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Gods In Training: Generations
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods In Training: Generations
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Chapter 11 Blade
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
12 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!Z1J524EYFPpPV3UNwJW5posted on PENANA

            I wasn’t the happiest of campers right about now. Mainly related Kara grouping me with the dregs of godly company on this field trip. Zack and Eric, the two gods that I had historically gotten along worst with, just had to be here with me. Then of course I can’t forget that Sid was here too, not necessarily a negative…but I hadn’t volunteered for a reason. But I was determined to make it work, not just because the Queen had commanded it, but I know my presence on New Olympus still carried an asterisk. I was still the first enemy my friends had known as gods, the first threat they dealt with. And I could never live down what I had down after, releasing Kronos. No, I was determined to prove I could get along with and succeed in present company. I had to. If I ever wanted to even begin to atone for my sins, it had to start here.copyright protection14PENANAxUhqpgjlbZ

            “Look, Kara said you were in charge, but you’re not my boss.” Eric poked a finger in my chest. I really hoped this worked out. “You hear me? I’m a god and I don’t need you telling me what to do.”      copyright protection14PENANAfb1Zg43U3J

            “Fine.” I said staring into his hate filled eyes.copyright protection14PENANAKszGwuu2dq

            “Good.” Eric muttered. “Now…what are we doing?”copyright protection14PENANA8LlpcKFw5Q

            “We’re going to look for Hestia.” Zack said like it should have been obvious.copyright protection14PENANAvl2xliBodE

            “Not exactly.” I said. Both of them frowned at me. “We’re going to seek out the minor gods and see if any of them have seen Hestia.”copyright protection14PENANA8X7HDDc7Gp

            “Same thing.” Zack muttered. He clearly wasn’t happy to be with me either. In that moment I was a little, annoyed, with the Queen of the gods. What had Kara been thinking? Why would she send me with these goons? She had to realize how this would end. Most likely with one of us dead. A light clicked in my head, unless she did it on purpose. Maybe she too realized I needed to prove myself, and wanted to give me a chance.copyright protection14PENANAyObUenETTK

            “Guys, look.” I said. “I get it. We’re not friends. That’s fine. That’s ok. We don’t have to be. We just have to work together and find Hestia.”copyright protection14PENANAKp6MWr5yPi

            “Don’t you mean search for the minor gods and ask them?” Zack whispered loud enough for me to hear. Eric laughed and cracked his knuckles.copyright protection14PENANAdYfkGTYS1F

            I whistled. I would need someone I could trust. Cerberus came bounding towards me and jumped up at me. I had three times the normal amount of dog slobber over me. “Are you all ready?” I asked. “We’re wasting time.”copyright protection14PENANAhAttuHQ8BK

            “You’re the one who needed to bring his puppy.” Eric muttered.copyright protection14PENANASmaY97qeFf

            “Who’s first?” Sid asked sounding excited.copyright protection14PENANAwSeMdUGbMH

            “Any suggestions?” I asked the crowd. There were none. “Ok, how about alphabetical then. Any A gods or goddess that you guys know?”copyright protection14PENANAQ4hkxL2oUE

            “Ares.” Eric responded.copyright protection14PENANA9N0jMaqco5

            “Found him.” Sid pointed at Eric.copyright protection14PENANAsVYGIbBono

            “Aphrodite, Apollo, Artemis.” Zack began counting on his fingers.copyright protection14PENANA5esnz09Bp3

“Minor gods guys.” I shook my head. “None of the Olympians count, we aren’t exactly minor.”copyright protection14PENANAgyQgRCqiPP

“Anorexia.” Sid said.copyright protection14PENANAnhLmXtyyRV

“What’s she god of?” Eric asked.copyright protection14PENANAWXapkJqulQ

            “Hearty breakfasts.” Zack sighed. “Anorexia isn’t a god you complete and utter wheelbarrow.”copyright protection14PENANAxBpoSh1jzQ

Zack may have worded it a little harsher than I would have…or maybe not wheelbarrow fits pretty well. But regardless he captured the sentiment I would have been going for. “Any suggestions?” I repeated. The peanut gallery was silent. Fine, how about Aeolus, the wind god.”copyright protection14PENANA9X8Uj6nREe

            “Maybe he’ll blow us on a breeze to Hestia.” Eric scoffed.copyright protection14PENANANBcY1wHs13

