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Gods In Training: Generations
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods In Training: Generations
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Chapter 22 Albany
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!bFj34WuPsRnPrgeup0V9posted on PENANA

I woke up in a car, a limousine but it wasn’t the one I was used to. I don’t know why or where it was going, but it wasn’t going anywhere particularly quickly. We were driving slowly, I tried to look out of the window. We were in a city proper, skyscrapers dominated my view.copyright protection20PENANAmK82Ybk8Ri

            “Baxter?” I asked. “Hello?” The driver turned around to look at me.copyright protection20PENANAX2Xh61eBRG

            “You must have me confused miss.” The man said.copyright protection20PENANAsfwUvLpULk

            “Where’s Baxter?” I demanded. “Who are you?”copyright protection20PENANA475c94oucg

            “I don’t know who Baxter is lady, look…you called me.” he said.copyright protection20PENANANaiLspNG0E

            “Hush now, everything’s going to be a-ok.” The voice reassured me. “I’m in control now.”copyright protection20PENANAntTUnpFMkr

            “Who are you?”copyright protection20PENANA7oydBIh0du

            “Little bitty love goddess, all alone. Little bitty love goddess, has no home…” The song was coming out of my mouth now. My voice spoke the words softly, just barely a whisper creeping away from my teeth. It sent chills down my spine. I was screaming inside my own head. I wasn’t me anymore.copyright protection20PENANAg0FzL7ZzOZ

            The car stopped. I had no idea how long it had been driving. The door opened and I saw a man standing there. He offered me a hand and helped me out of the limousine. “Right this way sir.” He said bowing his head.copyright protection20PENANAdct76RwLDQ

            Sir? Had he called me sir?copyright protection20PENANAcLfLZRuhSI

            “Hmm, little bitty love goddess…welcome to my home.” My body calmly walked up the steps to the front porch and entered the building. It reminded me of fancy hotel, the kind my parents would stay at.copyright protection20PENANAL8IrIuzH3n

            “Stay without you.”copyright protection20PENANAHhzaoG2VsF

            There was no one else in the lobby, and the man who had opened the car door had not come inside with me.copyright protection20PENANAMFr2rqUVIM

            “This way my Lady.” My mouth spoke. I walked to the elevator and pressed the button. A soft ding announced the opening of the doors. I walked inside and pressed the only button on the panel. It was labeled Z’s. A familiar tune played in the elevator.copyright protection20PENANAEuVnVDRulV

            “I love this song. Little bitty love goddess…uhh so catchy.” The voice told me. “You’d be surprised to learn how quickly I came up with the words. Practically wrote itself.”copyright protection20PENANAS2drdC8fxA

            “What am I doing here?” I asked.copyright protection20PENANAVkfnmGOgCw

            “We’ve been spending so much time together…I just thought you would want to actually meet me.”copyright protection20PENANA2g0YDVBvqX

            The elevator doors opened and my legs carried me out. I was in a simple room, no doors or decorations of any kind. The only thing filling the space was a large bed at the far end of the area. And lying in it was a man.copyright protection20PENANAri0FKehStP

            “Hello Albany. It is nice to finally see you.” I walked to the side of the bed and saw that the man, who was incredibly wrinkled and old, was fast asleep.copyright protection20PENANAsp9INwoBM1

            “Who are you?” I asked.copyright protection20PENANA7Ph8NV4pru

            “I am a god, much like you. However I’ve been one for much longer.”copyright protection20PENANAmTMnywBPo5

            “How are you controlling my body?” I asked. “Why can I not move?”copyright protection20PENANAERvOzikYT6

            “My godly talents have their uses.” Was the answer. “Tell me, are your godly talents useful?”copyright protection20PENANAZ1Wh9Kce9E

            “What…what do you mean?” I asked.copyright protection20PENANAIwxvT51vUq

            “I have been in your head for long enough to know that you feel love. You feel all kinds of love, do you not?”copyright protection20PENANAAzi5nRnHPh

            I could sense what this man was feeling. It was not love. He had already taken away complete control of my body from me, would he take even more?copyright protection20PENANAOOiL6sviGF

            “You know what I wish of you now love goddess?”copyright protection20PENANAXpbuU5zVAu

