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Gods in Training
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods in Training
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Chapter 52 Blade
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
12 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!qUvk7xXVUsfn4nnUKhetposted on PENANA

         “I’m in charge because I have the most experience.” I repeated myself calmly. Eric may not be hitting me in the head with sticks anymore, but that didn’t mean he was any easier to work with. “As you so kindly remind everyone, I do have experience starting a rebellion.”copyright protection4PENANAsKNABuA7HO

            “That’s the problem.” Eric said. “You got killed in your rebellion. I don’t want to go the same way.” He always opposed me. Ever since Albany, Herman, and Artie were left behind the others haven’t been the same. Eric has grown more and more confrontational, Paul just stumbles around in a state of grief, and Hector…well I guess he’s the same.copyright protection4PENANA17IwrQ4pMY

            “This time we have the power of the Olympian gods.” I said. “I lost because I was fighting the Olympians.”copyright protection4PENANAR2lWpJQa15

            “What gods?” Eric muttered. “The gods are dead.” He spit at my feet. “They are all dead!” Paul let out a whimper, causing Hector to rush to his side and lead him away.copyright protection4PENANAEtPr3rWEyD

            I met Eric’s eye and stared back defiantly. “Be careful where you spit. I once spit at a god, and I was killed for it. Olympus may be gone, but I am still a god. And I can still kill you.”copyright protection4PENANAtzLc6c3aCP

            Eric grit his teeth at me, but didn’t respond. Instead he just stared angrily at me.copyright protection4PENANA8tRuphdgrf

            “Look, we need to be a team right now. After and if we defeat Kronos, how about you and I have a little battle. But until then, I need your help.” I said.copyright protection4PENANAl5IbxMCurb

            Eric’s eyes lit up. “Hmm, a battle between us?”copyright protection4PENANA8ULT6R691I

            “After Olympus has been restored.” I said.copyright protection4PENANAZabQFB8TRA

            “Fight to the death?” Eric asked eagerly.copyright protection4PENANA8dFQpdC2I4

            “Whatever you want.” I promised. I wasn’t really concerned with what I was promising. I needed Eric’s help or else I wouldn’t live long enough to fight him.copyright protection4PENANAeQYZJ5QPfS

            “Death, you got a deal.” Eric said. “But we’re not friends.”copyright protection4PENANAxe3J5IkdBc

            “That wasn’t part of the deal. We agree to work together to stop Kronos. Nothing more.” I explained. “Now will you please stop arguing with me and listen?”copyright protection4PENANANJqtAPHdRp

            Eric nodded that he would.copyright protection4PENANAh5ff5ZkWOz

            “Ok good. So like I was saying, I have done this before.” I told him. Just then Hector returned alone. “And before what I did was recruit a bunch of gods and goddess to help me. I targeted some of the ones that weren’t as close with Olympus as others.”copyright protection4PENANAOmOS5TAq7b

            “If I remember right you had some Titans too.” Hector added.copyright protection4PENANACVV2pvS7IK

            “That was before.” I said. However I remembered Calypso, and I felt a twinge in my gut. “And not all Titans are evil.”copyright protection4PENANAw0QMfVLARA

            “Just most of them.” Eric muttered. “And you’re making it really hard for me to keep my promise.”copyright protection4PENANAaGWYy1S9s0

            “Anyways…” I interrupted him. “We need to get some help. That includes finding the others, and meeting up with whatever gods we can scrounge together. Now when Nyx, Pan, and Lycaon get back hopefully we will have a few new partners, but we can’t be sure.”copyright protection4PENANAl4Wg7mMZtv

            “So what do you recommend?” Hector asked.copyright protection4PENANAK0vAMLwylo

            “Well we definitely need to at least visit the Underworld.” I told them. “Thanatos and Persephone should be down there, and they will help us.”copyright protection4PENANA8w44vD6nMy

            “Alright, but then what?” Eric pressed me.copyright protection4PENANAo7DkoKGaKa

            “Then we try and find Kronos.” I explained.copyright protection4PENANAGvab5WXCui

Albanycopyright protection4PENANA0DO5HkJNHw

         “Holy Hades that just might work.” I said. Adele had just told us her plan, and it wasn’t too shabby. “Like that will definitely work.”copyright protection4PENANAm6EZr2K8dv

            “Only if we can get Blade down here.” Adele said. “He is the only one that can set things in motion.”copyright protection4PENANAiT0s56p2IU

