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Gods In Training: Generations
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods In Training: Generations
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Chapter 5 Kara
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
13 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!fn3maJ1UIPvPzx1aVyxoposted on PENANA

            It had all started two days ago.copyright protection4PENANAeuAU7pbbUF

“My Lady Hera!” I sighed. There was no such thing as free time for the Queen of the gods.copyright protection4PENANAh93lwd5y8N

“Yes?” I turned. There was a young nymph kneeling before me. “What is it?”copyright protection4PENANAnDDXaF75eF

“You must come at once.”copyright protection4PENANAus95ngvzsq

“What has happened?”copyright protection4PENANAeKAh56vaED

“It is Lady Hestia.” The nymph told me.copyright protection4PENANAY2gCZqi6ww

“What about her?”copyright protection4PENANAM1ZV6mcCWE

“Please come with me.” The nymph jumped to her feet and took off running. I had no choice but to follow.copyright protection4PENANA2aoCsuIXFn

“Where are we going?” I shouted. “What’s wrong with Hestia?” None of this made any sense. That was the life of a goddess. Chaos was only ever a minute away.copyright protection4PENANAADpQgohyuO

I shouldn’t complain. Life had been good. We had had an unprecedented time of peace, so much so that I had called a hiatus on the Olympian Council. There honestly wasn’t a need for all of the other New Olympians to be here. I had decided it would be best to give everyone a chance to relax and do whatever each of them wanted. I had decided they should get to enjoy being gods for once. We had earned it. I on the other hand, was still Queen. I didn’t take breaks. I was too busy.copyright protection4PENANA4gP3cWqoym

“This way my Lady.” The nymph called to me. I realized where we were heading. This nymph was leading me to the throne room. What could possibly be going on? I picked up the pace a little, trying to catch the nymph. She bounded into the throne room and slid to a halt.copyright protection4PENANA2AwrcZWVWB

I reached her side and tried to regain my breath. “Now tell me what has happened. Where’s Hestia?” The nymph didn’t speak, she pointed. I followed her finger. She was pointing to the home hearth, the fire that burned in the throne room eternally. As the goddess of the home and hearth, it was Hestia’s sacred symbol. Only there was a problem.copyright protection4PENANAixfHnv5F3A

“Summon the gods.” I told the nymph. “Any that are on New Olympus, find them and send them here now.” I looked back in confusion and fear. “Hurry!” I shouted when I saw the nymph hadn’t moved.copyright protection4PENANAt8Rjb3gBsO

This wasn’t good. I didn’t know what this meant, but I had an ominous feeling. I approached the hearth and knelt besides it.copyright protection4PENANAYvpvWCuSxq

“Hestia?” there was no answer. “Hestia are you there? Zeus damn it!” I rose to my feet and retreated to my throne. Brushing my fingers gently on the armrest I started thinking. I’m going to have to summon the others. I realized. This was just the type of thing we had avoided for so long. But now it appeared things would once again be happening to us. Hopefully we had learned a few things for this time around.copyright protection4PENANAuQXJxlfD1i

“Hurry this way.” I heard the nymph call out in the distance. If people saw, there would be a panic. I needed time to figure it out for myself, free from the hysteria and confusion this would likely bring. I hurriedly closed the curtains that surrounded the throne room and stood outside waiting for the nymph and whomever she had been able to find. They appeared shortly gathering before me.copyright protection4PENANAevq5OC94eB

Several gods had answered the call, among then were a few I recognized, Pan and Demeter, who had refused to leave. Something about the air helped her skin. I don’t know she is…quite different now.copyright protection4PENANATc6iH3VbWt

“Thank you for coming.” I said. I could tell they were concerned and confused. I wasn’t sure what the nymph had told them, but I hoped she hadn’t mentioned the hearth. I looked around and saw the curtain I had drawn across the throne room. Others followed my gaze. Whispers started in the crowd, whispers I had to quell. “This curtain has been drawn because the throne room is empty. The New Olympians are not here as you all know.” I started. “We must open it once more. Summon the Olympians, summon my brethren. We have urgent matters to discuss.” They bowed before me and hurried off. “You!” I pointed to the nymph. “Come here.” The crowd did as their queen bid, I was alone with the young nymph.copyright protection4PENANACqjAaRWpvX

“My Lady?” she bowed before approaching.copyright protection4PENANAIJs8OgLYlZ

“What did you tell them?”copyright protection4PENANAAfcGyTKt5G

“That they must come quickly. That you had summoned them.” The nymph told me.copyright protection4PENANAWI7gjh7fHD

