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Gods In Training: Generations
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods In Training: Generations
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Chapter 28 Zack
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!MgUouWzk7VFphPB9zVFwposted on PENANA

            I was innocent, Aletheia take me.copyright protection5PENANAeKHc1HW4Av

            I strained against the shackles and chains that bond me standing upright against the rough stone wall. I was imprisoned below hell, in the depths of Tartarus, home of the damned and land of the cursed. My…friends…sent me here, even though I was innocent. They betrayed me. They renounced me. They took his side.copyright protection5PENANAvnLpLgllAt

            “AHHHHHHH!!” I roared pulling at the chains, shaking and writhing until it reopened the wounds on my wrists. They were rubbed raw, the shackles had grated away my skin over time. “Hear me!” I demanded. “I’m innocent.”copyright protection5PENANAgfSy4uIDpo

            “Shut up.” Eric kicked the bars of my cell. “Quiet your traitorous tongue.”copyright protection5PENANAaE9SRazNfa

            “I had thought you were my friend? I had thought you were loyal…TO ME!” My shoulders burned as I tried to rip away.copyright protection5PENANAiKx39jjvET

            He shook his head. “I was, then I got to know you.”copyright protection5PENANAZV9RudmdRL

            “You’re pathological Sky Guy.” Sid appeared, both of them were guarding me down here in Hell’s basement. They were my only company, oh and the voices of the other tortured souls screaming out for it all to end.copyright protection5PENANAB2qLUhVu4b

            “I will unleash all pathogens upon your graves after I lightning bolt you!”copyright protection5PENANAEnVcq5vKB9

            “You’re insane.” Eric shook his head. “I can understand the bloodthirsty parts, trust me, I can. But you…you just don’t get it. The power went to your head, man. The sparks fried your skull. We’re supposed to be a family. After everything we’ve been through, after everything that has happened. How? How do you still manage to disappoint us?”copyright protection5PENANAEA5Nsz1OMT

            “I wasn’t invited the last time around remember?” I spat sourly. “Queenie Kara thought it would be best to leave me in high school as a human while you all went fighting Kronos.”copyright protection5PENANAAoW09Qi5ln

            “I don’t think we actually fought Kronos.” Sid muttered. “We escaped him just long enough to survive.”copyright protection5PENANAhZKdcbiHVT

            “The reason we beat him. The reason any of us are alive and gods is precisely because of what Kara did. What Albany did. What we all did, all of us except you.” Eric leaned against the bars, glaring at me. “We didn’t need you then…and oh look, we don’t need you now. That’s why we locked you up. We’re better without you. Kara is the true ruler on Olympus, you are nothing…just a waste of potential.”copyright protection5PENANARAuWoWwqLj

            “Take these chains off and say that to me!” I screamed. “I’ll shock you so hard your spine will melt.”copyright protection5PENANAjlHfmR6EXr

            “All of us were mortal once, only you were better then.” Sid countered. “Divinity wasn’t a gift for you, it was a curse. It showed who you really are. You are pathetic, petty, and better off left out.”copyright protection5PENANA2erMrDXKlT

            “Blade may have been the only one to ever actually spit on you.” Eric leered. “But all of us dream about doing it.” He laughed before dragging Sid away with him. Leaving me to digest their words. I screamed and writhed. Calling out insults and threats. Sparks rained out of my body.copyright protection5PENANAEct89S5GiQ

            I was furious. I had done nothing wrong. Blade had provoked me. He had spit on me. Yet this was my fault. This was my punishment. I was protecting myself. I was the king! Lord of the sky and god of the gods! They couldn’t do this to me!copyright protection5PENANAZCcHRzyYew

            “TRAITORS!” I roared. They didn’t respond nor die they return. I was once again alone with just the tortured screams to fill my ears.copyright protection5PENANAqgKR2bv0WQ

            How long were they planning on keeping me here? This was inhumane. This was wrong. I was innocent! Eventually Kara had to recall me. She would want to hear my side, surely she must. Surely they wouldn’t leave me down here. Surely they wouldn’t just keep me locked up for millennia.copyright protection5PENANATA3nIdgOTy

            I thought of Kronos, he had been locked up for eons before Blade set him free. I thought of Calypso, banished to her island for ages. There was definitely precedent for the gods putting their enemies into deep dark holes and leaving them there to rot. But all those were things the Old Olympians had done. My Olympians were better than that. They had proven that. They had earned the right to sit atop the mountain. They wouldn’t be like the old gods. They would give me a fair trial.copyright protection5PENANAESaRz2q80E

            “They…not we?copyright protection5PENANAEqUpiXBNXx

            “Who’s there?” I looked around, but I couldn’t see anyone.copyright protection5PENANAER7IfQVvEP

            “You said they, not we. Tell me, do you no longer think of yourself as one of them?copyright protection5PENANA3iHe9hgzqh

            “I didn’t say anything.” Still my eyes darted for the speaker.copyright protection5PENANAe5H8u055O3

            “Your thoughts betray you boy.copyright protection5PENANADsUKb9A6Fe

            “BOY?” I shouted. “Boy? I am ZEUS! Gods of gods, Lord of Lightning, Ruler of the skies!” I once more pulled at my chains. “I am no BOY!”copyright protection5PENANAWJxDXHVdhl

            “A king does not wear shackles. A god would never be restrained.copyright protection5PENANAvvrdDVdJ11

