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Gods in Training
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods in Training
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Chapter 6 Artemisia
TJ Nyx
Jun 10, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!PRyVSeox78AKgmWfYHPdposted on PENANA

            “You two need to wait here.” Pan ordered.copyright protection4PENANA7GKC7cZ7xi

            “That’s the guy?” Paul asked pointing to a lone boy swimming in his backyard pool.copyright protection4PENANAmnaUi38GBg

            “It’s one of them.” Pan muttered.copyright protection4PENANAPb16yYlwGb

            “One of them?” I asked.copyright protection4PENANAKORuqYGp5e

            “You two are two more of them.” Pan explained. “I was charged with bringing you three in.”copyright protection4PENANAIsBTnUXwBy

            “So he’s going to be a god like us.” I said nodding appreciably. “I wouldn’t mind sending forever with him. He’s got that swimmers body.”copyright protection4PENANANrJOxiNSPt

"Great." Paul muttered. "You don't even know the guy and you already want to spend forever with him?"copyright protection4PENANA3zhV3HTK7Z

"Little Brother." I said shaking my head. "It's not that I want to spend forever with him, it’s just that no matter what, we will be gods together. And that means we will spend forever together. I'm just taking advantage of that fact.copyright protection4PENANAYQszJPuGm5

            "Alright, I see what you mean. When we get to New Olympus, I'm going to take advantage of the goddess of love." Paul said smiling.copyright protection4PENANAf9wZY4hLW6

"When you say it like that, you sound like a rapist." I muttered.copyright protection4PENANAe0GvVJdPtl

Blushing he hurried added. "I meant that I can go on a date with the goddess of love before you can go on a date with that guy.” he challenged.copyright protection4PENANAPsbh2V7wBu

            “Eww gross.” I said.copyright protection4PENANACRD9QCd7na

            “What?”copyright protection4PENANAeCbU87ElW8

            “What if I’m the goddess of love?” I asked.copyright protection4PENANAGMAS3DNb9p

            That sent a visible shiver down his spine. “I take back the challenge.”copyright protection4PENANAFMgjV6V9ej

            “Eww.” I muttered as an afterthought.copyright protection4PENANAjsVun3B2py

            Pan shook his head. “I had to recruit the weird ones.” He walked over to the edge of the pool and knelt near the boy. He showed no signs of wondering why this strange man had walked into his backyard.copyright protection4PENANAa6kLYopMzz

            “Do you think the kids going to come?” I asked.copyright protection4PENANAbflrzhyvqM

            “Course he will, who wouldn’t want to be a god?” Paul said.copyright protection4PENANAOKfKeCOQFe

            “Apparently the old Olympians.” I muttered. “Besides we didn’t know we were going to be gods until after we committed.”copyright protection4PENANApPkJBj705H

            “Whatever.” Paul said. “I’m still betting that he joins.”copyright protection4PENANAzgXVIwcg1D

            “How long do you think this will take?” I asked.copyright protection4PENANA2QniACUptz

            Paul looked at me. “Do you have somewhere else to be?”copyright protection4PENANADSpXC1hK2m

            “No, but…”copyright protection4PENANArCDoxmVKCW

            “Then shut up.” He said. After that we just waited quietly. Several minutes passed until finally the boy got out of the pool, dried off, and walked towards us with Pan.copyright protection4PENANAoFNLXooSNR

            “Sid, I want you to meet Artie and Paul.” Pan said pointing each of us out. Sid did have a swimmers body, his abs made me very self-conscience and his dark tan made his look more like a bronze god, than a Greek one. The perfection ended with his eyes, which were totally bloodshot from the chlorine.copyright protection4PENANAsqKSomTF6W

            “Hey guys.” He said in a deep voice. “You like to swim?”copyright protection4PENANA2yyGX62SRE

            “No.” Paul said.copyright protection4PENANAPfkC1i1pbO

            “Yeah.” I said excitedly. “You look like you swim a lot.”copyright protection4PENANAhDf2wDoqjv

            “I do, I live in the pool most times.” Sid said smiling. “I hear you guys are going be gods with me?”copyright protection4PENANAmm3V2115US

            “Yeah, we’ll be living together forever.” Paul said strangely giving me a sideways look.copyright protection4PENANAKJ84m9nnzy

            “Great.” I said faking a smile. I hoped to the gods that I wasn’t the goddess of love. Hey, did I just pray to myself?copyright protection4PENANAcQbrSI5h8p

            “Come on, the others are probably on their way back by now.” Pan said ushering us along.copyright protection4PENANANuLRpOSrTM

            “How exactly do we get to Olympus?” I asked.copyright protection4PENANAkDwsITC5hb

            “New Olympus.” Pan corrected me. “And only a god and take you there.”copyright protection4PENANAEt2QUVy0cG

