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-Looking For Juliet
Co-Writer thehemingway*
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-Looking For Juliet
Chapter. 1
Jun 11, 2018
29 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!86nJo1rE9JfyS4TqdEWAposted on PENANA

Chapter. 1copyright protection26PENANAf43BbAmypq

Spring Hills, 2016.copyright protection26PENANACyxZiV1JAa

I was alone, like always. I wake up every morning trying to figure out what I want to or what I would be. I’m 16 years old right now at Lincoln, Saint Anna’s Public School, Spring Hills. While girls around my age having fun with their own life, smoking, having sex for the first time or trying any drugs and me? I was sinking into deep depression and anxiety in my head after I lost my bestfriend by car accident last 3 months ago. Yes, I keep all my scars and pain in my mind and I won’t let anyone notice that I needed help. Trust me, nobody noticed that because I’m good pretending everything is okay. Until I say that’s enough to hiding. Enough to pretending everything looks fine but actually not.copyright protection26PENANAsPJkUCL7gH

Mom has been mad at me because I almost burned our whole house last few weeks after I released from Mental Health Therapy Center, 3 hours from my hometown. I almost dropped out from school caused by my last cases in the club when a student reported me selling drugs with Evan. Well, now I’m coming back to school to fulfill my last probation the school gave to me just because I’m one of their multitalented students. That’s what mom said to me. Now let’s see how it all goes by today.copyright protection26PENANAHvMK7YltwK

I’m going to school as usual with my backpack on my shoulder, blue jeans jacket and I tied up my red brown long hair because the wind will make it messy. I hate that. And two books in my hand. I’m like a nerd one. Okay. I didn’t drive though, since that day. Called me I got traumatic or I got PTSD, I don’t care. I’m just losing my interest to drive. Just please, stop asking me that question.copyright protection26PENANAT9jr8Bn9kX

And people who recognized my face can’t stopped talking about me behind my back even right in front of my face like I was a criminal. I hate this day. I hate school and I hate everything new about my life after Hayley’s gone. I’m standing in front of my locker and almost punch it with my fist to release my anger but I didn’t do it.copyright protection26PENANAjMN27HFTPV

“Hey Remy, how are you?,” asked Amber when she saw me put my books into my locker in the hallway and took another one.copyright protection26PENANAAwrmhykC1R

“Good, thanks.” I answered like usually. Everytime people asked me same question I will answer them with the same answer too. “Yourself?” I asked her back as a formality. Even though she’s arrogant but she’s nice, sometimes. A blondie girl with her sexy body and smile can kills half of boys at school. Except me. I’m not bisexual.copyright protection26PENANAnV0Gn8hKiB

“I’m good too. I’m just wondering about your last decision.” She said to me very carefully.copyright protection26PENANAIBovEwdjp2

“About what? Decision or probation?,” I asked with my sarcastic intonation to her. “Well, I’ve made many decisions in my life anyway including my probation.” I smiled awkwardly to her, trying not to look like an idiot one.copyright protection26PENANAf0yHmPfHsh

Amber handed a paper to me. I take a look at it and I know what it is. “Now you know what I mean,” she added again.copyright protection26PENANAzPdAvAJMk1

“My resignation letter won’t bother anyone in the music club, Amber.” I’m making it clear right now. Why should I’ve met her in my first day at school? Duh.copyright protection26PENANAo3DNyijLCJ

“Yes it does. You’re one of the best pianist we have here. And you left without giving us a choice or another choices.”copyright protection26PENANAORJny6cOOF

“Should I?”copyright protection26PENANA6nujYZUHMf

“Yes, you should. We only had 2 weeks left until the charity shows and you left music club without giving us a chance to find another one. What a professional musician are you?” Amber is venting at my face right now. I bet she was holding her anger few months after I had left club and during my medication at mental health therapy.copyright protection26PENANAJbimYRFiCh

“I’m not interested anymore.”copyright protection26PENANA1r8KOHQ1wE

“Is that a sign of depression because you lost your bestfriend, Hayley at that night?”copyright protection26PENANAGC2aW0aRIX

Dang? How did she know it? Does she really noticed it or just assuming to get my attention back?copyright protection26PENANA6r8pO7gtpT

“Kind of.” I said with full of ignorant to her.copyright protection26PENANAKqkTb9A1a7

“Funny. You should keep fighting with your own life, Remy.”copyright protection26PENANAGQJI1GJcxr

“Let me ask you a question, Amber.”copyright protection26PENANA9ETi4HplaP

“Okay.”copyright protection26PENANAfUgAOrJosT

“Do you really care about me or you only care about yourself with asking this and give me encouragement like we were meant to be? I’m impressed, to be honest.”copyright protection26PENANAw9JgSLWBXu

Amber looked surprised and being silence for a minute. She doesn’t want to look into my eyes anymore. Not brave enough to do so. I know her answer without hearing her statement. And I don’t need to hear that though.copyright protection26PENANA369WpeEPzO

“It’s okay,” I said then. “thank you, once again. And I’m not depression, not that much this time. I’m just losing my interest with anything about her in my life. I want to start over, get back my life, my new life without her.”copyright protection26PENANAEOJUpxm8WO

