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Gods In Training: Generations
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods In Training: Generations
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Chapter 2 Artemisia
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
8 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!m1xT0tLOvHQpgdJSYEylposted on PENANA

            “You can’t make that shot.”copyright protection12PENANAWk7fXtDT8N

            “Watch me.”copyright protection12PENANA4uOBoP4aEA

            “That’s not even a shot it’s a miracle.”copyright protection12PENANARv08IJ1GoA

            “Watch. Me.” I drew my bow to full draw. My fingertips pulling all the way back until they touched the corner of my mouth. I slowed my breathing and gazed down the shaft. My target looked smaller than the arrowhead at this distance. I closed my eyes, focusing on freezing every muscle in my body, save my heart. I carefully opened my eyes. Checking to make sure I was still on target, I released the drawstring and watched the arrow fly.copyright protection12PENANA2kUaARDdLL

            “You got the distance Artie.” My brother stepped to the edge of the ledge to better see the arrow. “Did you adjust for wind?” Paul asked turning to me. You see Paul and I were twins, identical twins (at least with clothes on). We were one person in two bodies. I remember back then, before it all, life was just one big contest to us. Paul and I had always been competing. And what’s worse, he would usually win. With so much about us alike, we were constantly searching for something that we were different at. Sports, school, and even friends life was a competition.copyright protection12PENANA0PgPqEFuOj

            But competing never proved to show any separation, working together did. Years ago my brother and I were visited by a little goat man. That goat man was a Greek god, like from ancient Greece. You know like Zeus and Poseidon and yeah only two that most people know. Well I can name two more that you should know, but I don’t want to come off as conceited. Ah forget it, have you ever heard of the twin gods Artemis and Apollo? Twin gods…I’m a twin. For those of you who haven’t picked up what I’m putting down, Paul and I are gods, Greek gods to be exact. We are the reincarnations of Artemis and Apollo. I’m Artemis and Paul is Apollo. Being a god didn’t turn out to be all it was made up to be. In fact there were times when it sucked, really sucked. But there are worse things I could be than a goddess. I’m immortal, I get awesome powers, and I’m alive. Those three things used to not be true, but I can happily say that today they are.copyright protection12PENANA5GO5OwPQdd

            You might be raising your eyebrows at the third and final thing on my list, but yeah it’s true. I don’t mean that deep psychological crap of how the earth was around before me and will be around after me. No I was dead, like actually, legally, and technically dead. You see all those –ly’s. A person using that many consecutive adverbs ain’t playing around. And then through a complicated series of events that have yet to be fully explained to me, I was back among the breathing. Just woke up, apparently I missed a whole lot of action. Time parallels, muddy love, and manslaughter via forced base-jumping being the highlights I’ve been told. But I was just glad to be back, and though he won’t admit it, Paul was glad to have his twin again I think. The poser learned he wasn’t anything without me.copyright protection12PENANAqfykp8c3lX

            You might be thinking that death taught me compassion, or that I realized that I didn’t have unlimited time (cause I do you mortal meat sacks!) and I had to spend every moment loving everything. No. Paul, me, and our eleven other twins called the New Olympians. Learned that working together…well it worked. When the goat man first visited me, he said that gods had thought humans could do a better job. That maybe with mortals on the mountain, the world would be a better place.copyright protection12PENANAOmM4cdJRIx

            That didn’t prove to be entirely true, at least not right away. Boy did we mess up. Like you don’t understand we were wagging wars, sending innocent people to hell, electrocuting people in the mouth, and defacing national monuments. But that was the first half, the opening possession. Nobody ever hits the first pitch. We did that thing that is what made us better than gods. We did the most humanest thing a human can do. We learned. We got better. We evolved.copyright protection12PENANAaNeZT3wITJ

            Not trying to brag or nothing, but we made some damn good gods…and in my case goddess. We did some work, man. And we did it good.copyright protection12PENANAWjZuEpCRsY

            “Is that a hit?” Paul asked.copyright protection12PENANAPglClxP4ox

            “Did you really just ask me that?” I said pretending to be hurt. “Of course it was a hit!” It was indeed. The arrow had sailed across the ravine and stuck the target dead center. “That’s how we do it.”copyright protection12PENANACzlQyeT5XN

            “Not bad.” Paul said high fiving me. “But watch this.” We may not be competing anymore, but we could still show off. Paul aimed his bow straight up. Pointing it at the heavens and drawing back.copyright protection12PENANAOT7OnLd0DF

            “What are you doing?” I asked a little worried.copyright protection12PENANAZsWk4hRUmg

            “Just watch little sister.”copyright protection12PENANAsYQNPp2IuZ

            “We’re twins.”copyright protection12PENANAvjTC7holi2

            “And this is how you shoot.” Paul let go of his string and sent the arrow sailing higher and higher into the sky.copyright protection12PENANA1huXCzfttC

            “Are you trying to hit the moon again? Selene hasn’t forgiven you yet from last time.” I warned him.copyright protection12PENANAKVAAJpZM8u

            “Shut up, I need to concentrate.” Paul was indeed concentrating. He was completely zeroed in on the arrow, watching its every move. Following it with his eyes as close as a hawk. Not knowing what he was planning I took a few steps back and then looked up. I don’t know what else to tell you, the arrow went up. But eventually its momentum or velocity or whichever physics thingy that was making it go up got the shit beat out of it by gravity. And that arrow came falling down. And it seemed to be going twice as fast.copyright protection12PENANALENFhVWGhe

