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Gods In Training: Generations
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods In Training: Generations
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Chapter 22 Aphrodite and Albany
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!Q78ev7RMLdefXbdqgkoyposted on PENANA

            His eyes were boring into ours. Surprise, confusion, and anger, we saw all of these emotions in his eyes. But we did not see love, for there was no love in this man. Not since he killed his wife. This man couldn’t love anymore. He killed the love of his life, and also any chance for love in his life.copyright protection4PENANAsUZ2aB9MCZ

            We pulled the blade slowly from his ribcage, hoping to let him feel it before he died. Just one last pinch before he went to hell.copyright protection4PENANAat6jHCqzpb

            “Aphrodite end it!” I commanded. The blade was quickly ripped from his flesh. We raised it over our head and then brought it down quickly into his chest. Stabbing the man in the heart. His eyes still looked at us, but there was no longer life behind them.copyright protection4PENANAMDrKPEa6Zz

            “You are too merciful.” Aphrodite told me.copyright protection4PENANAFrtEuEfEqS

            “And you are a little too passionate about pain and death.” I repliedcopyright protection4PENANADAmKT4mjDL

            “We are the goddess of passion.” Aphrodite told me. Our eyes looked down into the spreading pool of blood on the floor and beheld our reflection. We were still naked, no clothes had covered us since Morpheus desecrated the love in my body and bonded the both of us.copyright protection4PENANAvqpWafAkmA

            “That girl, she may have clothes that will fit us, clothes Morpheus didn’t dirty with his disgusting eagerness.” I said.copyright protection4PENANAT11mFv0Var

            “OINK!” a small pig was standing guard over the girl’s defenseless body.copyright protection4PENANANN1axVeUeS

            “True, but perhaps we should get a little messy before we get all cleaned up?” Aphrodite muttered.copyright protection4PENANAGKi6GslhMH

            “Why do we have to do this?” I demanded. “There are monsters out there! Monsters that rape, betray, and murder love. They deface what we are, what we stand for. You need to punish them, not finger paint with blood.”copyright protection4PENANARGJT3pp4kz

            “What?” Aphrodite asked.copyright protection4PENANAv8mwiUrxOG

            “We are wasting time here!” I clarified. “We killed the murderer of love. His love, his wife has been avenged. Painting your breadcrumb trail will do nothing to defend love. It will only make this harder for us to continue.”copyright protection4PENANApvqIB7aXoX

            “No,” Aphrodite paused, “You said you.”copyright protection4PENANAFgDo9HNyL7

            “What?” I asked.copyright protection4PENANA8ggvNzpf6e

            “You said ‘You need to punish them?’” she repeated.  “Are you not a part of this? Am I not welcome here any longer? Does our work…defending love no longer appeal to you? Do you forget why we started this? Do you forget WHAT HE DID?”copyright protection4PENANAWwJnekuoiS

            “I WILL NEVER FORGET!” I screamed clutching my head and dropping to my knees. “He took it from me. He took love! He robbed me of it. He ruined it for me. He paid for what he did. You weren’t there the first time remember?”copyright protection4PENANAlX8ZliH8Rs

            “I was!” she corrected me.copyright protection4PENANAgZJwux5UMc

            “You weren’t in here.” I banged my fist against my head. “I made a monster bleed first. I let you in. I wanted this. I wanted you to help in this.” I told her in no uncertain terms.copyright protection4PENANA8JIS6WdAkv

            “But you said you?” she asked again.copyright protection4PENANAtGsCGOUnXM

            “I misspoke.” I said waving my hand in front of our face. “I meant us. We are wasting time. We should take some of the girls clothes, and move to the next monster.”copyright protection4PENANAQdLzKg6QbT

            “I want to finger paint. You want to put on clothes.” Aphrodite said. “Why can we not do both?”copyright protection4PENANA2kCLcJHqk2

            There is no point arguing with yourself. We gave into each other’s demands. Our fingers dipped quickly into the pool of blood. Then we began tracing the letters out onto the wall. All the while the little pig watched us.copyright protection4PENANAVNJoqpckN9

            “Beware love.” I read the blood.copyright protection4PENANA7DnTd89kYl

            “Indeed.”copyright protection4PENANAe1FRMSAtiU

We turned to look at the pig. “Heed these words, and be sure to let that girl see them.”copyright protection4PENANAweIfD8FQtt

            “Now we speak to swine? Who wastes time now.” I did not give a response. We headed deeper into the house, looking for clothes. We entered a bedroom, but it was not the girls. Unless she drank half of a liquor store and only wore men’s clothes.copyright protection4PENANA0A7ntlwDFu

            “He betrayed cleanliness as well as love.” I muttered.copyright protection4PENANAYUvELiwmMP

            “Monsters such as him tend to have more than one sin.” Aphrodite said quietly. I saw a picture on the nightstand. It was a picture of a woman.copyright protection4PENANAgi4ZyH7dxA