            “Then let’s go get him.” Deon said. “How hard can it be to find him?”copyright protection4PENANAlJxaOeuy2c

            “Hey!” Kara burst into the room. “You guys have to come quick!”copyright protection4PENANA4oiIoJK8RY

            “What’s going on?” Adele asked.copyright protection4PENANADaSECXK10s

            “Blade. He’s waiting outside.” Kara explained. “Now come on.”copyright protection4PENANAVmbtx0H1yK

            “I told you we could find him.” Deon said running after Kara. We followed her back to the entrance of Hades’ palace. Just inside the door we found a group. Blade, Eric, Hector, Paul, Nyx, and Pan among others.copyright protection4PENANAeC9xlxh5G9

            Paul saw me and come over and grabbed me. “Where is Artemisia?” Everyone was looking at me.copyright protection4PENANA4kjWYWTIXU

            “I don’t know. I was taken to The Lincoln Monument. Kronos was there.” I said.copyright protection4PENANAbTgnnOo4PW

            “Kronos?” Eric asked. “He was there?”copyright protection4PENANAP4zYBUwS0c

            “Herman was with me, but he was…he was dead. Gaia held off Kronos while I escaped. I don’t know where Artie is.”copyright protection4PENANA14wl0vhUef

            Even more life drained from Paul’s eyes. “Oh.” He muttered. Deon and Adele led him away whispering quietly in his ear.copyright protection4PENANAPq86NwUbAK

            “Welcome back Lord Hades.” Thanatos said appeared before me. “I see you brought friends.”copyright protection4PENANA8qOIopDUiE

            “Yes I did. Lycaon and Hekate. And of course Nemesis. Some of my old acquaintances.” He said.copyright protection4PENANA7jIEEJ9WEo

            Eric sidled over to me and whispered in my ear. “You said Kronos was in Washington D.C.?”copyright protection4PENANAbtOkACQuNq

            “He was, he may not be there anymore.” I told him. “Why?”copyright protection4PENANAeWR2FfsiaK

            “Why aren’t we attacking? We should be trying to bring him down.” Eric whispered.copyright protection4PENANAWh4FVJp5F4

            “We have a plan. A plan to erase this mistake.” I explained to him. “A plan to end this for good.”copyright protection4PENANAtQyia8U0CI

            “And this plan is?” Eric pressed me.copyright protection4PENANArREiUjymCI

            “Wait for the war council.” I told him.copyright protection4PENANA7z0cfVVE1B

            “War council?” he asked looking confused.copyright protection4PENANAIusgNCpHD2

            I stepped forward and raised my voice, interrupting the others introductions. “Now that all are here, I call for a war council. We have a plan, but we need Blade’s help.”copyright protection4PENANAp5T4oNoWa0

            “I am here to help.”copyright protection4PENANAEiAFuPAqtC

Bladecopyright protection4PENANA1c7ttU6SBK

         “Will that work?” Kara asked once Adele had set forth her plan.copyright protection4PENANAU0PO5dBt9M

            “Depending on our choices.” Janus muttered. “This plan requires many right choices to work. So many choices, so many possibilities.”copyright protection4PENANAuO44uyT4Ym

            “We’ll need to give Kronos a reason. Revealing ourselves will just end with him sending Gaia down on us again.” Sid said.copyright protection4PENANAG0zNu2IAVj

            “I don’t think Gaia will be coming this time.”  Albany muttered.copyright protection4PENANAkPkaDpnfTx

            “It doesn’t matter who comes if it’s not Kronos!” Deon shouted. “Sid is right we need to force Kronos to come himself.”copyright protection4PENANA1nm5rQEkVD

            The whole while I had been listening, I couldn’t get Calypso out of my head. Ever since I had spoken her name, I had been constantly thinking about her. “Calypso.” I said.copyright protection4PENANAHCDgq7j8Ie

            “What?”copyright protection4PENANAs24MdIcBY5

            I shook my head, I couldn’t figure out why I had spoken. But I repeated myself. “Calypso.”copyright protection4PENANA8Zsv5UmJei

            “Atlas’ daughter.” Adele explained to those less versed in Greek Mythology. “What about her Blade?”copyright protection4PENANAmWU0dl7wtP

            “I’m going to kidnap Calypso.” I said standing up. I don’t know what was coming over me.copyright protection4PENANALWSQI5zVGx

