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Gods In Training: Generations
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods In Training: Generations
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Chapter 1 Blade
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!mh6xNCyv99YMg4abaQ6Fposted on PENANA

A/N: This is the second story in a series. I highly recommend that you read the first book Gods in Training before this one. Otherwise SPOILERS!copyright protection15PENANAqxgffFiVFs

            My name is Blade. That’s not my real name, but my real name doesn’t apply to me anymore. You see I’m a god now, one of the ancient Greek gods to be precise. My human name described a scared, lonely, angry, mortal child. I am no longer any of those things. When I first adopted Blade as my name, I did so because I thought my life was rough. I thought that I was alone. I thought that no one had it worse than me. I imagined that life had made me as cold and as tough as a blade, and so I embraced that image as my new name, my new identity.copyright protection15PENANAd1JkzxW726

            I was stupid back then. I made a lot of mistakes, a lot of bad choices. I hurt a lot of people, and even caused two wars. I was not a good person, and I was a terrible god. But I was in training. I was learning. And eventually I figured it out, granted I had to die during the process, but that’s all water under the bridge.copyright protection15PENANAh0Tx53JfUP

            I realized that as a god I had a family, and I had friends. I learned that life wasn’t so bad if you looked at it a certain way. Life was what you made it. When you attacked it like a knife, you just ended up hurt and hurting others. When you saw the bigger picture, realized the world has more than just you in it, that’s when you can really get the magic to happen. That’s when you can finally see, that’s when you finally start living. I had to learn a lot of hard lessons as a mortal. But nothing taught me more about being human…than being a god.copyright protection15PENANAUlnaADQTyv

            I had become the reincarnation of Hades, the Greek god of the Underworld, and the lord of death. Boy did I make a mess of it in the beginning, but I think I was getting the hang of it now.copyright protection15PENANAlMx566C3eF

            “Go get it boy!” I shouted throwing the ball as far as I could. Cerberus, my three-headed hound of death bounded after the ball as if his life depended on it. I couldn’t help but smile as all three of his faces fought each other for control of the little rubber sphere.copyright protection15PENANA9vG23L6M01

            Fetch was Cerberus’ favorite thing, besides belly rubs and sleeping on my bed. But sadly the balls did not share his enjoyment of the activity. As I watched, the central and left head reduced the ball into scraps and shreds. Sighing I reached into the bucket that was at my feet and pulled out one of the many replacements I had stationed at the ready.copyright protection15PENANACVmZ5WCWQb

            Whistling, I got Cerberus’ attention. “Ball?” I shouted showing him the newest object for his destruction. Three tongues wagged in the wind as my hound bounded towards me. Before he could reach me however I hurled the ball back over his head. The dog nearly toppled over himself in his rush to chase after it.copyright protection15PENANArcXYh44U7i

            I leaned back in my lawn chair and glanced up at the stars. As the sun set more and more of the twinkling balls of burning gas would appear. And here on this island, we could see every single one of them.copyright protection15PENANAAgOgjR2qE3

            “I have never seen him, nor you for that matter, this happy.” I brought my eyes back down to earth and saw a familiar face, or rather familiar shadowy features hidden under a fedora.copyright protection15PENANArgYNg4KT0A

            “Thanatos.” I said smiling at him. Thanatos was the god of death. And as Hades I was his boss. Our relationship was more than that though. Thanatos was quite possibly my closest friend, as well as my first in this life and my old one.copyright protection15PENANA4rM2q46uZd

            “Lord Hades.” Thanatos bowed slightly.copyright protection15PENANANzuCPOtSe8

            “What brings you to paradise?” I asked standing up. I offered him my lawn chair and then lied down in the sand at his feet.copyright protection15PENANAVFpTsFYdyY

            “Sadly business.” He said.copyright protection15PENANANDqAFQEMlE

            “You never seem to visit just because you want to. Tell me friend, why do you need a reason to see me?” I complained. “You’re always working.”copyright protection15PENANA08dvL3jfVx

