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Gods In Training: Generations
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods In Training: Generations
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Chapter 19 Kara
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
12 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!tiMjmFyT1Sj5hEmy1hyqposted on PENANA

            A queen was not supposed to abandon her kingdom. Make no mistake, I was not abandoning Olympus, however not everyone would see it that way. I left specific instructions for Janus and Pan to pretend I was in the throne room, while Herman went about relaying news and orders between myself and New Olympus. Hopefully no one would realize I was gone.copyright protection6PENANAGdlReHWuwj

            I knew I was needed at the throne room, I knew I was needed here. But I had made a promise to Albany. I had made a promise to my friend, and I was going to fulfill it. But I still felt guilty as Gaia slid us down the mountain on a boulder in the early dawn light.copyright protection6PENANAL0CyjYdSSf

            “Kara, we could have taken care of this.” Hector muttered. “You didn’t have to come along.”copyright protection6PENANAKck2RHBSY9

            “I promised Albany.” I said quietly.copyright protection6PENANAiFnExBmt6S

            “But you’re the queen.” He said. “Didn’t you say the whole world is worth more than one god when Hestia disappeared?”copyright protection6PENANAMRSoqcnD4g

            Hector was saying what I couldn’t help but feel all the others were thinking. But I had seen Albany right before she had disappeared. That wasn’t her, she wasn’t in control. I had watched her writhe from her nightmares, I had watched her fake strength when it was clear she was weak. I knew Albany needed help, my help. She was one of my closest friends on New Olympus. And besides that I had made a promise. I realized my fingers were pressing against my lips. I shook my head and looked at Hector. “A string of disappearances is worth more than just one. Something is happening. Hestia and now Albany have disappeared straight from New Olympus, it might not be as safe a place as it once was. Besides, I promised.”copyright protection6PENANATPseRjWsbU

            “Enough about the promise.” Gaia muttered. “Let Queenie be.” She glared at Hector. “She needs to be here, she’s the only one who can order me to stop my rampage when we find who did this to Albany.”copyright protection6PENANACuAZ87BuAH

            “I think we could afford a little rampage.” I said. “To show them not to do it again.”copyright protection6PENANAmnzfMZraCw

            Gaia grinned. “Long live the Queen.”copyright protection6PENANAqwmTKedGGp

            “Fine.” Hector nodded in agreement. “I’ll let it go. But we don’t have a clue where Albany went.”copyright protection6PENANABjTbj2jUwU

            “Was taken.” I corrected him. “She didn’t go of her own free will.”copyright protection6PENANABTia84aAfN

            “Ok…” Hector agreed, “…was taken. My point was, this is going to be a snipe hunt unless we find some kind of evidence or a lead to follow. The world is big, there’s a reason we haven’t found Hestia or Aeolus yet. We need a place to start looking.”copyright protection6PENANA6Fjtz3HMKo

            “Why don’t we go to Albany’s old hometown?” Gaia suggested. “It’s where I first recruited her. Maybe someone there would know something.”copyright protection6PENANAclH5x07RUE

            “That’s too obvious.” I said shaking my head. “Besides, Albany is being mind controlled, she’s not herself. Nothing from her old life will help us.”copyright protection6PENANALwx3HG8Rgn

            “Are we one hundred percent sure she was being mind controlled?” Hector asked cautiously. “She was completely sleep deprived. Maybe she was just delirious, or hallucinating. She might be passed out behind a tree somewhere close.”copyright protection6PENANAEn3YQC2xpM

            “She was different.” I shook my head. “The way she talked, the things she said…that wasn’t Albany.”copyright protection6PENANAVC8DIGDQxy

            “I’m with Queen K.” Gaia muttered. “Doesn’t sound like the love goddess.”copyright protection6PENANAuj52mMIvEZ

            “We are going to stick with the theory someone is mind controlling her.” I said adamantly. “It’s the only thing to explain her actions.”copyright protection6PENANASjmVhdykLY

            “I just, I just can’t get behind mind control.” Hector shook his head.copyright protection6PENANA6GBfjjVX9t