            “Why?” Eric asked.copyright protection4PENANA0PwtlCnHmC

            “It is his decision not ours.” Janus said. “Go now Blade.” I turned and left the table to a jumble of confused talk. I walked the halls of my palace and suddenly stopped. I turned towards a small door and stared at it. Without knowing why, I opened the door and stepped inside. Closing the door behind me, I was left in pitch black darkness.copyright protection4PENANA0JyUJLgRiK

            I stood patiently waiting while nothing moved nor made a sound around me. Then, in the distance, a distance beyond that of what the room should have been, appeared a light. A small white orb, moving closer. I waited as the darkness retreated before the light. While I could now see my body, all else beyond that was pitch black still. The orb stopped a few feet in front of me and rose to eye level.copyright protection4PENANAG4GzVpFukl

            “Godling, I brought you here.” A voice resonated in my head.copyright protection4PENANA1lbyOwacew

            “Who are you?” I asked.copyright protection4PENANAOefm9Z8qQr

            “You would not know me by my name, so I shall not tell it to you.” The voice said. “Know this however, I have watched and followed you.copyright protection4PENANAaxwQ6rfLVA

            “Thank you?” I said, even for all the mythological stuff I had been through, this was a first.copyright protection4PENANA7XVjvKQFW5

            “You have given rise to Kronos.” The voice accused me. “In this life, none can take that sin from you, save one.copyright protection4PENANAcKjs7trfUi

            “Let me guess, is it me? Am I the only one that can fix what I caused?”copyright protection4PENANAH4PdVWEaIA

            “No Godling. Only I can take your sin.” I was told. “But I will only do that if you do as I wish.copyright protection4PENANALPxG92qZIn

            I was really on alert now. This kind of situation was not usually a precursor to good things in the future. “What do you wish?”copyright protection4PENANA4V7oneSPuM

            “Bring Kronos to me.copyright protection4PENANA7bQWoLS3WA

            I gritted my teeth. “How?”copyright protection4PENANADIqbpzeQzW

            “This way or that way.” Was the reply.copyright protection4PENANAdDSk2fyU42

            Now I thought I was dreaming. This was all too weird. Once again my thoughts drifted to Calypso. I couldn’t stop.copyright protection4PENANAGcex8Cj1Fg

            “Ah, this way pleases me.” the orb grew into a blinding light and forced me to close my eyes. “Godling, heed my words. Bring Kronos to me.copyright protection4PENANACiY3unCIdc

            When I opened my eyes again, it was still bright, but it was bright from the hot island sun instead of a glowing white orb. I looked around and saw that I was on a beach. There was clear blue water to my right and a light palm forest to my left. I turned around and saw a figure in the distance. I realized it was a girl. She was setting up a table on the beach. My legs carried me towards her and I realized it was Calypso I saw.copyright protection4PENANAFqQxLSNkMS

            She looked up and saw me coming. “Lord Hades?” She asked.copyright protection4PENANAnt4B1ddkeT

            “Calypso.” I said reaching the table.copyright protection4PENANABRbzUGXxoa

            She looked startled. “What are you? How did you get here?”copyright protection4PENANAJ3BzBmroGe

            I turned and looked back the way I had come. “I don’t know.”copyright protection4PENANAg3IlEJyR4N

            “Oh, ok.” Calypso said. “Umm, shall I get you a plate?”copyright protection4PENANAKFEWfyDc51

            I looked at the table. There was fish and fruit and only a place set for one. “Yes please.” I said.copyright protection4PENANAmP5XoGkQ40

            Calypso hurried off towards a small house that I glimpsed through the trees. I didn’t know where I was or what had happened, but the orb’s voice echoed in my head.  I knew that I didn’t trust the orb, whatever it wanted with Kronos was probably not a good thing. But it hadn’t seemed to be evil to me, but I may not be the best judge of character. Calypso returned carrying a chair with a plate and silverware on it. She set it opposite of where her chair was and offered me the seat.copyright protection4PENANA5l3NGHxezC

            “I’m surprised by your visit.” Calypso said when we were both sitting. “I had figured with everything that had happened, you wouldn’t come to visit a Titan.”copyright protection4PENANA2kiGhxfUJk

            “In my life, I have learned that there are no absolutes. Trust me I learned the hard way. Just because you should be something, doesn’t mean you are. I should have been a god, but I was a greedy brat not worthy of my title. You should be a Titan like your father, but you aren’t.”copyright protection4PENANAV6914yHopM

