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Gods in Training
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods in Training
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Chapter 54 Kara
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!cK6o1oqmMxTOEyd5bo2Aposted on PENANA

            We thought it was over when Kronos threw that table at Paul. We thought that Blade would be killed and Kronos would march on the palace. We thought we had lost. But then we saw Blade fall. He pulled the Titan into the river with himself. He sacrificed everything he had ever known. He had sacrificed all of that, for us. People who had never given him a reason to even smile at us.copyright protection3PENANA5j0eF1oQfm

            “BLADE!” someone shouted, I’m not sure who. We were all running towards the river. We gathered around the bank looking for any sign of him.copyright protection3PENANAqs6xQ8WhvI

            “Adele, go check on Paul. Everyone else, this way. They must be drifting downstream.” I ordered. “Hurry!”copyright protection3PENANAOpxtXKy98B

            We ran along the bank looking for any clue. Kronos was no longer a threat, but our plan was not done just yet. And Blade needed to be rescued too.copyright protection3PENANAJeVJsBLRr1

            “Hey! I see them.” Albany shouted. I noticed the two men bobbing in the white water.copyright protection3PENANAdStkpktmBY

“Don’t touch the water! It will make you forget everything.” I warned. The River Lethe was one of five rivers in the Underworld. The River Lethe like the others was no ordinary river however. It was the river of oblivion, the river of forgetfulness. Bathing in this river would cause you to forget everything, your name, and your memories, and even who you were. All of it would be erased by this white water. And Blade had jumped right in with the Titan.copyright protection3PENANA4qnCTlmsuu

            Carefully, using spears to guide them back to shore. We drug our friend and foe alike from the water. They were both breathing, but they appeared to be in a deep sleep.copyright protection3PENANA4dI0XbBI22

            “This isn’t good.” Hector said looking over both of them.copyright protection3PENANAKgVdBkx4H8

            “What, Blade? He’s alive.” Eric was way too happy about all of this. “Hey, the little punk can learn some good habits this time around. We got Kronos, what’s the big deal?”copyright protection3PENANA2MzpotLKVf

            “The big deal? Blade’s memory just got drained from his brain.” Hector said. “What if he wakes us as our enemy again?”copyright protection3PENANAf0tX0q9B9c

            “We just defeated Kronos! The freaking Titan of all crap! I think we can beat some punk that can’t remember how to spell his weirdo name.” Eric said practically jumping around.copyright protection3PENANAEUtz74UE8B

            “Hey!” I shouted. “You two need to quit it! We’re not done yet, we can worry about the side effects of this after it’s over. Now help me bring Kronos back to the palace.” Eric and Hector ended up carrying the Titan back, I dragged Blade with Albany’s help. “Hector has a point.” I muttered quietly. I glanced over at Albany.copyright protection3PENANANbonBMQmxM

            “He’s changed.” Was her response.copyright protection3PENANABMM5KNwTpG

            “He changed, but he just deleted every thought, feeling, and instinct that he had ever had. We don’t know which Blade is going to wake up.” I said.copyright protection3PENANA63AzDHDymM

            “The river wipes away everything.” Albany said slowly, I could tell that she was forming a thought. “Then how do we even know that he will wake up, let alone come back as who he was? These two might be comatose for the rest of their lives.”copyright protection3PENANA9aXyxyknVR

            “That won’t happen.” I insisted. “They will wake up. We need them too.”copyright protection3PENANAawEXCoK8i9

            “According to the plan, we only need Kronos to wake up. Blade served his purpose, in fact some here would probably prefer that he didn’t wake up.” She was eyeing Eric when she was talking.copyright protection3PENANAOodoYR5Cps

            “The plan was to end the killings and stop Kronos from doing any more damage.” I explained. “We may not necessarily need Blade to do anything else, but we do need him to live. We...I want him to live.”copyright protection3PENANAozCm7aVsxQ

            “Artie’s dead, Gaia’s probably dead. Who knows the whole list. Kronos killed so many people, he almost destroyed this world. And Blade let that happen. Why do you want him alive all of a sudden?”copyright protection3PENANAjInXFZmq7E

            “Why do you want him dead all of a sudden?” I asked rather confused as to why Albany had just changed sides randomly. “I don’t understand.”copyright protection3PENANAAV3Oj1FpD5

            “It doesn’t matter anymore.” She said. “I suppose if we do this right, nothing will have even mattered to begin with.”copyright protection3PENANAS2EuoMEjec

