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Gods In Training: Generations
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods In Training: Generations
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Chapter 10 Kara
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!X6hpMASuNDUYLDkFAXtpposted on PENANA

            Albany had just run away out of nowhere. We had been talking and then she started crying and then she just ran away. I don’t know if I had said something or what was going on in her head, but I was worried.copyright protection4PENANAESB56p3bwV

            I had sought her out to ask her advice, and I had gotten it. I had to look at the big picture here. And sadly that didn’t include Albany’s breakdown last night. If I had a free moment and she was around perhaps I could ask about it. But until Hestia was found I don’t know how many free moments I’d be getting.copyright protection4PENANA0t2iTOSLiF

            “My Lady Hera.” Several nymphs were in the throne room with me.copyright protection4PENANApdDaQYQrVk

            “Any news to report?” I asked.copyright protection4PENANARzcsFjSJvo

            “Lady Hestia is the only reported disappearance so far from New Olympus. Most have been accounted for and the remainder will be done so within the hour.”              “Well that’s good news.” I said. “At least I only have to find one goddess. Are there any indications of foul play? Have Hector and Albany found anything.”copyright protection4PENANAFwSHOLwGxP

            “They started this morning, but I doubt it.” The nymph said. “Lady Hestia was well loved and none wished her harm.”copyright protection4PENANAmW207SZXkU

            “So that leaves it at she left, or she vanished the way of the Old Olympians.” I muttered to myself. “Either way she’s not here anymore.” I turned back to the nymph. “When Hector and Albany are done I want to speak to them. We’ll probably need them to start looking for a replacement.”copyright protection4PENANAhbuuE9OxTj

            “Yes my lady.” They bowed again before hurrying from the throne room. I slouched in my chair, alone now, and gazed at the empty hearth. Four years of nothing, and now this. I should be grateful we’re not at war this time around.copyright protection4PENANAVzPOgEAMl7

            “My Queen.” I looked up and saw Herman bowing at me. “Any messages I should run today.”copyright protection4PENANABH3EIaxH8R

            “Nothing yet.” I said. “No news.”copyright protection4PENANACp36UHgIe9

            “Isn’t no new good news?” he asked taking his place at his throne.copyright protection4PENANA2aISZZwzMR

            “For four years it was.” I said. “But now, I just want to know what happened.”copyright protection4PENANAHozK2iVz04

            “It is out of nowhere isn’t it?” he asked.copyright protection4PENANAqCutIobY6q

            “It always is, here.” I nodded in agreement. “You haven’t by chance talked to Albany?”copyright protection4PENANA89BQ1AQxaC

            “I wish Aphrodite had time for a guy like me.” Herman scoffed. “No why?”copyright protection4PENANAoR0YC3gxCg

            “I was just wondering.” I said quickly. I don’t think I wanted to tell Herman what had happened. He was the messenger of the gods after all. And a very big mouth came with that job. It wasn’t my place to be spreading rumors when I didn’t know the whole story.copyright protection4PENANAB3S6xBuJzB

            “Why?” Herman was suspicious. He got up excitedly. “Was she asking about me?”copyright protection4PENANA9HKLyLlpiv

            “Of course not.” I said a littler meaner than I meant it. “We have work to do, focus.” I steered us back on track. “I need you to go find the twins.” I said. “Tell them everyone else has been accounted for, they can stop looking in and start looking out.”copyright protection4PENANA1Hn2FZ5WwI

            “What does that mean?” he asked.copyright protection4PENANAc8M5fjGJ2f

            “It means I want patrols in the valley and the woods. If this disappearance was a prelude to an attack, I want to be the one striking first.” I clarified.copyright protection4PENANAkcX5XwQjV9

            Herman stood up and headed to leave. “You don’t actually think there will be an attack…do you?”copyright protection4PENANAOWRcZxb5tI

            “It doesn’t matter what I think. I need to make sure I’m ready for everything.” I said. “Now go.” He bowed and hurried off with his message.copyright protection4PENANAOGRAL6TrPW

            “Why is it, that you always seem to be the one making the interesting choices?”copyright protection4PENANAHa8Fg5b6o6

            I smiled when I saw him. “Why are you always choosing to show up afterwards?”copyright protection4PENANAgd38q3FB98