That’s my honest answer I’ve ever said to anyone. And I told Amber in front of crowded hallway of Saint Anna, I told her about something I’m thinking just a couple minutes before I choose to go. I wanted to start over and getting back my new life without Hayley in my life. My new life. And I saw her eyes changed with a deep sorrow.copyright protection26PENANA1sXLIQwFrt

“Remy, I’m so sorry for your loss.” Amber said to me for a hundred million times I guess. But this time I know she meant it.copyright protection26PENANAavAkr0y5P8

I nodded to her and giving a smile. “Thank you. I hope music club can find a new one to replace me.”copyright protection26PENANAUuXEpmbLu8

“I hope so. Maybe you can help, if you want?”copyright protection26PENANAAwAyhjoOZP

“I’m gonna think about it.”copyright protection26PENANAi9lTtNT2SJ

“Thanks.” Amber smiled at me and she said goodbye when the bell is ringing.copyright protection26PENANAaNd7rDtDoY

Ugh. The sound of that bell really hurting my ear. I don’t like it. But I’m packing my books again and get ready for the class. Smile, Remy, smile. I told myself. And suddenly a man bumping up into me and make my books falling on the floor. Damn it. I cursed. It’s not really a good day to start over, is it?copyright protection26PENANALYumxMGVAF

“Sorry,” he said to me with his soft and husky low tone voice.copyright protection26PENANALSP6LjTFlM

“It’s okay,” I said while picking up my books and he is helping me to pick another one on the floor and give it to my hand.copyright protection26PENANAowABD2f7FD

“Ernest Hemingway?,” he said. He is staring at me with his deep green eyes. He is tall. Wearing black jacket, red shirt and a green hat same like his eyes color.copyright protection26PENANA5rCAO9mu5X

“Yes,” I replied him formaly.copyright protection26PENANAaRQ0XCjRhF

“Wow, I like Hemingway too,” he said again to me.copyright protection26PENANADFbehPgwWW

But I stand up and going to cut the conversation. I can’t be late again this time. I’m under my probation. Which means I’ll be under control of this school’s system. Means, sucks. “Who doesn’t?,” I replied him with my sarcastic intonation. Then I see his face clearly from my eyes. He looks different and older than me. Older than any other high schooler student at Lincoln. I recognized maybe he is new here even he is too old for a high school newbie, just saying. “Are you an exchanged student here?,” I asked politely then.copyright protection26PENANAa2nNDcXZG2

“Umm no. Actually I’m looking for someone here,” he said to me and looks so awkward and confused in a same way.copyright protection26PENANAXRUNRRqbIH

“Owh. Okay. You can go to Customer Service over there.” I show him the hallway but he is just looking at it and staring back at me.copyright protection26PENANAQmn1BFQRcN

“Can you help me? Or maybe you know her?,” he said in a second of my sanity.copyright protection26PENANANnPbasn8s4

“No. No. Sorry. I’ve got to go.” I said to him without giving him a chance to listen to him. I leave and don’t give him a smile or anything. I just walk away from him and come into my classroom. I can see from the rear view mirror that he still looking at me and everywhere around him. Poor thing, I don’t have much time right now to mess up with a guy especially after I broke up with Tyler.copyright protection26PENANAbqW5eNXEYG

Well, Literature subject. Gosh, I will fall asleep quickly then. copyright protection26PENANAmO3KQEqHvC

--copyright protection26PENANAuj0kvbNTjg

I bring Hemingway’s book for Literature class but Mr. Harrison is talking about Shakespeare and all his stuffs all the times. I actually love Shakespeare but it’s not my thing today. Doesn’t mean I don’t like Shakespeare. I’m just feeling bored. Mr. Harrison likes to talk about him many times with repetition. After take a break from school now I’m coming back here, I want to hear others stuff. I want to hear something new more than just Romeo and Juliet or Hamlet.copyright protection26PENANAXvHTAVHxzG

“Any question?,” asked Mr. Harrison to us while he is staring at us one by one in class. He also looking at me and surprised that I’ve come back to school. “Hey Sullivan. Nice to see you here again,” he said to me and I only replied him with a smile.copyright protection26PENANAdVvgGlV63q

Then a guy is waving his hand up in the air. He is sitting at the same line with me, just separated few chair only from mine. Everyone is looking at him but I’m not interested.copyright protection26PENANAJyKJTfVH8e

“Yes,” said Mr. Harrison again. He is pointing his finger to that guy. “Ummm.” He is looking at that guy with his blonde hair and thinking so hard to mention his name. But he can’t even remember him. “What’s your name?,” asked him finally.copyright protection26PENANAY6KF0kAHS9

“Harford,” said that guy. “Lucas Harford,” he added his last name with a smile.copyright protection26PENANAo65TnLeiSi

“Yes, Harford. Ask away.”copyright protection26PENANAJBQulJKgrT

“Okay. Can we discuss about something else? Sorry, not supposed to be inappropriate but--- I think we need something new here to kill the boredom. We had so many man of letter, why don’t we discuss others besides Shakespeare which we already known,” said that guy full of confident with his intonation.copyright protection26PENANAupZf40zEHs

