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Gods In Training: Generations
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods In Training: Generations
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Chapter 4 Deon
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
7 Mins Read
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            Bounce…Bounce…Bounce…Bounce17Please respect copyright.PENANAavB0QyuRfH
copyright protection13PENANAw9V5kO32NT

            “Deon?”copyright protection13PENANAc4913co7VE

            “Yeah.”copyright protection13PENANAIvnSleb1Em

            “I’m studying.”copyright protection13PENANAwawsgQgjT3

            “Yeah I know.”…Bounce.copyright protection13PENANAd58n7czvju

            “This is a quiet room. I’m here to study and concentrate. Bouncy Balls belong outside.” Adele closed the book and looked at mecopyright protection13PENANA92ZwUlL6np

            “I’m sorry.” I said. “It’s just, we’ve been here for hours.”copyright protection13PENANAsUAZmQQDaJ

            “I know. But you didn’t have to come.” Adele started flipping through her notebook. “I told you that you’d get bored.”copyright protection13PENANAHoPPLW1lrl

            “I hate your exam more than you.” I muttered.copyright protection13PENANAPBoP8jbTpz

            “Goddess of wisdom baby.” Adele smiled at me. “I like learning…almost as much as you.” She leaned over and kissed me.copyright protection13PENANAjStTSPKIsV

            “I know.” I said.copyright protection13PENANAs9jhZ5e1qG

            “Tell you what.” Adele turned and started rummaging through her backpack. “Why don’t you go and get me a coffee. When you get back we can go and hang out in the park. No books. No studying. Nothing but you, me, and a couple coffees. Here.” She tried to give me some money.copyright protection13PENANAnghL5q5hju

            I stood up and backed away with a look of horror on my face. “I would never make my lady pay!” I said astonished she would think otherwise.copyright protection13PENANAQCnjwf8gXB

            “You paid last time.” Adele protested.copyright protection13PENANAbpLvHKAWM0

            “And I’ll pay next time too.” I said.copyright protection13PENANAC9gUVmk0DE

            “Let me pay once.”copyright protection13PENANAutgSNN7V34

            “When you ace your exam, I expect a steak dinner to celebrate.” I said smiling.copyright protection13PENANAxfuiKb3k7Q

            “You won’t let me buy you coffee, but you think you’re worth a steak?” Adele jested grinning at me.copyright protection13PENANAkKZBEVXZVA

            “For the goddess of wisdom, you have much to learn.” I told her.copyright protection13PENANADq4UiRHqNL

            “Oh really?” she raised her eyebrows.copyright protection13PENANAul0YDKaH5i

            “I can teach you many things my lady.” I leaned in and pecked her on the cheek.copyright protection13PENANAyq2y1GtYFp

            “Go get my coffee.” She pushed me away playfully. I made my way through the bookshelves and exited the library.copyright protection13PENANAzjQDd8vVyi

            With Adele in college now, most of my life was spent watching her study. She was always busy with schoolwork it seemed. Me being Dionysus and all, I didn’t see the point in expanding my education. Greek god was a pretty sweet gig to be honest, but Adele loved to learn, so here I was. College was fun, especially when you didn’t have classes, but part of me missed how life was before. And I don’t mean high school. Never going back to that plague. I mean living on New Olympus, the home of the gods. Actually getting to be a god. Granted we had a lot bigger problems than exams. But I really did miss it. This hiatus was killing me. I just wanted to be back on that mountain.copyright protection13PENANAG3EG2hrcZw

            The coffee shop was small, cramped, and smelled like heaven. And I don’t even like coffee. There were probably more hipsters than there were coffee beans, which was ironic, or not ironic…I forget which way hipsters try for. But anyways, the line was long, and the baristas were taking their time.copyright protection13PENANAuxWx5XdzWT

            I finally got my coffees and hurried out the door. Adele had probably proved String Theory while I was waiting in line. I was rushing to get back to her that I almost didn’t see the child standing in front of me.copyright protection13PENANAYwdO9qXFmw

            “Zeus! Watch it.” She shouted as I nearly spilled coffer all over her.copyright protection13PENANAY2ACICUaPU

            “Demi?” I asked surprised.copyright protection13PENANAGksDRxB57y

            “Call me Demeter.” Demi, sorry Demeter, was another of my fellow New Olympians. Her along with me, Adele, and all the rest were reincarnations of the old Olympians. The one’s whose names we had taken over.copyright protection13PENANAZ54cUeDRTZ

            “Oh right. You changed your name.” I said frowning.copyright protection13PENANAoS1YuKBoVq

            “Merged my personalities.” Demeter corrected me. “My chakra just wasn’t right when I had two names.” Demi used to be really shy and quiet, those were the days. What had once been a sweet little girl was now in middle school. And boy had it ruined her.copyright protection13PENANAjCKLfCjRHq

            “Whatever. Why are you here? You don’t go to college.” I asked.copyright protection13PENANApHwtTqHxiB

            “And you don’t go to school at all bum.” She snapped back at me, and then literally made a snapping noise with her gum. I didn’t like Demeter as much now.copyright protection13PENANAxGtyFYjgnf

            “Shut up, you’re like 12.”copyright protection13PENANAGGRrr63KYL

            “Whatever Kings of Deon. I got a message.” Demeter said. She snatched one of the coffees out of my hand and started sipping it.copyright protection13PENANAbnsHRm7zTq

            “A message, from who?” Who would have a message for me, I guess the better question is who would trust Demi enough to have her deliver a message. I bet Adele’s coffee all the popular girls in Demeter’s school heard this message before me.copyright protection13PENANAaq7EZMDj20