“You said nothing of the hearth?” I asked.copyright protection4PENANAcpmEybVj9h

“No.” the nymph answered.copyright protection4PENANAjJwvq4pbyv

“Good.” I relaxed a little bit. I had some time now. When the others arrived we would have things to discussed. “Come with me.” I pulled the curtain apart and stepped through. The nymph followed closely behind.copyright protection4PENANARueZLxhSMY

“What does it mean?” she asked.copyright protection4PENANAwYoSDW3zgd

“I’m not sure.” I admitted gazing at the hearth. “But things of this nature seldom are good omens in this world.” The conversation died off. We both gazed at the empty hearth. There was no fire, no sign of life. It was empty, and that’s just the feeling it left me with.copyright protection4PENANARzXo5osvz0

I was sitting crossed-legged on the floor. I was gazing blankly at the empty hearth. The throne room was colder now, not just because the fire had gone out, but it had lost it’s feeling of welcoming and peace. It was cold now, and distant. The thrones appeared stiff and mysterious. Without Hestia this place was foreign to me.copyright protection4PENANA0rvfqgMI9y

“My Lady.” I looked up, the nymph was back. “They are arriving.”copyright protection4PENANAGFx4yb1BLh

“Good.” I stood up and brushed myself off. “Send them to me when they are arrived. Please…make no mention of this until they are within the throne room.” She bowed and ducked around the curtain into the outside world once more. The curtain had been drawn for two days. People were beginning to get anxious. They could tell something was wrong. I had never completely shut the throne room before, but I didn’t want word getting out. When the eternal flame that lights the gods throne room burns out, something is happening. And new happenings are not a good thing for gods.copyright protection4PENANAPCRN0WbtsL

“Kara?”copyright protection4PENANAutc0IDhulq

“Deon and Adele.” I couldn’t help but smile. Seeing my friends again made it hard to have problems. “Its good to see you.”copyright protection4PENANA326A7EL9gx

“I’m here too.” Demi pushed through the couple and stood eyeing me. “See Adele, I told you her hair is starting to grow back in.” she pointed out to her companion.copyright protection4PENANAq69iTaf5EH

Subconsciously I ran my hand through my still quite short hair. “Yeah. It is.”copyright protection4PENANAQ8a28SGqn2

“Queen Hair-a.” Demeter bowed, a grin spreading across her face. I couldn’t help but laugh.copyright protection4PENANAQq4X1cCNlT

“Hey.” Adele came over and hugged me. “I’m glad you did, but why did you summon us?”copyright protection4PENANAkMZt4TEjYi

“Umm, the fire’s out.” Deon realized walking over to the hearth. “Why is the fire out? Are you cleaning it?”copyright protection4PENANA0OrbRA4x0r

“That’s actually why you all are here.” I said letting go of Adele.copyright protection4PENANAzRSEOTRrGc

“You need help starting a fire?” Demeter snapped her gum. “Do I look like a boy scout?”copyright protection4PENANAk0Yku3e8mc

“It’s not that I need to restart it.” I began. “It’s just…”copyright protection4PENANArn1SySsCqs

“Wait a minute.” I could tell Adele was having a revelation. “Hestia.” I was watching her make the connection. “That was Hestia’s job…to keep the fire going. Why wouldn’t she do her job?”copyright protection4PENANA40jWF8Pwzv

I looked at them all. Confusion was spreading to their faces. “Hestia brought you here, didn’t she? She was the one that chose you to become gods?” I was remembering back to when I first became Hera, when we all first became gods.copyright protection4PENANAIUwHf0Kt97

“Why would you ask that?” Deon asked. “What’s going on?”copyright protection4PENANAGAuIt3BVG2

“Where is she?” Adele looked around. “Hestia!”copyright protection4PENANAoK2IHHQxeq

            I took a deep breath. I had worked with Hestia a lot, but these three had been closer to her than to their mothers. She had recruited them, she had taught them how to be gods, and she was always there for them. How could I tell them she was now gone? “Hestia disappeared.” Just rip the Band-Aid off. “I believe that is why the hearth has gone out.”copyright protection4PENANA3XlzEAAp4J

“Disappeared?” Deon looked back to the fire. “Is she lost?”copyright protection4PENANAxLk1tN55JL

“Gods don’t get lost!” Demeter pointed out. “Hestia is smarter than that. Maybe she needed a vacation.”copyright protection4PENANA78w9QdRHK5

“How long has she been gone?” Adele asked.copyright protection4PENANA7O2snH3X78

“The last time I saw her was about three days ago.” I told them. “She seemed normal, and she didn’t say anything about a vacation.”copyright protection4PENANAHET2GnQLsz

“And when did that happen?” Adele pointed to the hearth.copyright protection4PENANAwzI2JygBg1