Wow. That voice. I think I’ve heard that voice before. It makes me curious and I can’t stand myself for not looking at him. Just curious actually. And I’m so surprised that the guy--- Harford who is speaking to Mr. Harrison, actually the guy who bumped me in front of my locker this morning. And I realized all people in class also staring at him including me. I see some girls started to talk about him and mention his name, blushing. And I see some guys are looking at him with eyes full of jealousy. What kind of world I’m living in right now?copyright protection26PENANAO5zTZWFefy

“Um, I’m sorry,” said Lucas Harford to Mr. Harrison when he knows he has paid all attention in class and afraid it would offended Mr. Harrison’s feeling. He is looking down for a while then his eyes meeting with my eyes by accident. Knowing we are staring each other make me feel awkward and weird. Even we only separated by few chair. Well, it’s not a drama and I’m not a drama queen so I’m back to my view, focusing my sight to my journal and trying to write something.copyright protection26PENANAwZ9mtu6dKx

“It’s okay. That’s a good idea, Harford. Thank you,” said Mr. Harrison to Lucas. “Well, I haven’t seen you before.”copyright protection26PENANA6fX6u164FO

“Oh. Actually it’s my first day here,” said Lucas. He smile. I can see his dimple even from my place right here.copyright protection26PENANAxuU6oT337i

“Owh. Okay, Harford. Why don’t you stand up and introduce yourself to us?”copyright protection26PENANACEiL0Lg7Z0

Lucas is standing up right now. His eyes looking straight at the whiteboard and he smiles to everyone like he is really enjoying himself to get lot of attention. And I feel like a black sheep right here with his good aura filling up all places. As a distraction, I’m trying to write something in my journal. But I end up make so many weird line and circle everywhere with my pen. I’m sinking into somewhere else, deeper and darker. Suddenly I feel sick and want to vomit.copyright protection26PENANAF6gCdLEjPk

“Hi everyone. My name is Lucas Harford. I came from New York City. Nice to meet you all,” he said. And I hear people are talking and talking something about him and it buzzing in my ear. It hurts like hell. I need to get out from here.copyright protection26PENANA8nO2tcWwg4

“Welcome, Harford,” said Mr. Harrison to him.copyright protection26PENANAPSI7EJTURT

“Thank you.”copyright protection26PENANAVwZc9cXOwN

While he is sitting on his chair I’m standing up and walking up to the door. I need some fresh air, really.copyright protection26PENANA8EaWHD9Eap

“Well, Miss Sullivan seems in a hurry, Huh?,” asked Mr. Harrison, blocking my way with his statement. I stopped my feet and turning around to see him. And I see all people now are looking at me. Not good. I hate got lots of attention.copyright protection26PENANAI0ir7Wa1R1

“I--- need to go to the restroom,” I explained.copyright protection26PENANAUNyUZI7WwE

“I haven’t done giving homework.” He seems using me as the reason to save his pride now.copyright protection26PENANAJFjUB1xLFI

“Well, just do it,” I said to him. Ready to go.copyright protection26PENANAboItPQqZSh

“Remy Sullivan,” he called me once again with emphasis intonation. “Sit.”copyright protection26PENANA1M4zH3iP0O

I turned around to face him once again. “Mr. Harrison, seriously. I want to vomit right now.” Probably I sounded rude to him but that’s the honest answer I gave to him.copyright protection26PENANAtKtME5NcQt

“Let her go, Mr. Harrison. I’m afraid she’ll burn this classroom like she burned her own house last month,” said Stephanie, the Queen of Cheerleader at school. She likes to start the war and now she’s mocking at me with her bitchy eyes. I really want to slap her face, to be honest.copyright protection26PENANAU1RDvGtVGl

And I can hear they are all talking about me again, bring out all my last cases like my probation, my drugs dealer cases and Hayley. Before I feel disgraced, I choose to walk away and go to the restroom. I don’t care if Mr. Harrison will give me C even I’ve never failed in any subject at school before.copyright protection26PENANAdH8hhQlzFm

--copyright protection26PENANAn97RWLXKXN

I hate getting lots of attention in anywhere I go. It would be easier for me if I’m invisible. Now, since I left Mr. Harrison’s class including the fact that I almost burned my whole house few month ago, I’m like a new celebrity at school. They can’t stop staring and talking behind my back. But the most important thing is they have never mentioned about Hayley anymore. Something that I like even it seems they forgot about her easily. But it makes me feel secured and saved when they stopped questioning or discussing about it. I called it my safe haven.copyright protection26PENANAdSP4vkLZgr

During lunch break I stay away from canteen, bringing my lunch box to the backyard of school and enjoying my silence time there. It’s also my favorite place to hide and hang out. No one can disturb me to find my peace. Even some student used backyard to smoke pot or just make out with their partner. But I don’t care about them.copyright protection26PENANAkt9sLqj7ZY

Then I see him. Lucas Harford. That guy. I remember his name. He seems everywhere. Well, he is lying down on the grass, listen to the music while he is staring at the cloudy sky. I bet he doesn’t recognize me so I’m bothering myself with my cigarette.copyright protection26PENANAtn7Af4mcOk

