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Gods In Training: Generations
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods In Training: Generations
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Chapter 24 Kara
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
11 Mins Read
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“I need a report. Somebody tell me what’s going on.” I ordered.copyright protection13PENANACtoYmrQ2dx

“They will not be able to climb the mountain my Queen.” I was reassured. “The defenses will hold.”copyright protection13PENANAmJKlv3lP9X

“Gods damn it.” I muttered. “I told them not to go after her. I told Paul not to go into that forest.”copyright protection13PENANAf7iBoQ8zvF

“Kara, I think this would have happened regardless.” Nyx tried to tell me. “This isn’t just an opportunistic pounce. That was a full frontal assault. It had to have been planned.”copyright protection13PENANA788v6vWXxa

I bit my tongue. “Where are Hector and Gaia?” I shouted. “Herman!”copyright protection13PENANAuTTefoiAes

“You ordered him to the Underworld. To summon the others.” It was chaos. Here from the throne room we could just make out the commands the twins were giving. People were unsettled, not quite at a full panic…but the room was very tense.copyright protection13PENANAxtAQ5YGexc

“Someone go and get Hector and Gaia.”copyright protection13PENANATFk2arx7o5

“You ordered them to go and help the Lord Apollo and Lady Artemis.”copyright protection13PENANAhTZb8eAqOO

“Yeah, but I need them here now.” I shouted. “The twins can hold them off for now. I need Olympians here.” I need them to tell me what to do I thought to myself. “Bring Albany to me, and Blade if he can be woken.”copyright protection13PENANATmitcnsTBZ

“Kara, are you ok?” Nyx whispered next to me.copyright protection13PENANA5vFqxPS5Xg

“Who would attack Olympus?” I asked her. “This all has to be connected. To Hestia, to Albany, all of this must be related. Something is coming Nyx. Someone’s out to get us.”copyright protection13PENANAaea9pioZJc

“Well it is a good thing you are in charge.” Nyx muttered. “There isn’t anyone else I trust more than you.”copyright protection13PENANAOCz65LtyF5

“No pressure right?” I laughed nervously.copyright protection13PENANAyLAdc724c0

“My Queen.” Thanatos appeared kneeling before me. He got to his feet and hugged Nyx. “I came as soon as I heard.”copyright protection13PENANAlnevwENVEx

“Herman?” I asked.copyright protection13PENANA7s9Hyft2O8

Thanatos nodded. “He appeared to me in the Underworld.”copyright protection13PENANA7mUHz6OCb1

“Let’s hope he can bring back Eric and Sid in time.”copyright protection13PENANACwoR1VvPQa

“I could bring them here.” Thanatos offered. “Nyx and I…”copyright protection13PENANAnYCxFbN9dB

“I think you should prioritize getting people off the mountain.” I interrupted him. “Not on.”copyright protection13PENANAhkXc2wjR8u

“My Queen?” he asked.copyright protection13PENANASL1gC3c8T3

“Can you and Nyx start ferrying people to Hades’ palace?”copyright protection13PENANAig1VNH6AQk

“Of course.” Nyx nodded.copyright protection13PENANAc8F9lHFEyO

“Very prudent.” Thanatos told me. “Everyone, over here.”copyright protection13PENANA9rzaIcdUk6

“Kara!” Hector was running towards me.copyright protection13PENANAXCnZxaGELx

“Hector, where’s Gaia?”copyright protection13PENANAYXFD61lMFT

“She’s fighting. Said to tell you it’s a pass from her.”copyright protection13PENANABOlbZ3ndXH

“Fine.” I waved away his words. “I’m ordering an evacuation.” Hector looked around. Nyx and Thanatos were appearing and disappearing as fast as the shadows could move. Slowly the city was draining. “Would it be possible for you to run through the city once more and bring anyone you can find here. Just in case.”copyright protection13PENANAjVkGURRAwD

“Of course.” Hector nodded.copyright protection13PENANA8uAO8HPtuv

“Lord Hades is unconscious, and the Lady Aphrodite is missing.”copyright protection13PENANAn6jIhjLEwJ

“What?” I turned to the nymph.copyright protection13PENANAmQEGxyyo94

“Missing?” Hector asked.copyright protection13PENANA2izD6IlVcP

“Her room is empty, there is no sign of her.”copyright protection13PENANAqAWKjd45SA

I turned to Hector. “How did she get out of the restraints? Wasn’t she supposed to be drugged?” I stepped closer. “You don’t think the voice took over?” I whispered.copyright protection13PENANAOfqtVX1umb

Hector looked down. “I undid her restraints.” He admitted.copyright protection13PENANAzot92ARnv3

“Why?”copyright protection13PENANAcWD9HWmM1f

“She was herself again. Listen Kara she back, I’m certain.”copyright protection13PENANAmQuNjqLlV8

