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Gods In Training: Generations
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods In Training: Generations
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Chapter 19 Kara
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
13 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!WueF5zgBHbWJdt7kkKaLposted on PENANA

            A queen was not supposed to sell her kingdom for one soul. I was in charge of all…not just Albany, but she is all I could think about currently. I had watched her writhe from her nightmares, I had watched her fake strength when it was clear she was weak. I knew Albany needed help, my help. She was one of my closest friends on New Olympus. And besides that I had made a promise. I had promised myself I would help Albany…I would help them all...but I had promised to help her. Something was happening, it wasn’t clear what yet…but dark clouds were brewing on our horizon. Hestia’s disappearance, Albany’s struggles, Artie’s ambush, and even Blade being betrayed by Zack. Years of nothing, then all of that in about a week. It was clear to me, a shadow was wedging its way into our lives.  I just hoped it dissipated when we finally shine the light on it. A pit was opening in my stomach. I knew it would be that easy. I knew it wouldn’t be that simple.copyright protection18PENANAMN9drgZYty

            “Kara?” I looked up to see Herman peeking around the curtain. “Bellerophon to see you.”copyright protection18PENANAjp2y587lJO

            “Was a meeting scheduled?” I asked.copyright protection18PENANAwGxK9F4uqe

            Herman shook his head. “But you should probably hear him out.” I nodded and waved that he be allowed inside.copyright protection18PENANAfc2pptGos9

            “My Queen.” Bellerophon bowed before me. “Thank you for receiving me on such short notice.”copyright protection18PENANAXMz0kE8r0S

            “Of course. I will always make time for those wishing to speak with me.” I sat up a little straighter in my chair. “May I ask what this is about?”copyright protection18PENANAgwyOhIumcU

            “Nothing to pressing.” Bellerophon said quickly. “Just a minor concern, and perhaps one that could help explain your problem.”copyright protection18PENANABs6DSw7yVz

            “My problem?” I asked.copyright protection18PENANAHSlhTFV27V

            “The…the you know.” Bellerophon ran out of words and instead pointed to the empty hearth. Word had indeed spread then. I couldn’t help but glance to Herman who was standing by the curtains tracing his fingers down their length. Close enough to hear everything, far enough to make it less obvious. I was right to exclude him from Albany’s issues. The whole city knew everything that Herman did it seemed.copyright protection18PENANAUnstcKbG6o

            “Right.” I nodded, my eyes flicking back to Bellerophon. “Well anyways…what is this minor concern?”copyright protection18PENANAAHQHlIdsg8

            “One of my pegasi has disappeared from the stables.” He said. “I figured…you know, getaway vehicle.”copyright protection18PENANA1Y1nfV3bXa

            My heart fluttered. A missing Pegasus? Had Hestia taken it? “Why is this just now being reported?”copyright protection18PENANA7SyAlKkxrr

            “It just now happened my lady.” Bellerophon bowed his head. “Dairy was here last night, but gone this morning.”copyright protection18PENANAV18MItvVWM

            “Dairy?”copyright protection18PENANA4XL6l11ocY

            “The animals name.” Bellerophon explained. “I have had a lost of pegasi, I ran out of good names.”copyright protection18PENANAykQ7UcSfJj

            I slumped back in my throne. If it had just disappeared last night, it couldn’t have been Hestia. If she had been hiding here, waiting to escape we would have found her. Besides…she wouldn’t have been hiding here on New Olympus. No, whoever took this Pegasus joyride last night couldn’t have been Hestia. Which meant perhaps I would now be dealing with another disappearance, or a desertion. I don’t know which I preferred. “Wishful thinking, but there isn’t any chance the animal flew away by itself?”copyright protection18PENANAGFkPr3iWYe

            “It is always possible.” Bellerophon said. “But I would not believe that.”copyright protection18PENANAJ3cu9yvaWI

            “I thought as much.” I mulled things over. Desertion or disappearance, either way I had to know who it was. “Herman?” the eavesdropper god approached. “Go and find Paul and Artemisia, take them and Bellerophon throughout the city. Find out who took the horse.”copyright protection18PENANA9v20CXcvcV

            “Yes Kara.” He nodded. “Come on then.” The two of them retreated out of the throne room. I let out a sigh. Disappearance would be quite problematic, desertion…well it wouldn’t be the first. The city was emptying. Godlings and heroes who had options, were choosing anywhere but here. They no doubt, like Bellerophon, had heard whispers of what was going on. I’d be willing to release Zack if Herman wasn’t the source of the rumors. Maybe I should send him to join Zack in Tartarus. I stood up and approached the hearth.copyright protection18PENANAOTA9I2c1Zb

            No, as much fun as being a tyrant…and as much as Herman probably deserved it, I couldn’t go down that route. I was better than Zack. I had to be. “Where did you go Hestia?” I asked the empty fireplace.copyright protection18PENANAgIetdn1JyX