            “Paul? Umm…watch out!” I doubted an arrow could kill the god of archery, but even still I wasn’t sure what Paul was aiming for with this routine. The arrow was returning to its master, and the reunion wasn’t going to be pretty. Paul smiled but did not move, his eyes tracing the arrow’s descent. It was getting closer. He was going to get hit. Was he playing chicken with the arrow? Why would he do this? Paul NO!copyright protection12PENANAIiwdg8MwCg

            I swear, just as the arrow would have pierced his cranium, Paul sidestepped. The arrow continued undisturbed. I watched, as if in slow motion, as Paul turned to watch the arrow drop. I realized that he was dropping with it. Not dropping, he was squatting. He was lowering himself so that his face was even with the arrow. When it looked like he could not possibly squat any lower, he pounced. He was attacking the arrow, with his mouth open and teeth bared.copyright protection12PENANA8ncIXW8XIh

            His lunge towards the arrow ending in my twin rolling before he sprung back up. With the arrow clenched between his teeth. “Ta da!” He exclaimed placing the arrow back in his quiver.copyright protection12PENANAstVf9cb5Ss

            “Show off.” I muttered.copyright protection12PENANAkBKRO1ZAxC

            “HEYYYYY!” A voice echoed through the ravine and across the mountain.copyright protection12PENANARFZ3oXZxVI

            “Is that….no way.” A smile broke across his face as Paul pointed out a figure to me. The figure was below us, on the valley floor waving frantically at us.copyright protection12PENANAOncJDlWPrP

            “How did he find us?” I asked squinting at this person.copyright protection12PENANAhLq2De3DPB

            “Who cares?” Paul said. “He’s here now, and that has to be a good sign right?” I was actually thinking the opposite. “Here he comes.” With inhuman agility the figure bounded up the slope, jumping not climbing. Moving far too graceful on the rocky slope for human feet.copyright protection12PENANAfGgfKEdKb8

            “Twins.” He hopped up onto the ridge we were standing on and bowed slightly. The reason behind the quick ascent was now apparent. This man hadn’t been using human feet, his were of an entirely different sort altogether.copyright protection12PENANAs0wEJ9ZGYq

            “Great and Wondrous Master Pan.” Paul said waving his arms around to emphasize the magnificence. “To what do we owe this honor?” he got down on his knees and groveled before him.copyright protection12PENANAvgcVjQ9ntY

            “Get up.” Pan muttered. I guess I should expand on Pan’s bottom side, and by bottom I mean bottom half not his butt. You’ll have to go elsewhere to hear about that. Pan was just a regular guy from the waist up. You know average Joe. But he was an average Joeat… um I mean goat…from the waist down. Full package, hooves, furry hindquarters, everything a goat had even a cute little tail.copyright protection12PENANAYJEfYpTb95

            “Did you get your hooves shined?” I asked.copyright protection12PENANAkB5QfPZfvY

            “I’ll shine you right off this mountain.” Pan grumbled.copyright protection12PENANAG0fTVyJ5Wc

            “Pots and Pan, Pots and Pan.” Paul muttered in his best singing voice.copyright protection12PENANA3UVI9U736h

            “Shut up, both of you.” Pan said. “I’m not here for old time’s sake, this is a business trip.” Usually Pan would mess around and taunt us right back, so we knew he was serious and that something bad must have happened. “You’ve been summoned back to New Olympus. Emergency meeting, bad news.”copyright protection12PENANA9qTeh94hoz

            “What?” Paul shouted.copyright protection12PENANAf5AvYw3HB0

            “What happened? Are the others ok?” I demanded. “Is it Kronos?” Kronos, the Titan of time, King of the Titans, and earth’s worst father. Big bad tough guy. You don’t want to mess with him. Back in our early godly days, Kronos had made a run at the throne. And he…well he killed me in the process. No hard feelings, I got avenged and everything. I mean how could I be mad, I’m the one that was breathing in the end. But despite that I didn’t want him to be coming back anytime soon.copyright protection12PENANATFUPn4Kv8Q

            “No, thankfully that’s not it.” Pan said. “I don’t know all the details, which mean’s its above my pay grade, which then means its serious…like very serious.”copyright protection12PENANANhhGwyPAPe

            “They didn’t tell you what it was?” Paul asked looking at me.copyright protection12PENANAa5jKAhgDYS

            “No, Kara ordered that I come find you two and bring you back to Olympus pronto.” Pan explained. “She seemed sacred for what it’s worth.”copyright protection12PENANADSxyIVDsrL

            “Well sounds like we better get going.” I said.copyright protection12PENANAje3AUz8KaY

            “She also told me to get Sid.” Pan said stopping me from heading out.copyright protection12PENANAYk3h5Dzmhx

            “Wow, throwback.” Paul muttered smiling.copyright protection12PENANAeVqLu9H7B8

            “Either of you heard where he is?” Pan asked.copyright protection12PENANASVnWvivE2F

            “The shirtless blunder?” I said. “We could check the Great Barrier Reef. I think he said something about finding Nemo.”copyright protection12PENANAC10Gi6jRsB

            “Very funny.”copyright protection12PENANApGwQs0Z97B

            “I’m serious.”copyright protection12PENANAi0wFW2XsH0

            “GODS I HATE SID!”copyright protection12PENANA8k190jfkbH

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