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Gods In Training: Generations
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods In Training: Generations
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Chapter 24 Kara
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
8 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!hBrGPS1vL0K9yQyyhlb7posted on PENANA

            The shadows dissipated around me revealing the whole world still existed beyond the blackness that had been all I’d known for the past several seconds.copyright protection5PENANAmqSBokzQMn

            “I’m never going to get used to that.” I muttered shivering.copyright protection5PENANAA4Y1LOUMkF

            “Apologizes, my Queen.” Thanatos bowed his head. “But the discomfort is less than the convenience of traveling great distances in an instant.”copyright protection5PENANAN4PmUoUcJ6

            “Good point.” I nodded. “Now where are we? Is Albany still here?”copyright protection5PENANAj5wcGVwgLj

            “Not to my knowledge.” Thanatos began walking up the steps of a large building. “This way.”copyright protection5PENANADlnCn8rhVL

            Hector slid off of our pegasi and then helped me down. As soon as both of my feet were safely on the ground Dairy reared up and snorted her nostrils loudly as she pawed at the ground with her hooves and spread her wings whinnying all the while.            “Hey!” I grabbed her mane and stroked her long nose. “Calm down, what’s wrong.” The beast reared back once more sending me hard into the ground. Two strong legs nearly impaled me as Dairy went back onto all fours. She began flapping her wings and then ran away from the building and took to the sky.copyright protection5PENANAXJQN6Lb1XU

            “Are you ok?” Hector helped me up.copyright protection5PENANA7h0EuHz1Xl

            “Just cuts and a sore butt.” I muttered. “What got into her?”copyright protection5PENANAkBHIe4RFmN

            “I don’t know.” Hector shrugged. “But it’s probably not a good sign for finding Albany.”copyright protection5PENANArkwh7C2iD0

            “Poor beast, probably was frightened off by the shadows.” Thanatos said staring up at the disappearing dot that had been our ride. “Should have kept its mouth closed.”copyright protection5PENANAdLidpMVYNT

            “It can’t be helped now.” I turned my back to it and faced the building. “This is where Morpheus died?” I asked.copyright protection5PENANAk8u1QI6Hos

            “Yes.” Thanatos resumed ascending the stairs. “Inside. I’ll show you the message.”copyright protection5PENANAuPM16UE9ci

            “What message?” Hector asked as we entered the building. “Someone died here?”copyright protection5PENANA9p3rDteyr1

            I realized Hector had come with us without knowing where we were going or even why. He blindly followed my orders. “Thanatos, as you know is the god of death. Part of his duty is to ferry souls to the Underworld when it’s their time. Well his most recent charge was a god. Morpheus, the god of dreams.”copyright protection5PENANAsMaWN0FTH4

            “We’re going up.” Thanatos ushered us into an elevator.copyright protection5PENANAmcT9d03R9f

            “That’s the message?” he asked. “We already knew someone is killing gods. With Olympus under attack and now another murder…Albany could not have picked a worse time to run away.”copyright protection5PENANA9jFdLjGZS8

            “The message was written in blood.” Thanatos said as the doors opened revealing a room with nothing but a bed covered in blood, and a message on the wall.copyright protection5PENANA1kUbhIcXBU

            “Beware Love?” Hector read the bloodstained wall as we stepped out of the elevator. “What does that mean?”copyright protection5PENANA1Y6V7kVbc5

            “I’m not sure, but it has to relate to Albany right?” I asked. “She is the love goddess, what else would Beware Love refer to?”copyright protection5PENANAqmp6zapgah

            “You’re right.” Hector nodded. “It has to be Albany. But why?”copyright protection5PENANAocCjoT1AQD

            “Because she’s the love goddess.”copyright protection5PENANAvSBBNJWIU8

            “No…why beware her?” he asked looking at me. “Did she write that? Or did someone else, and how did Morpheus die?”copyright protection5PENANANlvcs4nRly

