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Gods In Training: Generations
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods In Training: Generations
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Chapter 29 Deon
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
12 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!rCliVUwZFAjcVNNRfun9posted on PENANA

            “Damn it!” I shouted as the semi passed us. “We’re two gods! We shouldn’t need to hitchhike to get where we need to go. Why don’t we have like a godly bus system or something?” Themis and I were on the edge of the highway. She was still holding up her thumb. Being blind she had no idea when a car was coming.copyright protection4PENANAvl6c3iMLFm

            “Please Lord Dionysus. Do not lose hope.” She told me. “The report said she was in stable condition.”copyright protection4PENANAP7ZbqU5WUL

            She meant the news report we had seen. Shortly after setting after Demi, we had passed a store selling big screen TV’s. Those TV’s all had Albany’s picture on them. Apparently Albany had broken into a house and assaulted the family living there. Obviously that was what the humans thought. I suspected certain mythological aspects were at play as well. Anyways, that is what set the two of us on the trail. The news had said Albany was being taken to the hospital about two hours away from us. The problem was getting there.copyright protection4PENANAxdXs0LjggG

            “I know she’s in stable condition. But Herman said she went missing. Now she shows up in a hospital after attacking people. I think whoever took her, put her in the hospital. And I’m worried that maybe they’ll come back to finish her off. Remember Olympus is under attack right now. Something seriously bad in going on, like…Kronos levels of bad stuff. We can’t risk leaving anyone in danger.” Even as I said it, I thought of Demi and Adele. Demi was off on her own, still desperately looking for Hestia. And Adele…well she was lingering in the place where we had met the Scholar. Now I didn’t know who she was just yet. But Herman said some mysterious figure named the Huntress was behind the attacks on Olympus, I figure two shadowy people who show up when stuff gets real have to be working together. Unless Olympus just has the worst luck ever, honestly…I could see it going either way.copyright protection4PENANAqL2wY6PLRu

            “Well there is nothing we can do.” Themis said. “We can’t fly or use the shadows. With Olympus under attack, there is no one we could call to help us. We have to do this ourselves. And yes, speed is important, but getting frustrated will not fix our predicament. Good things happen to those who wait.”copyright protection4PENANA7HC7S22YZW

            “Albany could disappear again if we wait too long. Or someone else could. We don’t have time to wait for some good Samaritan. I could just make grape vines entangle the next car that passes. We can take the car and go save Albany.”copyright protection4PENANAKwaHYbsirI

            “I’m the goddess of justice.” Themis reminded me. “Perhaps you don’t want to commit crimes in front of me.”copyright protection4PENANAZRu1ot7deZ

            “We’d bring the car back later.” I said. “We have to come back this way for Adele anyways.”copyright protection4PENANAImHktAnwym

            “The end never justifies the means.” Themis dropped her thumb and glared at where she thought I was. Her other hand was resting on her sword hilt.copyright protection4PENANAtiSD0QPs9g

            “Ha, justify…you’re the goddess of justice.” I was backpedaling. I hadn’t seriously thought we could steal a car…well not completely serious, not enough to risk Themis’ sword in my stomach.copyright protection4PENANAb88G9x9hLo

            “Justice, law, and truth.” She added. “Do you know how many statues of me are outside courthouses and law schools? “copyright protection4PENANAhtLYOfybL7

            “Seven?”copyright protection4PENANAxeqpSqgHTp

            “Enough.” She told me. “I quite like those statues. Do you think it would be quite hypocritical of me to be breaking laws, when I myself represent those laws?copyright protection4PENANAY4x6LHEVZp

            “I do now.”copyright protection4PENANAjgT5fHkOT5

            “I do not wish to justify any reason for someone to question my integrity or morals. I am the law. I am the truth. Now I will not stand for you to casually suggest grand theft auto to me. I will not stand for it. Me breaking the law? Well that…that would be like Poseidon being afraid of the water, Ares getting squeamish around blood, Hephaestus confusing a Phillips screwdriver for that other different type of screwdriver that I don’t know the name of. It is preposterous.”copyright protection4PENANAWqkmQcM6TF

