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Gods In Training: Generations
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods In Training: Generations
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Chapter 18 Deon
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
15 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!LrkCLQBGNmPAAbSS6owqposted on PENANA

            There was a tunnel behind the bushes, a pitch-black tunnel. Demi turned on her phone’s flashlight.copyright protection17PENANAPdVOTu51Wt

            “I’m not going first.” She stated sternly. Adele took the phone from her. I followed closely behind her. Eventually we came to a spiral staircase hewn into the bedrock. After carefully descending we once more came to a long, straight, dark tunnel.copyright protection17PENANAoHVIkGyWnl

            “Does the Oracle not work fi there’s light or something?” I asked.copyright protection17PENANAidWToOMudi

            “I don’t know.” Adele whispered back. She had stopped walking. “This seems wrong.”copyright protection17PENANAV3wQSpkXrg

            “What? Did Albany say it wasn’t like this?” Demi asked. I noted a hint of fear in her voice.copyright protection17PENANArPYmxj36fq

            “No it’s not that.” Adele was staring into the darkness ahead. “There a room up ahead, like she said.”copyright protection17PENANAsyDor2ddxq

            “Then what’s the problem?” I asked.copyright protection17PENANAwst3jltDjU

            “Listen.” Adele turned towards me. The three of us fell silent. It was faint, very faint…but it sounded like someone was humming up ahead. “That must be her, the Oracle. Don’t ask any questions about the future or yourselves. You don’t want to know the answer…I mean it.” She glared from Demi to me. Both of us nodded that we understood. We headed towards the sound of the humming.copyright protection17PENANAUKKT6hdaos

            We emerged into a round room it too was dark. But I saw in the center evidence of a fire. Seeing another empty hearth sent a twang of pain through me. It struck a little too close to home with Hestia.copyright protection17PENANABQ0feshsGO

            “Lady Athena, Lord Dionysus, and Lady Demeter.” The humming was replaced by a voice, a distinctly male voice. “Come with questions for me?” a man was reclining against the far wall. He grinned at us and leaned forwards.copyright protection17PENANASdgmgAIJe1

            “Who are you?” Adele seemed surprised. Earlier she had said her in reference to the Oracle. Adele’s surprised reassured me that I had heard correctly.copyright protection17PENANAE9Lo2SGf24

            “I’m the Oracle.” He waved to us.copyright protection17PENANAIEUJT9baBS

            “I thought the Oracle was a woman?” Demi muttered.copyright protection17PENANAZu6gRmQz64

            “Don’t speak.” Adele glared warily at the Oracle. “Who are you really?”copyright protection17PENANABLdm9gfPvi

            “The Oracle.” The man repeated himself. “Were you expecting someone else.”copyright protection17PENANATeWOXPX9Zz

            “Why aren’t you a woman?” Adele asked. “The histories paint the Oracle as a woman.”copyright protection17PENANA1Z47fVu5vB

            “It also says I’m a virgin. Ask me about that.”copyright protection17PENANA96mmtwDIm8

            Adele turned to the two of us and raised her eyebrow. Was this really the Oracle? Did it matter, as long as we found Hestia the Oracle could have been a troll for all I cared. I nodded to her, signaling I thought we should go ahead.copyright protection17PENANA0gmW4kL2tL

            “Ok, Oracle.” Adele muttered.copyright protection17PENANABvKGDZB756

            “THE…Oracle.” He corrected here.copyright protection17PENANAJed6BGCeoZ

            “The Oracle, do you know what happened to Hestia?”copyright protection17PENANAnofKlj47my

            “Yes.” He smiled.copyright protection17PENANATY3DEGDgOI

            “Where is she?” I blurted out.copyright protection17PENANAnxXAEzggOF

            “Not here.” His smile turned devilishly wicked. “Let’s play a game.”copyright protection17PENANAfb4vWpO1wb

            “Answer our questions, there will be nothing else.” Adele said forcefully.copyright protection17PENANAzp9D3NjH38

            “That is my game.” The Oracle informed her. “Ask all your questions. The game is trying to get the answers you want. I must be truthful…not helpful.” He grinned again.copyright protection17PENANAqrGn1kXiBL

            “Shit.” I muttered. “I hate riddles.”copyright protection17PENANAXRX1mTqbUX

            “Good thing she’s here.” The Oracle pointed at Adele. “I love matching wits with her.”copyright protection17PENANAmumv7qjr7n