            “What am I?” Calypso asked gingerly cutting her fish. “You seem to know me so well? If I’m not what I should be, what I am?”copyright protection4PENANAou7riO9Q3J

            “You are a very pretty girl.” I said smiling. Calypso nearly dropped her knife. She wouldn’t meet my eye and I could tell she was fighting down her smile.copyright protection4PENANAs54KMli1g1

            “You came all the way here to say that?” She asked.copyright protection4PENANAlb8vdc4UAt

            “No, these last couple of days I couldn’t stop thinking about you.” I admitted. “I was unable to get you out of my head. I wanted to see you again.”copyright protection4PENANAGZYOqhDA7G

            Now she stopped resisting and let her smile show. It made her that much more beautiful. “Lord Hades, you flatter me.”copyright protection4PENANAjAMnlyJDAZ

            “Calypso you know that Kronos is hunting down and killing gods?” I asked. Her smile disappeared like the Cubs in the playoff picture.copyright protection4PENANAFWbNro0wjA

            “I have heard stories.” She said. “But I have removed myself from that. You are my first visitor in a long time.”copyright protection4PENANA00zYP0fsBn

            “Well I just wanted to tell you that the remaining gods, including me, are going to make a stand. We are going to try and finish Kronos for once and all.” I told her.copyright protection4PENANA9VXWjiu2V5

            Calypso set down her knife and fork. “Why are you telling me this?” She asked.copyright protection4PENANA2B1dosCoZV

            “I wanted to say goodbye.” I told her. “I…I have always liked you. And I…I wanted you to know. Just in case Kronos…in case he doesn’t, lose.”copyright protection4PENANAZZVzYKAedb

            Calypso stood up and walked to the water’s edge. I took one last bite before following her. I stood by her side looking over the glistening water. The sun was starting to dip and it created a mosh pit of oranges and yellows to shimmer across the water’s surface.copyright protection4PENANABm6yiqQNsM

            “Come back with me.” I said turning towards her. “Spend the end with me in the Underworld.”copyright protection4PENANASvnUIMmlbm

            Calypso turned towards me. “I can’t.”copyright protection4PENANAgbmcLkXlya

            “I will kidnap you.” I said smiling.copyright protection4PENANAwaxDIQ3zEw

            “Kronos will kill me. He’ll kill you if you go back. Stay here with me.” She took my hands. “We can stay here forever.”copyright protection4PENANAmx1KrKxO6I

            I wanted to. It was what I had wanted since this whole adventure began. A new life. I was a fool to think that new life was becoming a god. But this, this was my real chance. I could spend eternity on a beautiful island with the prettiest girl ever. This truly was my chance at a new life. “No.” Before I had met Thanatos I would have said yes before Calypso had finished offering. But now I knew that I didn’t deserve a new life. “I can’t Calypso.” I said apologetically. I had too much to repent for. It wouldn’t be fair for me to abandon the world to the mess I had created. I can’t jump ship, as much as I would want to. I see now that I have to use my life to end Kronos’. “An eternity here with you is all I could ever want. But I can’t accept. I’m a god. And contrary to popular belief, gods do not have the right of living for themselves. We must live for all the others. Gods are more servants than masters. And I am enslaved by my past mistakes.”copyright protection4PENANAamUwzFRw0q

            Now Calypso, with me following, returned to the table. We did not sit, but rather stood over it looking down.  “Do you know how many dinners I have eaten at this table? Do you know how many of them were eaten alone?” She kept her eyes fixed on the remaining morsel of fish on her plate. Her hair hung down and covered much of her face, but I spotted a single stream leaking from the eyes of an angel through the canopy. “Now I have someone to eat dinner with again. But he is unable to free himself from his obligations. He would rather die than eat with me.”copyright protection4PENANAHxAebj4fTJ

            I grabbed her and forced her to look at me. “That is not true.” I said sternly. “I am in heaven right now. You need to know that. I am in the place of my dreams right now. I would be happy here. The problem is that I don’t deserve to be in heaven. I should be rotting in Tartarus. I would be cheating to escape my fate to be here with you. I must atone for my actions. I will drag Kronos to Hell myself to make me worthy of a blessing like eternity with you.”copyright protection4PENANAMfgOZHywvE

            Calypso rested her face against my chest. “You will carry Kronos down, and I will be there to carry you back.”copyright protection4PENANAfG1adBP57Q

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