            The chains clinked, as if to help the point sink in. While I was imprisoned here, it didn’t matter what I used to be. The reality now was that I was in a cell below Hell. “Well them maybe you can cut my bonds, and help me restore my place as Zeus.” I looked around. “Whoever you are, surely you could use a friend like me if you are in this place.”copyright protection5PENANAMEuHoFRZMw

            “I don’t have friends, I have subordinates.copyright protection5PENANAeIfLmcsiqJ

            “Big boss man huh?” I asked. “Where are you subordinates now then? Why are you locked up here with me?”copyright protection5PENANADVf58S0mC1

            “You are mistaken boy. I am not a prisoner in Tartarus. As for my subordinates, they are quite busy these days. The Theomachy has begun after all.copyright protection5PENANAooGS54yW4l

            “Theomachy?” I asked.copyright protection5PENANAti3I3qVwIl

            “Yes, your former friends are in peril. But I suspect you will not weep for them. Them, not we as I recall you said. Why would you mourn for the loss of those who put you here?copyright protection5PENANAgmhvrqorM0

            “If you touch them!” I shouted.copyright protection5PENANAtbp93veCsj

            “You’ll thank me?” the voice asked. “Tell me boy, finish that threat? What will you do, these new gods are not your friends, not you’re family. They don’t care for you, that is why you are here…all alone. And without a fair trial.” The voice scoffed at me. “Last time they made sure to keep you out of the way, it seems this has happened once more. They do not want you, they work better without you, they are your enemies as much as they are mine.copyright protection5PENANAXVB0DFryb9

            “No, you’re wrong.” I said, even as my mind was seeing the sense in his words. This voice was right. The others didn’t see me as an ally, they didn’t see me as a friend. I was an inconvenience, a nuisance, a liability. Kara hadn’t hesitated sending me here to rot. Kara had said this wasn’t a permanent punishment. I was only to be locked down here until she had time to deal with me. When this disappearances were solved.copyright protection5PENANAUsvbXXCmpp

            “You know it is true boy. They sent you away, so that they could rule, so that they could be gods. You are to be locked up until they decided it is time to let you out. They will take all the glory, make all the decisions, and reap all the benefits of their status and power. You were the king, but they are living like kings without you. But fear not, they will not be living for long. I will see to that boy. You could help. You could fight them for me. You could destroy them, kill them, make them see you as the powerful deity you are. You are a force of nature, lightning and the sky. These are powerful aspects. They are to be revered, respected…feared. You could teach them that. You could teach them to fear us. You could crush them under your heel. You could lock them in this place. You can make sure they never rise up again. All this you could do, if only you swear to do it for me. Swear yourself to me boy. And I will free you, and then unleash you upon the world.copyright protection5PENANAmSAM2DhhfJ

            My wrists were bleeding, my arms were sore. My leg were tired. I yearned to be freed. His offer enticed me, I was eager to take it. His promises…while he was talking I saw what he spoke off in my head. I was powerful, I was Zeus as he should be, mighty and strong. I was on top the world…with the others underneath me. I wanted that. I wanted what he offered. “Who are you?” I asked to give more time to think. I still didn’t know this voice or who it was. Tartarus was a dangerous place to make friends. I didn’t know what I was getting into.copyright protection5PENANAAcEcdiRFR3

            “I was, am, and shall be king on Olympus. All I need is you as my weapon boy. Together, we could rewrite what it means to be a god.copyright protection5PENANAOLvkXthzQG

            He didn’t answer my question, but that fact was drowned out more even more images in my mind of our victory. I saw myself seated at the throne, victorious and powerful. Set to rule the world for all the years to come. All I had to do was sign on the dotted line. “Ok.” I agreed.copyright protection5PENANAYdzyZCcgUs

            “Swear it.copyright protection5PENANA0vFFHSYzyP

            “I will be your weapon. I will fight for you. I will kill them for you. I will do all this if you free me. Aletheia take me.”copyright protection5PENANACmB8HyCZ8s

            “Good.” The voice purred. The rock above me exploded and out from it sprang a bolt of lightning. The electricity hit me square in the chest, absorbing into my body. I screamed, but not in pain. It was a scream of glee. The power flowed into my body, and I knew it would be enough to burn the whole world over one hundred fold. I felt better than I had ever felt in my life. I was surging with strength. Sparks were flying out of me. The shackles around my wrists and legs were glowing orange. The lightning had supercharged them. I ripped through the malleable metal without even feeling its heat. I was free.copyright protection5PENANAG7FgGESSVN

            “Shit!” Eric and Sid rounded the corner. They must have heard the explosion and my scream. I raised my hands and pointed at them.copyright protection5PENANAlWi0B0Tzzr

            “Bye.” Lightning burst forth from my fingertips. It jumped between the two, shocking each of them and singeing their clothes. They fell to the floor writhing in pain. I stepped over their bodies, sending one last jolt into Eric for good measure.copyright protection5PENANApcN1lvAXuI

            I could have killed them. I could have shredded their molecules with lightning. I could have burned their bodies with electricity. But I wanted the others to see what was coming. I wanted Kara to know who she had made as her enemy. I wanted her to regret ever sentencing me here. And Blade…when I found Blade…the world would shuttered at my power as I kill him.copyright protection5PENANApaQ5qwKjpF

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