            “Queen Hera.” He knelt.copyright protection4PENANAjXOaxAgr16

            “Janus.” I stood and walked over to him. “How is the two faced god of choices?”copyright protection4PENANAnJhvoxBAE0

            “My choices have done good by me.” He grinned with both faces. “And you?”copyright protection4PENANAGUeK2EOIgX

            “Facing yet more tough decisions.” I shrugged. “Are you sure you aren’t throwing me more than my fair share?” I accused him jokingly.copyright protection4PENANAQzUFKsf1Th

            “That would be a very poor decision.” He said. “But it is not mine to make. I do not give choices to anyone, I help them to make them.”copyright protection4PENANA8g0pMpWoZA

            “Yet you always seem to me helping me.” I pointed out.copyright protection4PENANAoGvDryifgy

            “By nature you will have more choices. Queen of the gods, that is a job with options.” Janus said appreciatively.copyright protection4PENANAc787MSz1Ts

            “You wouldn’t be able to help me find out what happened to Hestia would you?” I asked eyeing him knowing what he would say.copyright protection4PENANAj2JjrvIoTI

            “That depends on your choices, my dear.”copyright protection4PENANAZiouWQ3e5k

            “It always does.” I smiled. “The hearth is out.” I pointed this fact out to him.copyright protection4PENANANirVpeNYgH

            “You are correct.” He observed.copyright protection4PENANAqzJ9SbFBzz

            “The hearth burned eternally.” I said, more to myself than to Janus.copyright protection4PENANAkySI3Oz63E

            “Apparently not.”copyright protection4PENANArQWSLl7zkn

            “Even when Hestia wasn’t on the mountain, the flames burned on.” I continued, ignoring him. “So that makes me think she isn’t taking a vacation.”copyright protection4PENANAhLW1VPcArM

            “Do you think it is possible she choose to extinguish the flame?” Janus asked with two mouths.copyright protection4PENANA9Lk1unQ3uT

            “Why would she do that?” I asked confused.copyright protection4PENANAHVJEOv0V5k

            “It appears to have drawn quite the attention.” Janus muttered. “Perhaps it was a call for help?”copyright protection4PENANAim5fo04BBw

            A call for help? I thought. What could have made Hestia extinguish the hearth home in a call for help, what could have happened?copyright protection4PENANAnKhHMM5DPz

            “You pointed out that the flames remained even in Lady Hestia’s absence.” Janus continued. “So it is difficult to believe they would go out now if she were on a vacation.”copyright protection4PENANAwxvgbjMcfR

            “So she chose to do this, to warn us?” I asked.copyright protection4PENANAwyeBNCCSdd

            “I can not be sure.” Janus shrugged. “This choice seems to have not come with much consideration.”copyright protection4PENANAoAYGiKsnoh

            “Now what does that mean?” I pressed him.copyright protection4PENANAXVPtb1NYd2

            “Well look, the fire is out.” Janus said. “It could be a symbol or maybe someone put it out as a prank. It is not a clear omen and even if we were sure it was a sign, how could we interpret it. I believe, that if it was a warning to us, then it must have been a last second decision, one made right before she disappeared. Perhaps she only had enough time to do that.”copyright protection4PENANAPJA4loHXgU

            “We thought she wouldn’t leave without telling anyone, so this makes more sense.” I ran my hand through my hair.copyright protection4PENANAaFv8lOTOci

            “It would have been difficult, but Lady Hestia would have chosen to do so.” Janus nodded. “She cared for you New Olympians. She thought of herself as your mother.”copyright protection4PENANA69dVDpWqn9

            “She told you that?” I asked.copyright protection4PENANAtcT3hfsYcJ

            “No.” Janus said quickly. “But its obvious, if only you look at her choices.” He smiled and winked at me. A two faced god winking is frightening to look at, even more than usual.copyright protection4PENANATnoowKdqyp

            I thought his words over. Hestia was like our mother, especially to Deon, Demi, and Adele. She wouldn’t have abandoned us, but that realization made me feel worse than better. If she hadn’t left willingly…well I didn’t like the choices left of what could have happened.copyright protection4PENANAIEyWzblwCI

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