            “We’re reincarnations of Olympian gods.” I reminded him. “She’s the personification of the Earth’s life force.” I pointed to Gaia. “Is mind control that farfetched?”copyright protection6PENANAvDMAG9noE2

            “I believe it’s possible, I just don’t think it’s what is happening here.” Hector said.copyright protection6PENANAnwlKsDX1XI

            “How would you explain it?” I demanded.copyright protection6PENANA04pBjJUfG4

            Hector took a breath. “Like I said before, she was sleep deprived and hysterical. We should check the woods before start hunting down Professor X who whoever has mind control powers.”copyright protection6PENANAIcIuNoEaMi

            “This isn’t a joke.” I said.copyright protection6PENANAdaPyUhcSja

            “No, Kara listen.” Hector said. “My way works for both of us. Albany had to have left the mountain, either if she was mind controlled or delirious. We would have found her by now if she were still around. So since she left the mountain there has to be a trail. Footprints we could follow. We could follow it to her unconscious body, or to her kidnapper.copyright protection6PENANABje0UyJPNq

            “Why would Albany try to escape on foot?” Gaia asked.copyright protection6PENANAUvDC0q0EBN

            “Because she was delirious and sleep deprived.” Hector explained.copyright protection6PENANAWOXLnS3zLm

            “No.” I said. “But you have a point. Both of you. The horn blower that attacked Artemisia, they could be related to Albany’s disappearance. She could have walked to the forest and met up with them. But if not, she could have stolen a pegasi and flown to wherever her captor was waiting for her.”copyright protection6PENANAKmGYnBw6qj

            “I’ll go and see if any of the pegasi are missing.” Gaia said. She quickly began ascending the mountain on her boulder again.copyright protection6PENANAxkPaXQBXuc

            “That leaves me and you to search the woods for her footprints.”  Hector said.copyright protection6PENANALr0JdoChYn

            “Then what are we waiting for?” Hector and I started walking across the valley, towards the woods opposite the mountain where Artemisia had reported being when she was attacked.copyright protection6PENANADIJkG6Vddm

            “You don’t think we should get some soldiers to come with us?” Hector asked. “Artemisia had a whole patrol with her, and still they were barely able to fend off those hellhounds.”copyright protection6PENANAxLHmVEdwCH

            “We’re not going after the horn blower.” I said. “We’re just going to look for footprints in that area, any indication that Albany went that way.copyright protection6PENANAJn9K6n8IE7

            “Still.” Hector said. “Gods are disappearing and getting attacked…we can’t be too careful.”copyright protection6PENANA6hPPBwWxJa

            “Gaia will be back soon,” I said, “and she is all the reinforcements we need.” I could see that Hector was unhappy with my decision, but he accepted it. I knew he had a good point, but I also knew time was of the essence. We didn’t have time to wait around for Gaia to return to ferry us back up the mountain, and then wait even longer for the troops to muster. We had to hurry. Albany was gone, and every second that remained true the trail to find her would only get older, colder, and much much longer. We had to hurry if we were going to find and save her.copyright protection6PENANAThVAEReRoR

            “Kara?” Hector had stopped moving. He was pointing ahead towards the forest. A horse was standing there by the tree line, no it wasn’t a horse it was a Pegasus.copyright protection6PENANAz7eISl513K

            “Albany must have stolen it and flown it there!” I realized. “Come on.” I broke out in a run to the animal. It was grazing, but looked up as we approached. It was spotted black and white and was clearly one of ours, I read the tag on the saddle. “Dairy, where is she?” I was looking into the forest, hoping to see any trace of her.copyright protection6PENANA891XZDuWbe

            “Kara.” I turned around. Hector was kneeling near the horse. “There are footprints here.” He said.copyright protection6PENANA64v2F9TU1i

            “It must be Albany.” I said. “She was here, where do they lead?” I asked.copyright protection6PENANALApZjilpjp

            “There are two sets.” Hector looked up at me. “She wasn’t alone.”copyright protection6PENANA9rzboyPTv0

