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Gods in Training
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods in Training
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Chapter 7 Albany
TJ Nyx
Jun 10, 2018
10 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!OnGURoE0kPi27ESeWTDuposted on PENANA

            “Who are we looking for again?” I asked. “What’s his name?”copyright protection17PENANALbQEocHPZJ

            “Yeah.” Gaia said pulling a piece of paper out of her pocket. “It says, E. Reese. Also, don’t ask why he’s in juvie, ok?” She warned.copyright protection17PENANAEN7lIYJmY4

            “Why?” I asked.copyright protection17PENANAch7jWZyTTc

            “That’s something a cheerleader would asked.” Gaia smiled. “Look where we are. This is a juvenile detention center. Now when I say don’t ask questions of a boy who’s in juvie I expect you to understand.”copyright protection17PENANAnEnejMr0Br

            “That was a dumb question, wasn’t it?” I asked.copyright protection17PENANAKgfRBXQlkP

            “If you must know. Eric beat a teacher unconscious on the first day of school.” Gaia muttered.copyright protection17PENANAqw7xQ4woXp

            “Why?” I asked.copyright protection17PENANABl4ZzoL1pm

            Gaia started at me. “Dumb question number two.” She said. She looked back at the clerk as she handed in the form. “How would I know why?”copyright protection17PENANAs9CH1eFRAZ

            “I figured you gods knew everything.” I muttered as we were ushered into the visitation center. We took our seats and waited for E Reese to show up. “How are we going to get him out of here?” I whispered.copyright protection17PENANAH0vOxlT4KQ

            “Good question number one.” Gaia whispered back. Just then a boy said down at our table. If he wasn’t chained to his seat, I think I would’ve run away. Eric was bald, angry, and littered with tattoos and scars.copyright protection17PENANAulbylLW6Ml

            “Who are you?” he asked eyeing us suspiciously. His eyes lingered on me.copyright protection17PENANAsfv5XwkCoU

            “Can’t some cousins visit each other every once in a while.” Gaia said smiling.copyright protection17PENANAB6U7UssOwd

             Eric tore his eyes from me and grunted. “Hell, lady. All my cousins are locked up in places like this. Really, who are you?”copyright protection17PENANAE1zQAUBw0n

            “We’re looking for some employees.” Gaia said.copyright protection17PENANAStDozAVTcj

            Eric leaned in. “I can’t do much work from here.” He pointed out.copyright protection17PENANANOpIVkao8H

            “Then you won’t be here much longer.” Gaia said also leaning in. “But I’m going to need some…commitment…from you.”copyright protection17PENANACNIbDi5eP6

            “Get me out of here and I’ll work for you no sweat.” Eric said smiling. “Will she be working with me?” He asked indicating me.copyright protection17PENANACIAf79P232

            “Of course.” Gaia said. “You’ll be on the same team.”copyright protection17PENANAlQQLzM5Kae

            “Alright, I’ll commit right now, just tell me when I’m getting outta here.” Eric cracked his knuckles, I swallowed trying not to flinch from the sound.copyright protection17PENANArM1aYEt4Sj

            Gaia looked over her shoulder. “Can you get out of those chains?”copyright protection17PENANAav1LK8UAbX

            “They’re already unlocked.” Eric said showing us. “I just keep them on for the guards.”copyright protection17PENANACwOtiofo8q

            “Then we can go as soon as we’re done here.” Gaia said. “Do you have any questions?”copyright protection17PENANACAdEKbiefb

            “I don’t ask many questions, especially about employment opportunities.” Eric said. “But, I would like my first question answered.”copyright protection17PENANAxqGzbrI62T

            “Who are we?” Gaia asked.copyright protection17PENANA3EqS7Ign6p

            “Yes, I would like to get to know you ladies.” Eric said looking at me. I had the feeling he didn’t really care that much about who Gaia was. Guys wanting to ‘get to know me’ was nothing new, but with Eric I felt two times as uncomfortable.copyright protection17PENANANIZ0mKbFYr

            “Ok, well I’m Gaia and this is Albany.” Gaia said making the introductions.copyright protection17PENANARwRy53ZO91

            “Gaia and Albany?” he muttered. “Those aren’t average names.”copyright protection17PENANAHdG86OQnbW

            “All the normal names were taken.” I pointed out.copyright protection17PENANAMYFLZ2waIu

            “She speaks.” Eric said staring at me. He rolled his neck across his shoulders before continuing. “So, Albany, I get the feeling you don’t like me. That won’t be good for the team spirit.”copyright protection17PENANACz1u77x6VH