            “We’re gods.” I said.copyright protection4PENANApZaaQAZJ1S

            “Not yet.” Pan said. “Not yet.”copyright protection4PENANAvlw2OfVqld

            “You’re a god.” Paul pointed out.copyright protection4PENANABZGEQBzoBM

            “Good job!” Pan exclaimed. “The rules are different when humans are involved. I have to take you to the others, and then you’ll go as one group.”copyright protection4PENANA41MfbDPbmR

            “Others?” Sid asked.copyright protection4PENANA4SdAU1QQsc

            “Yeah, the other New Olympians.” Pan said. “Now cone on.”copyright protection4PENANA34bKI1miqY

            “Did you know he’s a satyr?” Paul asked Sid as the three of us followed Pan away from Sid’s house.copyright protection4PENANA4uZQKbuAmQ

            “That explains the beard.” Sid said nodding.copyright protection4PENANArqJE1EGRv8

            “Beard? What do you think a satyr is?” I asked laughing.copyright protection4PENANA3zdfjVhGdH

            “I don’t actually know.” Sid admitted. “But I think his beard is weird.”copyright protection4PENANAEicD9WODxa

            “Don’t you want to bring some clothes or something?” I asked looking back at his house. “I don’t know, maybe say good bye to your parents?”copyright protection4PENANAuYBdDCRkum

            “My dad’s in jail.” Sid said. “And I’m wearing the only clothes I’ll need.” He pointed to his swimsuit.copyright protection4PENANAtyWGOfC6VP

            “Pan!” Paul shouted. “Didn’t the ancient Greeks swim naked?”copyright protection4PENANANA80dhX2Uu

            “Not on my watch!” Pan shouted turning around. “No, no.” Pan grabbed me by the shoulders and placed as far from Sid as he could get me. “Artie, you’re not allowed to talk to boys.”copyright protection4PENANAdotOC7rtrW

            “It wasn’t even me! Paul’s the creep.” I complained I turned to Paul and watched as he smiled at me. Then I turned back to Sid. “What about your mom?”copyright protection4PENANAQVuMBj2epY

            “That’s the reason Dad’s in jail.” Sid explained ominously.copyright protection4PENANA4dyceMtbOo

            “Oh.” I said. That was weird I thought to myself.copyright protection4PENANAG2NaRphiTJ

            “Our Dad…” Paul started to say, but Sid interrupted himcopyright protection4PENANAeKFJxh3zvs

            “Are you two twins?” Sid asked.copyright protection4PENANAyzG7LUTf6I

            “Yes.” I answeredcopyright protection4PENANADNKqXCQfUJ

            “Cool.” Sid muttered. “Do you have twin telepathy?”copyright protection4PENANAZ9tET0VWAq

            “Maybe.” I said.copyright protection4PENANAp8Z5fL0906

            “Cool.”copyright protection4PENANASETD5RfV6a

            I shook my head. Maybe the chlorine wasn’t why his eyes were so bloodshot…copyright protection4PENANAE5j8Kd8F9J

            “Sid, since your parents aren’t home do you mind if we take their car?” Pan asked. “We got a long way to go.”copyright protection4PENANA6zS6F7RFhS

            “Sure, and you probably won’t have to bring it back.” Sid said. “Dad won’t be driving again for a long time.”copyright protection4PENANAMaxGNCy2xE

            “Alright.” Pan said. We went up and all started climbing in Sid’s dad’s car. Pan noticed that Paul was trying to make me sit next to Sid and said. “Artie, why don’t you sit up here with me?”copyright protection4PENANAccKwkuJtaT

            “No offense Pan, but I’d rather sit in the back with my sister…and Sid.” Paul said quickly climbing in the car and pushing me in with him.copyright protection4PENANAdgt5n8dfOu

            Pan frowned then he looked at Sid. “Hey big guy.” Pan smiled strangely. “You wanna drive?”copyright protection4PENANA7BEEishQvO

            “Cool!” Sid exclaimed. He clambered into the driver’s seat and began examining all the buttons and dials on the dash. “I’ve never driven before!”copyright protection4PENANAvH1gemKYQV

            Pan groaned. “On second thought, why don’t you take shotgun.” He said pulling Sid out of the car and escorting him to the passenger side.copyright protection4PENANAS3cl8zulOj

            “Pan,” I said, “can you drive with hooves?”copyright protection4PENANAQWVvBdXS4t

            “I honestly don’t know.” Pan said. “But I’m betting I’ll do better than this moron.” he said pointing to Sid.copyright protection4PENANAHzaIPp5AnV

            “Look what you caused Paul.” I muttered climbing in the car.copyright protection4PENANAwgYIB7i6t7

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