            “The girls mother?” I asked picking it up.copyright protection4PENANAGybOWE9siO

            “The monsters victim.” Aphrodite corrected me. “You sensed what he did to her?”copyright protection4PENANAWgJsVuLrQx

            “Yes.” I nodded. “It makes me feel sorry for that girl. Having to live with him for all these years.copyright protection4PENANAh7Pl6n2eBA

            “She did not know.” Aphrodite muttered. “Otherwise why would she have defended him? Why would she love him?”copyright protection4PENANAOi8064EfxX

            “Her love wasn’t strong, almost the opposite. She did not love him in spite of what he did. She loved him out of duty, a child must love their parent. She also loved him out of ignorance. Had she known…”copyright protection4PENANA4ueNX9iIB9

            “He knew.” Aphrodite interrupted me. “He was not remorseful. He did not ask her daughter’s forgiveness, quite the opposite! You sensed his lust for her, his daughter.”copyright protection4PENANAfSg5dnsgB4

            “Step daughter. Not that that is a defense.” I muttered setting the picture down. “Look around.” I pointed to all the bottles and the general disheveled appearance of the room. “Did the man who slept here seem at peace with himself?” I picked up a bottle, like all the others it was drained dry. “He appears to have been fending off his past. Trying to forget what he did.”copyright protection4PENANARqmZqs45IB

            “He committed a crime against love! A crime against life!” Aphrodite was indignant. “But he was sad about it afterwards, so it’s all better now. He ruined his daughters life!”copyright protection4PENANA2M6gA3qSL1

            “And we didn’t?” I asked. “We killed her stepfather, the only family she had left.”copyright protection4PENANA10Ti57Fyoh

            “Oink!” the pig had followed us into the room. He appeared angered that we were still here.copyright protection4PENANACfIZf9sjfa

            “The swine would have something to say about that.”copyright protection4PENANAVhX1yx5YpQ

            “You’re a goddess, not a smart mouthed child.” I chided her. “We are being serious.”copyright protection4PENANA0rQUJW1pvq

            “No, you’re being soft.”copyright protection4PENANAH7Fp6UyyeO

            I frowned. “Soft? Having empathy for a troubled man is now a bad thing? Empathy is a synonym for passion. And we are the goddess of…”copyright protection4PENANAJa6GcEdhDD

            “Don’t lecture me.” Aphrodite threw the bottle from our hand. It shattered against the wall. “You are weak Albany! WEAK! Without me you were nothing. A hollow shell of an immortal. A little whisper in your head nearly ruined…”copyright protection4PENANA7D4YyOVzdq

            “And what are you?” I demanded. “You’re a voice in my head Aphrodite!”copyright protection4PENANA0UxFkEATdO

            “I am a goddess!” the voice roared. “One of the twelve high Olympians of Myth. I sat a throne for longer than your kind had fire. Before your people had abstract thoughts I rose from the sea and claimed a seat among the most powerful council this reality has ever seen. I am no mere voice! And I will not have my LESSER HALF BELITTLE ME!”copyright protection4PENANAHXYNDbsRs6

            “I defeated Kronos, Lord of the Titans. I killed Morpheus, who was a god! What did you do? Slaughter a sad drunk man? Who is the lesser half?”copyright protection4PENANAuAJzyinuSB

            “I should have never lifted a finger to save you. I should have never stopped Morpheus. I could have let him keep you. Use you like the pathetic little tool that you are. You could have been his pet, a nice pretty little thing he chain up. Only to be pulled out and RAPED WHEN HIS MANHOOD CALLED FOR IT!”copyright protection4PENANAUSwsxQ67Kk

            “Silence.” I pulled out our knife. “Mention that again and I will betray my love for you.”copyright protection4PENANAWrhVfV6HMz

            “You’re losing your empathy for me?” Aphrodite chided, my mouth opened and she laughed. “It was said every man who was even born desired me. I was the woman of every man’s…dreams. I want you to know that out of all the men in all time, I had none against my will. This is why mortals can’t be gods. They are weak. Useless. A lesser part of this world. You are nothing Miss Albany. Not a goddess, not even a woman. You are weak, you are a victim. You have no place in this world, but to be used by greater beings for their own purposes. First it was Zack and Kara, your king and queen. They used you to their own benefit against the Titan. Then it was Morpheus, for his carnal wishes. And now it is my turn. I will use you to purge all false love and monstrous lust from this world. I am just your next master. I am starting to think you like others forcing their will on you…”copyright protection4PENANANg9xQIPecH

            I brought the knife down hard into my arm. The blade ripped into my flesh and emerged out the other side. The pain seared, but not in my arm…in my head. My mind seemingly exploded. Aphrodite and I were screaming in agony. We fell to the floor, covered in blood. A mix of ours and his. I looked down at the knife. I could see the dove etched into the blade, the tips of his wings were inside of my body, but he was the only one with me now, Aphrodite was gone. There were no voices in my head but my own. I passed out with a smile on my face.copyright protection4PENANAP6zly7cFeW

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