“It was brought to my attention two days ago.” I said.copyright protection4PENANAGoPJRdrUay

“They have to be related.” Adele sat in her throne. “Hestia leaves, and the fire burns out.”copyright protection4PENANA2ScWUSjKEM

“That was my reasoning as well.” I concurred with the wisdom goddess.copyright protection4PENANAkal3d5CuGS

“But why would she leave?” Demeter asked. She sounded hurt. Demi had been a little girl when we had become gods. Hestia had been the only one to make time for her. She had gotten left out and forgotten especially with Blade and Kronos threatening our world. Hestia had probably been her only friend for a long time.copyright protection4PENANAvngl77yy2J

“And where would she go?” Deon added to our list of questions.copyright protection4PENANA65Bj1wclgQ

“I have no idea.” I admitted. Sheepishly I added, “My hope had been that one of you three could shed some light on this situation. Did any of you hear from her recently? Did she mention anything, was anything strange about her behavior?”copyright protection4PENANA7B1tEeyhIe

“She just wished me luck on my previous rounds of exams.” Adele’s face was furrowed, recalling any and every detail she could from her last conversation with the now missing goddess. Hoping like I had that something would explain this current mystery. “She seemed happy, content. I don’t think she would just leave. Did she say anything to you Deon?” He shook his head. his eyes were still locked on the cold stones that held the eternal flame. “Demeter?”copyright protection4PENANA9eCpzJx7hz

“No.” She replied. “She didn’t even say goodbye.”copyright protection4PENANAQoFsIGYU2f

“It was a long shot.” I said. “What’s important now is that we remain vigilant. The smallest clue or hint could led us to the answer. You are all right. She wouldn’t just leave or run away. There has to be an explanation. I’m confident we can all find it together.”copyright protection4PENANAL9RMCw1bNK

None of the three looked very convinced. In fact they looked significantly worse than when I had first told them Hestia was missing.copyright protection4PENANApWZ2myLUG2

Adele stood up and approached me. “Kara, this worries me.”copyright protection4PENANAuxr909QZ4S

“Me too Adele.” I placed my hand gently on her elbow. Hestia’s abandonment did not bode well. Had I been too lenient? Was giving the New Olympians a vacation a bad precedent? Would all the gods now be demanding vacations and time off?copyright protection4PENANAeP16CECEPq

“You are right, it isn’t like Hestia to leave or disappear…especially with no notice or sharing of her intentions beforehand. It is most unlike her.”copyright protection4PENANApfnohJX2EE

“I know.”copyright protection4PENANA58cwicF8bJ

“Which makes the situation worse.” Adele warned. “Have we considered Kronos?”copyright protection4PENANA0qz2wbG9Qw

“Of course I did.” I said, “but there isn’t any evidence of kidnapping or mischief. She just disappeared.”copyright protection4PENANAzfMWE3GB6l

“Which is why I mentioned Kronos.” Adele pressed on.copyright protection4PENANAgbtsILFnUQ

I pursed my lip. She was right it’s the only thing that made sense. Somehow, someway Kronos was back. But that couldn’t have been possible. “Do you remember two booms and a blinding flash?”copyright protection4PENANA7UhGXOSDXI

Adele shook her head but quickly added, “We wouldn’t necessarily remember it.”copyright protection4PENANAaxYWuC0be6

“But then why do we remember Hestia?” I asked. “If this is Kronos’ doing, if he is back to his old tricks, why do we all have memories of her? Why did she exist until two days ago? And why is she the only change in this new reality?”copyright protection4PENANAwui0X0MCoG

Adele nodded in agreement, her gears still clearly cranking away in her head. “Highly improbable the change would leave memories or that it would occur in the present.” Her eyes darted up to me. “Do we know that she is the only disappearance? Are we certain of that?”copyright protection4PENANAtwBKdyz6cx

“Well…not yet.” I hadn’t considered that maybe others were missing as well. Were there other disappearances? “I’ve had no reports of that, but it is most definitely worth looking into.”copyright protection4PENANAPm4NjzqjKE

“Well, what’s the plan?” Deon had stormed over and interjected himself.copyright protection4PENANApg9Ih7J3K8

“We are still working on one.” I told him. “But the others will be here any minute now, we will all figure this out together.”copyright protection4PENANAJdEkYRTyX5

“Kara, you know as well as I do that we will decide nothing.” Deon snarled. “The council doesn’t work. We’ll debate and argue and Hestia will still be gone after it all.”copyright protection4PENANA5Ms9ALJ04t

 “Either way, we will need to tell the others.” I said.copyright protection4PENANAFuKPd1XW4H