I never told Mom that I was smoking. It’s just happens when I really stressful and now I’m enjoying it, blowing the smoke in the air with every breath I take. Thinking about how was great my life before this. I could imagine lots of happiness in my mind. College, moving to my new house with Hayley, dating someone, marriage, kids, future. It’s so beautiful. But suddenly I feel something tickling my throat, make me choking and coughing again and again. I can’t stop it. And I can’t breathe. I reached my backpack to get my water bottle but I don’t have enough water. I really can’t breathe. God, it’s so hurt. At that moment I remember Hayley and everything we went through together since Pre School till our last day before the accident. She has been the closest friends I had. It’s all coming back into my brain like a movie. It keeps playing in my head then I can’t feel anything anymore.copyright protection26PENANA01cP6IaSHq

Hayley’s smile. The way she was lauging at everything between us. Her sweet face. Her jokes. Her songs. Her guitar. Her photograph. Her ex boyfriend. Her stories. Her melody. Her tears at night. Her blood. Her cold body. Her eyes closed forever.copyright protection26PENANAk2UtvFTOMT

God, Am I going to die? Is it my time to die? Like this? Here? Somebody help, please!copyright protection26PENANAMghURwYdIM

Then I feel someone holding my shoulder tightly from behind. I hear a new voice in my head.copyright protection26PENANAyJOLyVtJNb

“Hey, you allright?,” asked Lucas, that new voice filled my air. He is sitting beside me, helping me to sit properly. I can’t say anything and he gives me his water bottle. And I drink it quickly. “Slowly,” he said again while stroking my back softly. “You okay?” He asked again to make sure that I’m okay.copyright protection26PENANA97d4BIJuww

I nodded. “I’m fine. Thanks,” I said to him and pushing him away from me when he is trying to help me up.copyright protection26PENANAojMFdEccRV

“You look unwell. I can give you a ride to your home or hospital.”copyright protection26PENANAZpENbdJEWw

“No, thanks.” I’m trying to stand up but suddenly I’m vomit on the grass. Really, so embarrassing. And I’m so ashamed because it’s so disgusting.copyright protection26PENANAQ6E3afMUKi

“Hey,” said Lucas again. He is holding my arms. His face is pretty close to me. He looks worried about me. I’m trying and forcing myself with sharpening my sight to see him but everything becoming blurry and white.copyright protection26PENANAq8CdOQR12J

“I’m--- fine---,” And then I passed out.copyright protection26PENANAW29APkNzZJ

--copyright protection26PENANA5PQKS0ZFUJ

I can’t remember anything after I wake up and I see Hanna is standing beside me, checking my pulse. Then I know where I am. At clinic school.copyright protection26PENANAXlSAyHqqIt

“You passed out, Darling,” said Hanna to me. She smells like medicine and chemical things.copyright protection26PENANA9EvjflE2UD

“Yeah.” I’m trying to stand up but I feel weaker than before. So I just sit there, watching her doing something with pills and medicine on her desk.copyright protection26PENANAM0sCKlDJ0y

“You didn’t drink your pills, did you?,” she asked me.copyright protection26PENANAtYTmzs4ZSM

I surprised she knows. “Why? I stopped drinking my sleeping pills and my anti depression pills.”copyright protection26PENANAs2rXlGi0Jc

“Not that pills, Honey. Your medicine.” She is staring at me for a while.copyright protection26PENANADwc69XsNGt

“I don’t know. Why? What happened?,” I asked. Pretending I don’t know anything about my health issue.copyright protection26PENANAlasex1GB0z

“Remy, you know why. You’re smart enough to understand your current condition.”copyright protection26PENANAotBPqXwJXg

“Yeah, okay. Sorry.”copyright protection26PENANAVBM8HW5aJM

“It’s not bad just--- keep drink your pills, okay? Until your body recovered well.”copyright protection26PENANAD4X5ju6067

I nodded. “Okay.”copyright protection26PENANAzuAbk18RK5

“Well, have you heard about Kim?”copyright protection26PENANA7FHUOpQTzz

I feel stoned while hearing that name. “Kim?”copyright protection26PENANAGcEDiX8pXe

“Don’t tell me you got amnesia and forget about her. She was another survivors at that night, your friends though.”copyright protection26PENANAwxJ7I48QVS

“I know. I--- actually haven’t seen her in a while. How is she? Is she okay?”copyright protection26PENANAW2yDWm3MgC

“She’s your friends. You haven’t contact her after that night?,” asked Hanna to me.copyright protection26PENANAmWO0A7YIwV

“Well, I was a dying zombie that night, Hanna. I couldn’t picked up my own cellphone to call people to save me and Hayley.”copyright protection26PENANAX3tHabLj2G

“Yeah, I know. Sorry. Well, she’s fine just--- shocked.”copyright protection26PENANAbZIJDF6Grm

“Shocked?” I replied her word. Need more information about it.copyright protection26PENANAiNj7OTeMCL

“Yeah.”copyright protection26PENANAIAObhZn3iq

From Hanna intonation I know she is reffering shocked into something misareble and traumatic than just a simple shocked.copyright protection26PENANAJupse27kJz