            “The person that blew the horn must have met her here.” I realized. “Now do you believe she was mind controlled?” I hurried into the woods.copyright protection6PENANA7B5CEKMxEN

            “Kara wait!” Hector shouted after me. “We need backup! This is dangerous.”copyright protection6PENANAPpofpIxK7Q

            “Albany is close.” I told him. “We have to help her now. Otherwise we’ll lose her.” I heard him hurry into the woods after me. I picked up the pace, Hector would have to keep up.copyright protection6PENANA9hiItGhiAM

            “KARA!” I turned to see that Hector wasn’t behind me anymore. I had run deep into the forest, I couldn’t see the valley anymore. I looked down, thankfully I was still on the footprints trail. I looked back the way I had come. Should I wait for Hector? He was right, this was probably dangerous, but I thought of Albany. She was alone, probably scared, and not in control of her body. Could I really risk condemning her to that, what if we never found her because I waited for Hector? I think I was being a little overdramatic, but this was still a serious decision.copyright protection6PENANAjHooj286AN

            I turned suddenly. Footsteps were crashing through the forest, heading straight for me. I took a step back, my eyes frantically scanning for the source of the sound. But I couldn’t see it. Then I heard a howl ring through the forest, followed by several others. It seem the crashing was getting louder, and a lot closer…copyright protection6PENANAUpciFB0dm8

            I was unarmed and alone. This was a mistake. I turned and ran back the way I had come. The noise was seemingly closing in. I would be run down. I couldn’t help Albany if I was dead. I pushed myself. I ran harder. The barks and snarls seemed to be right behind me. Then I found myself flat on my back looking up at the leaves.copyright protection6PENANA3vpleT2vbD

            “Kara?” Hector was standing over me. His hammer was raised and ready. “Hurry get up, get behind me.” he helped me to my feet and stood before me, facing down the impending footsteps. I needed a weapon, anything. I just wanted something in my hands to swing and fend off the hellhounds. Hector braced himself, the noises were almost upon us. They burst through the bushes.copyright protection6PENANAiukGTEI2Ki

            “Hector?” Paul and Artemisia were standing before us. They were covered in sweat and dirt. Artemisia had a branch still with leaves on it stuck in her hair. Both of them were panting heavily.copyright protection6PENANAPEI1XoDYB0

            “What are you two doing out here?” I asked, stepping out from behind Hector.copyright protection6PENANA6Fww1Kp4gB

            “Long story.” Paul said.copyright protection6PENANAHy61fZFX1q

            “We’ll explain later.” Artemisia looked over her shoulder. “But right now we have to move. There’s about seven hounds closing in on us.”copyright protection6PENANAgQ4ZS2nw0Z

            “We need to get out into the valley. Arrows can’t go through trees, we need clear lines of fire.” Paul clarified. “Now move or you’ll die!” He pushed Hector and Artemisia grabbed my hand. We were once again running for all we were worth. Paul and Hector began to fall behind, to protect us and try to slow down the hounds. Paul would fire arrows at anything that moved, while Hector threw branches and thorns and rocks into the path, anything that might force the hounds to slow down or go around. Soon this tactic left them a considerable distance behind us. Artemisia and I never stopped running, but the boys’ work allowed us a chance to slow down enough so that we could speak.copyright protection6PENANAx6E3DFN2K4

            “What were you doing here?” I asked.copyright protection6PENANADrCJsRJ8PK

            “Paul wanted revenge for my injuries.” Artemisia admitted. “After Albany disappeared and we knew you were leaving to go after her, Paul couldn’t sit still. Even though you weren’t leaving until this morning, we went out last night to hunt down the Huntress.”copyright protection6PENANAy6BD6uGu1G

            “Who’s the Huntress?” I asked.copyright protection6PENANAtyN7BqNptx

            “The person that called off the hounds when I was first attacked.” Artemisia informed me. “The hornblower. She is the hound’s master. She knew who Paul and I were, our godly halves anyway. And she said she was going to let her hounds rampage across New Olympus.”copyright protection6PENANAt7Z6QrXAAN