            “Eww.” She dropped the coffee she had taken and pretended to gag on what she had drunk. “That’s not pumpkin spice latte.”copyright protection13PENANAyJGqb8weTu

            “It’s nowhere close to October.” I said. “Demi, tell me about the message.”copyright protection13PENANA04StLJPTjJ

            “Demeter.”copyright protection13PENANAkuar9adMug

            “De-I’m going to beat you with that parking-meter.” I said frowning at her.copyright protection13PENANAM3ZttaB0pu

            “Whoa!” Demeter put her hands up and turned around in a circle.copyright protection13PENANAvqznTl7Jer

            “I don’t have time for this.” I walked past her. “There is no message. This is just like the time when you told me giants were attacking New Olympus.”copyright protection13PENANAtyVE04OdQj

            Demi snort laughed. “Ha! That was funny.”copyright protection13PENANAuDnt6QEHR4

            “So was your last math grade.”copyright protection13PENANAcmuLKn6S7l

            “Oh my god, you know that teacher hates me!” She shouted at me. People were started to look at us.copyright protection13PENANAjAUfeUj38a

            “Goodbye Demeter!” I shouted over my shoulder.copyright protection13PENANAmCNJ6TAKBr

            She ran after me. “Deonosaur!” She stood in my path and spread her arms, blocking every route of escape.copyright protection13PENANAPNOjzyGGrN

            Just kidding, I walked around her again. She grabbed my non-coffee occupied arm and pulled. She slowed me down…but only because I didn’t want to spill the coffee. No middle school girl is stopping Deon. She wasn’t even pulling that hard, but anyways.copyright protection13PENANA2KoW0CRjF0

            “Ok seriously. Stop.” She told me. “I really do have a message it’s 100% legit. I swear.”copyright protection13PENANAu2ChMJbmuM

            “That’s what you said all those other times.” I said. “You’re a liar and I don’t trust you.”copyright protection13PENANAOjACCabjQC

            “Aletheia take me.”copyright protection13PENANA7SnvPn8HHN

            To you those words probably didn’t mean much, but swearing on the truth goddess held some merit to Greek gods like myself. I turned to look at Demi. Even she, with all her lies, tricks, and jokes wouldn’t invoke that oath lightly. “Tell me what you know.”copyright protection13PENANAHbQktC3EYy

            “Kara sent me. There’s a problem.”copyright protection13PENANArNR2pucAN2

            “That’s it?”copyright protection13PENANAcVVArKXzrE

            “What do you mean that’s it!” Demeter stared at me like I was stupid. It was a look I often got, not even gonna lie. “When is trouble on Olympus good? When is a sudden summons to Olympus good? When is anything we do in this ‘job’ good?”copyright protection13PENANAn9QdujPyYO

            “You have a point.”copyright protection13PENANA6qBXs1sEBf

            “Kara told me to bring you and Juliet back to New Olympus ASAP.” Demeter explained.copyright protection13PENANAHObCoCnmbP

            “Who’s Juliet?” I got the ‘are you stupid’ look again.copyright protection13PENANA0yYRMtaC19

            “ROMEO AND JULIET! DEON AND ADELE.” Demeter shouted at me. “Adele is Juliet in that metaphor. I’m supposed to bring you and Adele in.”copyright protection13PENANAq7z2524xHG

            “Who’s Romeo then…I’m JOKING! Only joking. Adele’s in the library, hurry up this way.” I led the way as Demi and I hurried towards the large old building.copyright protection13PENANANouY1TBofM

            Our pace was slowed by a librarian who angrily shushed us. We were forced to silently power walk the rest of the way. It was probably an odd sight, but I didn’t care. Mythical problems worried me more than my image at a school I didn’t attend.copyright protection13PENANAdglc77FiJH

            “Hey Deon.” Adele said calmly when we arrived at our table. “Oh! Demeter, how nice to see you.”copyright protection13PENANAsaO2dU4hsL

            “What’s up Rolling in the Deep?” Demeter said smirking at her use of word play.copyright protection13PENANAXgasfbmQzB

            “Here’s your coffee, Olympus has a problem and needs us all to come back.” I said in one breath.copyright protection13PENANADNSY006GjQ

            “Oh.” Adele looked surprised. She glanced between the two of us. “What’s this now?”copyright protection13PENANAnL0cOe7Svz

            “Kara sent me with a message. She said, there’s a problem.” I don’t know whether Demeter knew this was too serious of a situation to mess around, or if she just respected Adele more than me…but it would have saved time if she had been that up front with me.copyright protection13PENANAEtQOV5ZhWz

            “What kind of problem?” Adele asked. “Like, on a scale of Old Blade to New Kronos?”copyright protection13PENANATznMxnME35

            “It would be right around, the queen of the gods called us back to New Olympus because some serious shizznit is going down.” Demeter replied.copyright protection13PENANAuqRvDFJKyf

            “But that could mean anything.” Adele said. “We shouldn’t jump to conclusions. However we should probably get there as soon as possible.”copyright protection13PENANAkdIa1Ef1Vb

            “I like the way you think.” I said.copyright protection13PENANABOKYAilnXp

            “I swear to the gods if you guys start kissing or something I’ll make corn come out your eyeballs.” Demeter said matter-of-factly.copyright protection13PENANAtrPlXt0Gdz

            “Shut up.” I told her.copyright protection13PENANAWxMEHOiXQe

            “Aletheia take me.”copyright protection13PENANA9r3UqEcL1a

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