“I thought you both were friends?,” she added.copyright protection26PENANAH1n19bUnYx

“We were,” I said.copyright protection26PENANA9G8XSqXftg

She looked at my confused expression like she never see the real me for over century. “Remy, you okay?” She asked me again. Today I hear about that question many times and I started to feel sick aboout it.copyright protection26PENANAFdK5GY7OjQ

“Yeah. I am.” I shruged my shoulder. “I should have visited her.”copyright protection26PENANAn0SK11WWpU

“Yeah.”copyright protection26PENANAuyBDwt3tJx

I haven’t seen Kim since I dropped my feet here. She probably hate me right now because I dragged her into hell and I left by myself, leave her alone in the darkness. That was my fault, that night when I invited her to join our party. If Hayley died, Kim too, I guess. And I don’t deserve to live twice. I don’t deserve this second chances. Hayley was.copyright protection26PENANAKoLuurtBfM

--copyright protection26PENANAsDNlnPnkMM

Hanna was right. I should have visited Kim when I got out from hospital or at least call her, asking her conditions or just a simple chat. But I didn’t do it. I was thinking about myself only and I forgot there was someone else left that got hurt too, an innocent girl who supposed to spent her night at home with her homework and paperwork but choose to hang out with us because I invited her. Then that accident happened, killed Hayley. And it supposed to kill me too but it didn’t happen. I was alive and Kim also. But our live would be different then. Including our friendship.copyright protection26PENANAehkQURjYl2

I left clinic after drink a pill from Hanna. I probably have skipped two subjects but it’s okay, I could handle it then. Now I’m walking at the school hallway to my locker. I don’t know why but my view suddenly forced me to looking at a corner where Hayley’s memorial was still there. I turned around my way and come across to see it. I see her picture. The most beautiful picture Hayley’s mom choose to put it here. She smiled perfectly awesome. I realized I haven’t seen her picture in a while since I left hospital and medical center therapist. I was too afraid to see her, to face the truth that she’s gone, forever. And I have nothing left, just a piece of me. It’s sadden me, really. I almost cry when suddenly I see Lucas is standing beside me, staring at Hayley’s photograph.copyright protection26PENANAv5rhzVI3xY

“Hayley Anderson,” said Lucas. His eyes is looking at Hayley’s in memorial stuffs and looking at me also.copyright protection26PENANAP0BDlZtIjf

“16 years old. A cheerleader. The most beautiful girl I’ve had ever known in my 16 years old life with her.” I told him. And I don’t know why I want to speak with him.copyright protection26PENANAvywQorHIp2

“She’s your bestfriend?,” asked Lucas to me.copyright protection26PENANAKV8ccI7VLE

“Yup. Part of my life,” I said, trying so hard not to cry in front of him.copyright protection26PENANATBFve0uIJO

“I’m sorry.” He gives me his deep condolence.copyright protection26PENANAXenu4MWMum

“Thanks,” I said to him.copyright protection26PENANAPfhXruFypq

“It must be hard for you after all of those things.”copyright protection26PENANAdj2TPgTkZD

“--- I supposed to die at that night, not her. She deserved better than all of this. I---,” I can’t continue my words. My words stuck in my throat and I feel like my tears is falling into my cheeks. I can’t hold it back anymore even if I want to.copyright protection26PENANA9WSwrXjnJN

Lucas put his arms around my shoulder then he pulling me closer to him. He hugs me. And I start to cry louder and louder. I don’t care what people say or what people are talking about me or us. I just can’t stand for myself today. I think I can pass this day like I did the other days but I’m so weak right now. All my emotions running through my head. I want to expload, really. And I feel that Lucas hugging me tightly as like he understands what I feel even what I’m thinking right now.copyright protection26PENANAJz31wuvb3V

--copyright protection26PENANAChfEa4V4oU

We left school together. Lucas giving me a ride with his black jeep to somewhere, for me to take a fresh air after I vented out my griefing in front of him and everyone. He dropped his car near Willow’s Waterfalls and it makes me shocked.copyright protection26PENANAIxRA4jynHi

“You won’t tell me to jump off from the waterfall, will you?,” I asked, curious and seriously my face full of question marks.copyright protection26PENANAbqRfsnKYzN

Lucas is showing his smile to me while he is getting out from his car. I don’t know since when, his smile started to facinated me slowly. “Nah,” he said and pushed the door closed. But I pulled off the window so I can still see him. “Instead we’re going hiking.”copyright protection26PENANATb59QgdLkC

“What?” I made an O face to him and getting out from his car, ready to protest and complaining.copyright protection26PENANAG3axEfQcCx

“Ugh Oh, no compromise.” He said while pointing his one finger to me.copyright protection26PENANAuOYl3rJNpi

“I thought you would take me somewhere, something romantic, erotic or something. But hiking? You gotta be kidding me, right?”copyright protection26PENANABjuHskXG6i

He smiled again. “I think you feel better right now.”copyright protection26PENANAjMltk0Jbcm

“I am.”copyright protection26PENANAIGaH2e8L2x

“See? The power of Willows and my comfort Ruby’s seat.”copyright protection26PENANA4ERzljUj00

