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Gods In Training: Generations
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods In Training: Generations
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Chapter 3 Albany
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!bJQzoh88F7GqM76RUMBEposted on PENANA

            She was sitting on the edge of her seat. Smiling but still trying to hide it. She didn’t want him to know how long she had waited for this day. He muttered something and she blushed. Probably a well-deserved compliment, she had woken up before the sun to make sure she would be perfect for this date.copyright protection13PENANA4oCFQOKrd4

            She was a cute girl. And she was head over heels for him. He was handsome, objectively speaking. But that wasn’t why I was sitting two tables away watching them. His attraction had started after being lab partners for two months. In that time he had noticed her thousands of times. Checked her out a few and been lost in her eyes once. Speaking as the love goddess, that one second, one snapshot of time in which he saw only her. They looked at each other and he forgot there was a world. That is when I noticed these two. That is when my seeds sprouted in two more hearts.copyright protection13PENANAUpNKYc27kH

            Young love is my favorite. It is so passionate, so strong, and so innocent. The world hasn’t yet taught them to protect themselves from love. The people in this earth haven’t yet corrupted them. They are stupid. They know nothing. Except that it’s easier to smile when you’re with her. Except that he is the only one you feel that way about. Except that she is the first thing you wake up thinking about, and the thing that keeps you awake at night. Except that he is what comes to mind when you think of tomorrow, and the days that will follow.copyright protection13PENANAf1818eT30u

            I see all kinds of love. Affection, lust, jealousy, and compassion. I feel it, all of it. From each heart that can still beat. I have sifted through my collection. Studied and compared. I can’t find true love. Inside myself I knew it was never there. But I fool myself. That’s the only way I can still feel good about whom I have become, and who I was. Young love is the trick question I intentionally fall for.copyright protection13PENANAH5TjLK8vbm

            “And what is this?” I looked up and saw there was another sitting at my table. The woman was blonde, with three green streaks separating the long flowing locks into segments. She looked the same as she had the first day I had met her.copyright protection13PENANAz5LnPJzSRU

            “I look older than you now.” I noticed.copyright protection13PENANAz6WH85V18W

            “Curse of an immortal.” She explained. “Don’t worry your growing days are done now, once you mature it’s over. Nada, no more change. We are damned to young and beautiful forever…oh woe to us.”copyright protection13PENANAwQ2q9Naiim

            “Gaia it’s good to see you.” I embraced her. “It’s been too long.” I sat back and examined the earth goddess, or rather Titaness. I truly was glad to see her.copyright protection13PENANAESrpgh9Q90

            “What are we watching?” Gaia indicated the young couple.copyright protection13PENANAKJ7HqfMmhU

            “It’s nothing.” I said. “Sometimes I just like to watch my work.”copyright protection13PENANAjOLlfV9pds

            “You’re not the kind of love goddess to interfere.” Gaia looked surprised. “There must be another reason.”copyright protection13PENANAMRldhBvqrF

            I smiled. “I like to watch people fall in love.” I looked over at them again. “It’s so simple. So easy. So fast. Especially when you compare it to the other end.”copyright protection13PENANArcoyTOOGb5

            “You call this fast?” Gaia pointed at them. “He’s awkwardly trying to keep the conversation alive, and she is practically frozen by Kronos.” I winced at that name. It was subtle, but noticeable. “…I didn’t mean…let’s speed things up a little shall we?” Gaia was watching me carefully. “HEY YOU! JUST KISS HER ALREADY!” Gaia stood up and screamed at the kids. The boy looked scared out of his mind. The girl was changing to a deep maroon color. Neither could look at each other, but then it happened. I could see his mind realize, the only way to end the awkward was to lean it. He darted over and kissed her. She froze, only to rally forth and meet his retreating mouth above the small candle in the middle of their table. The flickering light seemed to grow stronger as the seeds bloomed in both hearts.copyright protection13PENANABuUmQ9hZzu