            “I don’t need to like you for what we’re doing.” I said.copyright protection17PENANA8DUPL0DCnP

            Eric laughed. “The way my relationships work, is I treat you like you treat me. You insult me. I beat you with your nametag. You don’t like me, I don’t like you. My question is, are you fine with me not liking you? I’m a much better friend than enemy you know.”copyright protection17PENANAzaOeWNhsYZ

            Gaia whispered a warning in my ear. “You’ll be working with this guy forever. Be nice.”copyright protection17PENANAXAyY5F5DM1

            “You’re right Eric.” I said. “We should be friends.” My words may have cowered to him, but I made sure to keep my face solid and emotionless as a stone. I didn’t want to show this guy any weakness.copyright protection17PENANAkVFfKqgo2E

            He smiled. “Good choice Albany.” He purred. “There’s this thing about guys not hitting girls. I just want you to know that the teacher I beat up… their name was Mrs. Walcott.”copyright protection17PENANAeBO2QKP7cN

            “Get ready to get under the table.” Gaia said taking a deep breath. “Haven’t done this in a while.” She closed her eyes and exhaled, and then she clapped.copyright protection17PENANA7aoF8tle67

            The clapped echoed at a magnified volume throughout the small room. Each of the other people clasped their hands over their ears in agony, except Eric and me. I got under the table and I pulled a shocked Eric after me. Just as I had him safely under the table the floor began shaking violently. There was a sound of glass breaking following by a deep and menacing crack.copyright protection17PENANAgq3VGOlWco

            “Earthquake!” someone shouted.copyright protection17PENANAAr0otR9iZl

            “Dang!” Eric laughed. “This is my exit right?”copyright protection17PENANA66wuMEY7T4

            “I don’t know.” I muttered. “Gaia didn’t tell me how we were getting you out.”copyright protection17PENANAf9vj4b7q8k

            Eric laughed as he watched one of the walls buckle. “What are you two? Superheroes?” he asked.copyright protection17PENANAPILQ7eIgxH

            “No.” I shouted over the roar. One of the walls had totally come down. I could see clear through to Baxter’s car. I could picture him watching this destruction with his expressionless face.copyright protection17PENANACEO89AN7IG

            “Go!” Gaia shouted. I crawled from under the table and hurried out the hole in the wall.copyright protection17PENANAcYQIhVUpm2

            “You weren’t kidding!” I said amazed. “You really are the goddess of the earth.copyright protection17PENANAJcLu2SJL9g

            “Titaness!” Gaia shouted back. “Eric, let’s go!”copyright protection17PENANAsLVhU4RHbA

            Eric removed his handcuffs and ran after us. “Did you say goddess of the earth?”copyright protection17PENANAoozf6Ra0gx

            “I thought you didn’t ask questions?” I said.copyright protection17PENANA2ZJOuMGdxP

            “I thought people weren’t supposed to cause an earthquake on a whim.” He retorted.copyright protection17PENANAu0Bphvt9cF

            “Touché.” I muttered.copyright protection17PENANAKB3jQ9b1ar

            “You’re not superheroes, you’re goddesses.” Eric continued. He caught on quick. I looked over at him expecting some sort of reaction or maybe a freak out session. But he just followed us to the car albeit scowling slightly more than usual.copyright protection17PENANAzdri1V5H9C

            “Get in the car.” I ordered opening the door for him. “Baxter! Take us home.”copyright protection17PENANAxDD83UDx4Q

            “Very good Miss Albany.” He replied pulling out of the rubble strewn lot.copyright protection17PENANAcOrf8ipjkz

            “Whew!” Gaia said. “What a rush! I haven’t done that in a long time.”copyright protection17PENANALTMccN8hvh

            “Explain.” Eric ordered.copyright protection17PENANAU2VxaZsOww

            Gaia eyed Baxter. “Not right now.” She said.copyright protection17PENANAEJk6YtooMJ

            “I love this song!” I shouted. Instantly Baxter turned up the music until the speakers were shaking. “Ok, you have until the song ends, then he’ll turn it back down.”copyright protection17PENANAYxCKKOyS54

            “Way smarter than a cheerleader.” Gaia muttered. “Ok, questions.” She said turning to Eric.copyright protection17PENANAa076xh6Z5C