“Then where did she go?”copyright protection13PENANAwuw0EzAvW6

“She has to be in the city somewhere. She might be delirious, or disoriented. I can find her.” He offered.copyright protection13PENANAz93diLaExc

Gods damn it, Albany I thought to myself. “Hurry.” I said. “Bring her back here, Hector.” Hector hurried back the way he had come. Briefly, concern for Albany filled my mind. She had gone missing at possible the worst time, and in the worst condition. I thought back to how she had attacked me. How she had acted. It did not bode well that she was missing.copyright protection13PENANAUU2oHmPsHK

BOOM! A shockwave rippled through the air.copyright protection13PENANAAee7eTGPoC

“Gods! What was that?” I asked.copyright protection13PENANAWYMZb4KmJi

“I think it came from the valley.” someone muttered.copyright protection13PENANAyDcB2TXRmF

“Did we hit them, or did they hit us?”copyright protection13PENANABWTQ48JLY8

“Shockwave and loud boom.” I muttered. “Had to be Gaia making an earthquake or avalanche. I think it was our team hammering them.” A cheer went up from among those still waiting to be evacuated. “Gods I hope so at least.”copyright protection13PENANAoU6aTieEEY

“Ok hold on.” Nyx appeared nearby, ushing godlings and heroes to her side. “Close your eyes and hold your breath. Ok…one…two…” She disappeared before reaching three. I surveyed the room it was about half empty. The evacuation was going smoothly so far.copyright protection13PENANAWcB9NE2Lvp

I spotted a guard and hurried over to her. “Have you just come from the landing? How are things over there?”copyright protection13PENANAr7mkYqtHcs

            “I’LL BURY HER UNDER SO MUCH ROCK AND RUBLE EVEN I WON’T BE ABLE TO FEEL HER PRESENCE. CURSE THAT ARROW LAUNCHING…” expletives began flowing quite liberally from Gaia’s mouth. I couldn’t help but notice that Mother Earth was being carried, and bleeding.copyright protection13PENANAQAmWLgf0UT

            “What happened?” I turned back to the guard.copyright protection13PENANAYR6A0Ue3FK

            She stammered an answer. “Arrows, that thing down there shoots rocket powered arrows.”copyright protection13PENANAs6ROrPfVxr

            “Where are the twins?” I asked. “Were they hit too?”copyright protection13PENANAnn2KkN0zNV

            “No.” she shook her head. “No I don’t think so.”copyright protection13PENANAtMMzmNtBR9

            “Where are they?” I asked, grabbing the woman by her elbows.copyright protection13PENANAlkgd9I2pDA

            “I don’t know.” She admitted. “They were falling back with us, but I lost track of them after that.”copyright protection13PENANAR1YTLjHMSv

            I released her and nodded. “Thank you.” I looked over at Gaia, she was clearly in a lot of pain, and worryingly she seemed less mad now. Rather she was very pale, and seemingly delirious. “Make sure she get out of here safety.” I told the solider. “Nyx or Thanatos will evacuate you.” I scanned the crowd. “I’ll send Hygeia your way as soon as I can.”copyright protection13PENANAHmhuVEipfa

            “Yes Queen Hera.”copyright protection13PENANAyBuPOExR3b

            “You’re gonna be ok Gaia.” I told the Titaness. “Did you see where the twins went?” Only groans and moans emitted from her. “I’m going to get Hygeia.”copyright protection13PENANArUdpNZIvLB

            “KARA!” Adele was running towards me.copyright protection13PENANA0sYiXTWfjc

            “Thank the gods.”copyright protection13PENANApSNUHByfsB

            “What’s going on?”copyright protection13PENANArUwEjkD2Pp

            “We’re under attack.” I told her. “I’ve ordered an evacuation. The Huntress has too many monsters. Gaia is hurt, Albany is missing now too, you’ve missed a lot. Where are Demeter and Deon…and Hestia?”copyright protection13PENANAEPSC8Pw45Q

            “The Huntress?”copyright protection13PENANAgvI3qqFYG7

            “Long story, we can talk and walk. I have to find Hygeia, we don’t have a lot of time.”copyright protection13PENANAA716Llqpof

            Adele was rooted to the spot, Iris the rainbow goddess walked up behind her. “Iris can you go find Hygeia. Kara, I need to tell you something.”copyright protection13PENANAP35HFdxciD

            I looked around. “What is it?” I didn’t really have time for this.copyright protection13PENANA2z8LCycixS

            “I met Apollo.”copyright protection13PENANAp8ZreLNFbb

            “Good.” I nodded. “Where is he? What about Artie, have you seen her?”copyright protection13PENANAV0f1IUff7x

            “No.” Adele shook her head.copyright protection13PENANATa61VJA718

            “Damn it.” I bit my lip. “That’s two goddess disappearing on me in five minutes.”copyright protection13PENANAZrgZTvKGaW

