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Gods In Training: Generations
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods In Training: Generations
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Chapter 18 Deon
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
11 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!HJT0tbBvB4WYWPmBKHanposted on PENANA

            Courtesy of the maid Adele had questioned, we were now standing outside of an apartment we believed belonged to Hestia.copyright protection5PENANAhWjMNx1UjW

            “Are you guys as nervous as I am?” I asked.copyright protection5PENANAq0Fk18vDE7

            “Shhh yourself Deontology.” Demi swatted her hand near my face. “Things are getting real.”copyright protection5PENANAIA6Eqtgaaq

            Adele fit the key the maid had given us into the lock and turned it. The door opened, swinging inwards invitingly. “Here’s hoping.” She stepped into the room. Demeter and I shared a look, and then we too entered Hestia’s home.copyright protection5PENANAxrnQeaog5H

            So Hestia didn’t live completely like a human. Her apartment was clearly magical and mythical, as it was far larger than the room should have been to fit into the layout of the apartment building as a whole. Everything was made of marble, with statues and frescos chiseled into every free surface. The entrance was a large circular room with three doors leading into separate rooms of the apartment.copyright protection5PENANAcwIRRJ0nnF

            “That’s a good sign.” I pointed out. A small fireplace was in the center of the entryway. It was burning. Right as I said something the fire disappeared.copyright protection5PENANAu5fBKF40Qe

            “DEON!”  Demeter shouted. “What did you do?”copyright protection5PENANAroGOfVZDb4

            “It was propane.” Adele was standing by the wall, her fingers resting on a knob. She turned it and the fire returned. “It wasn’t a magical eternal fireplace like the one we have on Olympus. It’s a fake.”copyright protection5PENANAlnA4erNfPb

            “Oh.” Demi muttered. “Still, Deon don’t jinx us.”copyright protection5PENANAUjgaU1QY1G

            “Three rooms.” Adele pointed out. “Three of us.”copyright protection5PENANAds5UhlPgZ0

            “We get it, you’re the goddess of wisdom…you can count.” Demi popped her gum.copyright protection5PENANAkknVpCncRc

            “Each of us gets a room?” Adele ignored the youngest of us.copyright protection5PENANAoMwEWqFMpH

            “Sounds fair.” I shrugged.copyright protection5PENANAsDayxrTmHT

            “Dibs on the pool.” Demi darted into the room to the left. There was a splash. Apparently she would be searching the water itself.copyright protection5PENANAm2eKXDnlQe

            “I’ll take this one.” I pointed to the middle room.copyright protection5PENANAxe03SWuyJU

            Adele and I glanced into it, it appeared to be the bedroom. “No, I can check that one. You can get the study.” She told me.copyright protection5PENANAgbxqK5RErz

            “The study sounds more like a place for you, college kid.” I told her.copyright protection5PENANAxOBLzzoWUe

            “Another woman’s bedroom isn’t the place for you.” She countered.copyright protection5PENANAbrsbvl80UR

            I nodded. “No argument there. I’ll stay faithful to you, and the mission.”copyright protection5PENANAUa3sAOxssZ

            “That’s right boyfriend.” Adele nodded. “Good luck.” She told me.copyright protection5PENANA1ZODKnc9j6

            “Don’t go through her underwear drawer.” I told Adele. “That’s gross.”copyright protection5PENANAnvyQG4bP45

            “We have to check this place from top to bottom.” Adele told me. “Tell no stone unturned. If Hestia is here, we’re going to find her.”copyright protection5PENANAHZgLsQz0j1

            “At what cost?” I muttered. Some things you couldn’t un-see. I entered the study. There was a large armchair by the door, but everything else was bookshelves on bookshelves. They weren’t organized either. The shelves were scattered and slanted, forming a labyrinth of sorts. “Hestia?” I called out. There was no response. Most of these books were old. I spotted what looked like a stack of papyrus scrolls. Hestia had been a goddess for a long time. Her personal library had clearly been an ongoing collection for centuries. I couldn’t read some of the languages or the ink was too faded in places, but most of the writings seemed to be history book. There were a few textbooks on Greek Mythology. And of course a handbook on proper hearth maintenance. I looked around the dusty books. That poor maid had her work cut out for her in here. No wonder Hestia called days in advance, it would take that long to dust all of this junk off.copyright protection5PENANAZk1OYLcaVw

            Just then I realized a small line on the bookshelf to my left was free of dust. I approached it for a closer look. There was just a single line, starting by the door and heading into the bookshelf jungle. It looked almost as if someone had run their finger over the ledge as they entered the library. Forming a breadcrumb trail of sorts.copyright protection5PENANAhi1P9ITkxY

