’ll give them right back.” The two skeletons just watched me without moving. I set the shield down and knelt next to it. The metal was shiny enough to act as a mirror, although my reflection was a little distorted like a funhouse mirror. By the way those places really aren’t very fun.copyright protection15PENANAebGaJ6uWlU

            I took a handful of my regrets, and I cut it. I severed it. I detached it. You get the picture. I let the hair fall out of my hand and onto the floor. It felt good to watch it fall away from me. Something about it made me feel free. I smiled and reached for another handful. Don’t try this at home, swords are really dangerous, but I’m a goddess so I can do what I want. Eat your vegetables too.copyright protection15PENANA5XNXfANZnT

            Jaws dropped when I walked into the room. I smiled. I should have shaved my head for Zack, apparently it gets much more attention than a different hair color.copyright protection15PENANAquBeShP9vw

            “I guess you didn’t actually go to the bathroom?” Adele asked. Deon was speechless, he was just rubbing his head and staring at me.copyright protection15PENANATJIzTsGnp2

            “You look like a boy.” Sid said.copyright protection15PENANAiuZ5rfFee3

            “So do you.” I told him. I sat down at the bench. All eyes were on me. I guess it’s hard to look away.copyright protection15PENANA8FxKUp1Kyw

            “Why?” Adele asked. “I mean you actually look good with it, but just why.”copyright protection15PENANAgsgZ1arIyQ

            “I thought Kronos wouldn’t take me seriously with purple hair.” I said. “This way at least he won’t think I’m a hippie.”copyright protection15PENANAKQkJWMYC0d

            “I approve Kara.” Hestia said. “This is a new chapter in your life, in all of our lives.”copyright protection15PENANAF9TcTNBVya

            “Here’s your water.” Persephone said handing me the glass. “Are you really going to kill Blade again?”copyright protection15PENANAsOCIOETfmr

            And the room got quiet again. And all the eyes were on me. “He is kidnapping the others. And he unleashed Kronos. Do we have a choice?”copyright protection15PENANA66iqQecOQd

            “You always have choices.” A voice said as the door swung open. Janus entered smiling with both faces. Following him was Iris, and a familiar face.copyright protection15PENANA2wmVIgJjbh

            “Albany?” Deon said standing up.copyright protection15PENANAuD66mULga7

            “Where did you come from?” I asked.copyright protection15PENANAIge0H4fUT6

            “From just over the rainbow.” Iris said. “There’s a pot of gold and a few leprechauns back a ways. Cerberus probably ate them by now.”copyright protection15PENANA7VCuRkLAEW

            “Cerberus is in the palace. He’s not outside.” Persephone said.copyright protection15PENANAS9AYgXT1d3

            “That’s the only part of the story that you thought was wrong?” Iris asked dumbfounded. “Seriously?”copyright protection15PENANA8VkmV1qbVj

            “We were in D.C.” Albany said.copyright protection15PENANAh3fTy6ejGS

            “What were you doing there? Talking to the president?” Sid asked.copyright protection15PENANAgz1QxhNrj0

            “Yes, but not the current one.” Albany said. “I had a conversation with Lincoln’s statue.”copyright protection15PENANAurVPORQf2M

            “Were there any leprechauns?” Iris muttered quietly in the back. “Ya’ll crazy.” She added shaking her head.copyright protection15PENANAzkPOdoVsHC

            “A statue?” Deon said. He felt Albany’s forehead. “Are you feeling alright? Maybe a fever?”copyright protection15PENANAlXbmOJEBaY

            She pushed his hand away. “No! Kronos was disguising himself as the statue.” She said. Once more silent room, but eyes were not all on me this time. Now the love goddess, as usual, was commanding all of the stares of the room.copyright protection15PENANACFqyueqlut

            “You met Kronos?” Hestia asked.copyright protection15PENANA73NXS1lOt2

            “And you lived?” I asked.copyright protection15PENANAqO0BbOkQqv

            “Yes. But Herman is dead.” Albany said. Another silence.copyright protection15PENANAO2aeBEt10X

            “May Hades protect him.” Hestia said.copyright protection15PENANAv71i4UkqIO

“There, might be more…more gone. We were staying at my house when Gaia attacked. She is on the Titan’s side, since she you know is a Titan. But she fought Kronos and allowed me to escape.”copyright protection15PENANAs8CtKOh5FH

            “What happened to her?” Adele asked.copyright protection15PENANABuKLImqcoq

            “Who all was at your house?” I asked.copyright protection15PENANAaTybcC6w2O

            “Me, Blade, Herman, Hector, Eric, Paul, and Artie.” Albany said counting them off on her fingers. “Pan and Nyx showed up too.”copyright protection15PENANAkvXXYIMgOr

            “So are they all dead now?” Sid asked. “Or did they get away?”copyright protection15PENANAYpVJaE5BQt

            Albany shook her head. Gaia attacked me first. She may not have gotten any of the others besides Herman and me. Or she could have gotten them all.” She paused. “I found Herman’s body, but he was the only one I found.”copyright protection15PENANA11nzdzcj6f

            “Pan and Gaia would have gotten as many out as possible if they knew she was coming.” Persephone said. “But only if they had a warning.”copyright protection15PENANA8qL6oKOa0D

            Janus stepped into the center. “We choose to come here to ask if any of them have shown up, you know to be dead in the Underworld. That didn’t come out right.”copyright protection15PENANACZ2xIdcNO3

            “Be dead in the Underworld?” Deon said. “Way to go Two-Face.”copyright protection15PENANAhQ4EqheDBk

            “I’m not in charge of the deceased.” Persephone said. “You’ll have to ask Thanatos when he returns.”copyright protection15PENANATKLEQapFkq

            “I like what you’ve done with this.” Albany whispered to me. She was looking at me shiny bald head.copyright protection15PENANAiXplu7yHVn

            “I thought it was a time for a change.” I said.copyright protection15PENANAKcdPRD75hI

            “Well sister, I like it.” Albany said. “We need a change.”copyright protection15PENANAqascPjmeZH

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