            “His throat was cut.” Thanatos explained.copyright protection5PENANA9KKM39F5Kw

            “Did Albany do it?” he asked.copyright protection5PENANAIfokQb4NTZ

            “I have no way of knowing that.” Thanatos said.copyright protection5PENANAVHkqUMvhER

            “Albany wouldn’t kill someone!” I shouted. “She’s one of us, not some monster.” I shouted in Hector’s face. “We’re here to rescue her, not condemn her.”copyright protection5PENANAPOBAAEJgJt

            “Albany was acting strangely before she disappeared.” Hector said. “I was the one that took her to the hospital. I was the person she was with when she first collapsed. And you were with her when she was last seen. Both of us know something was wrong with her.”copyright protection5PENANAMsIaNzlRmf

            I had to admit he was right. “But she wouldn’t do something like this.” I muttered, with less conviction this time.copyright protection5PENANAQiWbJQYf8D

            “Normally she wouldn’t. But Albany was nowhere near normal. She was hearing voices, having hallucinations. She seemed nearly possessed.”copyright protection5PENANA6XsHy2mij6

            “Hestia disappearing put a lot of stress on all of us.” I muttered. “No one else is getting accused of murdering gods.”copyright protection5PENANAM5yvfl4Bdr

            “Except Zack.” Hector muttered.copyright protection5PENANAQ4KMfuDeJL

            “Zack’s a hothead. He’s always had it in for Blade.” I waved my hand.copyright protection5PENANARPJjxhmTzF

            “You don’t want to see it.” Hector shook his head. “Saint Albany, just an innocent victim. Your best friend would never do wrong by you.”copyright protection5PENANAZmLyR0UWB8

            “What are you saying?”copyright protection5PENANAosc8esCRGm

            “Kara! We’re gods. Bad things are starting to happen again. I’m saying we can’t be naïve. We can’t rule out anything. Albany could be behind all of this for all we know.”copyright protection5PENANACyblRJDeCd

            “How could you say that?” I was hurt and angry. I was Queen. He shouldn’t be able to talk to me like this!copyright protection5PENANAUCzFbqG5ni

            “Albany was afraid to go to sleep.” He muttered.copyright protection5PENANAdLKqTZSwRy

            “Don’t change the subject.” I yelled.copyright protection5PENANASt64PYNtcq

            He ignored me. “Why. Why would you ever be afraid of sleep?”copyright protection5PENANAG72gMdHsj4

            “What?” I was confused.copyright protection5PENANALxPvXIuPfl

            “Think back to when you were a kid. What made you never want to sleep again?”copyright protection5PENANAo7PubFtY9F

            I thought it over. “Nightmares.” I said. “Bad dreams.”copyright protection5PENANApPNr6zFN2Z

            “Albany was hearing voices and hallucinating. It’s not a stretch to think those symptoms were affecting her in her sleep as well. She was having nightmares.” Hector approached the bed and looked down at the dried blood covering the sheets. “Being sleep deprived and haunted by visions and voices wears on a person. Just like a machine, if you put too much pressure on one part, like Albany’s sanity…eventually it will break.”copyright protection5PENANAROxGjupOkE

            “Are you saying she’s insane?” I asked.copyright protection5PENANAaIM0cXFFWO

            “A goddess who was acting strangely and was deathly afraid of her dreams escapes and disappears. Then the god of DREAMS dies. That can’t be a coincidence. I mean, why else would it say ‘Beware Love’? Albany is letting her fears and nightmares know that she is coming after them. She is going to fight back. She is going to slit every throat until her problems go away. I think she snapped, I think she killed Morpheus, and I think it’s all related to Olympus being attacked and Hestia disappearing.”copyright protection5PENANAllE8NKItyL