            “Hestia?” I asked once more. Again there was no answer. I decided to follow the dustless trail. The shelves winded and weaved between each other. I would have been lost had I not been following the line. I hoped that Hestia hadn’t magically enlarged this room as well. I was in a hedge maze of books, and if I disappeared too, New Olympus would be without their two most important gods. Well two of the top three, Adele would still be around.copyright protection5PENANAqfYG0qxzqQ

            “Who?” a voice asked out of nowhere. I froze. I looked around, I couldn’t see anyone, but I had been sure I’d heard a voice.copyright protection5PENANAAqbBf9nrji

            “Hello?” I asked.copyright protection5PENANAXABYqKGk5d

            “Who?” it repeated. Now I was sure.copyright protection5PENANAjvthctIJ28

            “Hestia? Is that you?” I asked. There was no response this time. If it was Hestia, why would she have been asking who? Surely she recognized my voice? I picked up my pace, maybe she was in trouble. I rounded a corner and instantly was knocked back into the shelf behind me.copyright protection5PENANAzDzLeOUCfe

            “Lord Dionysus, I would not expect to find you in a library.” I looked up. An owl was perched on the shelf above my head. It was glaring down at me with large eyes. I must have scared it when I rounded the corner, causing it to fly into me.copyright protection5PENANAVdPxbfhRzn

            “Are you a talking owl?” I asked getting to my feet.copyright protection5PENANA5TTya51SO4

            “Clearly, Lady Athena isn’t interested in you for your intellect.” I turned around to see a woman standing before me. She was regal looking, wearing a sleeveless white dress and her hair draped elegantly down around her shoulders. She was reading a book with her right hand while with her left she was tracing a finger along the bookshelf. She stopped, and turned to look at me.copyright protection5PENANA1oHBaWq4zG

            “Who are you?” I asked. “Hestia’s librarian?”copyright protection5PENANAjuT814ojWY

            “No, I am the Scholar.” She held her chin high.copyright protection5PENANAH2RAA1FCUu

            “Then why are you here?” I asked. I didn’t like this. Why was this woman in Hestia’s apartment? It was all too suspicious. Did she have something to do with Hestia’s disappearance?copyright protection5PENANAHWTox3kX8T

            “I am here on my father’s orders.” She was looking at me intensely, like she was studying me.copyright protection5PENANADsowAqBYJy

            “Who’s your daddy?” I asked. “Sorry…that sounded really weird.”copyright protection5PENANAXqAO1bQHOK

            She smiled slightly. “That would give away the game now wouldn’t it?”copyright protection5PENANAbvG5Te9ebi

            “Did you have anything to do with Hestia’s disappearance?” I asked blatantly.copyright protection5PENANA8PKwmlWXkG

            “Do not worry about Lady Hestia. She is in good hands.” The Scholar told me.copyright protection5PENANAvh7559gVQ5

            I realized what her words meant. “YOU DID TAKE HER!” I shouted. I flung my arm out summoning a twisted cord of grapevines. “Give Hestia back!” I shouted. I flung the whip back over my head and then broke it forwards quickly, aiming right for the woman’s face.copyright protection5PENANAG2An7tBhIM

            She leaned to the side, quicker than she should have been able to. Completely dodging my attack. Her foot quickly stomped on top of my whip, trapping it beneath her. She whistled and her owl swooped down on me. It pecked at my arm, forcing me to drop the whip. It fluttered away only to stare me down from the nearby shelf. My arm was bleeding. The owl’s beak had cut into me.copyright protection5PENANAAQBknYGkV0

            “The Theomachy has begun.” The Scholar told me.copyright protection5PENANA1ri9xoiOk8

            “ADELE!” I shouted at the top of my lungs. “DEMI! HELP!”copyright protection5PENANAT0atoiWZzF

            “Wisdom is just much a weapon as the sharpest steel. Do not underestimate it.” The Scholar warned me.copyright protection5PENANAL9wnuTlbeh

            “DEON?” I heard Adele and Demi entering the study. “DEON WHAT’S WRONG?”copyright protection5PENANAcfIuofTG3d

            “Where’s Hestia?” I asked her. “What’s the Theomachy?”copyright protection5PENANAPXeZqCinBS

            “Knowledge is power.” The Scholar spoke softly. “I would not empower my enemy.”copyright protection5PENANA2n1yLws7HG

            “So we are enemies.” I asked. I was getting bolder. Adele and Demi were getting closer. I eyed my whip, still under her foot. If I could get my weapon back, we could get this lady to empower us with her wisdom of what happened to Hestia…by force.copyright protection5PENANApTW8okoh1s