            “She called you a goddess.” He said.copyright protection17PENANAvKlQQkjfJ6

            “I’m a Titaness.” Gaia corrected.copyright protection17PENANAYHDBsop1hv

            “What’s that?” Eric asked.copyright protection17PENANA5rvcy3uE2A

            “A goddess.” I explained.copyright protection17PENANAhykDpbYJqH

            “Are you a goddess?” He asked me. “Because that would explain a lot.”copyright protection17PENANAPppt0RRqS8

            “What does that mean?” I asked.copyright protection17PENANAWYAsa9vENy

            “She is going to be a goddess.” Gaia stated. “And you are going to be a god. That is the job we hired you for.”copyright protection17PENANAf57zIxKHgb

            “What does being a god pay?” he asked.copyright protection17PENANAp6BOACFr3y

            Gaia looked taken aback. “Umm…nothing.”copyright protection17PENANAAZwbsHkYl8

            “You could’ve mentioned that before.” Eric puffed.copyright protection17PENANAxBeFaXcVEt

            “I’m sorry. Do you not what to be an all-powerful, immortal deity?” Gaia asked sarcastically.copyright protection17PENANA73zIS9kxBn

            “Can I be the god of gold?” Eric asked.copyright protection17PENANA6cnDnQkIOG

            “You don’t get to pick.” Gaia said.copyright protection17PENANARlh50r2dnH

            “Who’s going to stop me?” Eric said threateningly.copyright protection17PENANAGuKgdCpya1

            “Fine.” Gaia muttered she closed her eyes and raised her hands like she was going to clap.copyright protection17PENANAVhdjUB9ekY

            “Whoa!” Eric said stopping her. He glanced nervously back at the jail we had just busted him out of. “I don’t need to be the god of gold.” He said.copyright protection17PENANAUbkcglEjy1

            “Good.” Gaia whispered.copyright protection17PENANA0ewLuJoUhy

            “Not so tough now.” I muttered.copyright protection17PENANAVdQ9xKKHZ4

            “You’re not a goddess yet, that means you can still die.” He pointed out.copyright protection17PENANAFUgZ6xkKQT

            “And here I was thinking we were friends.” I said sarcastically. The song ended and Baxter turned the music down.copyright protection17PENANAMR8iCC20xj

            “We are.” He said. “So what now?” Eric asked turning to Gaia.copyright protection17PENANAzsxqB4amLa

            “We got one more god, I mean friend…to recruit.” Gaia said. “Baxter, could you take us to the mechanic’s shop down on fifth?” There was no response.copyright protection17PENANArr4HraeMV4

“Baxter, could you take us to the mechanic’s shop down on fifth?” I repeated. Baxter was MY butler after all.copyright protection17PENANAFHWN0zq2zX

            “Very good Miss Albany.” He said changing lanes.copyright protection17PENANAm9qTz2YKpK

            Gaia shook her head. “I rarely get ignored.”copyright protection17PENANAUQcZxD9Lp5

            “Baxter’s only loyal to me.” I said proudly. While he was still a butler, Baxter had become like a mother and a father to me in my own parents absence.copyright protection17PENANAQ5NMSNljPV

            Eric burst out laughing. “What’s so funny?” Gaia demanded.copyright protection17PENANAhc5I6FK4qa

            “I’m free man, and on my way to being a god.” Eric said. “I’m allowed to be happy.”copyright protection17PENANAPl01kxFuj4

            “I guess you are.” Gaia said. “We’re here. Albany you should come on in with me. Eric you should definitely stay here.”copyright protection17PENANAzaamX39jmZ

            “Why? You think I’ll scare the sucker off?” Eric demanded.copyright protection17PENANAfEblmh07mr

            “No, you we in a juvenile detention center ten minutes ago.” Gaia said. “You shouldn’t be walking around where others could see you.”copyright protection17PENANAhcMhd7PTB9

            Eric sat back down without another word.copyright protection17PENANAYbj8xhbHAy

            “Please tell me this one is the opposite of Eric.” I said. “I don’t know how I’ll survive forever with him.”copyright protection17PENANAHPcTazbbGy

            Gaia laughed. “Don’t worry. This one should be more human. His name’s Hector, he’s kind of shy, so let me do the talking.”copyright protection17PENANADXKqfYx5R8

            “Shouldn’t be a problem.” I said. I had a feeling Gaia was only bringing me as eye candy for the recruit, but I couldn’t be sure.copyright protection17PENANAfPkzXRQ9zr

            We walked in and found four mechanics working on two cars and a motorcycle. “We need to see Hector.” Gaia announced. Three of the mechanics went back to their work, but the one working on the bike stood up and approached us.copyright protection17PENANAHhgUartmD9