            “No.” Adele repeated. “No not Paul. I met Apollo in Greece. Apollo…Apollo.”copyright protection13PENANAS5W76E2lU9

            I looked at her confused. “What?”copyright protection13PENANATNjZPfJqmK

            “The original.”copyright protection13PENANAymcPl5k6Lu

            “Original?”copyright protection13PENANA2EAZLGEO2z

            “The Apollo that Paul replaced, the original Olympian god Apollo. He was pretending to be the Oracle.” Adele explained. “And I’ll bet my immortality that this Huntress is one of them too.”copyright protection13PENANAXVmhVcwECT

            “One of the Olympians?” I couldn’t comprehend what I was hearing. “They’re back?”copyright protection13PENANApbgB1CHlJt

            “Yes.” Adele said solemnly. “And they want their old jobs.”copyright protection13PENANAQL7qLT6pH9

            Stunned silence. Despite the noise around us, all if could hear were her words…over and over again. “What?”copyright protection13PENANAZF4mWZytDb

            “Apollo told me his father took away Hestia and the Oracle.” Adele was staring at me. “Apollo’s father in mythology is Zeus.”copyright protection13PENANAn3nEFogmJZ

            “Zeus?”copyright protection13PENANAPzLX0xQ7Xy

            “Apollo was sent with a message.” Adele pressed on. “The message was that the Theomachy has begun.”copyright protection13PENANAgWdliakREY

            “Theomachy?”copyright protection13PENANA221qGGOX3y

            “It’s Greek.” Adele explained. “I’ve never heard the word before…but…the prefix theo- means god or divine.”copyright protection13PENANAXT8JQ8gHfd

            “Skip the lesson.” I said. “What are you trying to say? God what?”copyright protection13PENANAfwatRsEcjj

            “-machy means, well the best word for it would be battle.”copyright protection13PENANAamlcM2TB0W

            “God battle?” I asked.copyright protection13PENANA9XPhGFqXnG

            “More like battle of the gods, or battle between the gods…but essentially yes.”copyright protection13PENANAbCcl64OKg8

            I looked around. “The Huntress.”copyright protection13PENANA4qvpDhswSs

            “She must be an old Olympian…probably Artemis if I had to guess.”copyright protection13PENANAs2qij7YK4l

            “This is the Theomachy.”copyright protection13PENANAqgYDC5HrPX

            “Kara.” Adele was looking at me. I didn’t like that look. “Apollo said all of them would be coming for us. All of them would be coming to kill us. They want it back.” She indicated each of the thrones that surrounded us. “They want their lives back. They want us dead.”copyright protection13PENANAzUo5k1mMyf

            “We have to get everyone off the mountain.” I finally managed to stammer.copyright protection13PENANAf1iFjCMhmQ

            Adele nodded. “I know, but we need a plan too. A strategy. Kara, we’re at war now…with ourselves.”copyright protection13PENANADM7BqJG7aw

            “Hector.” I said. “I have to find Hector.” I told Adele. “Hector is out there looking for Albany.”copyright protection13PENANA5KrtPLvcx3

            “We’ll send Iris when she returns.” Adele grabbed my shoulder. “We need to regroup. We have to tell the others, we need a council at least to be on the same page. But then…then I think the council will hurt us. You should be in command. You should take over and guide us. One voice can speak more clearly than thirteen shouting over one another.”copyright protection13PENANArM4JromeGI

            I forced myself to swallow, to remind myself I still could. Panic was ebbing into my body, and not at a trickle pace. “I have to find Hector.” I repeated myself before running from the throne room.copyright protection13PENANA4jvbVVVC25

            “KARA!” Adele called after me. “Kara wait!”copyright protection13PENANA98PACEl7QT

            The Olympians were coming back? But why…it didn’t make sense. Why after all this time? With horror I remember what Albany had gone through. She had been haunted by voices. Was this real? Surely this all had to be a bad dream. It didn’t make sense any other way. I pinched myself.copyright protection13PENANAbiFg27Eolk

            “Kara.” I turned and saw Adele running after me. “Kara, we should leave. Go to the Underworld with the rest. Hector will find his way back, and so will the twins. Once we are safe, we can send Nyx, Thanatos, or Iris out to collect  the rest of them. I know where Deon and Demi will be, and Hector can’t have gone far. But right now I suggest a tactical retreat.”copyright protection13PENANA6qDCCzxxbA

            “I can’t leave him.” I said. “I can’t leave Albany.”copyright protection13PENANADlIsVk7hsY