            “You’re a monster.” I shouted. My body and face remained calm, only my voice remained mine. “My friends will be looking for me. They will find me, and then we will kill you.”copyright protection20PENANAmb3EgrwE9l

            “I have friends too.” He said. “Would I abduct a New Olympian if I did not think I would live to…enjoy it?”copyright protection20PENANAVXaeIhHezo

            “Why are you doing this to me!”copyright protection20PENANATwN51HaBDL

            “I believe you are no stranger to desire. Even before you became love, men desired you, yes? What man does not…dream…about lying with the goddess of love? Dreams, I think you have learned, can be very dangerous. So for eons I neglected my dream, I attended to other people’s dreams and fantasies instead. But you could imagine my pure excitement, when an old and powerful friend came to me and asked me to fulfill my dream. I couldn’t contain myself, so I started right away.”copyright protection20PENANA50W9FdAbSJ

            “Someone asked you to do this?” the feelings inside this…man’s…heart were growing stronger, and that meant I could sense them with more clarity. I began to cry. “Don’t do this.”copyright protection20PENANAxOHI3qZKEz

            “I am Morpheus, god of dreams.” The voice told me. “Now come, little bitty love goddess, won’t you have a sweet dream with me?”copyright protection20PENANA9x6WC7ENIi

            “Albany.” A new voice spoke. “Leave this lustful lecher, I have need to speak with you.”copyright protection20PENANAzOiwXYKy9C

            “Where are you going?” Morpheus demanded, still his body unmoving, still his eyes closed in a deep sleep. It seemed that now that I had seen him, met him, his voice was no longer in my head. It was emanating from his body now.copyright protection20PENANAiGrZpuqoe4

            “Return upstairs.” The newest occupant to my mind bid me. I reentered the elevator. And let the doors slide closed.copyright protection20PENANAXoC4kfbZ3U

            “Little bitty love goddess.” Morpheus began to speak as the room was closed off from me. “I can bring life to all of your fantasies…or all of your nightmares.”copyright protection20PENANAhCIA8GySeH

            DING, the doors closed.copyright protection20PENANAvwoWwNqWcF

            “Who are you?”copyright protection20PENANA1a3EeoUqnX

            “I am with you.” this new voice was also in my head, but it was not an intruder, it felt more…familiar. More warm, more of a companion than an intruder. “I have been with you since you removed your blindfold in the throne room. I have watched you become a goddess, and know that I am proud of knowing you carry my legacy.”copyright protection20PENANAkFA3fIJOBX

            “Carry your legacy?” I asked myself. “What do you mean?” The voice merely laughed as the doors opened up onto the lobby once more. I stepped forwards, and walked to the center of the room. “Well? Don’t you want to speak to me?”copyright protection20PENANAw6uU30ItXV

            “We are speaking.” The voice replied. “I merely wanted you up to come up here to get you away from his prying ears.”copyright protection20PENANA8Z5cEjAyJY

            “Why did you bring me to him then?” I asked. “Why bring me to him only to take me away right after?”copyright protection20PENANAw4D67TPQHr

            “You are free to return to him.” I was told. “I think that would please him very much in fact.” I thought back to that pig’s thoughts. Shaking in disgust I knew the voice was right. “But you are mistaken, even if only slightly. I did not bring you to him. Morpheus brought you to me.”copyright protection20PENANAOdyi8BjR4h

            “Why?”copyright protection20PENANAMdhRpVb0uV

            “So we could speak.”copyright protection20PENANAY0ZB77uXYc

            “You mentioned that. About what?” I was looking around.copyright protection20PENANAoNpW5yxppB

            “My gods…you are beautiful aren’t you.” I didn’t answer. “I was told I was beautiful once…well, more than one.” The voice sheepishly admitted. “I was even called the most beautiful woman in the entire cosmos. Seeing you now, I must admit I have a rival for that claim.”copyright protection20PENANAHcPY4fTffo

            “Are we going to share makeup tips?” I asked. I was starting to get angry. I had been driven half insane, I had been mentally tortured, and now I had been ripped from my friends and life and deposited…here, wherever here was. I was not in the mood for games. I was tired.copyright protection20PENANAaeoaPwiktg

            “Albany, so fierce, so menacing. Be careful girl, you’re ruining your allure. Smile, you’re prettier that way. We wouldn’t want that scowl to become permanent. It would ruin the best thing about you.”copyright protection20PENANAxR3XN9vlzV

