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Gods In Training: Generations
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods In Training: Generations
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Chapter 31 Kara
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
8 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!FKhqdXjmpu3aaF7gBXO3posted on PENANA

            “Hector…oh gods Hector.” I stood up and took a step back. My hands rose up and clenched my head. I was panicking. What could I do? Hector was unconscious and severely battered, Albany was leaving beds full of blood in her wake, and Hestia was still missing. No! I had to calm down. I looked at Hector, of all my problems right now, he was the one I could help the most. He was here with me right now. The others were all gone or missing. Yes, yes I could help Hector. I returned to him and examined his wound again. It still looked bad, it was really swollen and turning a shade of greenish purple. I had to get him help. “Come on.” I rolled him over onto his back, and grabbing his armpits, began to drag him away towards the elevator.copyright protection13PENANAk8Kz5TQ7Sh

            Either he was heavy, or I just wasn’t that strong. Doesn’t matter which, I was just thankful the elevator took its time arriving so I could catch my breath. It also allowed me a chance to reexamine Hector. The door dinged, and I was able to pull Hector into the small chamber with me. He was still unconscious, but his head was lolling around as he grimaced. Could the pain be that bad that he could feel it even now?copyright protection13PENANABx1SXfQhBf

            I had to hurry. I had to get help. I dragged Hector through the empty lobby and we emerged into the street. It was then that he woke up.copyright protection13PENANALEqWkxcVu1

            Hector roared in pain, as he jolted into an upright sitting position. I jumped back in surprise. He grabbed at his leg and quickly laid back down as he writhed in pain. He began rocking side to side, unable to bear the pulsating pain emanating from his hip. It was torture to watch him, and unbearable to imagine what he was going through. Hector was crying, and calling out. He couldn’t take it.copyright protection13PENANAZP9KoeEemw

            I swallowed my fear and forced myself to approach him. “Hey, Hector it’s me. It’s Kara. I know it hurts, but I’m trying to get you help. I’m going to take you to a hospital. I’m going to fix this.”copyright protection13PENANAvY4xR1MHjo

            Right about now I would have killed to have Janus with me. His guidance, his help making my choices…that could literally save Hector’s life right now. But he wasn’t here. Albany wasn’t here. Thanatos wasn’t here. It was just Hector and I, and Hector wasn’t really in any position to offer input. No, I had to do this on my own. I had to make my own choices. I had to act for myself.copyright protection13PENANAW53m1oUeko

            I looked down at Hector, as he writhed in pain. I don’t think I could handle him like this. It had been one thing to haul him by the armpits when he had been limp, but now…like this. I’m not sure I could do it. I’d imagine it’d only make his pain worse. No I had to get him to calm down. Then I could go back to work.copyright protection13PENANAfjdp4CEIQ0

            “Hector.” I leaned down and put my face right above his. I doubted he could hear me, or was even aware I was there, but for my conscious I had to tell him. “I’m going to hurt you, but I’m doing it to help you. I’m going to make sure you get better. But things are going to get worse first.” With my disclaimer clearing the way, I forced my hands around his swollen hip. I then proceeded to squeeze and probe the area with my fingers. I didn’t want to make things worse, but I needed Hector to feel it. I needed him to past out.copyright protection13PENANAemYiUQkGxD

            It sounded like his screaming doubled. He was writhing more vigorously now, more frantically. My heart hurt to watch this. I wanted with all my willpower to let go, to try and ease his suffering. But I knew this was the best option. I squeezed harder against my instinct. I had a vice grip on his thigh.copyright protection13PENANA5uI8RJxLYR

            Hector reared up and let out a primal guttural screech. It was the sound an animal makes as it dies. With that he felt back and was still.copyright protection13PENANAadbnDfZhXQ

            Without wasting a second my fingers were off of him. I doubt he was feeling anything anymore, but I just didn’t want to risk damaging whatever was left of his leg. I once more glanced at it. I didn’t hold up much hope for the integrity of his femur. But the swelling was no longer expanding and the bruising had stopped spreading. It looked bad, but at least this seemed to be the extent of the damage. I carefully put my ear near Hector’s face. I felt and heard his breath. Another weight off my conscious, I hadn’t actually killed him. That was good news.copyright protection13PENANAhcdgv76POE

            Now to finish the job. I had to get him to a hospital. I looked around. There was no one around, and no recognizable buildings to me. I had no idea where Thanatos had transported us. And no idea how to get to or even where was the closest hospital.copyright protection13PENANAtT8b2ZVzLT

            I looked back at Hector. Would a hospital even be able to help him? Would it not be better to try and take him to Olympus? Surely magic would have a better chance. My eyes turned skywards. If only Dairy our pegasi hadn’t abandoned us. She could have been very useful right about now. I didn’t see her among the clouds, no matter how hard I wished. It looked like I’d be finding other forms of transportation. I checked Hector just to reassure myself he was breathing before running back into the hotel. Heading behind the front desk I picked up the phone.copyright protection13PENANArV7CiKRi1P