            “You shouldn’t have done that.” I muttered. “They were going to have two more dates before the first kiss.”copyright protection13PENANArllMzCo43P

            “Well now they can get to the fun stuff faster.” Gaia said brusquely. I frowned at her. “Just saying love shines bright and burns out fast. You know that, I’m trying to save them time.”copyright protection13PENANAKu283VXRB8

            “No, you tried to change the subject. And you messed with their lives to do it.” I said standing up.copyright protection13PENANAXcDRzt1QtA

            “Are you mad? I didn’t mean to mention it.” Gaia stood up and blocked me from moving. “Albany I’m sorry.”copyright protection13PENANAkVVGIuj6zm

            “I’m not mad at what you said.” I told her. “I do not need help remembering. My brain does more than a good enough job. I’m mad at what you did. I do not interfere in love because I believe it should be uncontrolled, random. Like the weather, you should not try to shape it.”copyright protection13PENANAWjRYsVUqNw

            “Why are we talking about the weather?” Gaia said loudly.copyright protection13PENANAzKJcCiGD89

            “It was nice to see you Gaia.” I said walking past her. “I do wish to catch up sometime, but right now there’s a wedding that I want to see.”copyright protection13PENANAdt499MEsSd

            “Zeus screw it!” Gaia exclaimed. “I never was good at this recruiting thing.”copyright protection13PENANAPOxHN0CHqp

            I froze. “Recruiting?”copyright protection13PENANAeZ9XbMfRpo

            “Do you want a job?” Gaia asked half smiling.copyright protection13PENANA1DR5N1RruK

            “Gaia?” I turned around and walked towards her. “You didn’t come to talk did you?”copyright protection13PENANAFjzc0mdD4D

            “You didn’t answer my question.” Gaia said.copyright protection13PENANA2iCcfOYvGo

            “You remember last time, we both know how this works.” I reminded her.copyright protection13PENANATH2LMPNEhh

            “I’m much better now, I’ve done it a few times.” Gaia explained.copyright protection13PENANApXBYaClnfp

            “You are going to tell me what is going on. And then I’ll ‘commit’ or whichever verb Hestia is making you use this time.” I said calmly.copyright protection13PENANA0hHCtXqst7

            “Hestia is not calling the shots this time around. And you don’t have a choice. This is an order from the Queen. You’re being summoned missy.” Gaia explained.copyright protection13PENANAQnOT8AJWf0

            “Kara?” I asked. “Gaia what happened?”copyright protection13PENANAdEXPC7rYvG

            “Let’s just say, all the rest of your little buddies have been suddenly recalled by the Queen for an emergency council. What does that remind you of?”copyright protection13PENANAnvY58s3zUw

            My mind was racing. Greek mythology, my reality, filled my thoughts. I ran through all the names and stories I knew. Which villains or monster could be causing this emergency? What could have happened that would make Kara act this way? Kronos, Kronos was bad enough, evil enough, dangerous enough. But no…he was dead…he had to be dead. My heart started racing, and it wasn’t from the anticipation of watching two people fall in love. It had to be someone else, anything else. It couldn’t be Kronos…please. But who was worse than Kronos? He was about as bad as they came. Evil king of the Titans who ruled the earth before the gods. Not a fun guy, but we had defeated him a couple of years ago. Saved the world, kissed the girl, and let that large lady bellow. At least I thought we had.copyright protection13PENANAGLTuE25nYk

            “We should probably get going then.” I didn’t want to waste any time.copyright protection13PENANAocZm1BusAZ

            “Can I get a ride?” Gaia asked. “For old times sake?” I couldn’t help but smile.copyright protection13PENANA9Xv83DA6cv

            I pulled out my phone “Baxter?” I said when I heard him pick up. “Would you mind coming to pick me and a friend up?”copyright protection13PENANACSgwnVysjx

            “Very good Miss Albany.”copyright protection13PENANAMIJL4KnzdX

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