            “I bet the old Athena used to wash the floor with you.”copyright protection17PENANAzxOgVPAS7b

            “She still does, I’m curious how close the newer model is.” Adele frowned.copyright protection17PENANAD52B6puxAp

            “Where are you from?” she asked.copyright protection17PENANAuXTRt1hMsp

            “How is that related to Hestia?” I asked.copyright protection17PENANA92WYiSOSLW

            “It isn’t.” The Oracle muttered. He frowned at Adele.copyright protection17PENANA4p1707wuE7

            “He only has to answer one question if two are spoken at once.” Adele told us. “Deon…kindly shut up.”copyright protection17PENANAT94N0xOikh

            “Roger.” I nodded. I didn’t see what angle Adele was playing, but she was in charge for a reason. Whatever nth dimension chess was being played…I was clearly out of the loop.copyright protection17PENANAHukEsCwhvh

            “Where are you from?” the question was repeated.copyright protection17PENANAdAGeHGleb0

            “Greek mythology.”copyright protection17PENANAm59rTaYHsj

            “Where were you born?”copyright protection17PENANAZ9NjNgVkxr

            “Out of my mother’s…”copyright protection17PENANABK1iYJZkYa

            “Stop.” Adele interjected. “Fine. Why did you first come to Delphi?”copyright protection17PENANAlkguL9EKQ7

            “You are clever.”copyright protection17PENANA3QgR9475oF

            “Why did you first come to Delphi?”copyright protection17PENANAxZpzioihIh

            “To fulfill my destiny.”copyright protection17PENANAr4BIznRe8H

            “What was the first thing you did when you got here?”copyright protection17PENANAlbyB3HFaN4

            “Ate lunch.”copyright protection17PENANAQk4fTmDbDm

            “What did you originally find in this cave?”copyright protection17PENANAs5r4N0sEeA

            “A snake.”copyright protection17PENANAmzMUbPCR0p

            “How big was the snake?”copyright protection17PENANAVQJZ6ClJOZ

            “Rather large.”copyright protection17PENANA6h5ymSyOxM

            “Did you kill it?”copyright protection17PENANAoUmaPx0rp0

            “Yes.”copyright protection17PENANAQkRAjXdFH1

            “What did you do after?”copyright protection17PENANAFOjKmFDUta

            “Lots of things.”copyright protection17PENANAHS533UB3m0

            “What did you do here in Delphi right after slaying the python?”copyright protection17PENANA4dkVNES0kz

            “There was a beautiful shepherd’s daughter in the valley.”copyright protection17PENANA2ZolJK1nEv

            “Did you become the Oracle here?”copyright protection17PENANAyloDpry1vU

            “Yes.”copyright protection17PENANA1A7mvV1oWl

            “When?”copyright protection17PENANAYZlml56msL

            “After I killed the snake…and the shepherd girl.”copyright protection17PENANAS07gDwHbyd

            “What year was it?”copyright protection17PENANA6zNeWj9XH6

            “We weren’t keeping track back then.”copyright protection17PENANAjG5E2rK9Nc

            “You aren’t the Oracle we came here expecting, are you?”copyright protection17PENANAUFc2WPzE17

            “No.”copyright protection17PENANAR8GFmDYwAG

            “What happened to her?”copyright protection17PENANADUmJzpajyX

            “Same thing that happened to Hestia.”copyright protection17PENANAvtDHvzx4dz

            “What happened to Hestia?”copyright protection17PENANAb5ISK4vJB6

            “The same thing that happened to the Oracle.”copyright protection17PENANApe0LXza7TJ

            “What happened to both of them?”copyright protection17PENANA5ocJ6HjELx

            “They disappeared.”copyright protection17PENANAeWCWOn1j6C

            “To where?”copyright protection17PENANApvRqhO0sWT

            “I don’t know.”copyright protection17PENANAb2inLo443P

            “Lies.”copyright protection17PENANABhMedABeUI

            “Questions only darling.”copyright protection17PENANARkeIKvxKYt

            “Are you lying?”copyright protection17PENANAE9wWxhlClo

            “This statement is true.”copyright protection17PENANAsXGebUPM9J

            “To where did Hestia and the Oracle disappear?”copyright protection17PENANAv04JJOfgzd