“What for?” Deon said angrily. “They don’t know her like we did. To them she’s just another ancient relic. They never talked to her, they never got to know her. She brought us here, we can bring her back.”copyright protection4PENANA4OVJ9UA2sy

“Adele pointed out that there could be other disappearances.” I tried to remain calm and keep my voice steady. “With the whole council here we can better assess the whereabouts of all the gods and then start to work on where Hestia could have gone.”copyright protection4PENANA8xlAHWmqXr

Deon frowned. “So you want to sit around and take roll call?”copyright protection4PENANATDVEt8Fq5K

“How else will we discover the extent of the problem?”copyright protection4PENANA89y3SHXtJq

“We know there is a problem, we aren’t going to fix it by waiting and talking about the problem. We need to act now. Hestia is out there and she needs us.”copyright protection4PENANA2SXosEkP5i

“We will do everything in our power to find her, Deon. I promise.” I tried to reassure him.copyright protection4PENANAgYVcColiPq

“We should go out and look for her.” Demeter muttered.copyright protection4PENANA2XAA0tiYW2

“Yeah.” Deon nodded, agreeing with the young girl. “Yeah, you can talk and see who else is missing while we go out and look for Hestia.”copyright protection4PENANAoZUmon1Ic6

“After the council and debate, we could very easily decide that. I will of course recommend that you three be in charge of the search.”copyright protection4PENANA1t4WFHl00a

“Hera isn’t hearing us.” Demi muttered, “that was much more pun-like in my head.”copyright protection4PENANAr281D9uW7r

“Demi’s right.” Deon muttered. “How about you tell the council that is what we’re doing. We’ll be out there looking for Hestia.”copyright protection4PENANAYwrSTPgUyt

“It would be best to have the full council here before making decisions.” I offered. “We should all be unified and on the same page in this.”copyright protection4PENANA0zW5wBNRCN

“Ok.” Deon nodded. I couldn’t help but noticed her caught Demi’s eye and motioned towards the exit. “Find Queen Kara, you win. Let us know when the rest of them get here.” He started backing away. Demi quickly followed.copyright protection4PENANA23Qa5tkAqs

“I’m going to go through my texts real quick.” Demi said. “Maybe there’s a clue in there.copyright protection4PENANA1oYthRixMR

“Good idea Demi.” Deon quickly shouted. “That will be helpful information we could share with the group. We’ll report back about that. We’ll be just outside.” With that Deon and Demi ducked under the curtain.copyright protection4PENANA1MqXRXzEPb

I turned my gaze to Adele and let out a sigh. “I know.” She said.copyright protection4PENANAsRei2kMnUc

“Stay in contact.” I told her. “I’ll be sure to update you on what the rest of us decide. As well as any other disappearances I’m alerted to.”copyright protection4PENANAPWBNpSFIqr

Adele nodded. “I’m sorry.”copyright protection4PENANAzre0p6XYKM

“I understand, and it’s fine.” I waved my hand at her apology. “Deon’s right, council and debate rarely seem to be productive. Half of them will yell and disagree, the other half will complain and quarrel. I predict we will get off topic several times, and new crises will be brought up and just as quickly swept under the rug.”copyright protection4PENANA9dEovHIh4C

Adele smiled softly. “On the bright side, with less of us there maybe it will be a little easier to control the mob.”copyright protection4PENANAuTy5HYYnGo

I chuckled. “That’s something at least.” I looked at her. “You must have a plan, an idea?”copyright protection4PENANAPgQ3hf9edU

“Deon will certainly want to sweep the entire city, convinced you’ve misplaced her here. Demi will want to go back to every place Hestia has ever been.”copyright protection4PENANA1m7GLDntVs

“And you?”copyright protection4PENANA6pmFv3Dtqk

“I have no idea.” Adele admitted. “But that’s still a good place to start.”copyright protection4PENANASgBIjSXt6b

“How so?”copyright protection4PENANAn8yvOj8cM3

“There is a certain someone that is great at giving hints and pointing people in the right direction. The Oracle.”copyright protection4PENANAFSt1xY4bsv

It was a good idea. No wonder the wisdom goddess hatched it up. “Will that waste too much time, going all the way to Greece? We are already two days behind.”copyright protection4PENANAwkM725Z0z5

“I cannot say, but I do know Deon and Demi’s solutions will put us even farther behind with even slimmer chances of success.”copyright protection4PENANAbXeJs32BfP

“What do you put the councils odds of coming up with something better?”copyright protection4PENANAFUI8Wg71rz

“We could go to Greece and back again in a rowboat and still beat your odds.” She smiled.copyright protection4PENANAxXTj4Vp3WY

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