            “Kara…” I cut her off.copyright protection13PENANAaDgQTjXyHj

            “I’m the queen.” I reminded her. “Give me five minutes.” I took a deep breath. Calm was returning. Rationality was taking over once again. Adele was right. It was wasteful and risky for me to stay here any longer than I had to, for any of us really. “Go back to the throne room.” I ordered. “Oversee the evacuation. When that’s settle get out yourself, then send one of the shadowers back for Hector, Albany and me. Tell them to wait at Albany’s shrine. Give me five minute, I can bring both of them back.”copyright protection13PENANASOKwrn5YUh

            Adele nodded. “Hurry.”copyright protection13PENANAzyCi1yC8P5

            “Be safe.” I shouted before running the other way. I hoped Iris had gotten Hygeia, I hoped Gaia was doing ok. Blade! Blade was still unconscious. Calypso had been with him this whole time. Surely she would have gotten him out. Iris would have, or Hygeia would have. I could only focus on finding one god at a time. Right now that was Hector, who had with any luck found Albany himself. “HECTOR!” I ran into a plaza. “Hector!”copyright protection13PENANA6ZJnPDHNbp

            “Kara!” his voice was in the distance. I hurried after the sound. I found him nearby, standing on a roof. “Kara, look!” Hector was pointing to a dot in the distance.copyright protection13PENANA74dRAFfGDa

            “What is that?” I thought back to what Albany had said, was this the Theomachy? Who was that coming towards us?copyright protection13PENANAYdIBvJ98SZ

            “It has to be Albany.” Hector told me. “They’re flying away. She must have been frightened of the battle. It has to be her.”copyright protection13PENANAdYYXmOA3BM

            “Or maybe the voice is telling her to do this.”copyright protection13PENANAsJQGBrlQ8Z

            Hector’s face contorted. “No. No she was fine when I released her. She was normal.”copyright protection13PENANA07cIIIsSQk

            “Hector we have to go.” I told him. “Everyone is leaving the mountain. Our ride is waiting for us.”copyright protection13PENANAR4jQ1FECJg

            “No.” he shook his head. “I’m going after her. I’m going to get a Pegasus.” He squinted at the disappearing dot. “I can catch her.”copyright protection13PENANAobZfSAGeqP

            “Hector…come with me.”copyright protection13PENANAdrWq9F8BxZ

            “I can catch her.”copyright protection13PENANAWp3ff5VTHE

            “HECTOR! I AM QUEEN OF THE GODS!” I screamed. “YOU WILL DO AS I SAY! Now…follow me.”copyright protection13PENANA96Q9lIJ2Wa

            Hector kicked some shingles off the roof, but he came down without further words. He sidled up next to me. “Yes Zack.”copyright protection13PENANARaBNALsJn0

            I could have hit him. But there was no time, and this wasn’t the place. “Come on.” I was seething. Had he really compared me to Zack? Had he really sunk that low? Did he not know what was going on? Adele had said the original Olympians were bearing down on us. They were probably heading this way as we ran. I didn’t have time for his foolishness. I was in charge, and I needed to be obeyed at a time like this.copyright protection13PENANAJjpMzESuxA

            Wow…I was Zack. I glanced over at Hector. He actually didn’t know. He didn’t know what was coming for us. He hadn’t been there when Albany had told me. We arrived at Albany’s old shrine. “Hector...”copyright protection13PENANA8HGYQ2HA4E

            “She wouldn’t ever abandon us.” He interrupted. “Albany laid down everything for us when Kronos was rampaging. She’s given everything to us, and then some. We were supposed to be a family, we were supposed to be friends. Albany needs us Kara, she needs us right now.”copyright protection13PENANAKVOmIp8b8v

            “Hector the gods are back.”copyright protection13PENANAbRPAEofxTM

            “Albany needs us.” He seemingly hadn’t heard me.copyright protection13PENANA71uO0kQIVU

            “The Olympians are returning. The old ones, the ones that came before us.”copyright protection13PENANAmFQa2yAaKJ

            “What?”copyright protection13PENANAGWBvwgULNN

            “Adele told me. They want what they gave us. They want it back, and they’re going to kill us to get it.” Stunned silence from Hector, mirroring my reaction. I pressed on. “The others are retreating and regrouping in the Underworld. We need to consolidate and strategize. We need to figure out for sure what the hell is going on.” Still silence. Hector was processing everything, I could tell from his face. “That is why, we’re going after Albany.” I told him, his face changed and he looked at me. “We need to at least warn her. But we really need to bring her back too. We’re going to need everyone for this.”copyright protection13PENANAyUP2JQnzyi

            Thanatos materialized out of the shadows. “My Queen.” He bowed. “Are you ready?”copyright protection13PENANAuVYk50TGbD

            “Don’t take us to the Underworld.” I said quickly. “Can you follow a Pegasus using your shadows?”copyright protection13PENANApRz0n6giS3

            “Kara are you sure?” Hector finally spoke.copyright protection13PENANA6qYVtHMRhk

            “Never question the queen.”copyright protection13PENANAaLf85l9Y1l

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