            “Word travels on the wind.” I said. “Aeolus knows more than you would think.”copyright protection14PENANAjyFIXyZZRy

            “Where’d you learn that?” Zack asked pointedly. I learned it when I recruited Aeolus to help me try to conquer Olympus.copyright protection14PENANAQ0vYVO4iGJ

            “I’ve met him once or twice.” I said.copyright protection14PENANAxulJsng9Ph

            “So that’s the story.” Zack muttered nodding. “Ok.” I forced myself to remain silent. No good would come of fighting back. I had learned once before that Zack was not someone to handle lightly.copyright protection14PENANAd9QSROqQNi

            “Where is this wind god then?” Eric asked picking up his mace and donning his helmet.copyright protection14PENANApDjUCeJGxq

            “If word travels on the wind, can’t we just shout something when it’s windy and Aeolus will know we need to talk to him?” Sid asked.copyright protection14PENANAq4ULOm84wY

            “Great idea, this is going to be a piece of cake now. We’ll be home before dinner.” Zack rolled his eyes.copyright protection14PENANAmJ8cCZ12QO

“Honestly…I don’t know if that will work or not.” Zack’s eyes darted to me, once more glaring. “It’s not your worst idea Sid, but to be safe maybe we should go in person.” I said making sure Zack heard every word. Zack still treated everyone like he was the king. I wanted him to see how he was supposed to be behaving. “There’s an old lighthouse he likes.” I said. “By the ocean. I think it’s called Western Ridge. It’s super windy there.”copyright protection14PENANAlfsEa4TULq

            “That would make sense.” Zack said. “Wind gods and wind go together.” I stared at him. It seemed like every time he spoke he only did so to try and provoke me or put someone down. He seemed genuinely incapable of kindness, I really thought as we grew up this behavior would have changed. Or at least I had hoped his dethroning and restrictions in council meetings would humble the guy. But it seems some miracles are truly beyond the power of the gods.copyright protection14PENANAkcveXjA6o6

            “Is it windy because Aeolus is there, or is Aeolus there because it’s windy?” Sid asked.copyright protection14PENANA5KQdXscYv3

            “Shut up.” Eric said.copyright protection14PENANANRifvtkpn6

            “Actually everyone shut up.” I said.copyright protection14PENANAPHikVgEwm2

            “Don’t tell me what to do.” Eric snapped.copyright protection14PENANADsMuFJXSIs

            “I’m going to use shadows to take us there instantly.” I explained. “Keep your mouth shut unless you want to be washing darkness out of your soul.” Not that it was a particularly clean soul to begin with.copyright protection14PENANAVvkeKQI5f5

            Thanatos had taught me to use the shadows to teleport myself, however this would be my first time bringing others with me. Hopefully I did it right. It would be a terrible loss to lose these…gods.copyright protection14PENANAb4MupIK3f7

            I closed my eyes and focused like I had been taught. I willed the darkness to swirl up and engulf us. It took some coaxing to get it to come out here in the sunlight, but eventually the light behind my eyelids disappeared.copyright protection14PENANA6SzSmfCk7k

            I knew it had worked when I heard the ocean. I opened my eyes and blinked into the bright light. We were on a cliff, overlooking the ocean, a strong sea breeze running through my hair.copyright protection14PENANAN3P7iAX0Gc

            “Don’t touch me with your little shadow tentacles.” Zack complained glaring at me.copyright protection14PENANA5RhSmGA6KQ

            “It may not be first class, but its fast.” I said. “Look there’s the lighthouse.” I pointed a little ways up the coast, where an old lighthouse stood. It was a little too close to the edge for my liking.copyright protection14PENANAeQINJ52mqa

            “I miss the ocean.” Sid said looking longingly out to the waves.copyright protection14PENANAGdewkw7hwN

            “I miss making people bleed.” Eric grinned wickedly.copyright protection14PENANAtBFLu1r58c

            “I miss sane people.” I muttered to myself. “Come on, let’s get this done.” I led my merry band towards the lighthouse, hoping Aeolus would make putting up with them worth it. The lighthouse must have been farther than it looked as we seemed to be getting nowhere. I picked up the pace a little bit. Soon I found myself out ahead of Eric and Sid, with only Zack next to me.copyright protection14PENANAVm2EaMKd8a