            “I don’t know.”copyright protection17PENANAKengbUxwwT

            “Was your previous answer a lie?”copyright protection17PENANAVYRCd2w2PF

            “No.”copyright protection17PENANAMkGQ3pFjFf

            “How can you not know?”copyright protection17PENANAwptTGEOebl

            “He didn’t tell me.”copyright protection17PENANA77kZJx1gzR

            “Who’s he?”copyright protection17PENANAVmbBcf1RzG

            “My father.”copyright protection17PENANA656AZMfN1q

            “Are you what I think you are?”copyright protection17PENANA98yt8h09xA

            “Yes.” He grinned once more. Adele took a step back.copyright protection17PENANA0tWc58s601

            “What…” I started to ask.copyright protection17PENANAN77TH6GXUH

            “No questions!” Adele ordered. “Back up.” She slowly pushed us to the entryway. “Why are you here?”copyright protection17PENANAn3QWxYdx8L

            “To deliver a message.”copyright protection17PENANA79f4mlcOsd

            Adele bit her lip. “Leave. We’re leaving now.”copyright protection17PENANAQfkX924QZZ

            “What’s going…” Her hand covered my mouth. Silently the three of us retreated into the darkness. Demi’s phone light illuminating the Oracle. He smiled one last time as the light slowly retreated away from him, leaving him in shadow.copyright protection17PENANAxn3ojAnx7v

            “It was fun playing.” The Oracle called after us.copyright protection17PENANAjfFyj1UwPm

            “What the hell was that?” I demanded once we were out of the cave. “What’s going on?”copyright protection17PENANAJGC4DL6IB6

            Adele shoved the phone into Demi’s hands. “Call Iris. We need to leave.”copyright protection17PENANAH9tKyNlVkt

            “Adele talk to me.” I stood in from of her. “Please, clue us in. Who was that guy?” She wouldn’t answer. She just was warily watching the bushes that hid the entrance.copyright protection17PENANArEI6d277zX

            “Damn it.” She muttered shaking her head.copyright protection17PENANAujD6nhRuZt

            “Iris in on her way.” Demi reported. Her voice was a little shaky.copyright protection17PENANAAHD4sbSN7d

            “Good. I need your phone.”copyright protection17PENANAgzRZF41MbB

            “Why?”copyright protection17PENANAKFUnLiFDME

            “I’ll need it to see where I’m going.”copyright protection17PENANA7nmLsOWkC4

            “We’re not going back down there.” I said. “You made it very clear we had to get away from that creep. Why are we going back?”copyright protection17PENANAxSDoRjtT6E

            “I am, not you two.” She started walking towards the bushes.copyright protection17PENANAuQkpe6HTKt

            “Adele no.”copyright protection17PENANAxRRUCkIzEk

            “I have to.” She gave me a hug before ducking under the bushes. “Don’t leave without me.” she called from the darkness.copyright protection17PENANAEcdiB4B4YH

            “Hello Olympians.” Iris appeared. “Ready to be nicer to me?” Demi hugged the rainbow goddess very tightly. “Ok?”copyright protection17PENANAJtx4SLazEV

            “I’m going after her.” I said.copyright protection17PENANA3cMV7pfQZU

            “Deon don’t.” Demi turned to look at me.copyright protection17PENANAaD7oVItxNr

            “I can’t leave her down there alone.”copyright protection17PENANAexUMCMyMmd

            “You’ll just mess it up.” Demi said. “That Oracle was playing eighteenth level mind games, me and you are outclassed. Adele is the only one who can handle it. We’d just be a distraction.”copyright protection17PENANAHpqukxUznT

            “I can never remember if eighteen is a good level or not. Which videogame are we talking about?”copyright protection17PENANAuyxBWtjp17

            It hurt every fiber of my being, but I had to admit Demeter was right. Gods I felt disgusting just thinking that.copyright protection17PENANAQfFL2hyA4U

            “She’ll be fine. She knows ancient Greek.”copyright protection17PENANANMkdhEKbe7

            “I know she’ll do great.” I muttered. “But I’m still worried.”copyright protection17PENANA5JFDkC7E18

            “Friends…I feel left out of this conversation.” Iris informed us. “Please, by all means continue to keep me in the dark. That will be easier on me, just know I will not be sharing in your sympathy or sorrow as I lack the context. Do not hold it against me.”copyright protection17PENANALSorDqIc0N

            Adele emerged after what seemed like forever. She was unscathed, but she looked as if all of the world problems were now hers. I didn’t like that look.copyright protection17PENANA6Ozq1Q5M1k