            “Alright fine, calm down.” I said. “We won’t steal a car.” I went back to sticking my thumb out as a several more vehicles approached us. “Isn’t hitchhiking illegal?”copyright protection4PENANAwRK4YwLCrL

            “It’s kind of a gray area.” Themis muttered.copyright protection4PENANA2L2WQhDa6w

            “I thought the law was set in stone?” I asked.copyright protection4PENANAg2XApNMbUF

            “You’re thinking of the code of Hammurabi, it is those laws that are literally written in stone.” Themis said. “However, regulations on the contracting and payment of oxen drivers do not apply to modern highways. Unless of course you were using the common idiom phrase ‘set in stone’ to poke fun at me, in which case I should remind you…you are only giving me more justification to stab you.”copyright protection4PENANARqxCuv9g8A

            “I…” thankfully I didn’t have to answer as a van pulled over for us.copyright protection4PENANA1bm47dmLns

            “Hey friends.” The driver rolled down the passenger side window. “Where to?”copyright protection4PENANAhEvfeU316X

            “Two hours that way.” I said. “We’re going to see our friend in the hospital.”copyright protection4PENANAHYneASKK9S

            “Well get in.” the doors unlocked. “I bet I can get you there in half the time.”copyright protection4PENANAkb4HfbUBWi

            “Going the speed limit is advisable.” Themis muttered. “We will get there when we get there.”copyright protection4PENANA4eWztauwcB

            “Nonsense! A friend of yours is in pain, you should be there for them.” With that the driver speed off, surprisingly getting the van up to speed before Themis had managed to close the door.copyright protection4PENANAuTzR7aKRUT

            “Jeez!” I exclaimed as G forces began acting on me, in a minivan of all places.copyright protection4PENANAKf5OWk0QWW

            “Don’t worry.” The driver called back to us. “I’ll get you there quick as a flash.”copyright protection4PENANA80b5AFf5cr

            Out of the corner of my eye I saw Themis gripping her sword so tight, her knuckles seemed about to pop off of her body like buttons on a too-tight shirt. Speeding, reckless drive, passing on the right, and worst of all switching lanes without a turn signal, the way this guy was driving was liable to kill Themis. Too many broken laws at once were overloading her system. I put my hand on her elbow.copyright protection4PENANAGGlfyspikk

            “It’s ok, no one is going to know.” I said. “The law gives you a little leeway when it’s an emergency.”copyright protection4PENANAc5zhUvCUmy

            “The law should never be bent for anyone. I must set a good example. I must…stop…this…lawbreaker.” Themis drew her sword in the van. I lunged out of my seat and on top of her.copyright protection4PENANARuz2z9HPeT

            “THEMIS NO!” I was desperately trying to make sure she didn’t kill our driver…at least not while we were going seventy miles an hour. I wasn’t sure even a god could survive a crash at those speeds. I realized the crash might be inevitable, even if Themis never gets to the driver. Having someone pull a sword on you in the backseat has got to be slightly distracting. I chanced a glance over my shoulder and towards the driver. He was watching us in the rear view mirror, with a grin on his face.copyright protection4PENANAhVACa85Arp

            That caught me off guard. Why would he be smiling? From his point of view two hitchhikers just got in his car and then immediately started trying to kill each other. If that made him smile, what surprised this guy? I was caught off guard again for the second time in as many seconds, this time by a fist to the jaw. Themis knocked me off from on top of her, freeing herself for an attack.copyright protection4PENANAUDvuVpZxkl

            The driver bared his teeth. He was still smiling, but now it was a wicked grin. He slammed his foot onto the gas pedal, what sounded like a nuclear bomb erupted under the hood, propelling the minivan…and all of us…to what felt like light speed. Had I not been lying down, safely nudged between the floor and seats, I would have had the same fate as Themis. She was thrust backwards into the rear of the van faster than a speeding bullet. The rear window shattered and her limp body was spread out across the trunk and back seat.copyright protection4PENANA6bQFeqOWg3