            “Well, people are always dying.” He said. “That’s why I was hired in the first place.”copyright protection15PENANAnQdMKGsIT0

            “But still.” I said.copyright protection15PENANAHHE7hjXW6i

            “Just because you New Olympians take holidays, doesn’t mean we all can.” He muttered, almost bitterly.copyright protection15PENANAA6rNBdRUsM

            “Time off the timecard is just as important.” I pointed out. “You could do with learning that my friend.”copyright protection15PENANAsPDGCom47g

            “Oh how the tables have turned.” Thanatos said feigning surprise. “You’re the one teaching me now? There were many times I swore I would never see this day.”copyright protection15PENANA5OXJVf3Tba

            “Do me a favor and throw him another ball.” I shook my head and said. I turned my gaze towards Cerberus. Thanatos complied with the order. “And if I seem to recall, us New Olympians have been teaching you old timers quite a few things for a while now.”copyright protection15PENANAcMgEARRrMk

            “I’d say you were removing our ignorance more than teaching new topics.” Thanatos said.copyright protection15PENANAef9SVMghRn

            “Tomato, tomato.” I muttered. “Potato, potato.”copyright protection15PENANAyWcvG8LK1X

            “Indeed Lord Hades.” Thanatos said. “But back to business if you will.”copyright protection15PENANAUeJbSk3KLP

            “Yes tell me, what makes it convenient for you to visit an old friend while working your oh so busy schedule.”copyright protection15PENANA404eS019iS

            “Work actually. Work for you that is.” Thanatos explained. “You have been summoned to New Olympus. An emergency council has been called.”copyright protection15PENANAwQPImwQ7hS

            “What do you mean?” I said sitting up a little straighter. “Emergency?” bad thoughts floated through my mind. If the gods had cancelled their vacation and called an emergency council then something serious indeed must have happened. “Are we under attack? Is it Kronos?”copyright protection15PENANA4c7OnZ8qKU

            “No, no nothing like that.” Kronos was the Titan of time and the sworn enemy of the gods. After I had died the first time I may have…helped…him resurrect and wreck havoc on the gods and world once more. It’s a long story and not my proudest moment, it will forever be my shame. But thankfully me, along with my family the other New Olympian gods, had managed to defeat Kronos and return order to the world, and peace to our mythological realm.copyright protection15PENANAgPUl3Nl5WD

            “Well, what else is there then?” I asked.copyright protection15PENANAXtuMcQj2XA

            “Who’s the teacher now?”copyright protection15PENANAV2M2Q92ZAN

            “Don’t be all high and mighty.” I said. “So there is no war? No danger? What then am I being summoned about? I find it hard to believe any trivial matter would merit this response.”copyright protection15PENANATQCObGBxLx

            “Just because there is no danger does not inherently equal perfect harmony.” Thanatos explained. “I do not know all the details. But something has come up that requires the council to convene, all of the council. That is all I know. I was told to bring you to New Olympus immediately.”copyright protection15PENANAbI0FvcvOft

            “Well I better go then shouldn’t I?” I said.copyright protection15PENANApbwbdnlgmV

            “Dinnertime!”copyright protection15PENANA3gLF4XmFu7

            “…go after dinner.” I amended my statement.copyright protection15PENANAdFQellrQaH

            “Lord Hades, the summons was quite clear in it’s use of the word immediately.” Thanatos reminded me.copyright protection15PENANAkzSQL6d6nA

            “Oh I’m not disputing that, and I’m sure Kara has a very good reason for using that word. However…” I looked over my shoulder and saw the most beautiful girl in the world walking towards us. “…the summons made no mention of food. She did.” I pointed over my shoulder. “My loyalty seems to be to my stomach.”copyright protection15PENANA1qQN6UKszf

            “New Olympus needs you.”copyright protection15PENANAANVq1gMs7X

            “Will you be staying for dinner?”copyright protection15PENANAarw2ii9wow

            “I was just going to set out a plate for him.” I quickly interjected. Thanatos frowned at me.copyright protection15PENANA6pWWd3QXwq

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