            “What’s our play after this?” He asked me. “We going to go talk to any of your other…old friends.” I knew that was a jab at my rebellion against the gods. I also knew it would be wise to not jab back.copyright protection14PENANAoPnClH8tYF

            “If Aeolus knows something, we’ll follow that lead. If he doesn’t, we’ll find someone else that does. I think B is the next letter.” I said not looking at Zack.copyright protection14PENANAgshVdLXFQ6

            “I don’t think your little wind friend is going to know anything.” He said.copyright protection14PENANARLsUpDH9RP

            “Well then start thinking of gods with B names.” I shrugged.copyright protection14PENANAjfFHS1o0un

            “We won’t gain anything though.”copyright protection14PENANAGKQXG4IEJz

            “We won’t have lost anything either.”copyright protection14PENANAKBkdwKRdUI

            “We’ll lose time.” Zack grinned. “But you know all about time don’t you.” I stopped walking. “How funny would it be if Kronos was back, killing more gods?” I clenched my fists, but held my tongue and forced myself to keep walking. “Do you ever realize, that you are the only reason my reign as a god king has been difficult? It’s entirely your fault. All the pain, all the suffering, all the sadness. That’s on you. Trust me, they all feel the same way.” He indicated Eric and Sid, who were still lagging behind. “No one will say it. But they agree with me we all remember the old you…the real you. We all remember your betrayal. We remember war councils against you. We remember that the only peace we ever enjoyed before Kronos was after we had killed you. I remember that glorious image, of you…lying burnt…and dead…in that stupid fireplace.” He stepped in front of me, forcing me to stop and face him. “I’ll never forget how you looked as lightning jolted into your thick skull. You took everything from me. The only reason Kara believes she’s better off without me is because you’ve tricked her into thinking you’ve changed. You’ve fooled all of them, but not me. I remember what you’ve done. And I’m onto you this time.”copyright protection14PENANA3eYIVQJkRe

I tried to step around him, trying to get away before I did something stupid. I clenched my fists and tried to move along.copyright protection14PENANAHxZxuFBckl

But Zack wouldn’t let me. He grabbed ahold of my shirt. “I still remember what it was like to kill you. I will always remember it. And I’m waiting to do it again.” SMACK. Zack fell to the ground.copyright protection14PENANAL4X6itR9HL

            I stood there breathing heavily, my fist still in the air where it had sent the king of the god tumbling.copyright protection14PENANARL0PtWGdgx

            “HEY!” I could hear Eric and Sid rushing towards us.copyright protection14PENANArX4qvy67Lr

            “You’re not a god anymore.” I told him. “You are not one of us.” I lowered my fist and tried to slow my breathing.copyright protection14PENANAsxvqDOTvXB

            Sid grabbed me and started pulling me away while Eric stood between the two of us, making sure I didn’t came at Zack anymore.copyright protection14PENANAhOmhEPdk3t

            Zack was laughing as he stood up. “Good.” He whipped his mouth. “The more distance between me and you the better life I’ll live.”copyright protection14PENANASurWVXv24g

            “Hey.” Eric shouted. “Either kill each other already, or let’s move on. Quit teasing me.”copyright protection14PENANAtxOZXrNRXK

            “Think of seashells.” Sid told me. “They help me clam down. Get it, clam instead of calm. And clams have shells.”copyright protection14PENANAsezOveDJyH

            “You can have that punch Graveyard, but watch yourself. I owe you one now.” Zack promised threateningly. Dark clouds were overhead circling. Lightning forked across the sky in the distance, following by a deafening clap of thunder. Over the ocean it seemed a storm was coming in.copyright protection14PENANAdqcEn7BS9G

            “Come on.” Eric put his arm around Zack. “Let’s go hit something.” He started leading the fallen king away. He glanced back at me and Sid, giving us a curt nod.copyright protection14PENANA9DdXCbpp2m

“Clams.” Sid chuckled. “Let’s get in the Lighthouse.” Sid gently pushed me towards our target and made sure I kept going that way.copyright protection14PENANAauAJi6YWPw

            It started pouring and more lightning flashed. I regretted what I did. I shouldn’t have stooped to his level. I had given him exactly what he wanted. I had a feeling there would be consequences to what had just happened. I remembered Zack’s threat, I believed him. The only problem is I doubted it would be exactly one to one. Zack’s version of even would probably involve torturing me.copyright protection14PENANAD3XPHlXjd7