            A shadowy figure materialized right out of a fold in the curtains. “Kara.”copyright protection18PENANArHtuH6sUBF

            “Nyx.” I peered at her darkened form. “What brings you here?”copyright protection18PENANAQqyqzhtLis

            “I was just worried about you.” Was the answer.copyright protection18PENANAWyba1oy277

            “That is very kind, but I’m ok.” I told her. I couldn’t help but smile. “It seems so long ago when you first brought me here. Back before any of this, before I was a goddess.”copyright protection18PENANA0zPu3xAwrc

            “It wasn’t all that very long ago.” Nyx told me. “At least for me.” She held my hand, pure shadows but with weight and texture to them. It was an odd sensation, but not unwelcome. “You act so mature…so sure of yourself, I often forget just how young some of you are.”copyright protection18PENANAbhCJIb0bXj

            “I learned from the best.” I squeezed her hand. “Besides, I have a lot of help.”copyright protection18PENANAETRQ4TeDWm

            Nyx released me and walked around the hearth. “I don’t know the whole story.” She indicated the cold stones that used to house the burning life of this room. “But I’ve heard rumors, and felt the fear. People are unsure of what is happening, and afraid of that unknown. But I wanted you to know, none of their fears, none of their worries are your fault.” She looked into my eyes unblinkingly. “Know that. In fact, you are largely the reason there has not been a mass exodus. There is faith yet for their Queen. There is faith yet in the gods. We are with you Lady Hera.”copyright protection18PENANAKXWzr072wy

            “It means the world to hear that.” I nodded, smiling. “Especially from you Nyx.” I held out my hands for a hug. “Thank you.”copyright protection18PENANAeHQQry2sKZ

            She held me tightly. “You will right the ship Kara, you will lead us to safety.” Nyx told me. “But you won’t have to do it alone. We’ll always be behind you and beside you.”copyright protection18PENANALpSDfXxuAu

            I didn’t know what to say. Nyx was reassuring all of my doubts, all of my fears. But they crept back quickly. If her words were true, why had someone abandoned me last night? Why was there a missing Pegasus? Nyx’s words were sweet, and I was glad to hear them. But that is all they were, honeyed words, not a solemn oath or even an objective assessment. Nyx was looking out for me, for my feelings. Regardless…I appreciated the gesture, I just had to be mindful to keep my focus and determination.copyright protection18PENANAQlrNVTN2Vj

            “Kara.” Herman was back, but he was alone.copyright protection18PENANABa1r0t02VL

            Nyx and I disengaged. “What is it?”copyright protection18PENANA1HaUlpSSTt

            “I can’t find Artie or Paul anywhere.”copyright protection18PENANAnKOOxKIlND

            “You checked the hospital?” I asked. “Artie should still be resting, and Paul is usually with her.”copyright protection18PENANAEpOGQO9RR4

            “Well they aren’t there.” He said. “Or anywhere else in the city for that matter. Bellerophon is checking once more…but I’m positive they aren’t here.”copyright protection18PENANACTMNN7cF06

            “More disappearances?” Nyx whispered…she sounded quite unsettled for someone who had just confided their complete faith in me.copyright protection18PENANA8nRXcpIUKw

            Realization turned to rage. It was not desertion, it was disobedience. “No.” I muttered to myself. “I know where they went.”copyright protection18PENANAypVm5MbeD2

            “Where’s that?”copyright protection18PENANAjgV63Jdgpe

            “I think they are our Pegasus thieves.” I announced. I turned to Nyx. “Would you mind shadowing me somewhere quickly?”copyright protection18PENANAnyCevODeJo

            “My pleasure.” Nyx bowed her head.copyright protection18PENANAKiNFFSrR75

            “Herman, you should come too.”copyright protection18PENANATrlPxpyLGY

            “Where are we going?”copyright protection18PENANA04wCi2rWga

            “The forest.” I declared. “Those idiots are going for revenge. We have to stop them.copyright protection18PENANAl1t8G91808

            “You don’t think we should get some soldiers to come with us?” Herman asked. “Artemisia had a whole patrol with her, and still they were barely able to fend off those hellhounds.”copyright protection18PENANAdTAzJ7ZiTF

            “We’re not going after the horn blower.” I said. “We’re just going to look for the twins. We’ll stop them long before we get into any danger.copyright protection18PENANAgTJMw2OXZ5

            “Still.” Herman said. “Gods are disappearing and getting attacked…we can’t be too careful.”copyright protection18PENANA8k6BsNKuVL

            “Nyx will be with us,” I said, “and she is all the reinforcements we need.” I could see that Herman was unhappy with my decision, but he accepted it. I knew he had a good point, but I also knew time was of the essence. We didn’t have time to wait around for the troops to muster. We had to hurry. The twins were gone, and every second that statement remained true the closer they would get to danger We had to hurry if we were going to find and stop them.copyright protection18PENANAD8FdIolHGe