            Ding. The elevator’s opened. A large man with quite the impressive beard walked, or rather limped in. His left leg was covered in a spider’s web of metal braces and joints. The metal seemed to be what was holding him up, as his leg was small and underdeveloped compared to his metal free right leg. “My Lady Hera, and Lord Hephaestus.” He nodded to each of us before turning to the third member of our party. “It’s time to go Thanatos.” He said.copyright protection5PENANAtpz06TuvHO

            “Who are you?” I demanded.copyright protection5PENANAaSxXSJUypR

            “I am the Smith.” He said. This whole time he only had eyes for Thanatoscopyright protection5PENANAnLd1U1MDvk

            “No…”  Thanatos took a step back.copyright protection5PENANApYKYZQSumA

            “My mother bid me to fetch you.” He pointed at Thanatos. “It seems you are needed elsewhere. It is time to go.” The giant of a man repeated himself.copyright protection5PENANAjxsQulApT0

            “My Queen.” Thanatos turned to me. “You must go. Warn the others. The old ones…” the stranger raised his other hand and Thanatos began to glow a dull golden hue. He clenched up and writhed, trying to fight off whatever was happening to him. I stood in horror, not comprehending what was going on.copyright protection5PENANAhgLviFx5j2

            Hector drew out his war hammer and charged Thanatos’ assailant.copyright protection5PENANAqI1aH11zvo

The golden glow grew brighter until it filled the room and forced my eyes shut. When I was no longer blinded I saw that Thanatos was gone and Hector had been knocked back and the Smith was cracking his knuckles.copyright protection5PENANA9OVCFqXfQQ

I hurried to help Hector up. We retreated into the room towards the bed.      “Have no fear.” The Smith said. “I am not to harm you.”copyright protection5PENANAf770DpGav0

“What did you do to Thanatos?” I shouted.copyright protection5PENANAdVIe5pg7ZL

“He is in good hands.” Was the reply.copyright protection5PENANAv9ArLfSJuI

“Did you take Hestia and Albany too?”copyright protection5PENANAAKQHLt7sDC

The Smith smiled. “That would give away the game.” Hector charged, breaking free of my grip. The Smith backhanded him, knocking Hector to the ground. Grabbing Hector’s hammer the smith examined it. “Lord Hephaestus, you’re work as always in impeccable. But as I’ve learned, a pretty tool is of no use if it can’t be used.” Lightning quick, faster than I could see the hammer was brought down hard…right onto Hector.copyright protection5PENANAsRyb6DBmLA

He cried out in pain, as his own weapon rocketed into him. It caught him at the base of his leg, right where the femur joins the hip. I could hear his bone shatter.copyright protection5PENANA7gKHIwXAfs

“Gods!” I fell backwards onto the bed. I was surrounded by blood, praying my own wouldn’t join it.copyright protection5PENANAiQc8yXCFpg

The Smith looked down at Hector and spat on him. “Cheap knockoff.” I don’t know why he was insulting the hammer. It had down its job admirably. Hector had passed out from the pain, his leg was laying limp frozen in place, no longer a working appendage. The Smith walked towards me. he stood over me, glaring down at my eyes. He dropped the hammer at my feet. “The Theomachy has begun.” He turned to leave, and entered the elevator. He glared from me to Hector and back again while the doors slid shut. He grinned as he watched Hector’s lifeless body. Then the doors dinged shut, and I was alone with my lamed companion.copyright protection5PENANAiS7Q3duEzg

“Oh my gods!” I ran to Hector. “Oh my gods, Hector.” He was unresponsive, his brain was overwhelmed by pain. I forced myself to look down at his leg. There was no bleeding that I could tell. Carefully, trying not to move his leg I parted his clothes to look at the area. Already his hip was swollen immensely. I could see the blood pooling under his skin. The bone was clearly shattered, judging by the angle his leg was resting at. And from the rapidity and spread of the bruising, I would say his shattered femur had acted like shrapnel in his own body, rupturing blood vessels and tissues alike. “Oh my gods.” I muttered.copyright protection5PENANAfGwZoevlOK

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