            I believed getting Hector to New Olympus and Hygeia would have been best, but it was also very unlikely. Mortal medicine would have to do.copyright protection13PENANA9j2mzxuGmi

            “911 what is your emergency?”copyright protection13PENANAkPct1etWOe

            “My friend was just hit by a car! Please send help.” I lied. Explaining that a strange man exploded Thanatos into a golden glow before savagely hammering Hector’s hip was a little too wordy. Time was of the essence. Also I doubt they’d believe me.copyright protection13PENANAPf9XSsHKLI

            “Where are you ma’am?” the operator asked. “And is your friend still breathing?”copyright protection13PENANAzU1ChB9Lhw

            I gazed out of the window. “Cheshire Avenue. We’re at the hotel. And yes he’s still breathing.”copyright protection13PENANA4Clg6nvzjj

            “Ok an ambulance is on the way. Don’t try to move him. Did you happen to see the license plate of the car?”copyright protection13PENANAN9zX6spNca

            “No.” I no longer needed to be having this conversation, and I wasn’t exactly looking forwards to filing a false police report.”copyright protection13PENANAwM5yon9x9r

            “You didn’t see anything?”copyright protection13PENANA4d4puaNZK6

            “I didn’t see the licensee plate?”copyright protection13PENANAjxgTvnlVay

            “What did you see?”copyright protection13PENANA5HlbfJzphI

            “The car? I’m really worried about my friend, when will the ambulance be here?”copyright protection13PENANAQlWVLq5yqQ

            “What was the make and model of the car ma’am?”copyright protection13PENANAFKoVDTiZOt

            “A 1967 Chevy Impala?” I offered randomly. “Where is the ambulance?”copyright protection13PENANAyUbT6rDFQV

            “It’s on the way. What color was the Impala?”copyright protection13PENANAnHhkC3KIBb

            Having watched Zack rule as a tyrant king, I had sworn to myself to never be cruel, never disregard anyone. I had promised to be a good and kind queen. But right now, I channeled my inner Zack. I hung up the phone with gusto.copyright protection13PENANAyhVWdzQwyE

            I hurried back out to Hector, he was still unconscious. I peered down the street both ways. Still there was no ambulance.copyright protection13PENANA07yb0ECEkt

            “It is entertaining to you worms like this.” I turned around. The Smith was standing over Hector. “Your bodies are so weak, so breakable…so mortal.” With a toe he prodded Hector’s hip.copyright protection13PENANAzHaQ1NTMvv

            “Get away from him.” I ordered. Why had he come back? Would he do to us what he had done to Thanatos?copyright protection13PENANAY4MT10sRw1

            “I was curious.” The Smith explained. “All good inventers must be. It is the best way to learn, seeing what another has built with the same tools available to you. Compare notes if you will. That is why I was so eager to come down here. To see what you have built with our gift.” He turned to me. “I am not impressed. I don’t know what I expected, but it should have been nothing. You are children, unfit to rule over a sand castle kingdom. But worse you are mortals, at least children could grow and learn. Mortals are incapable of escaping their shortsighted view of reality. Your kind will betray the past and sabotage the future, all so your present is optimal. You are incapable of realizing there was a time before and will be a time after. Mortals cannot remember, nor think ahead. You have proven to not be fit to rule yourselves, how foolish of us to think you could be gods.”copyright protection13PENANAww84H9JkN3

            Realization dawned on me. “Your gift?” I had to be wrong. They had all left before any of this. “You are one of the old gods?”copyright protection13PENANANmLYdNL6Ah

            “It is strange to see him.” The Smith indicated Hector. “Such a flawed and failed clone. It is insulting to see a bastardization of yourself. I could have made such a better version.”copyright protection13PENANACymprnpUfV

            “So what? The old Olympians want a trade back?”copyright protection13PENANAWLr4Q9dzu1

            “There is no want. Just a need.” The Smith stepped towards me. “You failed. Under your watch Olympus was fractured and broken. The world was suffering for it. You are an inadequate leader, a broken instrument. And broken tools get pushed aside for one that works, for a proven solution. For the good of the world, we must come back. It is over Lady Hera. It is time to step aside, die, and allow the proper world order to be restored.”copyright protection13PENANADinpgAd1HN

            “We saved the world!” I shouted. “We stopped Kronos.”copyright protection13PENANAijlEIN28Ih

            “We would be better for everyone.” The Smith explained over me. “We are better.” I heard sirens in the distance. The ambulance was closing in. “Let me show you.” A golden glow filled the air. It was emanating from my body. I doubled over, my muscles tightening.copyright protection13PENANA3E2vJSFXs9

            “Goaaahh.” It hurt. Hector…I strained to look at him. There was no gold coming from him. The Smith was only doing this to me. Hector was safe.copyright protection13PENANAY6smvIWJJE

            “You will see.” The Smith chided smiling. “You will see true Olympians.copyright protection13PENANAw2YSHGGJPo

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