            The conversation tapered off after that. I just didn’t know what to say to the love goddess. We reached the palace more silent than the unconscious Blade. Gingerly, we laid him down on a bench in the entrance hall. Eric and Hector were already binding Kronos’ arms and feet. “All right Love Goddess, he’s all yours.” Eric said stepping back from his handiwork. “Use your charm.”copyright protection3PENANA9yVwwAvS0D

            I watched as Albany leaned down and gently laid her arm across Kronos’ chest. She put her lips up to his ear. I couldn’t tell what she was saying, but I know what she was to get across. Albany’s job was to convince Kronos of certain facts before he woke up. Love and charm are the best blindfolds for lies.copyright protection3PENANAxBzApTB4if

            I guess receiving a complete and total brain dump wasn’t that serious to a Titan, because Kronos’ eyes opened. He started blankly as Albany whispered in his ear. He absorbed her words hungrily. They were, after all, the only thing on his mind now. Albany removed her face from close proximity from his. We watched as the Titan learned to think again.copyright protection3PENANAaahOFFBkZP

            “Yes.” He said nodding. Albany helped him to a sitting position.copyright protection3PENANAx8osFU2bN3

            “Untie our friend.” She ordered glaring at Eric.copyright protection3PENANAOkEnU4gv8z

Albanycopyright protection3PENANAKiK27qHJKG

            I felt disgusted. I hated this part. I was forced to convince our greatest enemy, that he was really our greatest ally. I had to convince Kronos, that he was Zeus.copyright protection3PENANAyhPXKuRNFE

            Eric ripped the ropes off with his bare hands. The others were standing as far away as they could while still trying to appear at ease. I could tell that standing this close to Kronos, even when he had no thoughts of any kind, was taking all of their courage. I just made me admire Blade even more. He had stood against this mighty Titan in all his strength. Blade had faced the very man that had killed Gaia without a second thought.copyright protection3PENANAQuZvSTz8pI

            “Lord Zeus we need your help.” I said offering my hand to Kronos. He looked at me. After bathing in the Lethe, it seems as if the Titan was cautious to finish a thought, in case they all left him again. Finally he raised his hand and grasped mine. Touching him had been one thing, but having him touch me was one whole different matter. This demon had crushed Artie, he had hunted and attacked us. Who knows how many gods and goddesses he had murdered, but most importantly, he had taken Gaia. Don’t get me wrong, I liked my fellow Olympians. But Gaia was something else to me entirely. She had first taken be from the mortal world, of cheerleaders and drama. Absent family and love. Gaia gave me something else, she made me, Aphrodite…no, I guess she made Aphrodite, me. Coming from the girl who basically didn’t have parents…now I know why they called Gaia Mother Earth.copyright protection3PENANAIa1tc9TTSE

            And all of that just made pretending that much harder. I had to force myself to look into Kronos’ eyes with friendly concern, when all I was feeling on the inside was burning hatred. Thankfully love is blind, and I was able to keep up my act.copyright protection3PENANAArWpoGUgtA

            “Who are you?” Kronos asked putting a hand to his head. “I don’t remember…anything.”copyright protection3PENANAVk5UQXNq6d

            “I am Aphrodite.” I informed him. “The Titan Kronos took your memories. You are Lord Zeus, king of the gods and ruler of all!” I exclaimed. “Kronos seeks to usurp your kingdom and so he tried to kill you. Thankfully you escaped, but he claimed your memories.”copyright protection3PENANA9Onahzkbtc

            “Kronos?” Kronos said his own name unknowingly. “…Kronos.” He muttered. I was getting nervous. The way he was saying that name…he sounded a little too familiar with those syllables to me. What if all his memories came rushing back? What if he decided that Aphrodite would better suit him dead? What if I failed? Who cared, the world had already been lost. We had already failed, one more death here would just be padding stats at this point. We were the ones with nothing to lose. These thoughts gave me strength.copyright protection3PENANAP3ELt3rojV

            “My lord, would it not be best to press the offensive?” I asked “Kronos thinks he had won. We must go and attack while he does not expect it!”copyright protection3PENANAZff4a51Xv7

            “Aphrodite, you say he attacked me?”copyright protection3PENANAaFWyPe7apA

            “Yes Lord Zeus.” I answered.copyright protection3PENANAneE1084rxo

            Kronos growled. “I will kill him…I will kill Kronos!” he roared with such rage and ferocity that I trembled. “Take me to this Titan!” I bowed, not to show respect but rather to hide my expression. It was going well, but that wasn’t a good thing per say. Things were about to get so much more dangerous. Sadly the danger from this point on was no longer just dangling over my head. The next step, would see me dangling the Fates’ thread just out of reach of a wood chipper. And I don’t know if I was ready to hold the universe in my hands.copyright protection3PENANAmwECAOHCMd

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