“What? Who’s Ruby?”copyright protection26PENANACjNYN7Ywia

“My car.”copyright protection26PENANAS1R3JUiRFk

“You give your car a name?”copyright protection26PENANApKYgjkAdDB

“Yes. Why not? She’s my baby girl.”copyright protection26PENANAefV1dJ9bgs

“Okay.”copyright protection26PENANAm8udcd7u5N

“Ready?,” he asked me and giving me his sweetest smile. It’s like a drugs or poison? Seriously I don’t know.copyright protection26PENANAOuyNLS7m6L

“Ugh Oh, don’t show me that smile again.” I said and following his gesture, I’m pointing my fingers to him, making him laugh to dead. Am I look so funny?copyright protection26PENANAYk0TmeCwqS

He is laughing. “You’re cute.” He said to me. Am I? Looked cute?copyright protection26PENANAZM1t0eH7IM

“---Are you teasing me?”copyright protection26PENANAVxhtl3msqs

“Nah. That’s a compliment.”copyright protection26PENANAdoMei9tVFT

“Are you flirting with me?”copyright protection26PENANANEGP8G3POM

He laugh again. “I don’t even know how to flirt.”copyright protection26PENANABKjSeEWA7m

Now I’m laughing with my unbelieveable expression. “Liar.”copyright protection26PENANA2lKPA3Y3YE

“Truth.”copyright protection26PENANAXMjDBrkFg8

“That’s cute.”copyright protection26PENANArRSLK7qGHy

“Thanks.” He’s smiling again. “Come on.” He is waving to me and asking me to walk with him. And I’m following his steps. We are walking together and thank God Hanna gave me pill so I can do hiking safetly without afraid I could collapse again. The path getting narrow and sometimes it’s wider and slippery. Plus I didn’t wear hiking shoes anyway. Then he lends his hands to me. “Take my hand,” he said, trying to help me walking up.copyright protection26PENANA3JTOzuRxxP

I take his bearish hands. It’s not soft like girls’ hands by the way. He seems likes to do something that effected his bearish palm. I made assumption again about this guy who took my hands along way to reach Willows waterfalls. And I feel like an electric shocked getting into my body. I feel so comfortable and safe with him even he is such a stranger to me. Then I hear that sounds. The waterfalls, the streams and people are talking and hiking downstairs to reach the botttom of the waterfalls.copyright protection26PENANAbuBu8dWsSc

“Here we are,” said Lucas and he released my hand. His eyes staring at every places it could have reached. Trying to enjoy every wind that blow between us and every scenery over there.copyright protection26PENANABk4u6PBwwi

“Wow.” I feel peace for a while and looked mesmerized. It’s making him surprised though.copyright protection26PENANA5z2ZnBte80

“Have you ever come here before?,” he asked me with his shocking expression.copyright protection26PENANA3kvFPESL6L

“Nope.” I said and it was true. Me and Hayley have never been into this nature things before. We hung out at bar or entertaining places at Spring Hills or over the town. We loved party, smoking cigarette, pot or anything like that stuffs I’m sure he will not want to know more.copyright protection26PENANAYI52cbSNIo

He laughed again, like he can’t believe it was the honest answer I gave to him. “You’ve been living here longer than me I guess.”copyright protection26PENANA6NX8MkKfzS

“Yes, but I haven’t gone into something like this before,” I told him the truth.copyright protection26PENANAgDdMi3qbPx

He is staring at me. “Oh, you missed a lot of fun things here, Girl.”copyright protection26PENANAWOg1RscJgV

“Yeah, I know. It’s just not into me. Things like--- this.” I told him with my clumsy voice.copyright protection26PENANA7mI4vvofLY

“So, what was that? Something into you, what was that? I wanna know.”copyright protection26PENANA81BmOTqf4f

I’m quietly for a minute then staring at him like I doubt myself that he really wants to know it, or even to hear it. “You will never want to hear it.” I said to him with my flat colded intonation.copyright protection26PENANAM0332UvfDM

“Try me,” he asked.copyright protection26PENANAaK8TPEoeTa

“Well, the point is--- I’m not a good person you think you can make friend for.”copyright protection26PENANAc2bNo0HOfL

He looks surprised with my words but then again he just smiled. “I believe everyone is good with the way they do.”copyright protection26PENANA42M85P3B4H

“Nice mindset, Luc.”copyright protection26PENANAnfsw8haxv4

“Well, It doesn’t matter anyway. Now you’re here.”copyright protection26PENANAHH6TvvUck9

I look at him for a while then back to focus with the waterfall over there. “Thank you,” I said to him.copyright protection26PENANAYocLxhAATF

“For what?”copyright protection26PENANAhgUJM30XBw

“For taking me to this place.”copyright protection26PENANA2je8cJE7VY

“You’re welcome.”copyright protection26PENANAgUntFUKfvD

“How did you find this place by the way? And you are new here, though.”copyright protection26PENANAVMUPvHSwEu