            I was better than him. I had proven myself to the others. I was a helpful and productive god. I had a girlfriend, the others trusted me, and I had been happy. But Zack, he made me relapse. He made me go back to my old ways. And I didn’t want the others to think I was like him. I didn’t want to be banned from talking. I didn’t want to be looked down on by the others. I wanted to stay a part of their family. And right now, Zack had made me put that all in jeopardy.copyright protection14PENANA0mKdknpJMr

            “She called it.” Sid was shaking his head.copyright protection14PENANA5XVGGeMEaC

            “What do you mean?” I asked.copyright protection14PENANAbOF9EnvBHI

            “Before we left, Gaia gave me and Eric strict orders to make sure you two didn’t kill each other.” Sid explained. “She called it, you two just can’t work together.”copyright protection14PENANAJH5tVpQk9D

            “Then why did Kara send me?” I asked.copyright protection14PENANAMeAHUhWHW7

            “Because she trusts you to be a leader here.” Sid shrugged. “But Zack gets to you, I get it. But don’t worry, me and Eric will make sure nothing else comes from what happened.”copyright protection14PENANAj8VZiAnNc4

            Kara trusted me, they all did. But would they after this? “Come on, let’s get this over with.” We had reached the lighthouse. “This day has to get better right?” I asked. “That mean’s Aeolus should have some news for us.”copyright protection14PENANAwVLCpH2g1b

            “Dude.” Sid stopped in his tracks. “That’s bad luck. You jinxed us.”copyright protection14PENANATNpuvkMr2I

            “Shut up Sid.” I said pushing on.copyright protection14PENANAzlQul95IWh

            “You jinxed us.” Sid repeated. “You owe me a soda.”copyright protection14PENANAMscy5Cf7Sh

            “That’s not how jinx works.” I told him.copyright protection14PENANAiM5IgA3225

            “Bad juju.” Sid said. “Sailors are superstitious, and this close to the ocean we’re basically sailors.”copyright protection14PENANALBrC6MLbvH

            “Paul’s right, you have too much chlorine in your brain.” I said. We reached the top of the lighthouse. And emerged into the beacon room. It was empty.copyright protection14PENANAsiaFRgh7n9

            “Told you.” Sid said. “He would have been here if you hadn’t said anything.” I glared at him.copyright protection14PENANAoGVtpc4sf7

            “Aeolus.” I called out. “Aeolus are you here! It’s the Olympians, we need to ask you some questions.”copyright protection14PENANAy0IZCPMo0h

            “You can’t be here.” Aeolus appeared out of nowhere before us. The wind god was a tornado in a man shaped cutout. I never had learned how he maintained that shape.copyright protection14PENANA6tAh9rxryU

            “Hello.” I said. “We have some questions for you.” I said waving, hoping he would remember me not only from that time we tried to kill the gods.copyright protection14PENANABWBwq0JvsY

            “You can’t be here.” Aeolus repeated. He didn’t have a face, because of being made entirely of wind and whatnot, but I could tell he was scared. It was hard to read body language, when there was no body, but the signs were still there.copyright protection14PENANAC0Zl0BaM0b

            “Aeolus what’s wrong?” I asked.copyright protection14PENANA46EEnO5UfD

            “I didn’t want them here!” he shouted. “No! I didn’t want them here I promise!”copyright protection14PENANAPQAqn1q6wT

            “Dude.” Sid said backing up a little bit. “I told you, bad luck.”copyright protection14PENANA59U4uUGEHG

            “Aeolus, Hestia is gone!” I shouted. “We need your help finding her.”copyright protection14PENANAPLMup9iu4x

            “Oh gods!” Aeolus shouted. “No, I’m not taking their side.”copyright protection14PENANA8TnIkLKKRh

            Before I had a chance to ask any more questions. A bolt of lightning ripped through the ceiling. I watched as if in slow motion as the flash slowly filled my vision and blinded me. With a deafening crack the lighthouse exploded. Blown to pieces with a single bolt of lightning.copyright protection14PENANAEXqz1VtHza

            As I was thrown out of the window, I promised I’d kill Zack for this.copyright protection14PENANAopVaUlkcPp

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