            “What did he say?” I asked holding her.copyright protection17PENANAT73zKnbS2d

            “I might know where Hestia is.”copyright protection17PENANA0O5ofJPYVP

            “Seriously?” I asked. Adele nodded. “Didn’t he say he didn’t know?”copyright protection17PENANAL2DktFayrc

            “We weren’t asking the right questions.” She explained.copyright protection17PENANATlkXU5l6Xn

            “Well where is she?” Demi asked.copyright protection17PENANAkYbpnr9cp4

            “She had a vacation home. A little hideaway she went when she needed a break. It’s on the third floor of this address.” Adele handed Iris the phone. “I wrote it down.”copyright protection17PENANA2a7GvAlF9N

            Iris read the message then looked at Adele with a strange expression. Adele stared at her silently. “Rainbow coming up.” She muttered.copyright protection17PENANAS38d03il9g

            “What else did he say?” I asked. “Did you ask about the message?”copyright protection17PENANAJueVTBm3OL

            “No.” She answered curtly.copyright protection17PENANA8QWfxrPS7Z

            “What do you think it was about? Who was that guy?” I pressed her for more answers. “Adele, I can tell that you know something. Tell me, please.”copyright protection17PENANAF02Nd2Rvo1

            “I told you knowing things about the future is dangerous. I didn’t ask him about any of that.”copyright protection17PENANAL8v03pCqsq

            “Come on.” Iris grabbed my elbow and pulled me onto the rainbow. “These things don’t last forever.copyright protection17PENANAbAh8POzFGH

            Why wasn’t Adele telling me what happened? What could she be hiding?”copyright protection17PENANAEmHHaVK1q8

            “Iris.” Adele said. “I’m scared of heights. Can you help me across?”copyright protection17PENANA3chyckXPKp

            “Yes lady Athena.” Iris nodded stiffly.copyright protection17PENANAfWZw5PkFu1

            “What’s that all about?” I ask. Was she avoiding me now?copyright protection17PENANAm9o4RzZBBq

            “Hold up.” Demi was looking at something on her phone.copyright protection17PENANAKED1cQm9F7

            “Sorry.” Iris thrust out her arm towards us. Suddenly the rainbow turned into a treadmill. Demi and I fell to the ground and the colors zoomed under our feet. We were carried thousands of miles in seconds. The two of us were sent rolling across the grass as the rainbow ended and deposited us in a park somewhere.copyright protection17PENANAzU3yr8oMNT

            “She hijacked my friend!” Demi sat up and threw twigs at where the rainbow had been.copyright protection17PENANAOa2ceUMevn

            “What just happened?”copyright protection17PENANAEf1hgd7DnM

            “Your girlfriend ditched us!” Demi pulled out her phone. “Listen to this. ‘Iris don’t tell the others I need you to take me to Kara ASAP.’ She stole my friend. Iris was supposed to be ditching people when I wanted to.”copyright protection17PENANAKWHNv8WTUK

            “What?” I shouted. I really couldn’t believe what Adele had done. What had happened down there, what was she hiding?copyright protection17PENANAMIUPV9JHne

            “I know right?”copyright protection17PENANA41u6jLkqoH

            “So…finding Hestia was all a lie?”copyright protection17PENANAd8EUW93T2X

            “Yeah totally.” Demi shouted. “I bet this was her plan ever since we left.”copyright protection17PENANADPGyEBHnj5

            “She made up the bit about the vacation home?”copyright protection17PENANACo76uqRPRf

            “Oh…well.” Demi looked at her phone again. “There is an address here.”copyright protection17PENANAw4obZkk2dn

            I bit my lip. “I trust her.” I stood up. “Where’s the address?”copyright protection17PENANA0RcGpRi7fC

            “Excuse me, what now?” Demi’s bubblegum popped.copyright protection17PENANAcR0jYvKPkB

            “I trust Adele.” I said through gritted teeth. “I don’t necessarily agree with what she is doing…but I trust she has very good reasons for doing it.”copyright protection17PENANA5RGt2FOnI1

            “But like…what?”copyright protection17PENANALITYpiPIq4

            “Where is the address?”copyright protection17PENANAkCWlWUQGKb

            We were outside the apartment. Demi and I looked at each other. Eventually I knocked. The door opened, swinging inwards invitingly. “Here’s hoping.” I muttered as I stepped into the room. Demeter hesitated before she too entered Hestia’s home.copyright protection17PENANAhP3Xj6D8tm