“Hunting.”copyright protection26PENANA2GNhP00u7W

“Hunting?”copyright protection26PENANAtoQQRvLCLg

“Yeah. Actually I’m not really new here.”copyright protection26PENANAgG3avzRo5w

“Meaning?”copyright protection26PENANAS8cFp2FqwN

“Been here twice or even more. Never counted it.”copyright protection26PENANAmZbcQ2HCEt

“Here? Means this Willows Waterfalls or Spring Hills?,” I asked, curious.copyright protection26PENANATU9W4FvW4B

“Both.”copyright protection26PENANAsXKFDaHjAe

“Oh. Visited family?” I asked again. I don’t know why I asked him again. Maybe just to make the conversation still going on and on.copyright protection26PENANA6Weh95jQIY

“Nope.” He smiled again. “Visited her and her family,” he added and I’m rolling my eyes to him. “My girlfriend,” he said clearly to me.copyright protection26PENANAkBStyX84Td

“Oh.” I nodded.copyright protection26PENANAGmaq1NAJ6b

“Have lot of things to fix,” he said.copyright protection26PENANAYd7duhiO71

“Okay.”copyright protection26PENANANsDFVcD4gx

“She is at Lincoln. Her name is Tessa, just in case you’ve met her before.”copyright protection26PENANAhXTsnVgYFn

“Nope. I haven’t met her before.” I said. I imagine Tessa was a beautiful girl with a long blonde hair, girly and smart. Also the luckiest girl in the world because she could made a man moved the mountain like Lucas did. He moved to Spring Hills for her. She might be the most awesome girl I’ve never met in person.copyright protection26PENANAaEAhR5yaUG

“Her family had a swing at their yard.”copyright protection26PENANAbH9Pm4109i

“Nice.”copyright protection26PENANAxrfrTDm9C2

“She was just mad at me and moved back here. I need to talk to her and make everything’s clear. I love her so much.”copyright protection26PENANAwMG63xcCI6

“That is why you are at Lincoln today, Huh?”copyright protection26PENANAjUNsJaxKaG

“Yes. I want to see her.”copyright protection26PENANA2I7h91Vwax

“At Lincoln?”copyright protection26PENANAyHjfNnN00v

“She applied at Lincoln, I heard.”copyright protection26PENANA6kpTN83kTe

“Oh. But you’re too old for a high schooler guy, Luc,” I told him, trying to make a joke between us. Then he smiled. I looked into his green eyes, it was empty. He lost somewhere.copyright protection26PENANA1VW9d5a8Bl

“You’ve never met her before?,” asked Lucas to me.copyright protection26PENANAFa2YpQldQl

I shake my head. “No. It’s my first day back to school after that accident.”copyright protection26PENANAIWG8PthTNa

“Oh I’m sorry.”copyright protection26PENANA7P53Yj98rL

“No problem.”copyright protection26PENANAt7Vw6lmsyc

“Or--- maybe you can help me to find her at Lincoln? Please?”copyright protection26PENANANh8uqYXHRL

“Well, Lincoln has so many local and exchanged student. I’ve never had a good social life with those people. Also I’m not interested so you can find someone else to get help,” I replied him.copyright protection26PENANARZAX2yhcHJ

“That’s sad. Because I feel like we’re gonna be a good friend. You are awesome. And you’re the one that I have this time.”copyright protection26PENANAXbQTHWf3oO

“I’m impressed but I’m sorry, I can’t. I think you should go and ask Amber. She’s a famous girl at Lincoln. I’m sure she could help you to find her.”copyright protection26PENANAfc5oGwmEde

“Amber?” Lucas repeated that name again, trying to remember it.copyright protection26PENANAp5dZ3gyksf

“Yes. Mention her name and you’ll find her easily.”copyright protection26PENANA3prUj8Rycf

Lucas nodded. “Okay.”copyright protection26PENANAmsssQ9YdNb

“It was a long road from New York to Spring Hills, just saying. So, Goodluck.”copyright protection26PENANArchFbkVKFo

“Thank you.” He smiled to me again but this time it gave me a different feeling, not the same as the first time I saw it anymore.copyright protection26PENANAZIOrD7zuFM

My phone is beeping. I saw a text from Tyler, my ex boyfriend. “Enjoy your trip then,” I said to him then I’m turning around to go back to the car. I need to go somewhere.copyright protection26PENANAK2ecu5msj9

“You don’t want to go downstairs and playing with the waterfall?,” he asked me while following my steps.copyright protection26PENANAELmVqxfmhV

“I’m done with this waterfalls trip. I wanna go home.” And I feel like he is realizing something is wrong with me. But I don’t tell anything. I just wanna go home as soon as possible.copyright protection26PENANAKhDyIhFiLl

“Okay,” he replied.copyright protection26PENANA5vnjIRp4kI

--copyright protection26PENANAeYuAUU8agp

Now I’m at home. Alone. Lucas dropped me a while ago then he left to see Amber, or maybe looking for his Juliet, Tessa. And I’m home alone right now. I don’t know where Mom is. She just left a message on the fridge said that she was outside for an appointment with her friends. And I see she prepared lunch set menu in the dining room. But I don’t have any appetite to eat. I’m picking up the phone to call Kim many times but I’m too afraid to hear her voice. But I realized I have to do it as part of responsibility. So I pick up the phone again, pressing Kim’s number and waiting for the answer.copyright protection26PENANA51HJzq0eJM