            “I don’t remember anyone called the Huntress in ancient Greek mythology.” I was racking my brain why we ran.copyright protection6PENANAl9TWN0rtut

            “I don’t care who she is.” Artemisia huffed out. “She’s bad news.” We had reached the edge of the forest and were now in the valley. Dairy the Pegasus was still where we had left her. “Kara, you’re the queen you need to get back to safety.” Artemisia turned and readied her bow. “Take the stupid magic pony, and get back to New Olympus.”copyright protection6PENANAaX1X5DoS2R

            “I have to find Albany first.” I said.copyright protection6PENANAqwYpCPRApr

            “Albany?” Artemisia looked over at me. “Why would she be here?”copyright protection6PENANAnKBhHoh8SL

            “She stole this Pegasus. There were two sets of footprints.” I explained. “We think the hornblower…this Huntress met Albany here and took her away.”copyright protection6PENANAB2JDZOgnHj

            “Me and Paul stole that horse.” Artemisia was looking at me. “And the two sets of footprints were probably ours as well. I don’t know where Albany is, but she isn’t with the Huntress.”copyright protection6PENANAf7Pdws2o2s

            My mind was racing. We had been chasing Artie and Paul’s footprints this whole time? Albany was never here, and because I wasted so much time on this wrong lead she was probably long gone, maybe for good. Hector and Paul emerged from the forest and formed up next to Artemisia, they were ready to face down the dogs.copyright protection6PENANAQqcrITQ02I

            “Queenie!” I turned to see Gaia and most of the guard running towards us. “We got a problem.” Gaia sputtered out as she stopped next to me. “A pegasi is missing.”    copyright protection6PENANALELvhLjy90

            “Right over there.” Artemisia pointed it out.copyright protection6PENANARo8HBF9E3c

            “Paul and Artie took it.” I said. “We know Albany was never here. She didn’t take that horse. The twins met a stranger in the woods, calls herself the Huntress. Her pack of hellhounds are one their way here now.” I explained quickly.copyright protection6PENANA6TDjklcblf

            The soldiers quickly formed a line before my godly friends with Gaia at their center.copyright protection6PENANAU7TFCaqWIz

            “FORM PHALANX!” Paul ordered the guard. “Archers behind, prepare to give them hell!”copyright protection6PENANAXAX5izKseN

            “Lady Hera.” I turned to see the sergeant of the guard standing next to me. “You must leave. Take the Pegasus and return to the throne room. It is not safe here.”copyright protection6PENANAEkHhE2DQdY

            “I’m not going to leave you.” I said. But I was ignored and forcefully put onto the horse anyways. A long chorus of howls broke through the trees. The men and gods alike readied themselves. Then the hounds came bounding out into the valley. There were screams and shouts, the battle had begun. But my attention was forced elsewhere.copyright protection6PENANA575ZMI9cES

            “My Queen.” Thanatos was kneeling before me.copyright protection6PENANAMBtJHLjrdx

            “Thanatos.” I said. “We need help, New Olympus is under attack.”copyright protection6PENANAfSSWawYNnb

            “I am aware.” He said glancing over at the carnage a few feet away. “But I have more important tidings.”copyright protection6PENANALtjRs5zCie

            “What?” I asked dreading any news that took precedent over a battle.copyright protection6PENANAu4QXOxJ7YW

            “Morpheus, the god of dreams is dead.” Thanatos told me. “I just took his soul into the Underworld.”copyright protection6PENANAFdOxaY38Mq

            “Another god is dead?” I asked.copyright protection6PENANAkxUDpmJZY2

            “This is different.” Thanatos looked up. “When I went to collect his soul, I noticed a message written in his blood.”copyright protection6PENANAdt73rVBa3z

            “What?” I asked. “A message in his blood?”copyright protection6PENANA6INVgXUj6G

            “Yes.” Thanatos nodded. “It said ‘Beware Love’.”copyright protection6PENANAKqeF3E1ND0

            “That must mean Albany.” I shouted.copyright protection6PENANAPQtWUUSv4W

            “Shall I take you there?” he offered over the sound of the battle.copyright protection6PENANA5bFT7VQ1fW

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