            So Hestia didn’t live completely like a human. Her apartment was clearly magical and mythical, as it was far larger than the room should have been to fit into the layout of the apartment building as a whole. Everything was made of marble, with statues and frescos chiseled into every free surface. The entrance was a large circular room with three doors leading into separate rooms of the apartment.copyright protection17PENANAaf43dum2cM

            “That’s a good sign.” I pointed out. A small fireplace was in the center of the entryway. It was burning. Right as I said something the fire disappeared. “Great.” I had to say something.”copyright protection17PENANA7xo3SlYJ1I

            “It was propane.” Demi was standing by the wall, her fingers resting on a knob. She turned it and the fire returned. “It wasn’t a magical it’s a fake.”copyright protection17PENANAUjyYhS4U0x

            “Oh. Don’t do that to me today.” I muttered.copyright protection17PENANAhaMmd0Qz23

            “Three rooms.” Demi pointed out. “Where too first?”copyright protection17PENANAmaALds6bc7

            “Hestia?” I called out.copyright protection17PENANAU6rt4Il9Dl

            “Dibs on the pool.” Demi darted into the room to the left. There was a splash. Apparently she would be searching the water itself.copyright protection17PENANAGUwtgJt7jw

            I peaked to the middle room it appeared to be the bedroom. “Hestia?” I called out again. There was no answer. So I moved onto the last room. I entered what appeared to be a study. There was a large armchair by the door, but everything else was bookshelves on bookshelves. They weren’t organized either. The shelves were scattered and slanted, forming a labyrinth of sorts. “Hestia?” I called out. There was no response. Most of these books were old. I spotted what looked like a stack of papyrus scrolls. Hestia had been a goddess for a long time. Her personal library had clearly been an ongoing collection for centuries. I couldn’t read some of the languages or the ink was too faded in places, but most of the writings seemed to be history book. There were a few textbooks on Greek Mythology, and of course a handbook on proper hearth maintenance. I looked around the dusty books. Some poor maid had her work cut out for her in here.copyright protection17PENANAaFGLqUdw6q

            Just then I realized a small line on the bookshelf to my left was free of dust. I approached it for a closer look. There was just a single line, starting by the door and heading into the bookshelf jungle. It looked almost as if someone had run their finger over the ledge as they entered the library. Forming a breadcrumb trail of sorts.copyright protection17PENANAE0w6tBOPKs

            “Hestia?” I asked once more. Again there was no answer. I decided to follow the dustless trail. The shelves winded and weaved between each other. I would have been lost had I not been following the line. I hoped that Hestia hadn’t magically enlarged this room as well. I was in a hedge maze of books, and if I disappeared too, New Olympus would be without their two most important gods. Well two of the top three, Adele would still be around.copyright protection17PENANAbrnHVEqpLK

            “Who?” a voice asked out of nowhere. I froze. I looked around, I couldn’t see anyone, but I had been sure I’d heard a voice.copyright protection17PENANAVWpCHQwVnC

            “Hello?” I asked.copyright protection17PENANAl1DS87uXWf

            “Who?” it repeated. Now I was sure.copyright protection17PENANAp7GMOCqf1c

            “Hestia? Is that you?” I asked. There was no response this time. If it was Hestia, why would she have been asking who? Surely she recognized my voice? I picked up my pace, maybe she was in trouble. I rounded a corner and instantly was knocked back into the shelf behind me.copyright protection17PENANA0X8qzPg6KD

            “Lord Dionysus, I would not expect to find you in a library.” I looked up. An owl was perched on the shelf above my head. It was glaring down at me with large eyes. I must have scared it when I rounded the corner, causing it to fly into me.copyright protection17PENANAI6FmYNtsKq

            “Are you a talking owl?” I asked getting to my feet.copyright protection17PENANAHayoXn0nD2

            “Clearly, Lady Athena isn’t interested in you for your intellect.” I turned around to see a woman standing before me. She was regal looking, wearing a sleeveless white dress and her hair draped elegantly down around her shoulders. She was reading a book with her right hand while with her left she was tracing a finger along the bookshelf. She stopped, and turned to look at me.copyright protection17PENANAADZI3zxkFi

            “Who are you?” I asked. “Hestia’s librarian?”copyright protection17PENANAXooDKnreQc