            “I thought that would be obvious to you.” She muttered condescendingly. “You did attack me. But then again, wisdom never was a strength of yours Dionysus.”copyright protection5PENANAvRpJQPm9cY

            “Deon?” I looked over. Adele and Demi appeared from around the shelves. They hurried towards me.copyright protection5PENANA1fm3N7zffh

            “Now you’re screwed!” I leapt for my whip. I grabbed it and jumped to my feet, but the woman was gone. “What the hell?”copyright protection5PENANAWEbSNzdbRf

            “Yeah what the hell?” Demi asked looking around. “Did the books scare you?”copyright protection5PENANADm626XRs64

            “Deon you’re bleeding.” Adele grabbed my arm.copyright protection5PENANAr7jNa6VKma

            “There was a woman here.” I said. “She knew I was Dionysus, she knew you were Athena, and that we were dating.” I reported.copyright protection5PENANA2jPdbCNpNF

            “Did she know me?” Demeter asked.copyright protection5PENANAEr1Kt8HlBN

            “I think she took Hestia.”copyright protection5PENANAp2VIP6PLQc

            “How do you know that?” Adele looked up from examining my arm. “Did she say so? Are you sure?”copyright protection5PENANAVTvL6HoU6b

            “She told me Hestia was in good hands.” I explained. “When I asked where Hestia was, the lady told me that knowledge was power, and that she didn’t want to empower her enemies.”copyright protection5PENANAzKDBv6Kcrl

            “Empower her enemies?” Adele repeated.copyright protection5PENANA0QoVze1oZS

            “I don’t like that sound of that.” Demi muttered.copyright protection5PENANAAVL6GSN4NU

            “I know right?” I said. “She had to be the one to take Hestia, I just know it. Why else would she be here? And why else would she say what she said?” I demanded.copyright protection5PENANAgnETZa0Jmr

            “But who was she?” Adele asked.copyright protection5PENANA5nitiRIkgH

            “She called herself the Scholar.” I told her.  Just then, there was a knock at the door.copyright protection5PENANAdRDZYjRLoF

            “Uh oh.” Demeter muttered. “I didn’t order room service, did you?”copyright protection5PENANAGF2lz2vzLR

            My grip tightened on my whip. “She won’t escape this time.”copyright protection5PENANA1Reklxc3Ss

            “Deon, she wouldn’t come back.” Adele said. “That wouldn’t make sense. It has to be someone else.” We made out way back through the bookshelves, following the Scholar’s trail. We were back in the entryway, Adele peeped out of the door.copyright protection5PENANAL5ko4iIW47

            “Who is it?” I asked.copyright protection5PENANABKME5mGAWr

            Adele looked confused. She opened the door. “Themis?” before us stood the blind goddess of justice. She was wielding a sword along with a set of scales.copyright protection5PENANAsXjGhEeuI6

            “One was taken, one is deserved.” Themis raised her sword to Adele’s neck. “Justice must be served.” The blind goddess swung her sword for my girlfriend’s head. Adele ducked and rolled back into the room.copyright protection5PENANAXtbhSgAAcE

            “What the blindfold!” Demi shouted.copyright protection5PENANAINouruR74N

            I was shocked. Themis had always been an ally. She was one of us, she had originally deemed up just and worthy of becoming New Olympians in the first place. Why would she attack us now?copyright protection5PENANAzwLTd3xsxf

            But I didn’t have time to ask questions, Themis was backing Adele towards the fire pit, Adele was unarmed. “Demi, the fire.” I shouted. Rushing to defend Adele. Demeter hurried to turn the flames off. I whipped Themis, it wrapped around her sword. I tried to yank it away. Themis’ blade cut through my whip, leaving me weaponless as well. Themis was free to attack. She raised her sword above Adele.copyright protection5PENANAyuJKLB1lbd

            “Deonosaur!” Demi shouted from the wall. I had jumped in front of Themis, protecting Adele. The blade never touched me. It hovered over my shoulder, quivered as Themis struggled to force it down on me.copyright protection5PENANA0T0posTgAX

            “Justice must be served.” Themis muttered. “Stand aside, Athena must be done justice.”copyright protection5PENANA3auO3IRAbo

            She wouldn’t attack me. I realized. For some reason, Themis would only attack Adele. But why? “What the hell is your problem?” I asked. “Adele didn’t do anything wrong.”copyright protection5PENANAQKTzuFav0m