            Herman and I each grabbed one of Nyx’s hands, and then closed our mouths and eyes shut tight. The light behind my eyelids vanished and I felt bands tighten around my body. The shadows were enveloping me.copyright protection18PENANAmX86KE8zB8

            “Kara?” I opened my eyes a found myself in the valley, away from our mountain city. Nyx was pointing ahead towards the forest. A horse was standing there by the tree line, no it wasn’t a horse it was a Pegasus.copyright protection18PENANAEJsLlVy6qt

            “Well there we go. They must have headed into the forest already!” I realized. “Come on.” I broke out in a run to the animal. It was grazing, but looked up as we approached. It was spotted black and, I read the tag on the saddle. “Dairy. This is the one Bellerophon was looking for right?” I was looking into the forest, hoping to see any trace of the twinscopyright protection18PENANAR3CwglVB2B

            “Yeah I think so.” Herman muttered. “Yeah he said it’s name was Dairy.” I guess sometimes it paid to have a nosey god around.copyright protection18PENANAQpzZvjDESf

            “Kara.” I turned around. Nyx was kneeling near the horse. “There are footprints here.” He said.copyright protection18PENANAMwZfilbQrB

            “It must be them.” I said. “They were here, where do the footprints lead?” I asked.copyright protection18PENANAkjEXPViKxk

            “There are two sets.” Nyx looked up at me. “One for Lord Apollo and one for Lady Artemis, you were right.”copyright protection18PENANAmnJWmff0U7

            “Which way Nyx?” I walked over towards her and began studying the ground. I had specifically told Paul not to do this. I had ordered him as his Queen. Now his disobedience was putting his sister at risk. I had to stop them.copyright protection18PENANAgHEgWWB8N3

            “The woods.” Nyx followed the train. “It looks like they took this path here.” I darted into the woods.copyright protection18PENANAK7mp4ckmXR

            “Kara wait!” Herman shouted after me. “We need backup! This is dangerous.”copyright protection18PENANAHkfqgCGvDA

            “No time.” I told him. “We have to stop them now. Otherwise they might do something they’ll regret.” I heard Nyx and Herman hurry into the woods after me. I picked up the pace. They would have to catch up, I was just concerned that I did first. I thought about how best to teach Paul what I thought of his ‘bravery’.copyright protection18PENANADThi9eeKm2

            “KARA!” I turned to see that the others weresn’t behind me anymore. I had run deep into the forest, I couldn’t see the valley anymore. I looked down, thankfully I was still on the footprints trail. I looked back the way I had come. Should I wait for Herman and Nyx? Herman was right, this was probably dangerous, but I thought of Artemisia, she had not even fully healed from the first encounter with the Hornblower. Why was she rushing back towards them? She was probably just following Paul both of them were hotheads, but together their stubbornness compounded.copyright protection18PENANAN79awemRAk

            I turned suddenly. Footsteps were crashing through the forest, heading straight for me. I took a step back, my eyes frantically scanning for the source of the sound. But I couldn’t see it. Then I heard a howl ring through the forest, followed by several others. It seem the crashing was getting louder, and a lot closer…copyright protection18PENANAJhEYIUAoqd

            I was unarmed and alone. This was a mistake. I turned and ran back the way I had come. The noise was seemingly closing in. I would be run down. I couldn’t help anyone if I was dead. I pushed myself. I ran harder. The barks and snarls seemed to be right behind me. Then I found myself flat on my back looking up at the leaves.copyright protection18PENANAY37fmhuB1Q

            “Kara?” Nyx was standing over me. Her fists were raised and ready. “Hurry get up, get behind me.” She helped me to my feet and stood before me, facing down the impending footsteps. I needed a weapon, anything. I just wanted something in my hands to swing and fend off the hellhounds. Herman braced himself behind a tree ripping twigs off of a makeshift club. The noises were almost upon us. They burst through the bushes.copyright protection18PENANADPYM0v0nmB

            “What are you guys doing here?” Paul and Artemisia were standing before us. They were covered in sweat and dirt. Artemisia had a branch still with leaves on it stuck in her hair. Both of them were panting heavily.copyright protection18PENANAH5Sl3BfEZG

            “We’re here to stop you from doing anything stupid.” I asked, stepping out from behind Nyx.copyright protection18PENANASYKZe6gIHi

            “Too late.” Paul said glancing behind him. “Say Kara, could you save the I told you so for after we get out of here alive.”copyright protection18PENANAzk8x7928wp

            I looked behind them, crashing and howling was still emitting from the bushes behind the twins. “Did you find the who you were looking for?”copyright protection18PENANAJduCyydOdd