            “My looks?” I asked.copyright protection20PENANAWg7Mfb19rg

            “Why else would you have been chosen as a goddess? Certainly you must have realized by now that you did not replace Athena or Hera for a reason. You are not intelligent nor are you a leader. You are wide hips and supple breasts. You are full lips and doe eyes. You are long shimmering hair and a nice tan. You are your looks Albany, as am I.”copyright protection20PENANAxCuWMks5FV

            “I’m more than a pretty face.” I muttered. “I’m so much more.”copyright protection20PENANAlcMpaAzFV9

            “Sure.” The voice conceded. “But does anyone outside of you care? The man downstairs, Morpheus, do you think he cares about your thoughts and opinions? Do you think anyone does? Why would they, you’re hot? You are the goddess of love and beauty, literally a sex symbol. There is nothing else you can achieve…and even if you did it wouldn’t matter. The lust-filled would congratulate and applaud you just as eagerly for complex equations solved and beautiful soliloquies delivered as they would for circles drawn and simple numbers counted. Kindness extended to you is not and never will be genuine. It is part of a transaction, they extend niceties…you in turn give them your body for their jollies. You are a reward, a treasure to be sought after and won. So why don’t you accept that?”copyright protection20PENANABSqIEFUFOl

            “You talk a lot.” I muttered. I forced her words out of my head. I had had this conversation with myself before. None of these opinions were novel to me. I didn’t care. I didn’t care what the world thought of me. This voice was right, I was just meat to everyone else. Be it desire or jealousy, people always would have ulterior motives, but not my friends, not my fellow gods. I had earned their respect and they, mine.  We were coworkers, colleagues, and equals. We were friends.copyright protection20PENANAWmXqiKLKQr

            “Why don’t you accept your role?”copyright protection20PENANAGcDsBO3btY

            “I have.” I said.copyright protection20PENANAk4QKNvpIae

            “Oh?”copyright protection20PENANA37A1xTMjEC

            “I am one of the ruling Olympian gods, equal among our thirteen. I may be the goddess of love and beauty, but that is not all.”copyright protection20PENANAKkOoMqcQBG

            “Tell me.”copyright protection20PENANAOWLFGyb6hm

            “I am Albany. I’m the goddess that killed Kronos. I’m the goddess that helped her friends save the world. I’m the woman that lived through it all. I’m also the fool who ended up here.” The voice chuckled.copyright protection20PENANAlktWm1P9kt

            “Good.”copyright protection20PENANAL4NAsA0FqC

            “Good?”copyright protection20PENANAlfy6UfF5lW

            “I yearn to learn more about Albany. It is good to hear that she is more than just a lovely visage. Tell me about her?” I was not an order. I was a hopeful plea.copyright protection20PENANArGhUCDVsMg

            “Tell me about yourself first.”copyright protection20PENANAVykJ8Nj9tK

            “What do you want to know?”copyright protection20PENANALOZjUUyzZU

            “Who are you?”copyright protection20PENANAvrBNmdqiGd

            “I am who you used to be.”copyright protection20PENANAzCLUlUHF3a

            “What does that mean?”copyright protection20PENANAqOZp8TjHtj

            “When we abdicated, you became me.”copyright protection20PENANACZLdM8rdq7

            Silence. Words were sinking in.copyright protection20PENANAr0KcU57CLa

            “Are you?”copyright protection20PENANANbZMB8GUQa

            “Yes.”copyright protection20PENANAes9ZGW87az

            “But how?”copyright protection20PENANAfBzZOt5V5Q

            “We did not go very far.”copyright protection20PENANA6S26EDfly5

            “This doesn’t make sense.”copyright protection20PENANAvMyFMeCUmM

            “I do not expect it to. Shall we trade? Tell me about yourself, and I will answer all your questions.” The voice was coming from behind me. I turned around, and standing before me was the most beautiful being I had ever laid eyes upon. Stunningly perfect in every way. Every movement, every breath was elegant and graceful. Every ripple and flutter of her dress complimented her figure more than the last. Her eyes lit up as she smiled guiltily. “Hello Albany.”copyright protection20PENANAuBo3AcwF8C

            “Aphrodite?”copyright protection20PENANAwfuyl9cAuK

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