            “Adele?” Themis was confused. “But Athena…forgive me.” She dropped to her knee, sword laid facedown before her. “I was mistaken.”copyright protection5PENANAJ1gKqFcjVN

            Adele stepped out from behind me. “You wanted to kill me?” she asked. “Why?”copyright protection5PENANAhZXMO0vFBG

            “Lady Athena forgive me.” Themis bowed her head.copyright protection5PENANA4sqY1VDcrE

            “Themis tell me why?” Adele repeated.copyright protection5PENANAzaFQU5v7pr

            “Lady Hestia needed justice.” Themis responded. “I wished to attack the mastermind behind her disappearance.”copyright protection5PENANAVHqSteTZUv

            “So you thought I did it?” Adele sounded offended.copyright protection5PENANAFZX6XZ1Act

            “I thought the goddess of wisdom would naturally be the planner.” Themis spoke.copyright protection5PENANAeLEUByZ7Gp

            “I would never harm Hestia.” Adele said softly.copyright protection5PENANAzB6ZuAenz9

            “That is why I beg your forgiveness.” Themis said. “I attacked the wrong Wisdom.”copyright protection5PENANATf9Rl6QnH3

            “The Scholar!” I shouted. “Adele, she came here to attack the Scholar. I told you she was related to Hestia’s disappearance.”copyright protection5PENANAQWOuQq3QyK

            “The Scholar?” Themis asked.copyright protection5PENANAf7lm7QWmdw

            “What is happening?” Demi muttered.copyright protection5PENANAv7LEY6LOut

            “Themis,” I turned to the goddess. “The scholar was a part of Hestia’s disappearance, right?”copyright protection5PENANARkpGPf7S5G

            “One was taken, one is deserved.” Themis replied. “Hestia was taken. She deserves justice.”copyright protection5PENANAClNYHVOEh2

            “Where was she taken Themis?” Adele asked. “Do you know where the Scholar would have taken her?”copyright protection5PENANAaM9Wr82dXw

            “I thought she was here.” Themis admitted. “I am the goddess of justice, I go where I am needed. I was needed here, so I came.”copyright protection5PENANAGPR5vGlDzr

            “Great, so we have no idea where Hestia is?” Demeter threw up her hands in exasperation.”copyright protection5PENANAkcM7au3Z9k

            “We have a lead still.” I said. “This Scholar lady, she has to be involved. We can hunt her down.”copyright protection5PENANA2j7cfzkiMh

            “There’s no point.” Adele muttered. “Hestia isn’t here. We don’t have time to try to track down whoever you saw Deon.” She said. “Justice is due now.”copyright protection5PENANAPs6HxCnTgX

            “That is right.” Themis nodded.copyright protection5PENANAkA97IkBLkK

            Adele turned to her. “What did you mean one was taken, one is deserved?”copyright protection5PENANA6m4dzkMTDz

            “Hestia was taken.” Themis started to explain.copyright protection5PENANAbs1i9zUxsb

            “And a new Hestia is deserved?” Adele cut her off.copyright protection5PENANAuMLETuYvgj

            Themis thought it over. “Justice would be served.”copyright protection5PENANAgmFlAeFm8i

            “Whoa, what?” I asked. “A new Hestia? You’re giving up?”copyright protection5PENANAWjLXBVwwsZ

            “Hestia isn’t here.” Adele muttered. “Queen Kara told us to search for her here. If we couldn’t find Hestia, we were supposed to find her replacement. Remember? That was her words, her orders.”copyright protection5PENANAHXLtBFYAbe

            “Replacement?” Demi shouted. “You can’t replace Hestia!”copyright protection5PENANAUrAzMaOsxX

            “We replaced the Olympians.” Adele pointed out. “Gods get replaced when they disappear. Hestia has disappeared, she needs to be replaced.”copyright protection5PENANAKtgwrSrYpU

            It made me angry, but Adele was right. As much as I wanted to find the Scholar, I knew our time would be better spent searching for Hestia’s replacement. “How, do we just replace a god?” I asked.copyright protection5PENANAX6RJAtoy4z

            “The same way we were chosen.” Adele muttered. “Themis, would you be able to determine who is worthy of replacing Hestia?”copyright protection5PENANANY1nyNynf6

            “Yes, I can see if they are just.” She nodded.copyright protection5PENANAk0AAw1tYZS

            “I don’t think see is the right word there.” Demi muttered, staring at Themis’ blindfold.copyright protection5PENANASWZKFAe48j

            “Then that’s what we do.” Adele nodded. “We’re going to replace a goddess.”copyright protection5PENANAEVhFjQtSdJ

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