            “No, I am the Scholar.” She held her chin high.copyright protection17PENANAFxmeWjBXHf

            “Then why are you here?” I asked. I didn’t like this. After the encounter with the Oracle I was on very high alert when it came to strangers. Why was this woman in Hestia’s apartment?copyright protection17PENANAZhSZZWyxge

            “I am here on my father’s orders.” She was looking at me intensely, like she was studying me. “It seems you didn’t get the message meant for you.”copyright protection17PENANAQeCfSnCjCs

            “Message?” The Oracle had mentioned a message. A message Adele had told me she hadn’t asked about. “What’s the message.” My willpower was no match for Adele’s. I had to know.copyright protection17PENANAvi0SwWb7TS

            She smiled slightly. “That would give away the game now wouldn’t it?”copyright protection17PENANAnTafS9crHt

            “Game? Oh crap.” Another question game? Now I was really mad Adele wasn’t here. “I’m not good at this kind of game.”copyright protection17PENANAFxIiNAGpUi

            “I don’t have time for you. The Theomachy has begun.” The Scholar told me.copyright protection17PENANASpATi6PteJ

            “What does that mean?”copyright protection17PENANAmCDwSwG4Xn

            “Who.” The owl answered.copyright protection17PENANAyDVgVIQB8K

            “Wisdom is just much a weapon as the sharpest steel. Do not underestimate it.” The Scholar warned me.copyright protection17PENANAU0auTsBJWQ

            “DEON?” I heard Demi entering the study. “Deon…who are you talking to?”copyright protection17PENANAtis6PkCwpA

            “Where’s Hestia?” I asked her. “What’s the Theomachy?”copyright protection17PENANATXdPd8x4KG

            “Knowledge is power.” The Scholar spoke softly. “I would not empower my enemy.”copyright protection17PENANAPEG09AtKkp

            “So we are enemies.” I asked. I was getting bolder. Demi was getting closer, still calling out. I eyed the owl, it’s eyes were locked onto me. The Scholar however had barely looked away from her book.copyright protection17PENANABOI4Uyox4O

            “I thought that would be obvious to you.” She muttered condescendingly. “But then again, wisdom never was a strength of yours Dionysus.”copyright protection17PENANA7YLlNZul4e

            “Deon?” I looked over. Demi appeared from around the shelves. She hurried towards me.copyright protection17PENANA1TSIU1jnMD

            “Now you’re screwed!” I leapt upright raising my fists but the woman was gone. “What the hell?”copyright protection17PENANAMorvsm3RU7

            “Yeah what the hell?” Demi asked looking around. “Did the books scare you?”copyright protection17PENANAF25rnTqRfu

            “There was a woman here.” I said. “She knew I was Dionysus, she knew about Adele being Athena, and that we were dating.” I reported.copyright protection17PENANA5goYZi0iFN

            “Did she know me?” Demeter asked.copyright protection17PENANAVsbnXDJ0uE

            “I think she related to that Oracle guy.”copyright protection17PENANA8aGdB371Vm

            “How do you know that?” Demi looked up from examining my arm. “Did she say so? Are you sure?”copyright protection17PENANAw0DUZCcZUS

            “She told me she was here on her father’s orders.” I explained. “Said we didn’t receive the message.copyright protection17PENANANQkYehCYh6

            “Message, what was the message?” Demi muttered.copyright protection17PENANACqhiESmLUh

            “The Theomachy has begun.” I recited.copyright protection17PENANA8qiLlioyhj

            “Literally what?”copyright protection17PENANAq59K3o2Fmk

            “Yeah I’m lost.” I said. “Adele will know.”copyright protection17PENANAMZK3hoWEaQ

            “She probably already does.” Demi mentioned. “Maybe that’s why she needed to see Kara. Whatever a theomachy is…Adele is telling Kara about it.”copyright protection17PENANAVige4CwsaO

            “You’re probably right.” How did I not realize that? Probably because I believed Adele when she said she didn’t know what the message was to my face. Were we lying to each other now? I was hurt. What reason could she possible have to do that?copyright protection17PENANALATVlXjoCG

            “But who was she?” Demi asked.copyright protection17PENANAIpFstXRpC1

            “She called herself the Scholar.” I told her.  Just then, there was a knock at the door.copyright protection17PENANAfyjwMn8jQj

            “Uh oh.” Demeter muttered. “I didn’t order room service, did you?”copyright protection17PENANA7BT1xfYQDB

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