            “We’ll explain later.” Artemisia looked over her shoulder. “But right now we have to move. There’s about seven hounds closing in on us.”copyright protection18PENANAv5bf5plm83

            “We need to get out into the valley. Arrows can’t go through trees, we need clear lines of fire.” Paul clarified. “Now move or you’ll die!” He pushed Herman toward the way out and Artemisia grabbed my hand. We were once again running for all we were worth. Paul and Nyx began to fall behind, to protect us and try to slow down the hounds. Paul would fire arrows at anything that moved, while Nyx threw branches and thorns and rocks into the path, anything that might force the hounds to slow down or go around. Soon this tactic left them a considerable distance behind us. Artemisia, Herman, and I never stopped running, but their work allowed us a chance to slow down enough so that Artemisia and I could speak, Herman never slowed down.copyright protection18PENANAFHoOevXhDt

            “I told Paul, specifally not to come out here.” I said wheezing. “I knew this would happen.”copyright protection18PENANAGnHbZfKc4X

            “Paul wanted revenge for my injuries.” Artemisia admitted. “After you were got hurt he saw a chance, Paul couldn’t sit still. Even though you weren’t out for long, we went out last night to hunt down the Huntress.”copyright protection18PENANApz3BO91aw9

            “Who’s the Huntress?” I asked.copyright protection18PENANAebQC057XnL

            “The person that called off the hounds when I was first attacked.” Artemisia informed me. “The Hornblower. She is the hound’s master. She knew who Paul and I were, our godly halves anyway. And she said she was going to let her hounds rampage across New Olympus.”copyright protection18PENANAr488f7o0ks

            “I don’t remember anyone called the Huntress in ancient Greek mythology.” I was racking my brain why we ran.copyright protection18PENANAYK22lQbm1I

            “I don’t care who she is.” Artemisia huffed out. “She’s bad news.” We had reached the edge of the forest and were now in the valley. Dairy the Pegasus was nowhere to be seen. “Kara, Herman needs to be locked up with Blade.” Artemisia turned and readied her bow. “Stupid little coward must have run back to New Olympus.”copyright protection18PENANAwfUmSUrZSO

            “I can fight.” I said turning to face the trees.copyright protection18PENANALkTTt81R9l

            “Are you crazy?” Artemisia looked over at me. Paul and Nyx emerged from the woods and joined our shoddy battle line.copyright protection18PENANAk76m9sdlOf

            “Where’s the horse?”copyright protection18PENANA3kvXHnS9mK

            “Herman.”copyright protection18PENANAY84R1y03p9

            “I hate that guy.”copyright protection18PENANAoKgv7qXkLM

            “I can shadow all of us out.” Nyx offered.copyright protection18PENANAAP75MOsFXP

            “Everyone touch Nyx.” I ordered. “Close your eyes and mouths.”copyright protection18PENANApWXuNZ2N2s

            “Attack!”copyright protection18PENANAWrcdWjDTEp

            “Hold!” I opened my eyes, the centaur Chiron was running about between me and the entirety of the Olympian guard, each man had an arrow trained at me. “It’s ours. It’s Kara.”copyright protection18PENANAGeeNk1BMGz

            “Herman you idiot.” Paul shouted. Our comrade had given the order that had nearly killed us.copyright protection18PENANAB6wzAjyD7A

            “Coward.” Artemisia added.copyright protection18PENANA642ihYCVSh

            “I had to warn the guards.” Herman muttered. I noticed he was still atop Dairy.copyright protection18PENANAkywzlQAXCh

            “Herman, warn the rest of the gods.” I said. “Pan, Gaia, Hector, everyone you can find that will fight. Send them here. After that go after Eric and Sid and all the others. Recall everyone.”copyright protection18PENANAxen3NXnmBu

            “Yes Kara.”copyright protection18PENANAXHyZ0QXCLQ

            “That’s all he’s good for.” Artie whispered.copyright protection18PENANAU6oqGKhhHU

            “FORM PHALANX!” Paul ordered the guard. The soldiers quickly formed a line before my godly friends with Hercules at their center. “Archers behind, prepare to give them hell!”copyright protection18PENANAyf8ViWTFiu

            “Lady Hera.” I turned to see the sergeant of the guard standing next to me. “You must leave. Return to the throne room. It will soon not safe here.”copyright protection18PENANAafbJeczcPl

            “Those hounds can’t climb  a mountain.” I muttered.copyright protection18PENANA2Jsra8brpT

            “You should not stay to find out.” Nyx said.copyright protection18PENANAlY8tTrqM7J

A long chorus of howls broke through the trees. The men and gods alike readied themselves. Then the hounds came bounding out into the valley below.copyright protection18PENANAhhZt0eFAqu

            “FIRE!” Artemisia and Paul shouted in unison.copyright protection18PENANAVtdnUnw6OW

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