            “WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!” the driver screamed shaking his head and slapping his hands down on the steering wheel with excitement and gusto not expected from a man who just severely injured a goddess by activating his warp drive minivan engine. Although that sentence itself leaves a very small amount of things that could actually be correctly expected about this driver. Namely that he was not a normal person.copyright protection4PENANAQyZqaaygKZ

            Our driver let up on the gas and the van eased down to a measly eighty-five. I got onto my hands and knees. “Jesus dude.” I muttered. I crawled back towards Themis. “How much horsepower does this thing have?” Themis was very clearly dazed and probably was rocking a serious concussion. I saw that her back was already bruising quite badly, that had probably been where she hit the window.copyright protection4PENANAFFDb9yA96U

She was mumbling to herself. Something about “I am the law.”copyright protection4PENANAvc6lRkMGh2

“Hey, easy there Judge Dredd.” I said gingerly helping her out of the trunk and into the back seat. The van was now slowing to a stop. I looked out the window and saw we were pulling into a hospital. I realized it was the hospital from the news, the hospital Albany was staying at. “Wait, how are we here already?” I asked. “That wasn’t two hours.”copyright protection4PENANAK7AJyLT61E

The driver grinned at me once more in the rear view mirror. “Why do you think they call me the Speedster?”copyright protection4PENANA6HkKSujtDp

“The Speedster…” Realization began to set in.copyright protection4PENANAn9CuuuPhb6

“The Theomachy has begun Lord Dionysus.” He grinned at me. He exited the vehicle. “Do feel free to wait in the car. Once Lady Aphrodite has been sorted out, I’d be more than happy to send you to the Underworld to see her.” He grinned and turned to enter the hospital. The doors all clicked behind him as they lockedcopyright protection4PENANAjVeUFMFyTH

“What the…”copyright protection4PENANAdZoyKh23KG

“LAW!” Themis screamed stabbing the roof of the van. “Justice.”copyright protection4PENANAt8P5CkArBL

“Hey, hey you’re ok.” I muttered making sure Justice’s sword didn’t kill me. “Just calm down.”copyright protection4PENANAyVHMQmzvVs

“Objection your honor.”copyright protection4PENANAd8sCHcTJgE

“You took a pretty hard hit.” I told her. “You’re dazed and confused. But we can’t stay here. We have to leave. The Speedster is going to kill Albany. Then he’ll come for us.copyright protection4PENANApJMfPpzqRb

“Innocent until proven guilty.” I kicked at the shards of glass that still ringed the back window of the van, trying to get rid of some of the more jagged pieces. When it stopped resembling an alligator’s mouth I braved the passage and fitted my body through.copyright protection4PENANAbp7ScXeLta

“Themis come on!” I grabbed her arms and tried to pull her through the window. Suddenly screaming nurses, doctors, and patients came running out of the hospital. “We have to hurry.” I yanked Themis the rest of the way out. She got some new scratches to go with her concussion, but otherwise she came out pretty well all things considered. “COME ON!” I dragged her with me towards the hospital. Albany was somewhere inside, and she didn’t have long. “We’re going to need your sword.”copyright protection4PENANAdGjGi0ScJ9

“Leading the witness…contempt of court.” Themis had no idea where she was. She was limply flailing her sword behind her as we entered the building. No one even gave us a second glance. The Speedster must have already started his attack.copyright protection4PENANAQ9SCoI1Y8S

That became even more obvious once we saw the lobby. It had been destroyed. A large hole had been blasted in the ceiling just above the front desk. Had the Speedster gone supersonic again? He could have at least used the elevator.copyright protection4PENANAakihcvfrgI

“Come on!” I shouted. I hurried behind the desk. I looked up the hole. I counted three floors until the ceiling was intact. I wasn’t sure if that was where Albany was, but if the Speedster was starting his search there, it was good enough for me. Besides, I could hear shouting and screaming coming down the hole. He wasn’t alone up there. I had to help. “Themis, three floors up!” I told her, holding up my fingers in case her ears were still ringing from her collision with the glass. She nodded at me, or maybe she was just about to puke. Either way I hurried for the stairs. She could catch up, and if she couldn’t catch up…then she wouldn’t have been much help in a fight anyway.copyright protection4PENANABuoUaHU3TE