            “I’m Hector.” He said. Hector was shorter than me by about three inches, and I was short myself. He was a total shrimp, but just in height. Hector’s muscle looked like they could’ve lifted up both cars at the same time by themselves. His face and shirt were covered in grease and motor oil and he smelt like a gas tank.copyright protection17PENANAUg7EGnDesu

            “Can we talk to you outside?” Gaia asked. He glanced nervously at each of us, and then led us out back.copyright protection17PENANAmIjGhhy7q8

            “Can I ask what this is about?” He asked quietly.copyright protection17PENANAy8qP2AhvXV

            “Certainly.” Gaia smiled. “We’re here to see if you’d be willing to join us.”copyright protection17PENANAFRbNwSa96D

            “Join you in what?” Hector asked.copyright protection17PENANAEtlYaDfJKF

            “Join us in our workplace.” Gaia said. “How would you like to work with us?”copyright protection17PENANASjOi9QTrmQ

            “I have a job.” Hector pointed at the shop.copyright protection17PENANAm1IyOfqZpx

            “I’m no good at this.” Gaia muttered. “Alright, my name is Gaia, the Greek Titaness…”copyright protection17PENANAC31Y1cBgWm

            “That means goddess.” I explained.copyright protection17PENANAWOGK7PB0gX

            “…of the earth.” Gaia said. “I am here to recruit you to be an Olympian god. Now do you want to reconsider your answer?”copyright protection17PENANARCZzaOOBNd

            Hector didn’t say anything. He just looked at Gaia like she was a strange three headed alien that had just puked on his lunch. He turned to me. “Is she telling the truth?”copyright protection17PENANA9qhboio0zk

            “Yes.” I said nodding.copyright protection17PENANAmv92ggSRg9

            “Ok.” Hector said. “Let me go and change.” With that he went back inside and disappeared.copyright protection17PENANAO7LOHWCwyq

            “Is that it?” I asked. “No other questions? He’d just drop everything and come with us because I said you were telling the truth?”copyright protection17PENANAJIQ1UfjifS

            “Hey now, don’t take all the credit. I think my speech is what won him over.” Gaia said reentering the shop. “And um… if people ask. You and Hector committed before I told you what you’d be doing.”copyright protection17PENANACCoMEF2xwj

            “Ok.” I said. We waited for about a minute before Hector returned. Then we lead him out to Baxter’s car. “Word of warning.” I muttered to him. “Be nice to Eric.”copyright protection17PENANAGlrs98pMFY

            “Eric?” Hector asked looking concerned. He hesitated but in the end he got in the car anyway.copyright protection17PENANAdpG4qAjJTz

            “So, this is another coworker?” Eric asked eyeing Hector.copyright protection17PENANACwb1iQGlnd

            “Eric, this is Hector.” I said.copyright protection17PENANAE4y6wIfWvU

            “You don’t look so godly.” Eric muttered showing off his tattoos and scars.copyright protection17PENANAUIjAMJb6t4

            “Who’s Nicole?” Hector asked. Eric face instantly filled with shock.copyright protection17PENANAF6BR8TIPe6

            “Had do you know about Nicole?” He asked defensively.copyright protection17PENANA2TaA0HjfDO

            “I’m a god, I know everything.” Hector said. Gaia laughed and Eric made a point to switch seats and moved away from Hector.copyright protection17PENANA9xxt8jdkpH

            “Nicole?” I whispered.copyright protection17PENANAp5O0WWUFL9

            Hector pointed to Eric’s forearm, just below the elbow. “One of his tattoos said Nicole, but it was crossed out. I figured mentioning her would be the best way to shut him up.”copyright protection17PENANALN2Vo3DIig

            “You’ll make a fine god.” I said nodding appreciatively. So Eric wasn’t invincible.copyright protection17PENANAwsN3VWn9gN

“I almost forgot!” Gaia exclaimed pulling a piece of paper out of her jeans. “Could you tell Baxter to drive us to this location?”copyright protection17PENANAQFSEGPAAum

            “Sure.” I said taking the paper. I read it and looked back at Gaia. “You want us to go here?”copyright protection17PENANAJf9MbyPOg7

            “I didn’t pick the meeting place.” Gaia shrugged.copyright protection17PENANA4NASRvOeE5

            “Whatever. Baxter, change of plans.” I said. “Could you take us to…”copyright protection17PENANA1vLU9rJK2d

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