“Hello?” Kim’s mom, Mrs. Steinfield picked up the phone.copyright protection26PENANAAOhX80Px4a

“Can I talk to Kim?,” I said politely.copyright protection26PENANAgi9LS3F0eW

“Who’s speaking?”copyright protection26PENANAqjX83xz4Mi

“---, her friends.”copyright protection26PENANAQm68kf8aNd

“Name, please?”copyright protection26PENANAk4wuPpyvqM

I exhaled. “Remy.”copyright protection26PENANArR6pZ9XydJ

“She can’t answer the phone right now.”copyright protection26PENANAR36YcqdkA0

“Is she okay?”copyright protection26PENANAyV44qUtYpT

“How she could be okay after you ruined her life? Stop hanging around her circumstances. Have a friend like you just brought her into negative vibes.”copyright protection26PENANAKRLQhK0eje

“Can I talk to her for a minute?”copyright protection26PENANAYai49uumP5

“She’s not here right now. She was joining St. John’s community.”copyright protection26PENANAnn1ssrmVqM

“St. John?”copyright protection26PENANAPaDA1Vl29E

“Yes. Church community. Remy, listen. Kim is different. She’s not like you, a girl who loves party, using drugs and making out with other guys anytime you wanted. Kim is my daughter. She’s a nice girl and I won’t let anyone ruin her life anymore. Not for the second time. So you better fix your own life before it’s too late. You should thanks to God because He gave you a second chance to do it, except Hayley. Poor girl, she was a beautiful girl though.”copyright protection26PENANAg7PycZ3HlS

“You say something bad about Hayley again I swear to your God I’ll come and burn yourself alive. Don’t feel so high-minded so you can judged others with the way you think it was the truth, you bitch. I didn’t have any intention to ruined your daughter’s life. I was just invited her then she said yes. That was her choice, not my business, sadly. I call just to make sure she didn’t die at that night. She didn’t. She supposed to die not my bestfriend, Hayley. Thanks for the talk, Mrs. Steinfield.”copyright protection26PENANAMJgObIgyDG

I put the phone back and I’m really mad right now. I go to my room and shutting the door closed. Suddenly I’m feeling so sad, clumsy and nervous. I checked my cellphone just trying to get distraction then I see Tyler’s message again.copyright protection26PENANAktRY4TTpV3

I miss you.copyright protection26PENANA4cbULnTO4f

He texted me many times but I haven’t activated my cellphone since I got out from the Medical Therapy Center. Except today I called it my new day to start over everything. And I choose to call him just because I don’t wanna feel alone right now.copyright protection26PENANAGRYWFaEWJi

“Hei,” he answered. “What’s up? I was worrying about you.” He sounds mean it.copyright protection26PENANAC4Mu2QnWfj

“Where are you now?,” I asked straightly.copyright protection26PENANAZkvafgx85B

“Home.”copyright protection26PENANAoLsnI8xn4h

“Alone?”copyright protection26PENANAGHlscojAky

“Yeah. Kids still at school. Wanna come?”copyright protection26PENANATjTpu8G1hL

“On my way.”copyright protection26PENANADFx62ffADk

I grabbed my jacket, my cellphone and my pursue then I’m running into the bus stop. Couple minutes I’m arrived at Tyler’s house. I open the door then jumping into his lap and kissing him intensely.copyright protection26PENANARk2cMeA5OU

“Hey,” he said to me then smile.copyright protection26PENANAEIey7IGNKY

I don’t say anything and keep kissing his lips. Feeling his skins on my body, feeling his hands touching all over my body and undressed me wildly. I like the way he makes me move from hell to heaven. We’re making out and having sex on the sofa for about an hour or more. I don’t know. I just wanna go wild and release all my emotions and he knows what I want and what I really need for sure. At least just for today, this time, right before his kids coming back home with his grandmother. I wanna be with him for a while. Hugging him and feeling his warm in me.copyright protection26PENANAyoD5uFlKfZ

“How’s your life so far?,” he asked me while we are cuddling on sofa.copyright protection26PENANA47j6j5lUb9

“Sucks,” I replied him as usual.copyright protection26PENANAPQR3oZM5Mw

“Oh, at least I make your day feels better right now,” he said, teasing me with the way he choose his words to say.copyright protection26PENANA3kUGqpmL9C

“Yeah. Thanks for that.”copyright protection26PENANAKeJ3l39GXl

“I’m so sorry about Hayley. My condolence.”copyright protection26PENANAQNcIQAHCGu

“Yeah.” I nodded and he kissed my forehead.copyright protection26PENANA9JO4qftN0D

“Do you still have it in your pocket?,” I asked Tyler about a thing that I was looking for.copyright protection26PENANAqLS9PddYUb

Tyler giving me a deeper look and then he smiled, like he understands me so well. “Yes,” he said to me.copyright protection26PENANAkKYwtP7brN

I’m crawling on top of him and whisper to his ears. “Let’s go wild.”copyright protection26PENANAFBxuFXJ9LJ

[--]copyright protection26PENANANbuFljTyiN

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