I was taking the stairs three at a time. I had to get to Albany. I had to save her. I had to…I slipped and fell.copyright protection4PENANAdJN5mcOobW

“Crap.” Groaning I looked up and saw a young girl with long white hair huddled up in a thick white coat. “I should of got a pic of that for Demi.”copyright protection4PENANAhlgzDt4SUl

“Khione?” I asked standing up.copyright protection4PENANABwQZr1Hm4A

“I thought you were the bad guy.” She explained.copyright protection4PENANA0ikOnG1c4c

I instantly remembered the Speedster. “Where is he?”copyright protection4PENANA9mypVcT05O

She shrugged. “I thought you were him.”copyright protection4PENANAmGkcGMdn8i

“Why are you here?”copyright protection4PENANAX8AiXYYYb3

“Demi told me to.”copyright protection4PENANAakpJKlVDm1

I frowned. Well at least I found Demeter. I didn’t know if it was a good or bad thing she was here yet. “Where is she?”copyright protection4PENANArJHMWnyaKG

“Looking for Albany.” Khione stepped aside and allowed me into the hallway.copyright protection4PENANAsIP30M2ZKd

“Demi!” I shouted looking around. I saw her halfway down the hallway. “Where’s Albany?”copyright protection4PENANA3VxtEhPAVc

“Chill Wine Guy.” She muttered blowing a bubble at me. “I’m working on it.”copyright protection4PENANABmVj9RGH1r

“We have to hurry.” I muttered. “The Speedster, he’s here. He’s looking for her too.”copyright protection4PENANAou9dyaZBaK

“I know.” She rolled her eyes. “Iris is dealing with him. “With her rainbow travel stuff she’s just as fast as him. She’s keeping him distracted while Khione watches my back so I can look for Albany. Nice of you to help out.”copyright protection4PENANAPdFmHkEwUz

“Themis is downstairs.” I said. “Tell Khione not to ice her too. Another hit to the head and I think Themis might be justified in moving on to the next life.”copyright protection4PENANAJwWEP5wwNy

“You tell her.” Demeter glared at me. “I’m looking for Albany.” A wall behind us exploded as the Speedster blasted through it.copyright protection4PENANAXb37pBhods

“So nice of all of you to come to me.” he muttered. “I can save a lot a time delivering all of your eulogies at once.”copyright protection4PENANA82GOpn83U3

“Rainbows BITCH!” Iris jumped off of a rainbow that suddenly appeared. She elbowed the Speedster in the side of the head, buckling his knees. “Taste the rainbow.” She screamed as she kneed him in the face. Khione hurried over and coated him in a layer of ice.copyright protection4PENANADDAzipFOWs

“Ok fine.” Demi muttered. “Go get Albany. But I want you to know I could totally find her first. I just want to fight with my friends instead.”copyright protection4PENANAnTEq032isf

“Cool.” I muttered. “Where have you already checked?”copyright protection4PENANALBirpHPyKK

“Left side of the hallway.” I darted to the opposite end and barged into the first door I saw as Iris was adding more words that were just as colorful as her rainbows.copyright protection4PENANABonbYGBDvy

This room was empty. Back in the hallway the girls were still insulting and freezing the Speedster. I tried the next room. Nothing. The next room. Still nothing.copyright protection4PENANA6SrKjsNlLg

“Worthy.” Themis had made her way upstairs. Her sword was raised, pointing out in front of her like it was guiding her way. I stopped and watched as she passed several doors, making a beeline for the second to last door in the hallway. Could she be onto something? Or was she so concussed she didn’t even know where she was? “Worthy to rule the gods!” she screamed, jabbing her sword forward running it clean through the door.copyright protection4PENANABwRTYgANOl

I hurried over and turned the handle, opening the door with Themis’ sword still in it.copyright protection4PENANAxqJVCHBel6

“OINK!”copyright protection4PENANAMrZeciGZDr

“Vestido no! Don’t kill my pig!”copyright protection4PENANAgeY78WnIKc

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